You people really like me, don't you? Oh well. If you need me, I'll go play Pokemon. Or Bleach. Or Naruto.... what ever takes my fancy. OR I could try to go on the PS2. Hmmmm..... I got nothing. At the end I'm giving lots of props to a couple good peoples. KK?

With a jump, Harumi woke up from her sleep, still seeing the faint pictures from her dream. "Oh my god..." She glanced at her clock to see that it was three-thirty in the morning. And she couldn't go back to sleep either. She closed her eyes again and saw a man with an all white helmet with a curved horn on the left side of his face and head. What stood out more than the helmet was a pale white face and green eyes. In her opinion, he looked kinda emo.

"Damn. I hate when my dreams come true. Especially when Ichigo and all them left during the summer... That dream sucked shit. I hope this doesn't come to reality." She sighed, climbed out of bed, and put her feet in strawberry shaped slippers on her floor. They were a joke from Karin last Christmas because of the sisterly bond they share.'We still haven't set up for my party... I can't even get back to sleep! Arg. Dur...I'm stupid. I can go on the computer!' And that's what she did. After logging on, she quickly checked her e-mail and saw the pile of letters stating 'Happy Birthday!' for the subject. A box appeared on her screen.

Would you like to send an Instant Message?
Yes Or No

Harumi clicked yes and scrolled around on her friend list until she found someone on-line. Over five blocks, after hitting the left corner near Haru's house, another five blocks over, and a right was Ichigo house. On the second floor of the Kurosaki house, in Ichigo's bedroom, was the faint glow of a laptop screen. This was a gift from Harumi for Christmas last year. Ichigo rarely used the electronic, but after powerful tutoring from Harumi, he was able to send his teacher any type of essay or work when he was sick. This time around though, the device was chanting in Harumi's voice: 'Ichigo! Wake up! You fell asleep at your desk again! I'm trying to talk to you! Wake up, Wake up....' It paused and then continued in a shrill alarm clock like voice: 'WAKE UP!' Which caused the honorary strawberry to jolt awake and glanced at his computer to see a small box asking the question of: You have an Instant Message. Would you like to accept and start a chat session with: KuroHaruYuki? Yes or No?

Ichigo clicked yes and saw another window open. He detested the typing most people used in a chat room but at this point, he didn't even care. He was tired and had drool on his desk and cheek. He also had an imprint of the desk edge on his cheek.

HeWhoProtects: wat u want?

KuroHaruYuki: idk. u the only 1 on-line rite now.

HeWhoProtects: ok. but y me?

KuroHaruYuki: u the only 1 up other than me

HeWhoProtects: oh ya.

HeWhoProtects: i hate ur wake up message you set.

KuroHaruYuki: lol. i'm glad u do.

HeWhoProtects: y u up anyway?

KuroHaruYuki: can't say

HeWhoProtects: bad dream?

KuroHaruYuki: ya. don't want 2 talk bout it thou.

HeWhoProtects: ok then. i'm clear 2 come over and help set up 4 party?

KuroHaruYuki: ya. dad said yes.

HeWhoProtects: sweet.

KuroHaruYuki: i no.

HeWhoProtects: u better get back 2 sleep or u'll be prissy while we set up.

KuroHaruYuki: that tru?

HeWhoProtects: ya. u get really cranky when u didn't sleep enough.

KuroHaruYuki: really? huh...never new that.

HeWhoProtects: we learn something new everyday.

KuroHaruYuki: nite

HeWhoProtects: nite then.

HeWhoProtects has logged off-line at 4:45 am.

"Night Ichi." Harumi muttered as she shut off her laptop. With a sigh she closed her eyes and opened them again. She crawled under her bed and pulled an old shoe box towards her. She shimmied out from under neath, sat up, and pulled the lid off the box. Inside were mementos from her childhood, such as photos, pictures, and small worn out toys from to much play. With a soft murmur that she didn't even hear, Harumi pulled a small fox plushie from the box. She closed her eyes again and drifted off to sleep sitting up on the floor.


When she woke up again she thought she heard someone's voice calling to her. "Harumi, wake up love. Come on then. Time to get up, Haru-chan."

Harumi opened her eyes and found herself in a field of flowers. "God damn it! Stupid effing flowers, stupid effing dream, someone who sounds like mom is talking to me to make things better. Just wanted to go back to sleep and not wake up 'til Ichigo got here. Stupid crap."

"Tell me? Can you hear my name at all? Or does fear cloud your thoughts?" the woman said. She then went ahead to say three words but a gust of wind drowned out her voice.

"What are you talking about? I don't even know your name!" she shouted.

"Well...It seems that fear still hides my words from you. By the time you hear my name, it may be to late."

"Please! Tell me your name! I want to know!" And the woman once again repeated her name, another gust of wind drowning out her voice. Harumi squinted her eyes and tried to read her lips but failed.

