This is a "novelization" of a screenplay I wrote last year as a sequel to Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As such, the entire story is finished, but I still have to flesh out the literary parts, which I shouldn't be doing nor have time for right now. If you're one of the two or three people who read the screenplay version, you may enjoy rereading this since more descriptions have been added. On the other hand, those familiar with the characters and locations won't need the descriptions of them, but I'm working under the assumption that the reader is entirely unfamiliar with everything, even if for now they likely won't be. I will finish this, but I can make no promises as to the speed of it for the next few months. Like other stories here, I neither own the characters nor am responsible for the backstory which acts as a setup to this one.


Hurried footsteps echo in a hallway. A strange, dark-colored hallway, yet everything is visible. Ah, we are following someone, but where to cannot possibly be said. She is slender and wearing a long cloak (and it is definitely a she) with a strange pattern on the back. Not much else is yet discernible.

There are some people in this hallway who appear to resemble her. They are also slender (well, most of them), with green patterned skin and an almost ghost-like white face, from the looks of it. One of them is approaching her.

"Princess, good, we were just about to start the meeting to go over your speech for later, and I wasn't…"

"Cancel it."


This protest is barely registered when our companion spins suddenly around, and her appearance is as strange as it is distinctive. Her red hair (which is of course really orange) is about as fiery as that color can be, with two long sections of it coming down the sides of her face and together in some sort of metallic scrunchie. This almost looks like she is wearing a zippered hooded jacket, which of course she couldn't be. The rest of her hair adorns her (apparently typical of her kind) ovallic-shaped head, and at the top of it hangs a strange pointed-shaped medallion. The top almost looks like a scorpion with a red jewel in its center, while two zigzag lines come down onto her nose and eventually merge into a single point. Her eyes (which currently look enraged) have red irises (no, wait…she has a second, darker iris in each eye before her pupils) and yellow sclera. On top of them rests precisely curved eyeshadow that follows her eyes and seems to touch her hair on the sides of her face. The last noticeable feature are her purple lips (presumably from lipstick, probably).

She looks like she's about to take the head off of this helpless girl in front of her, but this lasts for but a moment before she calms herself.

"I'll be fine. I have something important to finish first, so I'm sure you can carry on without me, right?"

"Um, yes of course…"

"Good, see you later."

With that we are off again. It seems after a moment that we have reached our destination, as she approaches what appears to be a door (if you can call a circular hatch in the middle of a wall a door). And apparently you can, because she waves her hand at it, and the door glows to life and slides over for her. She enters while barely missing a beat.

An expansive room waits in front of her, but you wouldn't expect less for a princess. A large canopied bed dominates the room, but a desk off to the side is no less noticeable. However, none of this is what preoccupies the princess at the moment. On the wall opposite the door hangs a painting, and for now she stares at it intently.

A wolf. Nothing too special about this wolf at first glance, except for the blue eyes (can they have blue eyes? Well, this one does). As she continues looking at this picture, it is already obvious that this is much more than a scene in nature.


With a breath, she regains her train of thought and walks over to the desk. As she sits, she centers a piece of parchment, and reaches for a nearby quill sitting in an ink well (which unsurprisingly matches the green and black pattern of things around here). With a dab, it's finally time to write the letter…but what to say? Her first thought is but a false start, and a smile spreads over her face. Finally, the words start coming to her.

-Dearest Link,

Another pause. How best to express this?

-I made a mistake.

There. Short, simple, direct. But not a statement that comes close to describing what happened years ago. She can of course remember every single event of that day with perfect accuracy, but has done everything she could to forget them. As her gaze once again returns to the painting of the wolf, one thing is clear. It hasn't worked.


A vast landscape stretches out in front of us, but "land" really isn't the right word to describe it. The sky consists of an ethereal white light and large dark clouds (mostly clouds), and what little land there is rests in front of us, along with a few islands off in the distance. But everything is dark, except for the light and a strange white circular pattern that hangs in the air in front of us.

Presently, something starts to materialize out of the pattern. Piece by piece start from the bottom before finally the whole person is there. Our princess, of course. As soon as she comes together, she opens her mouth in some apparent shock, and is breathing heavily despite not having any recent physical activity.

He's gone.

She had thought she'd hate herself for her final words, which didn't end up saying anything that she wanted. She had also thought she might be slightly relieved that this whole ordeal was finally over, although after a while she didn't really want it to end. But it did, and she had to leave, and now here she was.

He's gone.

It was the only thing racing through her mind right now, and she couldn't think of anything else. For a moment, she thought she'd be able to control herself. She was the leader of her people. She had to be strong. But it was just a moment. With a deep breath, the tears started to flow uncontrollably.

Were we actually there with her, we might have turned away at the uncomfortableness of the situation. Or perhaps we would try to comfort her as best we could. But there wasn't anyone there. So there she stood, bawling, and alone.

He's gone.

- I was certain that destroying the connection between our worlds was the only solution. We had seen so much suffering together, and I knew I couldn't let any of that happen again.

Wait a minute, there is someone there after all. One of her people is approaching her. Is it really her? He reaches her, and extends an arm to get her attention. As she turns around, her even redder, sobbing eyes are of no concern. It is her! The nightmare is over!

-And I think, although you never said anything, that you knew it too.

With an arm, he encourages her away from this viewpoint and towards the palace off in the distance. He starts gesturing frantically and excitedly in its direction.

- But now, I really don't think it was the right choice. As much as I hate to think of Zant and all that he did to my people, his words have still stayed with me.

As he continues to lead her, it is apparent who he has been gesturing to. A crowd of perhaps thousands of her people wait around the palace's entrance, and as the two get closer, they realize what he did just moments before. It is her!

- My family really hasn't done anything to address the issues regarding your world. I look at my people and see that they're a lot like I used to be; so filled with hate and disgust for a world which they know very little about.

A cheer begins to erupt from the crowd, and after a moment it is almost deafening. After what had happened over the last few months, she never really thought she'd get a reception like this again. Come to think of it, she never has.

- It has become a common anger, and it holds all of us back. You have seen the extent to what this anger can cause.

But she cannot return the elation she sees on her people's faces. This will be a time that none of them will ever forget, and they shouldn't want to do so. Of course, she will never forget this day either, but that was already certain before a single voice was raised in her support.

- I have tried telling them the stories of my time in your world, but they have not had the same effect. Therefore, I can see only one solution.


The princess returns from her reverie to complete the letter, as the rest of that day's events have mercifully faded over time. At this point, she had to be honest.

- I have no idea if you even want to see me, and I'm not even sure if this letter will reach you. I don't expect anything more from you than what you've already given. I just want you to know…that I'm coming.

With the letter completed, she signs the name "Midna" at the bottom, and folds the parchment's corners together. She takes a piece of wax (dark, of course) that was sitting nearby and places it where the corners meet, and it takes but a wave of her hand for the wax to melt into a perfectly shaped seal. Midna then turns the letter around, and writes "To Link of Ordon" on the front of it. Then she rises from her chair.

A deep breath follows before Midna sets to work. She focuses intently on the letter, and then after a moment starts mumbling something unintelligible as she brings a hand in front of her. This doesn't last long before she stops, and then…


…with great physical exertion, she lifts her hand into the air. This causes the letter to rise up off of her desk, and it also seems to be warping the surrounding space just a bit. The letter stops, and then (exactly in reverse of what Midna did earlier) disintegrates into the air.