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Harry Potter was sitting in a chair in front of a fire thinking about all that has happened. He then felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Ginny looking at him. "Is everything ready" he asked

She nodded her head and he got and took her hand and went over to the magical array. The magical array they have found in an old book that would let them travel back in time to stop any of their friends and family from being killed.

They had everything packed into their trunks including everything from the Potter and Black vaults expect for the money. With their shrunken trunks in their pockets they stepped into the array and activated it. They left in a flash of light to go back in time.

And they would…eventually.


They both landed with a thump. They both got up and looked around with Ginny saying "Where are we? This isn't the Burrow"

"I don't know but you look way too mature for an eleven year old" said Harry looking at Ginny

She hit him on the shoulder and then looked at herself saying "I look about sixteen years old"

Then she took a closer look at Harry and said "You do too"

"We're the same age" Harry exclaimed

"Do you think something went wrong with the spell" he asked

"I don't know, we would have to take a look at the book after we find out where we are" said Ginny

"Glad we were wearing muggle clothes so we don't have to change" said Harry as he started walking off

Some time later they saw two people walking towards a gazebo and decided to ask them where they are. They walked over to them and Harry asked "Excuse me"

They both turned around and they saw it was a boy and a girl about the same age as they were now. The boy has brown hair and is wearing a light blue shirt and jeans. The girl has brown hair with blue eyes and is wearing an orange dress.

Tolle and Miriallia were looking for their friend Kira because their professor needed him for something. As they were looking they heard someone say "Excuse me"

They turned around and saw a boy and girl about their age. The boy had unruly black hair and emerald green eyes. They girl had long red hair and chocolate brown eyes. They were both dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of pants. "Yes" asked Tolle

"We're new here and were wondering if you could tell us where we are" asked Harry

"We're on Heliopolis" said Tolle

Not knowing what he was talking about Harry used a little bit of Legilimency to find out. What he found shocked him. Heliopolis was a space colony in outer space!

Seeing that Harry wasn't going to say anything Ginny asked "We are kinda lost and was hoping you could show us around"

"We can't right now since our professor sent us to find our friend for him for something" said Tolle

"But if you come with us I sure we can give you a tour afterwards" said Miriallia

"Thank you" said Ginny

As they continued walking following Tolle and Miriallia Ginny asked "Why did you space out back there"

"Funny that you should mention space" said Harry

"What that's suppose to mean" asked Ginny angrily

"Because that is where Heliopolis is" said Harry

"What" asked Ginny?

"Heliopolis is a space colony in outer space" said Harry

"But that's impossible" exclaimed Ginny only so Harry could hear

"No it's isn't, muggle science is just very much more advanced here" said Harry

"If we are really in space, then how is there gravity here" asked Ginny

Harry just pointed up and Ginny looked up and gasped at the sight she saw. "The colony is rotating which is producing its own gravity" said Harry

They then heard a shout of "Kira" and saw the two people they were following run over to a gazebo where they saw a boy about the same age as them. He had brown hair and purple eyes wearing a black shirt with red ties and a white collar with green pants. "Kira there you are, we have been looking everywhere for you" said Tolle

"Professor Kato is looking for you" he said

"Again" asked Kira

"He said to bring you right away, it's important" said Miriallia

"But I haven't even finished the stuff he gave me yesterday to do" said Kira

He then noticed Harry and Ginny and asked "Who are they"

"That's Harry and Ginny, they're new here and we're going to give them a tour after we bring you to Professor Kato" said Miriallia

"Hello" said Harry and Ginny

"Please to me you" said Kira

They all then heard a news reporter on the computer say "Here, about seven kilometers from Kaohsiung the sounds of severe battle continue to echo"

"If these are scenes from last week, they may have already taken over Kaohsiung by now" said Tolle

"Kaohsiung isn't that far away, is it? Will the homeland be all right" asked Miriallia

"There is a war going on here" thought Harry and Ginny worriedly

"Sure. There's no need to worry" said Kira

"Although they're close, we're a neutral entity. It's unthinkable for Orb to become a battlefield" said Tolle

