Author note:

Author note:

This is a reposting of a deleted story by oblong formerly known as Fettucinialso formerly know as Serpentsannin

Author Note

This is my first fanfiction that I'm posting up; I figured it was about time and I kind of liked the way this story was going. I accept all praises and criticisms, even insults, because I just don't care. As I'm posting the story, I'm six chapters in already, so I'll wait for reviews before continuing to see what the readers (if they're any) think before continuing.

Pairings for Naruto are not set yet but let it be known that I do not enjoy reading Yaoi fanfiction (not that I have a problem with homosexuals, it's just that Naruto isn't gay), he will also not be paired with Sakura (who I rather dislike), Hinata (it will become obvious why anyway) or Temari (she had another pairing) in this story.

Naruto's personality will also be much different, mainly because he will grow up differently, but also because I hate how the anime/manga portrays him as loud, idiotic, brash and annoying. One would think that growing up like he has he would have a more 'somber' personality. His personality is probably a mix between Neji and Itachi, leaning more towards Itachi without his 'evilness'.

Naruto will be powerful, very much so. He will not go all 'Kyuubi' and use the demonic chakra during battles, opting to be smart and outwit his opponents. Also, he will not be able to 'solo' Akatsuki, that's just stupid.

Finally, any theory I have written down is me using Wikipedia for Naruto information or applying logic to some degree to make things seem reasonable and believable.


Chapter 1: Uzumaki Naruto

October the tenth, a day in the ninja village Konohagakure no Sato where the villagers celebrate a great victory and mourn the loss of their greatest hero and leader, for six years ago, the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato defeated one of the nine great demon lords, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, who was destroying their village.

The battle lasted for weeks from when the giant fire colored fox with nine tails intruded on Konoha's territory to until when he was stopped on the very outskirts of the village. In stalling the demon though, many hundred of good shinobi lost their lives – families were broken, children were orphaned, homes were destroyed, it was a time of both extreme tragedy and celebration for in the defeat of the unstoppable force that was the nine tailed demon lord and strongest of the tailed beasts; Kyuubi.

This day was also the day in which a great tragedy had befallen on a certain infant, an infant who wasn't even aware of what was going on around him. An infant who the Yondaime used to defeat the demon lord once and for all, and it was because of this that the Yondaime forfeit any possible chance for the child to have a future in the village.

One may ask why this was the case. Any person, especially an infant that aided in the defeat of Konoha's greatest foe would surely be heralded as a hero, wouldn't they? Sadly, things were not meant to be. For the truth of the matter is that no human or mortal for that matter could possibly kill the Kyuubi no Kitsune outright with any skill they could possess, they simply lacked the power and the means to destroy an immortal body. So, how could the Yondaime, greatest shinobi to have been produced in Konoha have killed the Kyuubi? He didn't, not in the literal terms anyway.

The Yondaime, prior to his victory, spent an entire week trying to discover a way to slay the beast, but when he realized that there was no way to do so, he turned to his field of expertise – Fuuinjutsu or Seals.

It is common knowledge that seals are used to contain and hold thing mainly, and it was with that idea the Yondaime invented a most fearsome technique that would put an end to the Kyuubi's reign of terror.

The technique, Shiki Fujin, was designed to call upon the services of Shinigami itself, the death god, to use its powers to tear the soul of the target and user from their bodies. The target's soul can be placed into any seal requested while the user's soul is devoured into the stomach of the death god as payment for its services where it will reside to do battle with its fellow souls for all eternity.

With the use of this technique, the Yondaime ripped the soul of the Kyuubi from its body, destroying him physically and sealed it into the only thing that could possibly contain such a monstrous spirit. Something so pure and innocent that it would be immune to the corruption the soul of a demon could bring, so long as said demon could not influence its host in any way. The Yondaime sealed the soul of the Kyuubi no Kitsune into an orphan whose mother died after giving birth and father died in battle with the enraged Kitsune, the infant's name was Uzumaki Naruto, the human sacrifice used to destroy the Kyuubi and save Konoha from definite annihilation.

Before using the child as a sacrifice, the Yondaime had one last request; for Uzumaki Naruto to be seen as a hero, the very thing that stops the village from being destroyed, the very person whose mere existence is a reminder of why they are still walking, talking, loving, caring, and basically living now. Naruto's body was used as the prison for the most notorious prisoner Konoha had ever seen, and he was the warden.

There is a famous saying that says that 'Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe' and sadly, that statement couldn't be more accurate to describe Konoha's general reaction to the sealing of Kyuubi inside Naruto.

Instead of valuing their beloved leader's knowledge in seals, skill and final wish, they instead transferred their hate of the demon to the next 'logical' choice, the boy who contained it. Instead of seeing him as hero, who sacrificed his very own body to keep them alive, they saw him as the demon reincarnated who would wait until they are unprepared to pounds and finish the job it started on that fateful night all those years ago.

It was so bad that immediately after it was leaked out to the public about Naruto's condition, the nurse who was caring for the newly orphaned child attempted to kill it to 'finish the Yondaime's work' by strangulation. Luckily for Naruto, the Sandaime Hokage, who was newly reinstated as the leader of the village after his predecessor's death, arrived on the scene and arrested the nurse – only to cause more civil uprising for arresting an innocent civilian who only tried to kill the 'demon'.

