Original Author's Note:

Original Author's Note:

It's been three years since last chapter – there's been no 'real' training on Naruto's and Kimimaro's part, they were already super strong. They have, however, received lots of experience in this time; Experience Jutsu. Naruto is nineteen, Kimimaro and Haku are twenty one, and Anko will be, let's just say, twenty eight.

Chapter 18: Dedication

"Oh fucking shit, you're not half bad for a barber" the red headed girl moaned, as he partner pumped into her with relentless thrusts. The girl in question was naked save a cap on her head, and on all fours, in an expensive hotel room, getting some special treatment from her barber lover.

"It's why you came to me" he said, grunting after he finished speaking as he continued to plough into her, taking a secret pleasure in the fact that the girl was practically moaning too much to speak coherently.

"Word is…" she moaned again as he hit one of her delicate spots "that you're the best lay around these parts, I figured I could test you out after all the shit I've fucking been through lately" she let out another moan as the barber never once slowed down his rapid pace.

"What has gotten you so tense as of late Tayuya-san?" the barber asked, as the girl began to tremble violently as her orgasm overcame her, but the barber didn't let up and continued to please her – he would do so until she passed out, that's how he got his 'reputation'.

"Oh" she moaned, coming down off her high "the snake-fag is all paranoid lately because he can't fucking relocate – nngh – got I hate the fucker" she responded through more moaning and grunting.

"Is Orochimaru-san feeling sick lately?" he asked, not sounding all that interested as his powerful thrusts continued. The air was saturated with the profound stench of sweat, sex and cologne while the only other sound, other then their voices, was the continuous smacking noises created every time the barber's pelvis slammed into Tayuya's rear.

"You could say that" she grunted "it happens this time every three years" she moaned loudly when he slapped her behind "all his operations are put on hold until he deals with it and his little gimp medic cock-boy gets it fixed" she said crudely through her bliss "Oh my fucking Kami Shinji, put it in my ass, you cocksucker" she begged, as Shinji did just that – he was out to please after all.

After squeezing his incredibly large meat through her extremely tight behind, using the juices from her other hole as a lubricant, Shinji slowed his pace until she got used to it. It was important she enjoyed herself as much as possible, and by the sounds of her intensified moaning, he was doing an awesome job.

Shinji remained silent as he gradually picked up his pace, allowing Tayuya to speak if she wanted to, his lovers always talked when he fucked them; after all, they were usually at it for a rather long time.

"I swear, if I have to put up with any more fucking ridiculous, pussy ass, bodyguard assignments for his little Uchiha breeder, I'm going to slit some throats" her lover gave no indication of hearing her, as he continued to pound into her "it's not like she leaves the fucking place, and he has his other little cock-boy Uchiha checking up on her all the time, fucking waste of my time, if you ask me" she muttered, before letting out another throaty moan "Fuck, now I know how you got that goddamn reputation Shinji" she moaned "they all said you were fucking the best lay ever, but I thought they were just bullshitting because they'd never fucked real men before" she opened her mouth in a silent scream as Shinji bottomed out in her "who would have thought a barber, someone with no chakra or any physical conditioning, could keep up with a kunoichi like myself" she moaned "one of Orochimaru's personal guard at that" she said with a humourless chuckle.

"Just because I'm a barber" Shinji began "doesn't mean I don't look after myself" Tayuya had to agree, the guy had a perfect body, every single inch of him was ripped, but he wasn't too bulky, he had quite the athletic build for a barber "besides, you said it yourself, I've had plenty of practise, no doubt I'd become better with experience."

Tayuya relinquished the point, as she closed her eyes and allowed pleasure to overcome her. She had first heard of Kobayashi Shinji from a Jounin kunoichi at the base she was working at – the woman was talking with her girlfriends about a barber that worked in the closest town where they purchased their supplies from who was one of the hottest ­

guys she'd ever seen and, as she spoke from experience, the best lay she had ever had. Tayuya would have, casually, dismissed the comment if it weren't for the fact that said kunoichi was known to be quite the slut and had her fair share of men, mostly shinobi, so to say that a mere barber was the best lay ever was quite the compliment. Secondly, the continuous stress she had been under as of late from pulling guard duty for that other red headed bitch always hanging around the base, Orochimaru's little punching bag, was continuously mounting, so much so, that she needed some relief.

Obviously she had decided to give this barber a ride, if he sucked ass, she would kill him, simple as that.