"Orb must be the country that owns this colony" thought Harry

"I wonder how long their neutrally will last" thought Ginny

"Really, Then I guess we're okay" said Miriallia

After that Kira packed up his computer and his other stuff into his bag and left with the others. They arrived some time later at a bus stop and saw there was a group of girls there talking. As they got closer one of the girls shouted "Miriallia"

"Hello" said Miriallia

"I bet you know about it" said one of the girls

"Know what" asked Miriallia

"Stop it" yelled another one of the girls

"She got a letter from Sai Argyle! But she says nothing's going on, and won't tell us anything" said the first girl

"Would you give it a rest" said the second girl

"They're as bad as Lavender and Parvati" thought Ginny

The third girl of the group took a look at Ginny and asked "Did you get dressed in the dark"

"What" asked Ginny Angrily?

"How you expect to attract any boys dressed like that" said the third girl smugly

"Why would I when I already have the one I wanted" said Ginny wrapping her arms around Harry's and kissing him on the cheek causing the girl to look away angrily

As they were talking a car pulled up and three well dressed people behind them coughed to get their attention as the lady asked "If you're not getting in mind if we do"

"Go ahead" said Tolle stepping aside

The three well dressed people got into the car and drove away as another one pulled up. "Let's just go" said the second girl getting in the car causing the other two girls to run to it yelling "Wait for us"

"Who was that" asked Ginny

"That was Flay Allster" said Miriallia

"I definitely like to flay her" mumbled Ginny as they got into the next car

Kira and Tolle sat in the front seat with Miriallia and Harry in the back seat with Ginny on Harry's lap since there was no room for her in the back seat. They both took a look at the front and saw no one was driving; there wasn't even a place to drive with.

As they got closer to the gate Tolle exclaimed "Damn, I forgot about the gate"

"Maybe they won't notice them" he remarked

"There are professional guards that watch the gates" said Miriallia

"Hopefully the one watching now is lazy" said Tolle

Harry and Ginny sighed and thought "And he was going to be showing us around later. I think his girlfriend is going to be doing more of the showing"

Right before they got to the gate, Harry and Ginny discreetly took out their wands and disillusion themselves and watched as Kira slid his ID card threw the scanner and the gate slid down. After the gate was fully down and the guard check them out, the car went of though as the gate went back up.

Once they were far enough away they took off the charm and put their wands back in their holsters. "See they did get though. They didn't even notice them" Tolle exclaimed

"I guess you were right" Miriallia sighed

The car pulled up to a door and they all got out and went though the door. They walked down the twisting hallways until they arrived at Professor Kato's classroom. Before they reached the classroom Ginny whispered to Harry "This place has way too much security to just be a school"

"I agree, they is something big going on here" whispered Harry

They all went into the classroom and saw three people in there their age. A boy at the back on a computer saw them come in and got up and walked towards them had blonde hair with orange glasses on and was wearing a half red half yellow coat with a black shirt and blue jeans. To the right of them was another boy with navy blue hair and was wearing a sweater with different shades of green and a symbol on the front and tan pants. To the left of them near the door was a person with blonde hair and amber eyes wearing a black hat with a brown coat and tan pants.

"Ah Kira your finally here" said Sai

"Who's that" asked Tolle pointing at the person near the door

"That is someone who is here to see the professor. He was told to stay here" said Sai

"Who are those two with you" he asked

"They're new here and we were going to show them around after we finished here" said Miriallia

"Where's the professor" asked Kira

"He had to go do something but told me to give you this" said Sai handing Kira a disk

"More work" Kira groaned

"What is it? Something from Morgenroete" asked Sai

"It's nothing special. It's just a programming analysis for improving the frame module" said Kira putting the disk away

As they continued talking Harry and Ginny went off to a corner away from everyone to talk. "Morgenroete must be the reason for all the security" said Harry

"But I wonder what they need all that security for" he thought aloud

"I don't know but no one has seem to notice that she's a girl" said Ginny looking at the girl near the door

"I noticed" said Harry

"How" asked Ginny

"From hanging around with you all the time" said Harry

"And what do you mean by that" asked Ginny angrily hitting him on the shoulder

"That you always do whatever you want or need to do even when people try to stop you. You always wear what you feel comfortable with and not what people say you should wear" said Harry

"You look beautiful in whatever you wear" he said kissing her on the cheek causing her to blush

