I create tragedies…I like the sound of that (I'll be making a fic outa that XD)

Any who, I randomly came up with this idea while on facebook, heh I love being evil XD Especially to my favourite characters!

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It was early morning in the Hitachiin household and not a thing was stirring, except for maybe the strange sounds coming from the twin's bedroom.

The room was dark and the curtains and door shut firmly to stop any light entering and waking them. Kaoru was having an unusually rough sleep, continuously tossing and turning in the bed as he laid next to Hikaru.

Hikaru groaned as his sleep was being disturbed because of the boy thrashing in his arms. Kaoru groaned and mumbled, he was hot and sweating but he couldn't wake himself up, he rolled back into his brothers arms and held him tightly. He was in pain and it was killing him, so to speak.

His hands clutched hold of Hikaru's top tightly as he pressed himself closer to him. He whimpered and a tear rolled down his cheek.

This went on for several hours before, exhaustedly, Kaoru's eyes snapped open and he sat bolt up panting. His eyes traveled across the room wearily as his heavy breathing calmed down. So cold, he thought. His head flopped down to his chest as he stared at the duvet, he was soaked. No point staying in a wet top.

Kaoru lifted the top off over his head and groaned at the still lingering, but not as excruciating, pain in his body.

Kaoru froze as the top came off, his arms still hovering in the air with the sleeves wrapped around them. He breathed in shakily and gulped several times.

This wasn't right, this defiantly was not right, were the only thoughts going through his mind as he looked down at his ivory chest.

"Hikaru…Hika wake up!" Kaoru half shouted, half begged, hitting him. Hikaru groaned and his eyes flickered. "What?" he whined sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"Ano...Hikaru? I'm pretty sure this isn't normal..." he whispered hoarsely still staring down, Hikaru followed his gaze and couldn't help but gawp.

"...pfft...hahahahaha!" Hikaru cried pointing at his younger brothers chest. The red head didn't look amused. "S-sorry K-Kaoru…haha!"

"Hikaru! It's not that funny, what the hell has happened?!" Kaoru yelled, his hands hovering over his skin.

Both the boys stared down at Kaoru's chest taking in the strange and funny site as a pair of perfect ivory breasts sat there.

"Maybe mom will give you a bra?" Hikaru said. "What do you reckon, B, C?"

The question was met by a very hard whack round the head.

Lol I know it's really short but I'm pressed for time. Oh I'm writing loads of different fics..all around Ouran though but they won't be posted for a bit.

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