Luke Fights Van But He Loses

by Naglfar

"arrrrrgh" yell luke as he slashed at van with hsis word but missed

"hahahah youre are TOO SLOW" and van coutnered with a slash and he cut luke bad. there was blood but luke msut defeat van!!

"argghhh,LOST FON DRIVE" yell luke and he did the attack but it was completely ineffectual

"hahahahahahahahahaha ANCIENT REQUIM" and he hit luke and luke wwas nocked out...



luke woke up and tear was look voer him and she was angry

"you lost to my brothge rhow could you" she said "i enver want tos ee you agaiN! WEAKLNG!!"

"wait tear ARGHHHH" he tried to get up but he was very hurt and he 50 bandiads on him. luke was afraid he would lost tear forever but he was hurt. so he waited 5 days and then he had all the bandaids off hand he would talk to tear.

"jade where tears" said luke.

"she left you a lterr i dont think she want to see you agian.b tw you die in a week" he said and lauhed but then an arrow hit him and he died.

" you jade" said luke and he raid the lette rit said "i enver want to see you again i am gonig tolive as a farmer in cheagle woods because they are CUTER AND EBTTER THEN YOU LUKE I HATE YOU" luke wa devasted and he started crying

":IT NOT MY FAULT VAN IS BETTER THAN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" he yelled. he knew what he had to do...


luke went to that final level 9forgot what its called) and he went up to van and said "i msut defeated you!

"ha you will lsoe again!" said van but luke stuck some c4 on him a nd he yelled "what!!"

"DIE" yelled luke and he detonated the c4 and van was blown to 1000000000 pieces but his ehad was still intact and luke kept it to show tear

then luke went to cheegle woods and sia d"hey tear look at this i bet van!" and suddenly tear cryed

"YOU KILL MY BROTHER I HATE YOU!" and she stabbe dluke and he died his alst words were "...tear..."



Tear became the bestest farmer in all the world and grew the biggest melons but that is for another story