Atomic Betty's Adventures with Starfox

Chapter 2

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Sauria Outside the Planet

The Starcruiser exited hyperdrive and started to approach Sauria.

"There it is Chief", said X-5, "Planet Sauria, also known in some cultures as Dinosaur planet."

Betty's eyes widened as she looked at the planet. "The Admiral wasn't kidding, this planet is falling apart! Look at those huge chunks that came off, without them, the whole planet looks like swiss cheese."

"What's your orders chief", asked Sparky.

"X-5", asked Betty, "Where is our landing location?"

"Right on the planet, in this area called Throntail Hollow", said X-5.

"Good", said Betty. "Prepare to enter the atmosphere."

Elsewhere close to Sauria.

Fox was busy weaving his Arwing in and out of the remaints of the smaller pieces of the planet, as well as a few mechanical beings attacking him.

"Sheesh", Fox growled as he blasted a few of the fighters attacking him. "Who or what are these guys?"

Some of them came right at him but he barrel rolled right out of the way.

"If the G-Diffuser was only working properly I could could have deflected that", said Fox. "Let's make with what we can old girl."

He had the Arwing boost very fast and dodging a few of the asteroids. He then managed to get through to Sauria and entered the atmosphere.

Sauria, Thorntail Hollow

It was a peaceful morning in Thorntail Hollow. The Thortails were busy peacefully eating but then they heard a sound, they all looked up, including a huge rock giant. It was a gigantic metal bird.

Actually it was Fox's Arwing which was making it's landing. Once out Fox pressed a button on his wrist PDA. A holographic communicator appeared and on it was General Pepper.

"Nice flying fox", said Pepper, "For a moment I thought you weren't going to make it."

"Very funny sir", said Fox.

"I know", said Pepper, "Now on to business. First of all, myself, Slippy and Peppy are on stand by if you need our assistance so don't hesitate to contact us. And don't forget you are looking for the Queen Earthwalker." Pepper's head turned toward the Thorntails. "Try talking to those thorntail guys. Slippy is currently preparing a translater device, but until it's ready, he will translate for you."

Fox sighed and said, "Okay General. But what about a weapon? Why couldn't I bring my blaster!" He smashed his fist into his palm to exaggerate his point.

"It's always the same with you Fox", said General Pepper, "Shoot first, ask questions later. This mission is about SAVING the planet, not blowing it up. It requires a different tatic, try using your head!" He then laughs.

Fox said, "Very funny sir, Fox out."

He then looked around.

Fox sighed and said, "Well might as well get started."

He then spotted something stuck in the ground.

"Hey what is that", asked Fox. He headed on over and took it from the ground.

The Star Cruiser.

"FULL LEFT! Engage the shields! Sparky fire the laser!"

These were the orders Atomic Betty herself was giving as the Starcruiser weaved around the small asteroid belt that surrounded the planet.

Sparky kept turning the wheel hard while X-5 manned the controls.

X-5 looked up to Betty. "Incomming enemies at 12 o clock."

Betty put on her game face and squinted right at them.

"Fire missles" commanded Betty

The starcruiser fired and they hit each and everyone of their targets with a huge boom.

X-5 tapped a few keys. "Direct course to Thorntail Hollow set captain."

"Excellent", said Betty with a determined smile. "Sparky full speed and prepare for landing."

X-5 looked at the screen and said, "Not a good idea, there is not enough space for the Starcruiser to land we will have to keep it in hover."

Betty still confident responded, "Then that will have to do."

The ship entered the atmosphere.

Thorntail Hollow

The Thorntails and the nearby Warpstone noticed the Galactic Gaurdian ship coming down from the sky. The ship hovered a few feet from the ground and sent a beam to the ground, Sparky, X-5 and Atomic Betty landed on the ground.

Betty looked around impressed.

"It's beautiful, even though this planet is in turmoil it does look serene", said Betty.

X-5 said, "I agree, but, sigh, I digress."

Betty said, "Agreed now let's begin searching."

X-5 hands them something. "Take these, on Sauria, the dinosaurs talk a different language than we do, some speak with a more modern Saurian language called Dino Speak while others speak in a form of growls. This device will translate for us."

Sparky and Betty put them in their ears.