The second he started fucking her, that thought had immediately left her mind, never to be heard from again – the guy was good. It didn't hurt any that she liked her guys with long dark hair, and she could just get lost in his sapphire eyes…

…oh, who was she kidding? She just loved his monster cock. Who would have thought a barber would have such equipment and the stamina to make use of it? She hit the jackpot.

"Are you still on guard duty, Tayuya-san?" Shinji questioned, Tayuya never even thought for a second the question to be suspiciously obtrusive, especially in her state of passion.

"Nah, thank fucking Kami" she said, exhaling deeply as she tried to stay her orgasm for a little while longer, this just felt so damn good "one of my team mates, Kidomaru, lucked out with that job for the next month" she scoffed "serves the spider-fag right, he's been pissing me off lately."

"Perhaps you should tell him to give me a visit too?" he suggested "I'm sure he'll be in your debt if you were able to land him a free shave, and a soothing skin massage – free of charge, of course" the girl was about to come, he could feel it.

"Yeah, whatever, I'll let him know, OH KAMI FUCKING SWEET BUDDHA'S TESTICLES" she screeched, as her orgasm overcame her, flooding her vision with white stars as she passed out after four hours of good fucking.

Shinji pulled out of the girl and came, for the first time that night, on her back, with a grunt of pleasure. It took some severe mental discipline to hold off an orgasm for so long, and no matter how good he was, Tayuya was just as good. The sweat pouring out of him was enough to signify the amount of focus he needed to both give a good performance and stay his own passion.

Getting a small towel soaked in hot water, Shinji proceeded to eliminate any evidence of his presence in their hotel room, including semen that splashed onto the bed, and the copious amounts still dripping out of her love holes, while admiring the girl who slept peacefully on the bed below him, she was rather hot, despite her foul mouth.

Quickly donning his clothes that were strewn all over the place, the young barber left the hotel room, intent on getting back to his shop as quickly as possible.

"Phase one of our goals is taking longer then expected" Pein commented as he observed the shadow figures of his subordinates "for some unfathomable reason, our dear Daimyo has seen it fit to export a high percentage of any missions Amegakure gets to other villages, and these rights aren't particularly exclusive to better villages either."

"Sabotage perhaps?" Kakuzu, their organization's monetary expert piped up "it would be the only explanation."

"The list of people in the shinobi nations that know enough about the organization, the mechanics of the shinobi world, and have the funds to back such a plan are ridiculously small if not non-existent" Pein drawled, immediately shooting down that idea "I believe that our dear country's Daimyo has merely lost confidence in the village's ability due to Hanzo's death, an unfortunate setback, but not a monumental one" he admitted "it will push back our plans by six months to a year, at most."

"I could lessen that time substantially if you promise to reimburse me with twenty percent interest when you have the funds" Kakuzu offered.

His offer was met with silence for a moment before Pein spoke "That is agreeable, get it done. The sooner we move onto the obtaining of the Jinchuuriki, the better" he instructed.

"Speaking of which, I'm not sure if that's going to be as easy as we had once hoped" Kisame chimed in "The Kyuubi has all but fallen off the grid these past few years, last sighting of him were near the border of Takigakure" he grumbled "Itachi-san and I have been searching for the slightest trace of him for two years and have come up with nothing, absolutely nothing, it's like he disappeared…"


"Or died" Pein offered "in which case, our plans would be in ruins" he paused "it matters not, work on obtaining more funds in the mean time, if he still lives, he will resurface in his own time – the conniving fox has a penchant for meddling in things that are not his concern."

"If only you knew how right you were" Kakuzu muttered darkly "the Nibi would have been no problem to apprehend had she been left alone, however, I have received information that tells us that the Kyuubi has interfered with her seal also, she has become a much better shinobi because of it – one of Kumogakure's best" he said with annoyance.



"The fuck do you mean 'I have received Information' you piece of shit?" his partner growled, interrupting his little report with an imitation of Kakuzu's robotic voice "that information was obtained by me and me alone during a ritual to Jashin-sama, don't take credit for his holy work!"

For the most part, he was ignored, except by an extremely annoyed, money loving, shinobi "She also leads a platoon of Kumo's ANBU, it will be much harder to get her on her own and obtain her" he informed.

Pein was silent once again, processing this new information "Do you have any ideas of how her seal works?"

"No" was the immediate answer "it's one of their best guarded secrets, I don't even think anyone knows but her, if you ask me, and the Kyuubi, of course."

