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"Well, this certainly is an interesting predicament" the dark haired boy smirked, pushing up his glasses. "But I know nothing of your current situation, Kaori Hitachiin."

The shadow king lent back in his chair eying his red headed kohai with a new found interest, he put his hand over his mouth hiding the smirk at the enrage look upon his face.

"Kyoya...but you know everything!" Hikaru shouted loudly. Kyoya raised an eyebrow at the angered boy and closed the lid of his laptop.

"Suffice to say Hikaru, I obviously know nothing about this," he said coolly, waving a hand at the younger Hitachiin, ignoring the persistent protests of the two boys.

"Kyoya!!" the twins both cried desperately, clinging onto each other for support.

Kyoya kept his smirked watching the two. "I'll venture that you have not told your parents."

"Of course not!" they both shouted as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Kyoya-senpai I find it hard to believe you know nothing about this," Haruhi said walking next to the frustrated twins. She raised her own eyebrows giving her senpai a questioning look.

He only returned her statement with an amused glance in her direction. Haruhi shook her head in dismay, unbelievable...

Kaoru sighed through gritted teeth as he pulled his hair back up to hide under his hat, he could not understand this, Kyoya knew everything so why not this? To think he had spent the whole morning waiting to speak to him, clinging on to that last hope that he would know something. What a waste!

What now then? Who else other than Kyoya could know why I'm in this cursed body?....wait cursed...cursed? Oh I see, I understand now, Kaoru smiled to himself sadistically, as if he had finally caught onto some silly, or rather, sick joke. The others stared at him strangely watching as his happy features shifted to that of rage, the comical kind of rage involving red faces and storming out of rooms.

"Come on Hikaru," he ordered, dragging his brother out of the room by his collar. "Let's see if black cats really are bad luck."



Kaoru had hated this morning, all through his lessons he had sat nervously praying no one would notice, he nearly had a heart attack when Haruhi noticed straight away, but then again it was Haruhi, so when had taken the time to think about it, it really didn't count at all.

There was also the bonus that it was her and no one else, Kami forbid any one else had noticed, he was sure he would have died if say some one like Renge, had noticed.

No, today was definitely the most disturbing and unfair day of Kaoru's life so far, even the time he and his brother had accidentally walked in on their parents private time -they were five, and told that it was a special game for adults- was nothing compared to this. Kaoru was on edge, worried about the entire situation he was in, it was even affecting his work, his pranks to be more accurate, and this was just the beginning of the day.

He decided though, that when he did find out what had happened and for how long he'd be stuck like this, he would, after getting revenge, enjoy what ever time he had left with this body, after all there were plenty of people to mess with in the school. Yes, as soon as he had the facts and felt safer about this, he would be enjoying himself greatly.

All he had to do was get through the first few lessons with out any trouble and he would finally be off to get his answers.

At least that had been the plan, so now as he dragged his brother down the hallway he was fuming. Kyoya had known nothing, but the thing that had angered him the most was that simple thought of a curse; he knew exactly who he would be getting answers from, and if this didn't work he would have no more leads.

"Kaoru where are we going?" Hikaru asked, slightly miffed about being pulled all the way from the room so forcefully, without being told anything.

"To skin a cat," Kaoru hissed. It was as if the usually calm Kaoru had switched with his twin briefly, and was now extremely hot headed. "It's not normal. Think about it, it's like magic or a curse, so..."

"So we're going to see Nekozawa then." Hikaru finished. "Hm, maybe we should bring Tono."

"Maybe later," Kaoru agreed. He wanted to deal with the strange cat lover first, he could torture the drama queen later.

Turning the corner they stopped in front of a large dark door, that for all intents and purposes looked perfectly normal. Hikaru and Kaoru looked at each other before shrugging and opening it wide, quite forcefully.

Nekozawa didn't know what to think as the door to the Black Magic Clubroom flew open, the only thing he registered was the blinding light that had attacked him for every insane direction, outlining two black silhouettes framed in the doorway.

"Gyaaa it hurts!," he cried, flailing dramatically to the floor. "The door...close...door...pain..."