Betty gave X-5 a thumbs up, "Good idea X-5. Now let's get. . ."

She then stopped and stared at the small fighter before them. They slowly approach it.

Betty felt it. "What is this, it looks beat up."

Sparky scoffed, "I thought this planet didn't have advanced tech."

X-5 said, "It doesn't, that there is a class 7, modified CA-23344 model A with G-Diffuser. Commonly known as a Arwing."

Betty then notices a logo on it, a fox with wings.

Betty gasped, "I know this logo! Isn't this?"

X-5 nodded and said, "The logo for the Star Fox team."

Betty said, "So most likely Fox McCloud is already here. So as we search we better keep an eye on him."

Sparky asked confused, "So where do we start?"

X-5 said, "I suggest by talking to these Thorntails in the area. They may provide us with what we need."

Betty nodded, "Okay let's do it. And remember we have to find the Queen Earthwalker"

They approached the nearest Thorntail.

"Hello there strangers", said the Throntail, "You are the 2nd to 4th pair of strangers we saw today."

"Yes we got that impression", said Sparky.

"You wouldn't happen to know where the Queen Earthwalker is do you", asked Betty.

The Thorntail sighed, "Yes, not too long ago the Sharpclaws came and then sealed her behind that door but then the fox that arrived from before came and helped her out, the next thing I know, I saw him visit the Warpstone."

His head gestured to the huge stone man in the pool above the water fall.

"Thanks you've been a big help", said Betty. They all ran to where the Queen Earthwalker was and they did find her but she was not moving and not looking to well.

"Oh man", said Betty who ran over to her. "X-5 is she okay?"

X-5 scanned her. X-5, "She is alive, but. . .it's hard to say."

The Queen Earthwalker stirred.

"Hello? Are you okay", asked Betty.

"I. .I am okay for now", said the Queen Earthwalker. "Are you with the fox that was . . here. .earlier."

Sparky scratched the back of his head and said, "Well, sorta. We were supposed to find him. Do you know where he went?"

"He went to look for my son, Prince Tricky. By using the Warpstone he went to Ice Mountain to find him", said the Queen Earthwalker. Who then dazed away a bit.

"Okay just hold on, we will help find your son", said Betty. Then giving a gesture to her crew they ran off.

Betty led them to the path to where the Warpstone was remembering where the Thorntail they talked to earlier had gestured to.

They walked round about and went to a nearby platform and saw the Warpstone.

"Um excuse me", said Betty.

"Ah, a nice young girl", said the Warpstone which sounded like an awfully familiar Scottish movie character.

"Yes", said Betty, "My name is Atomic Betty, you wouldn't happen to have seen a Fox by any chance."

"Why yes young lass. I did, in fact I warped him to Ice mountain at his request several minutes ago", said the Warpstone.

"Perfect", said Betty, "Think you can do the same for us?"

"All three of you? Well it may be difficult but. . I guess I can give it a shot", said the Warpstone.

The platform below them raised up and the Warpstone held out his hands. "The way to Ice Mountain is in my right hand."

"Oh I see", said Sparky going right but then Betty pulls him back, "Not your right, his right."

They got on his hand and as the warpstone closed his fist Betty and her crew vanished in some light.

Ice Mountain

Betty and her crew reappeared inside a cavern on top of some sort of pad. They headed on out and saw the area before them.

"Looks nice enough", said Betty, "But that area over there looks like a makeshift prison."

"That is most likely what it is", said X-5. He then looks at the ground.

"What is it X-5", asked Betty.

"I see some burn marks on the ground and some foot prints, similar to the Queen Earthwalkers but smaller, and some others I am not to sure about", said X-5.

"I see some speedcycles in here", said Sparky from the makeshift hanger.

"Hmm, Fox must have come here, the Prince escaped his captors and the chased after him", said Betty.

"But the question is, what happened after that", asked Sparky.

"Only one way to find out. Let's borrow some of those bikes", said Betty.

It wasn't long before the trio were all on the speedcycles following the trail in the snow.

"Okay", said Betty, "we just keep following. . . ."

"CHIEF" shouted sparky pointing. There was a cliff and too late to stop, they fell over and into some hot water. They managed to swim out.

"Thank goodness for that hot spring", said X-5.