'I really wish I knew how to read lips. Then this wouldn't happen.'

"Good bye, Harumi." said the woman.


The fourteen, almost fifteen, year old opened her eyes as sunlight streamed through her window. "Arg. Should've gone back to sleep when I had the chance."

"Harumi? Are you up yet? Ichigo called and said that he's coming over in about twenty minutes to help set up for the party." her father asked from outside her room.

Harumi sat up and yawned. "Yeah dad. I awake. I'll be down in five."

Her dad smiled from the other side of the door. "Okay then. Make sure to get dressed in comfortable clothes."

"Got it!" With a sigh and without paying attention to what she pulled out of her closet, she pulled on a skirt that went to her mid-thigh and a deep cut v-neck top. She also slipped on a pair of tartan plaid heels. After taking a brush to her hair, she pulled it in half, made pigtails out of it, slipped on a leather choker, and without a second glance at her appearance, she walked down the steps to hear the questions of her youngest brother.

"Dude. Leave Ichigo alone. His hair is a natural orange. It is not dyed or bleached. Yes. He does act like a jerk unless I'm with him, then he shows a little emotion to people. No, He is not gay and isn't in love with me. Yes, he used to fight people, but that was in self-defense. Hey Ichigo." Harumi chanted in a monotonous voice. Silence was heard from Ichigo's side of the room. Harumi walked over to the carrot top and watched as he backed up into a wall. She tapped him on the head to get his attention. "Dude? Hello? Anyone home?"

After taking a couple breaths, the oh-so-silent-one spoke. "You" Ichigo swallowed and continued. "Look very pretty." Harumi stared at him in confusion. "What are you talking about? How can I look pretty?"

Ichiro shook his head as he saw what his sister was wearing. "What he is trying to say is that you look uber hot and would like to go out with you on Sunday."

Ichigo looked at him like he was mental. "What? I would never--" But he was cut off by his friend. "Why not? Not like you're gonna kill me Ichi. I say yes!"

Their father poked his head from around the corner of the dining room. "I'm okay with that. Harumi, get changed. You're sending Ichigo-kun into shock."

Harumi looked in the direction of the dining room and wonder what set her friend into shock. "Look in the bathroom." Her dad said. And she did.

Ichiro glanced at Ichigo and held out his hand. "Dude, five dollars says she screams and freaks out about what she put on."

Ichigo nodded. "Five says she calmly walks out and gets changed."

Takashi popped up between them. "I put five on both!"

Both the older boys looked at him. "You can't place two bets." Ichiro said.

Takashi shook his head. "Watch."

"AHHHHHH! I PUT ON A SKIRT! WHEN DID I----" The scream stop short and Harumi left the bathroom calmly. She climbed the stairs and everyone heard her door close.

Ichiro sighed and handed his brother the five dollars, as did Ichigo. "Another five says she finds out about the bet and freaks about that."

"Five says she won't find out but she'll find out at some point." Ichigo muttered

"Five says she finds out, freaks, calms down, and kicks the crap outta Ichigo for betting with us." Takashi said.

Harumi came down the steps and saw the money in each boys hand. "Were you placing bets on me again?"

Takashi smirked and did a perfect imitation of Ichigo's voice. "Yep. Takashi won the first set. We placed another one a few minutes ago." Harumi wasn't looking at them in particular, but when she heard Ichigo's voice she snapped.

"You guys did? Are you that stupid, Kurosaki Ichigo! You must be if you're making bets with little kids!" She yelled. Harumi nearly punched Ichigo but he ducked and handed Takashi the money before he was beating to a pulp.

"Harumi, kick the crap outta your friend later! We have to finish getting ready for the party!" her dad shouted from the kitchen.

"Got it, dad! You!" She said pointing to Ichigo. "to have me forgive your mistake, help me hang the streamers. Got it?"

With a few softly uttered curses, Ichigo handed her a roll of crimson streamers. The birthday girl smiled and unrolled the paper with a flick of her wrist and let it bounce on Ichigo's head to fall on the floor. She giggled and taped the crepe paper to the wall right under the ceiling edge. Ichigo thought of scaring her but saw that she was on a step ladder. he then knew that he had every chance to scare her at her own party.

(Insert random music for a montage.)

It was quarter to one by the time they finished setting up for the party. The last thing to be placed out on the card table, which was covered by a black cloth, were goodie bags. "Yes! We done!" Harumi shouted as she set the last goodie bag on the table. She snatched the television remote from her brother and clicked it on.

Harumi stared at the screen in surprise.

"How old are you?"


"How long have you been seventeen?

"...A while."

With a squeal that had everyone looking at her like she saw a mouse, considering she loved mice, they saw her jumping up and down like a five year old during a sugar high. Ichigo heard a few words said in between each high-pitched yell. "....YES! .....OMG!OMG! (Insert gasp for breath) OMG!OMG!" A pause for breath and more squealing. And this time around a scream was thrown in as Ichigo reached for the copy of 'Twilight' sitting on the coffee table.

