Chapter 1: Perfect night

It was a wonderful night at Road Rover HQ. All was calm and peaceful, and outside on the beach were Hunter and Colleen both under a tree close together listening and watching the current of the ocean. They both have been dating for almost six months already and overtime their love for each other has grown. It seemed that nothing could ever break them apart. They both looked at each other and kissed passionately. They broke apart and Hunter spoke, "Colleen."

"Huntie," Colleen said.

They both have another kiss that lasted longer but had to break apart when they needed air. They just stared into each other eyes. Colleen spoke, "Huntie I was wondering what you have planned for are six month anniversary?"

"Hunter smiled, "it's a surprise and I promise it will be a night you'll never forget."

Colleen smile she knew that Hunter's surprises were always great.

"Colleen your so beautiful in every way," Hunter said.

"your Handsome yourself Huntie," Colleen said.

Hunter spoke, "Colleen lets go inside I'm feeling tired."

"So do I," Colleen said.

Together then both walked back inside and headed for their rooms. Once they got there they both shared one last kiss. Once they broke apart they said their goodnights and went into their rooms.

Axel had just seen the scene unfold and was happy for both of them. He wanted to talk to both of them and find out how things were. So he went up to Colleen's door and knocked. A few seconds he heard her say come in.

Colleen saw Axel enter, "Hello Axel."

"Hi Colleen I was wondering if I could talk to you," Axel said.

"Sure what about?" Colleen asked as she sat down on the edge of her bed.

Axel sat on a nearby chair, "I was just wondering how things between you and Hunter are going."

Colleen smiled, "It's been abso-bloomin-lutely wonderful. He has been the greatest to me ever since that night we admitted are love for each other."

Axel smiled, "I'm glad you were able to find Happiness on that day."

"Thank you," Colleen said, "and thank you for talking to me on that day about it."

Axel remembered that day, "No problem Colleen. Does he have something special planned for your six months of being together?"

"No he said it's a surprise, and I know his surprises are wonderful," Colleen said.

"That's really nice. Am going to go goodnight," Axel said getting up.

"Night Axel," Colleen said.

Axel left Colleen's room, he was really happy that Colleen found someone. He decided to ask Hunter how things are going, so he walked to Hunters room.

Hunter had just gotten dressed after his shower. He walked over to his dresser, opened it and pulled out a small velvet box. He opened it and saw the beautiful diamond ring in it. It had a white gold band with a blue diamond set on top. He then started to remember all the fond memories he and Colleen shared through all these months. 'Just a few more days,' Hunter thought. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a knock on his door. He said come and in came Axel. "Hey Axel."

"Hey Hunter can we talk?" Axel asked.

"Sure," Hunter said sitting on a nearby chair.

Axel sat on the end of Hunter's bed, "I just wanted to ask how things going between you and Colleen."

Hunter smiled, "it's as wonderful as it could get."

Axel smiled, "that well."

"Yes, ever since that day we admitted our love it has been nothing but happiness between the two of us," Hunter said. "I even have the song we both sang to that night."

"You do," Axel said.

Hunter stood up and went to where his CDs were and pulled a specific on out. And handed it to Axel.

Axel looked at it and it said, 'The day I fall in Love' by James Ingram on it. And it also had a date written on it, "What does this date mean?"

"That's the day we both declared our love for each other. Whenever I look at that date I always remember that night." Hunter explained

Axel handed back Hunter's CD, "that's wonderful. So what do you have planned for your six months?" Axel said.

Hunter put the CD back, "I'm not going to say but I can tell you that it's going to be a night she'll never forget."

"That's wonderful, well goodnight," Axel said getting up and walking to the door.

"Night," Hunter said. Axel left the room and Hunter started mentally going over what he was going to do in a few days. When he finished he turned off the lights and went to bed and was asleep in minutes dreaming of the good times he had with Colleen. And little did they know that they would be called in again and one of their own would be out for it.

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