"Meddlesome brat" Kisame muttered under his breath.

"That's not all, yeah" Deidara piped in, as Pein felt a headache coming on "When the Kyuubi strengthened the Ichibi's seal all those years ago, it may have temporarily weakened him by messing with his control, but now the brat has learned to control his demon's abilities to an extent that we had never even anticipated, yeah" Deidara reported with frustration "I may still be able to obtain him, but it will be a lot harder, I'll probably need a diversion to keep the new Kazekage's shinobi from aiding him in combat, yeah?"

"Take Hidan and Kakuzu with you then" he instructed "once we have extracted the Shukaku, the four of you can move onto obtaining the Nibi, as it seems to be the harder to claim of the two" he ordered.

"You speak of sealing the demons as if would be an easy task" Itachi spoke up, breaking his silence "I fail to see how that possible now that we are missing three of the channelling rings."

"A setback" Pein agreed "but not one that will affect us terribly" he assured "so long as we still have seven, being a powerful prime number, and the chakra needed from our members, extraction is still possible" he explained, neglecting to mention how the alterations to the seals will affect the process – Itachi seemed to know though, but if he was keeping silent, he knew the value of information.

"Aside from bringing in more money" Itachi spoke up "do you have any other assignments for Kisame and I?"

Pein kept silent for a moment, until an invisible grin spread across his face "The Kyuubi has been interfering in my plans for far too long without punishment" he began "the information you obtained about his sister, the one in the Snake's possession, is what I want you to act on" he ordered "kill her, and put her head on a pike outside Konoha, that should be sufficient punishment I believe, especially now since his mother seems to have fallen off the grid also."

Itachi didn't answer, the shark man decided to do so for him "It will be done within the week, leader-sama."

"You have your assignments" he spoke "dismissed."

The holographic images of the remaining members of Akatsuki faded out, leaving only Pein and Konan's images in the dark cave. After a few moments of silence, Pein too, faded out, leaving Konan to look at the space he had once occupied with saddened eyes.

Kobayashi Shinji sat in the darkness of his shop, sharpening his straight razers on the strop attached to one of the chairs in his Barber shop. Unlike most barbers, he took great care in sharpening his blades above all else, mainly because the sharper his blades were, the cleaner and quicker the shave, and the cleaner and quicker the shave was, the more customers he'd get.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the entrance to his shop; knowing who it was, seeing as no one else would knock on the door to a closed shop at four thirty in the morning, he opened it, allowing in a figure wearing tattered farmer's clothes and a straw hat.


Neither of the two spoke until they were deep in the shop, mainly to avoid being overheard by civilians who were passing by the front of his shop at this early hour of the morning.

As soon as the got to the back, the farmer spoke, breaking the silence.

"You smell like sex" he stated, rather bluntly.

"That would be because I just finished having sex" the barber rebutted, just as bluntly.



"Working hard then, Naruto-sama?" the farmer questioned, a small grin on his face.

"Operational prudence" Naruto, disguised as Kobayashi Shinji, the barber, replied "it is a great source of information."

"You have yet to obtain any useful information through such a means, Naruto-sama" he reminded.

"I did tonight" he countered "and you'd think after almost four years together, you'd stop referring to me in such a way."

"I owe you my life, Naruto-sama" he reminded "what information did you obtain then? Or is it, perhaps, that you have become addicted to the pleasures of the flesh?"

Naruto scoffed "It's more of a chore, I assure you" Naruto told the farmer, not caring to elaborate "her guard for the next month goes by the name Kidomaru, you know him, right Kimimaro?"

"One of the sound four, while I was still under Orochimaru's order, I was his sensei" he informed "he specializes in his bloodline limit, which allows him to create web-strings purely out of chakra from within his own body, he is also very proficient with a bow and can control the second level of the curse seal, that was almost four years ago" he explained.

"None of that matters" Naruto replied "he'll be coming in soon for a free shave" the barber replied, tilting his head back to remove his contact lenses, allowing his true red eyes to shine in the darkness of the room "Orochimaru is also weak from not having obtained a new body yet; I think he's waiting to take the Uchiha's as his own, that, given the fact that Karin will have no guard once I deal with Kidomaru-san, gives us our window – all we need is an entry strategy."

"It is fortunate then, Naruto-sama, that Otogakure has finally seen it fit to purchase their rice and vegetables from my farm, is it not?" he offered with a grin "they are expecting a shipment to last them for six months within the week."