Harumi picked it up before Ichigo could grab it and spoke in a weird voice. "Oh, yes, my precious. Very nice, very nice."

Ichigo took a step back. "What the hell?"

Harumi father came out just in time to see his daughter jumping up and down like a rabbit on meth. "What the...?" Harumi shoved her book in his face and started to speak very fluent English.

"Oh! YES! Wait...I need to go on-line!" She ran up stairs, came down with her laptop, and went on The Internet Movie Database. This site was also called 'IMDB' for short. She typed in Twilight and found out what actor or actress was who. "Again with the English. When will the hype die down?" the bad ass ginger asked.

"ROBERT PATTINSON! NO WAY! NO WAY! Dude, he is so vampire like." She sighed happily this time. "They could not have picked anyone better than him! He is so kawaii!" The only Japanese that Ichigo heard was the word 'kawaii' which means 'cute' then he turned to her father.

"Why is she speaking English fluently? Most people would struggle with English, but how can she speak it so well?"

"Her grandmother was American and her grandfather was Japanese. Her grandmother was a linguist and study almost every language that she could learn. The one that she loved most was Japanese and was so fluent in it, she could spin circles in a novice's face. With that knowledge of Japanese, she came here and met her husband." He explained to him. Ichigo looked at him in shock at the thought of getting married after the first date. Her father continued. "After meeting in college and dating for three years, he asked her to marry him and she said yes."

Ichigo whistled. "Wow. No wonder why she's passing English with flying colors."

"Daddy? Can I go see Twilight when it comes out? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? Pretty please with sprinkles, gummy bears, and almonds? Please?" Harumi asked with a 'puppy' dog pout on her face.

"Harumi, I'm almost forty-nine years old and you think the puppy dog pout will still work on me? I can't believe your mother taught that to you." he said.

Harumi turned to Ichigo and did the same exact face to him. "Pwease, Ichigo? Will you take me to see Twilight? Pwetty Pwease?"

The other men in the house started to scream and shout at him to look away but he didn't, he fell for the puppy dog eyes and cute voice routine in no time flat. He gave up and sighed. "Fine! Just stop with that."

Harumi glomped her friend in joy. "Yay! Thank you Ichi!"

Ichigo tried pushing his friend off but failed. "Get the crowbar!"

And with that the party was set up, a fan girl's dream comes true, and a party will start soon.

Ever see 'Lord of the Rings'? That's where I got Harumi's line from. And yes....I'm a Twilight fan. But I got Stuck re-reading the Death Note manga while waiting for a copy of Twilight to come in at the school library. Damn fangirls....Wait..... SHIT! I'm one of them.

(Crawls into a corner and rolls into the fetal position. A random door opens, Harumi, Sayomi, Ichigo, and Light Yagami walk in.)

Light: What's up with her. (Points to Misa-San as she sucks her thumb)

Harumi: She just discovered that she's a fangirl.

Ichigo: [Kicks Misa-San] Nothing. [Throws a peanut at her.] She won't respond!

Sayomi: (Sighs) It's like trying to stay away from heroin. Impossible. She's in love with Edward Cullen.

Light: Should I try to solve a very difficult math problem in front of her?

Harumi & Sayomi: NO! That'll make things a hell of a lot worse than they already are, you dick!

Ichigo: (Slaps Harumi upside her head) A women never uses that kind of language.

Harumi: Fuck you.

Light: He is right, a young lady would never talk that way. Not even my sister talks like that. (Harumi flips Light off)

Sayomi: (Pokes Misa-San with a stick) Guys~ Come poke her! It's really fun!

All: NO!

Misa-San: (Google's Edward Cullen and sighs happily) He's so yummy! He is so hot...(contented sigh, gives off a small smile, and pictures herself as a vampire. Starts to speak in a soft tone of voice) He is just so kawaii. I mean, they picked Pattinson because he looks seventeen. If they had picked Johnny Depp, then he would look more twenty-five than seventeen. Pattinson can play piano and the guitar. How romantic. I find him to be uber hot. (Keeps rambling about how hot Edward is and how she is slowly starting to slip into the Twilight fandom online.)

Ichigo: Why do I even have to be here? I'm gonna leave. Harumi! Let's go! (A door appears and Ichigo steps into it with Harumi trailing behind him.)

Sayomi: Damn! There should normally be four to five people here, but now it's down to three. I'm outta here! (Another door appears and Sayomi kicks it open and disappears to her own story)

Light: I'm gonna go and kill someone...(Plots the death of a certain someone. One final door opens and Light goes back to his own world.)

Misa-San: Where da hell everyone go?! (Shrugs shoulders and returns to fawning over Edward Cullen)