"You can say that again X-5.", said Betty then she looked at the ground. "Look, tracks. They must belong to Fox and Tricky."

"Then let's follow them", said Sparky.

"Good idea Sparky", said Betty but then holding up her bracelet said, "But keep alert."

They continued to follow the trail and manage to follow it to some ledges over a firey pit. They followed it to a freshly dug hole on the other side. When they crawled to the other side, they could hear the sounds of someone grunting and fighting coming from down a nearby hill.

"Sounds like someone could use our help", said Sparky.

"Right, let's move in", said Betty.

Fox groaned as he held the stff to defend himself from a Sharpclaw's club. He threw him back held the staff and sent a huge amount of energy to thip and whammed him hard.

Another tried to get behind him but he defended himself.

"I am going to have a world with Tricky after this", said Fox.

He managed to knock a few more Sharpclaw off their feet. But a few more got behind him.

"LOOK OUT FOX" shouted Tricky nearby.

Fox gasped as he looked behind him but then 'ZAP' something hit the Sharpclaws so hard they fell. Fox turned to the source and saw a young human girl with a Neutropian and a robot.

"Hold it right there Sharpclaw!" shouted Betty. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

The Sharpclaw just looked and stared. Then laughed and ran at them.

"Okay it's the hard way then", said Betty. "HIII-YAAAAAAAAA!"

Betty did a few kicks on all the Sharpclaw and knocked them uncounciouss. Betty then fired some laser shuriken at a few with her bracelet.

X-5 fired at a few with the laser from his chest cavity and Sparky managed to take two out. . after one punched him at the others by mistake.

Betty posed and gave the 'come on' gesture. Realizing their disadvantage the Sharpclaws ran. Leaving Betty with a smirk, she then turned and looked at the man sized fox and young Earthwalker.

"Well that was close", said the Fox putting away his staff then said, "Tricky are you trying to get us killed!? Just leave the Sharpclaws to me.

"Oh all right", said Tricky, "I am sorry Fox."

"You better be", said Fox then turned to face Betty. "Hey thanks for the assist."

"No problem it was our pleasure Fox McCloud", said Betty.

Fox looked very surprised. "Wait how do you know my na. . ." Fox then glanced them over. "Wait, that uniform, that bracelet, you're a Galactic Gaurdian!"

"Exactly", said Betty, "The names Betty, Atomic Betty" then showing her badge added, "Atomic level, first class, we were asked to assist on this mission."

"Wait, hold up. You are Atomic Betty", asked Fox.

"Yes", said Betty.

"THE Atomic Betty", asked Fox.

"Is there a echo in here, she said YES", shouted Sparky.

"But. . . your just a kid", said Fox.

"So what if I am just a kid", asked Betty.

"Well. . .you did beat those Sharpclaw and. . .wait did you say were were sent to assist me?" asked Fox.

"Yes, General Pepper asked if his best could be put to ensure this job was done successfully and he sent me and my crew. Oh I almost forgot, this is Sparky and this here is X-5.", said Betty.

Fox groaned and activated his communicator. "Peppy get me General Pepper."

"Already on it Fox, I have been watching and already on it", said the floating head of Peppy.

It was then replaced by the head of General Pepper.

"General Pepper here! What is it that you need Fox. . Oh Atomic Betty it's a pleasure to see you made it", said Pepper.

"It is my privilege General", said Betty saluting.

"Yeah it's about this. WHY!? Why the heck did you send a Galactic Gaurdian to assist me on this mission!? You don't trust me or something!?" said Fox who was flustered.

"Fox", said Pepper, "It's not that I don't trust you it's just to make sure this mission goes unscatched and as smoothest as possible. Don't worry you will still get paid for your services but I want to make sure you get all the help you can get. Atomic Betty as you already know has a huge reputation, almost on par with her grandma, Beatrixo. I want you to work with her and try to accomplish the mission."

"But sir. . ", started Fox, "But how come she gets to keep her weapon?"

"Because she knows when to think and when to fight. Ha ha ha", said Pepper.

"Very funny sir. Fox out.", said Fox turning off his communicator then turned to Betty.

"Well guess I have no choice.", said Fox, then extending his hand said, "So partners?"

Betty took it and shook it, "Partners."

To be continued. . . .