The Avatar and the Emblem

The Avatar and the Emblem

AN: I wanted to write this for a while, BUT to make it work I waited until I saw the final episode. Well here it is. Hope you like it.

Water. . . . Earth. . .Fire. . . Air. Over 100 years ago the four nations lived together in harmony, until the day the Fire Nation attacked under Fire Lord Sozen's ideal of uniting the world under the fire nation's banner. Only the Avatar, the master of four elements and the keeper of balance could stop them, but when the world needed him the most, he vanished. Then, using the power of Sozen's comet, the Air Nomads were wiped out and the world believed the reincarnation cycle was broken. But then 100 years later, in the south pole A waterbender named Kattara and her older brother Sokka found the last Air Nomad and the new Avatar, Avatar Aang. With the help from a huge bunch of friends they found in their travels particularly the blind Earthbender Toph, the Kyoshi warrior Suki, and even the reformed Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko, Aang managed to defeat Fire Lord Ozai and helped to end the war. However. . . this war that ravaged 100 years may have ended but when it did. . . another war on the other side of the world began.

The sun rose over the Fire Nation capital. Compared to the way it was when Ozai was in charge, it was more cheerful and the people were less strict and more nice. Well, one person was very frantic he was running through the crowds trying to make his way to his destination. His destination was none other than the palace of the Fire Lord. Of course when he approached the gaurds barred him. "What is your business here", asked one. "I need to see Fire Lord Zuko immediately, I have some news here that may be important to him!" "Wait here", said the guard, "I will ask him."

Later in the Fire Lords audience chamber, the messenger was on his knees and awaited. Then coming to the stage area was none other than Zuko, the fire lord himself. He looked down on the messenger and then smiling said, "I welcome you to the royal palace. Please stand." "My lord Zuko", said the messenger, "I bring you some news that I think should concern you." Zuko beckoned him, "Then by all means let me see it", said Zuko. The messenger approached and handed him a scroll. "This report came from a fisherman's boat of the east side", said the messenger. Zuko read it, as he did, his eyes widen. "Thank you for telling me this, I will get on it at once", said Zuko. The messenger bowed and left.

"CAPTAIN", shouted Zuko. "Yes Lord Zuko", he said. "Send messengers to all my old comrades! And ready my ship, I am heading to Ba-Sing-Se to meet them at my Uncles place, let him know I am coming." "Yes", said the Captain, "And the Avatar?" "Avatar Aang must be notified as well, this concerns him too", said Zuko.

Later as Zuko was readying to leave, his girlfriend, Mei approached him. "Zuko", said Mei, "I must know what is wrong. You seem troubled." Zuko turned to face her, "Mei, it turns out there is something happening, something they may have been born out of the ashes of what my grandfather started. I need to inform my friends at once and hopefully we can rectify it." Mei then held his shoulder. "I want to help too." "Mei I don't want you to get hurt and I.. . ." "I like how your concerned for me", said Mei, "But you know I can take care of myself, besides this way I won't worry about you." Zuko smiled and sighed, "I can't argue with that. Very well, you can come with me." The two then embraced each other and shared a small kiss.

A few days later

Iroh was busy preparing some tea for his soon to be guests. Speaking of which he felt a presence behind him and turned. "It's nice to have you here my nephew", said Iroh. Zuko and Mei approached him. "It's nice to see you too Uncle", said Zuko. "Ah", said Iroh noticing Mei, "I see you brought your girlfriend with you, this is pretty nice of you to do. It's nice to see you Mei." "It's nice to see you too Iroh", said Mei.

Zuko looked around the place. "So where are the others?" "Oh they haven't arrived yet", said Iroh, "You are the first, though I hope they arrive before I finish the tea." Zuko couldn't help but smile, even in the worst of times, his Uncle would always enjoy tea to anything else.

Just then the door again opened. They turned to see Sokka, "Finally I made it, man it was tough just getting here, but then again with walls everywhere, it's tough to go anywhere in Ba-Sing-Se!" He looke around waiting for a laugh, but then frowned because he made lame joke. "Uh, nice try", asked Mei. Zuko just shrugged. Then from behind them they heard a rumble.. . it got stronger then a huge mound of earth appeared and on it was Toph, the blind earth bender. She jumped down and entered the house, "Well that was fun, hope I didn't miss anything. "No in fact everyone is just arriving", said Iroh, "And I believe the tea will be done in time too!" He heads back to the kitchen to check on it. Suddenly Sokka got hugged behind, "It's been a while handsome." Sokka smiled and saw his love, Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi warriors. "Suki! I am so happy to see you!" The two hugged and even shared a kiss. Then suddenly there came a cheerful giggle, they looked and saw Ty Lee jump up and cartwheel near them. "I can't believe we are all together again!" "What is she doing here", asked Zuko. "I thought it might do her training as a Kyoshi some good, so I thought she accompany me." "That's right", said Ty Lee, "Isn't it great!" Mei, who was being hugged by her simply said, "Thrill." "Well this is a great reunion", said another voice. "Hey Katarra", said Sokka, "I was wondering when my little sister would get here." Katarra laughed, "Why wouldn't I. . .", then blushing added, "I am going to see Aang again."

