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Kira, Harry, and Ginny joined Captain Ramius and Lieutenant La Flaga, along with some guards, to talk to the resistance fighters. When they got closer Kira noticed Cagalli was among the fighters.

"It's that girl from Morgenroete" said Kira

"YOU" yelled Cagalli

She came up to Kira, Harry, and Ginny and pointed at them shouting "What are you doing here"

"He helped save the Strike from being stolen by ZAFT and now pilots it" said Ginny pointing at Kira

"We found two mobile suits by accident and used them to protect us from the collapsing building and to get out of the rubble" she said pointing at herself and Harry

"You can actually tell that you are a girl this time" said Harry smiling

Cagalli screamed as she went to hit Harry only for Kira to grab her arm. "What was that for" asked Kira

"It is your fault you know" he said

"Shut up" shouted Cagalli

She pulled her arm free before turning around huffing. Everyone just stared at the scene before Captain Ramius started talking to the resistance fighters. After the preliminary talks were over, the resistance fighters lead the Archangel to their base where the three Gundams helped to camouflage it.

After they got out of their Gundams they saw Cagalli coming up to meet them.

"What did you want" asked Kira

"I wanted to apologize for earlier" said Cagalli

"No need to apologize" said Ginny

"His Godfather was a bad influence on him" she said pointing at Harry

"Like you didn't follow in your twin brothers' footsteps" said Harry looking at Ginny

"I was worried about you" said Cagalli looking away

"I kept wondering if you were ok" she said

"Then you show up piloting that as a member of the Earth Forces" she shouted pointing at the Strike

"I'm not a member of the Earth Forces" said Kira

"I'm listed down as a mercenary" he said

"We really don't like the military that much" said Harry

"That's why I got the three of us listed as mercenaries" he said

"Oh" said Cagalli

"That's good" she said with a sigh of relief

"I never did get your name" said Kira

"It's Cagalli"




Cagalli smiled as she left. Once she was gone, Harry said "There is something different about her"

"What do you mean" asked Kira

"There is more to her than meets the eye" said Ginny

That night Flay made another attempt on Kira. But this time she did it when Sai was with him. She went to grab Kira's arm only for Kira to push her away.

"I told you to leave me alone" said Kira

"You are with Sai" he said

"I broke up with him" said Flay frivolously

"You are then one I want" she said

"I don't want you" said Kira

"I don't want anything to do with you" he said

He went to walk away when he heard the alarm and saw the sky lit up with flames. On top of the canyon the Archangel was hidden in, Harry and Ginny were watching the burning town.

"The Desert Tiger has made his move for what the resistance fighters did" said Harry

"Now we can see what he is like" said Ginny

"It really would be helpful to be Animagus right about now" said Harry

Everyone returned to the ship as the Skygrasper was launched and headed towards the town. When it got there they found out that while the town was burned to the ground, no one from the town was killed.

"So he is of the honorable sort" thought Harry

The Strike, Strike Noir, and Blu Duel were told to launch and help the resistance fighters that are chasing after the BuCUEs.

"Are they crazy" shouted Kira

"I'm starting to wonder who the real aggressors here are" said Harry

The three Gundams launched and headed towards where the BuCUEs were.

"You keep an eye on the resistances fighters while we take care of the mobile suits" said Harry

"Alright" said Kira

When they arrived they saw the force the resistance fighters sent was almost destroyed and there were only three BuCUEs.

"Change of plans" said Harry

"We will each take one" he said

"Keep them separate" he said

"Yes" said Kira and Ginny

The three of them landed and shot at the BuCUEs to draw their attention away from the resistance fighters. They fired again at the BuCUEs causing them to separate before switching to their beam sabers and charging after them.

When the Strike Noir got close enough, it fired one of its rocket anchors through the missile launcher destroying it before cutting off its head. Once the Blu Duel was close enough, it fired its rail gun at the BuCUE blowing it back. It was then destroyed by the Blu Duel's beam rifle before it could get back up.

Kira felt the seed fall down and explode as the BuCUE fired its missiles at him. The Strike kicked up a cloud of sand causing the missiles to hit the ground. The BuCUE jumped over the explosion only to be destroyed by the Strike's beam rifle.

The three Gundams landed where the resistance fighters were and Kira, Harry, and Ginny got out.