Ominous chuckles came from the doorway as footstep drew nearer. "Of course...on the condition that you... Help. Us. Out."

How sinister those three words sounded, even he -the head of all things scary and dark- shuddered to think about. So with a strained and wary voice he agreed, sighing in relief as he was once again engulfed in the wonderful darkness.

He muttered a few angry curses, sitting up and composing himself while readjusting his cloak. "Who are you?"

A chorus of devilish laughter followed the pause of silence, the two figures walking into the dim flickering light of the candles.

"H-Hitachiin's... I should have guessed," he chuckled darkly,taking his seat once again behind a table laden with all things occult and cat-like. "How may I assist you?"

"My thoughts exactly," the first twin spoke, his, or rather her, vexed eyes watching him closely as she came to stand beside him.

"Hm...kuku I see you've come into some trouble," Nekozawa mused, eying the noticeable annoyance on the boy face. "A problem nly the dark magic can help."

"You'll be in 'trouble' if you don't reverse what you've done," Hikaru, for of course it was him...he was, oddly, the one who seemed to be less frightening than the other for once, hissed. He leaned forward,taking hold of a voodoo and toying with it menacingly.

"Enlighten me Hitachiin-san," Nekozawa smiled, edging away from him nervously. "As to your problem."

"My problem," Kaoru spoke dangerously, leaning in on the other side, placing his arm around the poor boy to trap him. "Is this stupid curse you've so kindly put on me."

"It wasn't very smart to try and play with us," Hikaru added, his sharp eyes watching like a hawk as they glittered.

Nekozawa blinked. "What curse?"

Kaoru rolled his eyes and took off his hat, pointing to his obvious chest. "This curse. Stop playing dumb."

"...Hitachiin-san," the cat lover blinked again, looking dumbfounded and blushing lightly. "Since when do you have a sister?"

The twins both sweatdropped as silence floated across the room. Kaoru's expression of nothing but disbelief. "Hikaru...he isn't...?"

"Gomen Kaoru," Hikaru sighed, sharing the same expression. "Two dead ends in one day."

"...You mean to say this person is not your sister?" Nekozawa asked, now looking thoroughly confused about the conversation going over his head. "But in fact your brother?"

The twins nodded, both looking bored and no longer interested in him, casting their gazes across the room in hopes of finding some amusement.

"Hm...interesting," the cloaked boy grinned. "We have only read about wonderful cases like this, ne Bereznoff?"

The Hitachiin's didn't even take a pause before pouncing on the poor boy with questions, quickly understanding what he had just said. "You've read about this?!"

"O-of course," he replied, taken aback by their sudden closeness. "Every member of the Black Magic Club has read the ritual book."

"Then you can reverse this?" they asked in unison.



"Only the person who performed it, will have the power to remove it," he explained.

"...and you will, of course," Kaoru grinned. "Find out who cast this curse..."

"...and tell us straight away," Hikaru spoke, grinning too. "So that he or she will remove it."

"..." Nekozawa gulped. "H-hai..."

"Good" they both smirked, triumphant.

"So what does it do any way?" Hikaru asked.

"Yeah and how long does it last?" Kaoru wanted to know.

The hooded second year sighed and picked up an old looking book, tattered and battered and hanging on it's last life. "Body Change for those times when walking in another's shoes doesn't work."

"Lame..." Hikaru whispered.

Kaoru nodded. "Sounds like an ad."

"The user casts spell...over night...gender swap..." he skimmed, barely reading the obvious part out. "Here, lasts until the affected person has learned what needs to be learned, or the user wishes to end it. Changes gender, personality, bodies, and or sexuality depending on the users wishes."

"So you mean to say I could have ended up in someone else's body? or I could have turned into a nice, well behaved kid?" Kaoru asked, blanching at the thought. Hikaru sniggered behind him at the thought of a well behaved Kaoru, or better yet, Kaoru being nice to tono and Kaoru in turn just shook his head thinking. Nice to tono...and Haruhi will actually pay off her debt!'s not as long as I wanted it...but I can't understand why this was so damn hard to write, while my other fics I've been writing too much of sigh. Oh well back to work!! Onwards to chapter six and the abuse of one Tamaki Suoh!

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