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Ema attempts to sort out her jumbled thoughts by writing them down, but just ends up more confused than before.

Why I Hate Klavier Gavin

1)His confident, glimmerous, foppish attitude.

He's too confident for his own good. He goes around thinking he's the king of the world because he has a group of girls who swoon and scream every time they see him.

Which brings me to my next reason…

2)His trailing fangirls.

As if feeding his ego isn't enough, those stupid girls usually end up trampling all over my crime scenes. And he doesn't do anything to stop them.

3) He seems to find amusement in my irritation.

He purposely annoys me, I just know it. He agitates me just to see my reaction. I can see it…his face is always composed and innocent looking, but his eyes dance wickedly when he sees me throw a fit.

Those blue eyes…like the colour of the ocean…

Ack! What am I doing describing his eyes?!

But that reminds me…

4) He stole my sunglasses the other day. And he makes fun of them every time he sees them.

So the other day, he just snatched them from my desk. When I tried to grab them back, he chuckled and said, "I just want to see what everything looks like in your bubblegum world, Fraulein." And then he put them on.

And he looked so stupid that I burst out laughing.

(But now I'm wondering how bad I look when I wear them…)

5) He made me dance with him.

The prosecutor's office and police department decided to a hold a dinner and dance last week. And they got (who else?) the Gavinners to play the music. I was about to sit down when I heard a slow dance come on, but Klavier grabbed the microphone and said from his spotlight on the stage, "Fraulein Skye, may I have this dance?"

6) He seemingly has no concept of personal space.

Considering, that while we were dancing, I could feel the pendant of his necklace thumping against my chest and his head was practically resting on mine.

Clearly, he was holding me closer than necessary. I resisted the urge to stomp on his foot and shove him away because of the numerous pairs of eyes on us.

7) Everyone from the prosecutor's office and police department now thinks that I have "something going on" with him.

"So, Ema…how long have you and Klavier been going out?"

"Has he proposed yet?"

"Invite me to the wedding, pal. I don't know if I'll be able to afford a gift, though…"

8) He's a lazy, hypocritical control freak.

It's always "Fraulein detective do this, Fraulein detective do that."

Why don't I ever see him do anything himself?

And what does Fraulein mean anyways?

9) I looked up the word "Fraulein."

It means "Miss."

Not sweetheart, not darling or any endearing term like that.


Just "Miss."

9) He kissed me.

I was working overtime last night and he leaned over my shoulder, scaring the lights out of me and said, "What's my Fraulein doing here so late?"

I snappily responded, "Go away," wondering if I should just snackoo him.

He looked at me for a moment, and then said, "You're so cute when you're irritated."

Then he kissed me.

10) I liked it.

What is wrong with me?