No sooner when she said that they heard a roar from outside. They all ran out just in time to see the Avatar's Sky Bison, Appa, land. Then something landed on Sokka's shoulder, it was a flying lemur and it gave a small shriek near him. "Nice to see you too Momo", said Sokka patting him.

Then they all looked ahead, approaching them was none other than the Avatar himself, and as far as anyone knows, the last Air Nomad, Avatar Aang. He approached with a smile and held his staff proudly. "Hi guys! I am pleased to see you again!" Everyone smiled with happiness and of course Katarra ran up and hugged him. "Oh Aang." "Hey Katarra, don't cry, I am here." "Sorry, I missed you this past month", said Katarra weeping a bit. After getting her senses together they quickly shared a quick peck and then stood. Zuko came near Aang. "I am very pleased you could come." "With a message that urgent, how could I not listen. Besides the last thing I would want is turn down a call for help, especially from a friend", said Aang. Zuko smiled giving Aang a sign he was pleased to hear that. "Well come on let's go in and discuss this. My uncle has some tea waiting for us."

Later everyone including Iroh was sitting around a table and enjoying their tea. Momo was busy eating up some berry's from a bowl provided. "Okay Zuko", said Suki, "Mind telling us why you summoned us." Zuko bowed his head, "Not to long ago one of the Fire Nation's fishing boats saw and notified me of something that should concern us. What they saw were war ships." "What", said Aang, "But Ozai is powerless and he and your sister is imprisoned, how could he still be in charge?" "They are not fire nation, nor are they a part of any of the four nations. They are of something else." Iroh then layed something out, it was a map. "Is this what you wanted to show them?" "Yes, thank Uncle", said Zuko. "This is the world we know, the four nations, Earth kingdom, Fire Nation, Water Tribe and Air Nomads." "Yeah yeah we are all aware of that", said Sokka, "What's your point." Zuko said, "All of these are but on 3 points of the earth, the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and, if there are any, Air Nomads live on only say 3 quarters of the Earth, The Water tribe only live in the North and South poles. What I am talking about . . ." He flips the map showing a huge continent, "Is this!" "What is that", asked Katarra. "It looks like a huge mass of land", said Ty Lee. "This land is unknown to most people because it doesn't have any benders, in fact most of the four nations call this land unearthly, a few call it savage, only a handful think this is a wonderous land." "What is it?" asked Sokka. "It's a continent known only as Tellius", said Zuko, "Some call it 'the Land of the Beasts." "Why give it such a name", asked Toph.

"Because", said Iroh, "Along with humans, who call themselves Beorc there, are a bunch of humans with the ability to transform into animals that dwell there, they call themselves laguz." "So. . there is a creepy continent of shapeshifting humans there?" asked Sokka "Exactly", said Zuko, "And just as for us there are four elemental nations, there are about six types of laguz, beast, crow, hawk, dragon and one that is believed to be extinct, heron." Aang sighed, "Almost like the Air Nomads." Zuko gasped, "Sorry didn't mean to. . ." "No need to apologize we know", said Katarra. "Go on." "Thank you. Anyway on this continent are several nations some are ruled by Beorc, others by one of the Laguz tribes. These are the countries ruled by Beorc, first there is Crimea, over here on this part is Daien, over here is the hugest empire out of them all, Begnion, it is ruled by the apostle there and is highly respected." "How come", asked Aang. "Like you she is supposed to be an incarnation in human form. In this case for her, instead of a spirit, they say she is supposed to be the incarnation of the goddess that created Tellius." "So I assume the religion they have over there, respects her as the ones here respect the Avatar", asked Suki. "Exactly", said Zuko. "Over in these areas are the ones held by the Laguz. Over here is Gallia, ruled by the Beast tribe. Next to it is the country of Goldoa, which is contolled by the dragon laguz, little is known about it, since it is in isolation. These two islands below it are Phoenicis ruled by the hawk laguz, and Kilvas, ruled by the crow laguz." "What is that part near Begnion", asked Suki. "That is Serenes Forest, it was the home of the heron laguz, but it's practically dead, and before you ask, I don't know why, the details are sketchy at best." "I see", said Aang, still feeling sorry for the heron laguz though.