"Are you trying to get yourselves killed" shouted Kira

"Didn't you see what happened" shouted Cagalli

"We are fighting to protect what we care about" she shouted

Kira slapped Cagalli in the face for that remark. She stared wide eyed at Kira as he shouted "Then you should have stayed at the town"

"How do expect to fight against mobile suits without any of your own" he said

"Your weapons are just annoying them" he said

"Everything that has happened was your fault" said Harry

"How can you say that" shouted one of the resistance fighters

"You interfered in our battle the other day when you didn't need to" said Harry

"That is why he destroyed your town as a warning" he explained

"A warning that you ignored when you went after him and got yourselves annihilated" he finished

"If you are truly fighting to protect those you care about" said Ginny

"You should have stayed at the town" she said

A few days later the resistance fighters took some members of the Archangel to the nearby city to get supplies. It was also the city where the Desert Tiger was based. They went as civilians only for Lieutenant Badgiruel to blow it when she tried to say good bye to Kira, Cagalli, Harry, and Ginny when they got out.

"It seems her family has been in the military for so long, it's like a pureblood in a muggle area" thought Harry

"Are you sure this is an occupied city" asked Kira looking around

"It doesn't look like it" he said

"I will show you" said Cagalli

She took them to a crater in the city that was surrounded by ruined buildings. In the distance you could see the Lesseps.

"This is what happens to anyone who opposes the Desert Tiger and ZAFT" said Cagalli

"How do you know he did this" asked Harry

"What do you mean" asked Cagalli

"It could have been caused by the person in charge before the Desert Tiger" said Harry

"Or it could have been caused by the Alliance before they were pushed out" said Ginny

"Or it could have been caused by an extremist to give the people here a reason to rebel" said Harry

"I never thought of it like that" said Cagalli looking down

"There is good and evil in everything" said Ginny

"From what we have seen so far, the resistance fighters are the real aggressors here" said Harry

They went through the city buying all the supplies that they needed. Once they were done, the four of them sat down to have lunch.

"We got everything we needed" said Cagalli

"Except for what this girl Flay wanted" she said throwing the list away

"What kind of soldier needs this many beauty products anyway" she asked

"She is not a soldier" said Ginny with a scoff

"She just joined to try to seduce Kira" she said

"But it will not work" she said smirking

"Since he already has someone" she said

Kira blushed at that as their food arrived.

"What is this" asked Kira

"Doner kebabs" said Cagalli smiling

"We just need to put some chili sauce on them" she said picking up the chili bottle

"How could you do that" exclaimed someone near them

He picked up the other bottle and said "You should only use yogurt sauce on them"

While they started fighting over which one Kira should use, which wound up with both of them on his doner kebab, Harry and Ginny took a look in his mind. They found out he was the Desert Tiger.

"The Desert Tiger" thought Harry and Ginny

They took a closer look and saw they were right about the resistance fighters and that the crater was caused by an extremist.

"So we were right about both things" thought Harry

Just then they heard something that broke them out of their thoughts. They looked up and saw a RPG was being shot at them.

"Incoming" yelled Harry

He shrunk down all their supplies and put them in his pocket while Andrew kicked up the table to act as a shield covering Cagalli in food. Kira pushed Cagalli down while Harry and Ginny took out their guns.

"Is everyone alright" asked Andrew

"We're fine" said Kira

Some gunmen then came out firing automatic rifles shouting "Die Coordinator"

"For the preservation of our blue and pure world" shouted another gunman

"Blue Cosmos" growled Cagalli

Harry took a quick peek into her mind about that and found out they are a terrorist group that wants to kill all Coordinators.

"That sounds familiar" thought Harry

Both Harry and Ginny cast Protego in front of them and started shooting the gunman. As more gunmen appeared and took Andrew's attention off them, Ginny quickly got rid of all the food and sauce that Cagalli was covered in.

After all the gunmen were taken care of, a ZAFT soldier came running up to them. "Are you alright commander" asked DaCosta

"Time to go" thought Harry and Ginny

They grabbed Kira and Cagalli and disappeared with a 'pop'. They reappeared near the pickup point.

"What the hell was that" shouted Cagalli

"Apparition" said Harry

"How did you do that" asked Cagalli

"Magic" said Harry smirking

"Really" asked Cagalli

Harry just took out their supplies and enlarged them.

"Our supplies" exclaimed Cagalli

"I thought they got destroyed in the fighting" she said

"Nope" said Harry smiling

"I shrunk them down and put them in my pocket" he said

"I got rid of all the food and sauce on you" said Ginny

Cagalli looked down and saw she was clean. "Why were we attacked" asked Cagalli

"That man was the Desert Tiger wasn't he" asked Kira

"Yes" said Harry nodding his head

Cagalli's eyes widen at that.