It got to the point that Sarutobi, the aged Hokage, had to pass a law before the council that forbade mentioning the Kyuubi being sealed in Naruto on the punishment of death. This was in hopes that the villagers would leave the poor boy alone so that he could at least make friends in his own generation.

That too, was not to be. In his early years, Uzumaki Naruto lived in an orphanage where the caretakers would allow for the other children to beat on him, even indulging in on the activity themselves when they were sure the Sandaime would not notice. Parents would admonish their children for trying to include the 'monster' in their games to the point where the children began to hate him too for getting them into trouble with their parents. In fact, in the whole village, it seemed that the only person who truly cared for the abused child was the Sandaime Hokage, though others chose ignorance as a better way to deal with the problem, even if they don't think ill of him.

Eventually, on his fourth birthday, Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage when the caretakers believed he was more trouble then he was worth. He had spent months on the streets scrounging from trash cans to survive until Sandaime found him and purchased him an apartment while giving him an allowance so that he wouldn't die on the street – a small mercy for the boy Kami himself forgot about.

Naruto grew up with the hate of his home while at the same time, not knowing what he had done to earn such hate. Such a life caused him naturally become reserved, mistrustful, intelligent and cunning. One can not live like he did and survive without having these traits.

Things began to look up for Naruto though when with his allowance, he found a shop whose owner treated him like a person and sold him food. Ichiraku ramen, owned by Teuchi Ichiraku and his daughter Ayame Ichiraku offered Naruto a safe haven to eat with the money he was given by Sandaime, if for nothing else then to feel loved and cared for.

It was on his sixth birthday though when Naruto's life would turn upside down. He had gotten used to hiding on October the tenth, his birthday, for the villagers seemed to be extra angry with him on that day; where the beating he received would be at their worst. However, as he hid under his bed in the old, broken down apartment which had graffiti sprayed all over the walls with vulgar language and insults toward him, broken windows and appliances, dirty and unsanitary water and spoilt food in his fridge, his apartment door was broken down by a group of drunk villagers; drunk from the celebration of the festival held annually to honor the dead and celebrate the Kyuubi's defeat. In a large group, Naruto heard them break down his door and enter his apartment. It didn't take long for them to overturn his bed and find him hiding, where they then proceeded to beat him, breaking several bones in his young body, stab him with broken bottles, tie him up and drag him around the village while the other villagers cheered and egged them on. This all ended when they got to the outskirts of the village and tied him up on a tree branch and proceeded to use him as a human piñata for a few hours before leaving him for dead.

How could it be that all this atrocious behavior could be allowed to happen right under the nose of the very Hokage who seemed to care for his well being? That was simple, at the very same time, a delegate from the hidden village in the clouds, Kumogakure no Sato, attempted to kidnap the Hyuuga heiress which required the attention of all the elite shinobi of Konoha, taking the attention away from Naruto for long enough for him to be beat to death.

But no, death would not come to Naruto, for even though having the great demon sealed within him was a great curse, he was also blessed with gifts such as an abnormally large chakra supply, increased stamina, a perfectly fit body even though he should technically have died through malnutrition, and enhanced healing. For the Kyuubi's spirit was tied with Naruto's own and the prideful demon would not have his container dying at the hands of mere civilians, not this day.

It was this sight that the legendary Akasuna no Sasori. Missing-nin of Sunagakure no Sato and legendary puppeteer found Uzumaki Naruto while he was attempting to infiltrate Konoha and get one of his spies to steal the forbidden scroll of seals from the Hokage's library.

"What the hell is this?" asked a confused and horrified Sasori. As his large crouched body covered by a black cloak with red clouds adorned on it approached the seemingly dead boy being hung upside down from a tree branch with enough injuries to suggest he was tortured. Underneath the branch he was hung from, there was a massive pool of blood gathered, most likely from his wounds, what was confusing and unsettling though was the amount of blood there was though. Someone of his stature knows a lot of the human anatomy and one thing he knew was that there was no way there could be that much blood within this small body. He approached it more closely to examine the boy, poking him a few times to realize he was still warm and had a pulse when he gasped upon realization of who it was.

'This is the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki?' he asked himself as he traced the three whisker marks on each cheek with his hand 'these pathetic village of monsters can justify treat a child like this? And I'm a wanted criminal for turning a tyrant of a Kazekage into a puppet…'

Thanking Kami that it was physically impossible for him to vomit at the gruesome sight, a large metal tail rose from within his robes and shot out at the rope keeping the boy suspended; severing it, as he dropped into Sasori's waiting arms.

'He is a sitting duck out here' thought Sasori 'Leader-sama will have found him eventually without trouble and then these leaf fools would have caused their very own end again. I need to hide him where he'll be safe…'

Using what very little medical techniques he knew to at least seal his wounds so he would stop bleeding and leave a trail, he then cleaned him of all the dried blood on his body and wrapped him up in his cloak before leaving Konoha with Naruto, forgetting about his original goal for coming to Konoha.