"Okay enough about the layout", said Sokka, "What the heck did the fishermen see and why did you summon us and what does it have to do with 'Beasty continent here!?" Zuko sighed, "What the fishermen saw, where ships under Daein's banner, they were bordering the Fire Nation waters." "So what some ships, maybe they want to make contact", said Toph. "Unlikely, they were war ships. I believe Daien is at war with the rest of the continent", said Zuko. The whole Gaang gasped. "Yes I know, it's horrible to hear after everything we just went through with my father. But I fear it may escalate into a bigger war, one that may create something much worse then what my grandfather did." "Wait, how would you know", asked Katarra. "Because", said Zuko, "At one point my father knew we needed more resources to continue to fight the war, but he wanted it to be discreet, so he sent his ships to find somewhere where they could easily trade without hostility toward us, and then we found Daein, and the king there, Ashnard, generously gave in, but, from the start I never really liked him." "Neither did I", said Iroh, "That man was as crazy as Azula, almost kindrid spirits." "Right now, it's limited to Tellious, but, I don't know what Ashnard is planning or what he is up to, but if nothing is done, it could spread to the rest of us", said Zuko. "And I don't want the people to be frightened and cause a panic now that our war is over. I am asking you, if you want, to travel to Tellious with me, and try to put an end to the war their before it can spread further. It's your decision, and your free to refuse." "I am with Zuko on this one", said Sokka, "While it may just be a scuffle, we can't take the chance it could get worse." "Sokka has a point", said Katarra, "Besides technically these people are a part of this planet as we are, they don't deserve the same fate as Ozai once tried to give the world." Toph thinks and says, "Yup, I don't like the idea of something we just stopped to start up again." "Agreed", said Suki, "I am for it." "I will come with you", said Ty Lee, "I never got the chance to get to know you guys!" "That's because Azula had you attack us", said Sokka. Mei said, "Well I don't share her enthusiasm, but I don't want Zuko to go in there alone, I am in." Iroh hummed, "Zuko, this proves more than a doubt you were worthy to be the Fire Lord, and this is a great decision you make, stop the fire before it spreads further is a wise decision on your part." "Thanks Uncle, will you be coming", asked Zuko. "No, I figure I will remain here, but I will answer if you need me, if you do, you know how to get to me." With that he flicked a small game piece at him. Zuko caught it, it was the white lotus game piece from Pai Sho. Zuko smiled. Suki said, "If he summons you can you be sure to summon the rest of the Kyoshi warriors while your at it?" "Of course", said Iroh.

"Wait we almost forgot someone", said Katarra. "Your right.", said Zuko. Everyone turned to Aang. Zuko then said, "Avatar Aang, will you come and help us put an end to this war on Tellious before the war spreads?" Aang gave a look, he had a doubtful work on his face, then he looked up. "I was hoping when I defeated Ozai, all this would end. I wanted peace, I didn't want this to continue. I am not going to let Daein mess up what I done. I will go to Tellious and I will help stop this war." Everyone else cheered at this. Zuko stood, "Good, we can depart for my palace at once and begin preparations, we will take a boat to Tellious, it's too risky if we use Appa besides, I doubt he can fly the whole way." "You mean we are not taking Appa or Momo?", asked Toph. Zuko chuckled, "Of course not, they are our family as well. Besides, they belong to the Avatar." Ty Lee smiled. "Oh how nice!" Then cuddled Momo who screeched to be released. Sokka sighed, "Well what help can I do, I don't have my boomerang or space sword anymore." Zuko then held something out to him. "You mean these?" Sokka gasped, it was his boomerang and sword. "BOOMERANG! SWORD! How?" "When we looked for any survivors from the airship crashes, we found them and I held on to them for you", said Zuko, "I am glad to finally give them back to you." Sokka held him tight. "Oh thanks Zuko, thank you thank you thank you!"

Hours later, at the fire nation docks, the whole Gaang was putting everything on board the ship in preparation to leave. "Let's see", said Sokka looking at the list, "Us, check, a few months worth of meat. Check. Vegetables and fruits for Momo, Us, Appa and Aang. Check." "HEY Check list guy, why don't you help us get this stuff loaded", said Toph. Sokka just groaned.