Cagalli was standing near the door and saw everyone was busy expect for the two on the other side of the room who were talking and kept looking at her. "Why do they keep looking at me" thought Cagalli

She then saw the guy kiss the girl on cheek causing her to blush and saw they were both distracted. She tried to open the door but found it lock. "Damn it, it's locked" she thought crossing her arms under her chest

Ginny saw that after Harry kissed her the girl tried to open the door and found it lock. "Looks like she isn't here to see the professor after all" said Ginny

"Hmm" asked Harry

"That girl tried to open the door when she saw you kiss me thinking we were both distracted. But she found it lock and looks mad at it" said Ginny

"So I guess that's the real reason she is dressed like that" said Harry

Some time later the entire room shook knocking the lights out. "What was that" asked Miriallia

Sai goes to the door and opens it and asks one of the people running by "What's going on"

"We're under attack by ZAFT" shouted one of them running by

"ZAFT must be one of the sides in the war" thought Harry and Ginny

"Mobile suits have entered the colony" yelled another one as he ran by

"Mobile suits" thought Harry and Ginny bewildered

"Let's get out of here" yelled Tolle running out of the room

Once everyone was outside Cagalli ran in the opposite direction as everyone else. "Where are you going" asked Kira going after her

"Kira" yelled Tolle

"Don't worry I'll be right back" yelled Kira from down the hall

"We're go after him and make sure he's safe" said Harry going after him followed by Ginny

Kira finally caught up with her a few hallways later and grabbed her arm asking "Why are you going this way? There is nothing down here"

"Why are you following me" yelled Cagalli

There was then an explosion behind them that the wind of blew Cagalli's hat off of. "You're a girl" asked a stunned Kira

"What did you think I was" yelled Cagalli

They then both heard laughter behind them and saw Harry and Ginny there laughing at them. "What are you doing here" asked Kira

"And why are you laughing" yelled Cagalli

"We followed you to make sure you didn't do anything stupid" said Ginny

"Because you are angry at him for not noticing you're a girl with the way you are dressed" said Harry

"I only noticed because of her" he said pointing at Ginny

"You shouldn't have gotten angry at him with your choice of clothes" said Ginny

"What do you know" yelled Cagalli

"I was the youngest of seven and the only girl" said Ginny

"Oh" said a shocked Cagalli

"What are you doing here anyways" asked Harry

"There is something I have to check out" said Cagalli walking away

Kira walks up to her and she asks "Why are you following me"

"I can't go back that way" said Kira pointing behind him to the debris filled hallway

"Let's try this way" said Kira grabbing Cagalli's hand and heading down another hallway

"Let go of me you idiot" yelled Cagalli

Kira looks at her strangely and Cagalli puts her head down saying "I never thought I get stuck in here"

"Don't worry I know a alternate way out" said Kira leading all four of them down the hallway

They come out of the hallway onto a catwalk in a huge hanger and see two machines below on truck beds where there is a firefight over them. Guys in formfitting spacesuits are charging in from the hanger doors while the workers are defending in front and on the truck beds. Cagalli seeing the machines falls to her knees gripping the rail saying "The Earth Forces new Mobile suits"

"Father you betrayed us all" she yelled out

One of the workers hears her scream and points her gun at them but sees they are just children and thinks as she sees them run away "What are they doing here"

While they were running down the hallway the wind from another explosion cause Harry and Ginny to lose track of Kira and Cagalli and go though a different doorway into a hanger similar to the one they just left. "I think we went the wrong way" said Harry seeing two machines similar to the ones they saw earlier

"You think" yelled Ginny

Another explosion cause part of the ceiling to collapse and block the doorway and making the rest of the ceiling look like it would fall any second. "We're trapped" yelled Ginny

"Hmm, we can't Apparate, it would take too long to move the rubble by hand, and magic might make the ceiling collapse even faster" Harry thought aloud

"Let's get in those machines" he said

"What" asked Ginny

"They look strong enough to protect us when the ceiling falls. Once were safe, we can figure out a way out of this mess" said Harry

"Fine, but if anything happens, I blame you" said Ginny walking over to the machines

They both got on top of the machines and got into the cockpits that was already open and found the button to close it. They then fell unconscious from the overload of information going into their minds as the ceiling collapsed on top of them.