Aang was pretty excited, "Imagine it Katarra, a different contentent, new places to see, this is exciting isn't it." "Yes very exciting", said Katarra. "Is this how you felt when you lef the South Pole with me", asked Aang. "Sorta", said Katarra who giggled.

Meanwhile Zuko's ministers were talking to him. "Zuko please reconsider. . ." "NO", said Zuko, "I am not going to stand by and let this civil war fan into a world war when we are finally restoring the Fire Nations honer and helping the Avatar restore balance." "Well at least take some soilders to escort. . ." starte the Minister again. "No, no soilders unless I send the word. Besides, these guys are more powerful than they look, they can look out for me and themselves, and I can look out for myself as well." Aang came up, "I promise you nothing will happen to Fire Lord Zuko. I swear it." The Minister said, "Well, if the Avatar gives his word then.. . I guess it's okay. Please come back to us safely." "I will, until I return I place the Fire Nation in your care", said Zuko. "Of course my lord", said the Minister. Zuko then boarded the ship, "Thanks Aang." "Don't mention it Zuko", said Aang. They soon pass Sokka, "Suki check, Mei, check, the Avatar and the Fire Lord, check. We are set!" Everyone took their places on the boat. Momo of course went up to the poop deck where Aang was and of course Appa was resting on the center deck. "CAST OFF", shouted Zuko, "Put full power in the engine." Out on the prow of the ship Sokka looked out with Suki, "fine day to sail!" "It sure is" said Sokka. The ship started to move. "Yay we are on our way", said Ty Lee. "Rest assured I am as enthusiastic as you are", said Katarra. Appa nearby just roared, "Don't worry you will get to fly again soon", said Katarra rubbing him down.

Mei came up to Zuko, "Looks like we are on our way." "Yeah, we sure are", said Zuko looking at her. "SO what's the course", asked Suki coming up.

Later on the bridge, Zuko showed a map. "We are basically going to approach Tellious from the Southern end, then we will dock over here at Cremia, once there we will head straight for Daein." "I like it", said Sokka, "Couldn't have come up with it better myself." "I don't understand, why can't we just stop at Goldoa", asked Ty Lee. "Because Ty Lee", said Suki, "Goldoa is in isolation, we don't want to cause more trouble, understand?" Ty Lee did a funny salute, "YES MA'AM!" "That's good, now I suggest we rest for the night", said Zuko, "If we maintain this speed, we should pass Goldoa in three days." "Great", said Toph, "I am beat." They of course headed to their cabins, of course Toph and Ty Lee were the only ones who slept separate. The other's slept with their respective lovers, including Aang and Katara (After seeing Sozin's Comit it should be obvious.) The ship continued to move on even after it's crew gone to sleep, including the bison and lemur who were asleep on the deck.

Inside someones dream it was black. He then see's someone holding and axe and fighting against a black knight. "Father", said the dreamer. Thene in one swift blow, the Black Knight killed him. "FATHER NO!" Suddenly the scenery changed. Around him in blackness were several people. One was Avatar Roku, another Avatar Kyoshi, and so forth and so on, it was very Avatar that was before Aang. "Who. . who are all of you." "We", said Roku, "Are the same person, for we are the same thing, we are the Avatar. Remember that Ike, for we shall meet soon." Suddenly the dream ended and then there was a flash. Ike woke up in his bed sweating. He listened wondering if anyone heard him yell, but the ship was still expect from the waves of the ocean. Ike then headed out onto the deck and decided to contemplate what that dream meant. "Is everything all right Ike", asked a voice. Ike turned to see one of his trusted companions, Soren. "I am fine Soren." "Except", said Soren detecting something was wrong. "It's just, I had this odd dream. First I relive the moment my father was killed and then. . . I see about a million people and they say they are one person." "Hmm strange", said Soren, "Did they say anything more." "Yes they said they are something called, 'The Avatar.'" Soren then tensed up at this. "Did you just say, 'Avatar'?" "Yes I did', said Ike. "Do you know what that means?" "Sorta", said Soren. "I know I heard it somewhere, I will look into it, right now, I think we should get some rest." "Agreed, thanks Soren", said Ike. Ike heads on back to his quarters. As he left, Soren thought, "Could he mean, THAT Avatar, I must look into this." With that Soren headed to the hold in order to look at the books that they have brought with them from the Greil Mercenary base.

AN: Okay that's it for now, the next chapter is when they meet. Hope you liked it.