Naruto nodded "We'll make our move the night after I dispose of Kidomaru-san…" his speech interrupted as Naruto begun coughing violently into a piece of cloth. Once the small fit was done, Naruto pulled back to reveal a blood drenched cloth, while he himself was looking extremely pale.

Kimimaro looked in with concern "Naruto-sama, you have too much chakra to keep locked away for such a long time, it will kill you soon if you do not release it" he said "six months is too long a time for someone like you."

"It's necessary" he said in a weak and raspy voice "this village is crawling with Oto shinobi who would sense my chakra the second they walk into my shop, and thus, become suspicious – and suspicion is something we do not need" he reminded his partner "besides, the six months setting up was necessary if we were to gain the trust of Otogakure, else, how else would they have ordered food straight from us?"

"This is the most elaborate infiltration scheme I have ever heard of, which is something you should be proud of Naruto-sama" Kimimaro said with pride "to completely mask one's chakra, especially shinobi of our calibre, and fool veteran shinobi into thinking we are civilians is the working of a true genius."

"You flatter me Kimimaro" he said, not sounding all that flattered at all "besides, the seals I placed on us to completely cut us off from our chakra will be moved the instant we decide to make our move."

"How do you plan on killing Kidomaru-san without the use of your chakra?" the now brown haired shinobi asked.

"I am a master of creating poisons Kimimaro-san" Naruto reminded "he is already dead."

Haku sat with a huge smile on his face as the little one year old before him walked around in circles on shaky legs. The toddler in question looked to be developing fair, dark brown, hair while having a set of teal coloured eyes.


"Don't you ever get tired of watching Toshiro?" a feminine voice asked from behind Haku. Turning around, his smile only grew when he saw his beautiful wife walk around the couch and sit beside him, eager to watch their child try – and succeed – to impress his parents.

"I can never get tired of watching him, Temari" he said, as he wrapped an arm around the wind mistress "living in a world like ours with jobs like ours, makes one appreciate the finer things in life all the more."

"You're a philosopher now?" Temari asked with a smirk, causing Haku to chuckle at both her line and the fact that little Toshiro had just fallen flat on his rear before beaming up at his parents with a huge smile.



"Actually, Naruto was the one who said that to me back when we were travelling together…" Haku informed the surprised kunoichi who had a look of surprise on her face.

"You mean Namikaze Naruto, the cold hearted killing machine you travelled with for all that time, told you that?" she asked him, genuinely surprised.

Haku snorted at the oddly accurate description "Yes, he can be that sometimes, well, most of the time" he agreed with a grin "but he has another side to him that he tries hard not to show anybody, you know?"

"What're you talking about?" she said with confusion "is he a closet origami buff or something?"

Haku laughed at the absurd concept "No, but it's not a completely ridiculous claim" he said "that line I used on you earlier in regards to Toshiro was actually used by him first when I asked him why he persists on eating so much pocky, regardless of how bad it is for him" he said with a sweat drop.

"You used a line that was used in regards to Pocky first to describe how you feel about our son?" she asked with a deadly edge in her voice. Haku chuckled nervously before wrapping his arm around his wife again to placate her.

"It's true, isn't it?" he begged, as Temari's fiery temper subsided "besides, what I was talking about was that, even though Naruto may come off as a cold-blooded killer, that's only because he's dedicated" he sighed sadly "none of you would have seen it, but that day when he fixed you brother's seal and you all rushed to embrace him, that was the most I had seen him hurt, and it wasn't because of a physical injury" he said sombrely "he was jealous of what you three share, and what he has been deprived of all his life – a purpose in life."

Seeing Temari's quizzical look, he chose to elaborate "Naruto has never worked for a village in his life, and has no real goals other then probably killing off Orochimaru and Akatsuki" he explained "but the questions I guarantee he asks himself almost constantly are 'what for?' and also 'then what?'" he said, grinning as little Toshiro got up again with a determined look in his eyes and began walking in circles again "he's lonely, and he believes he has no purpose in life, which is why he envied you. If one has a family, one always has a purpose, and that's to protect them. Naruto has none of this, so he feels he has no purpose in life" he sighed as he continued to watch his son and hold onto his wife's hand.

"How do you know all of this? He didn't exactly come off as a guy who would go spilling all his emotions to anyone who wants to hear them…" she asked.

"Naruto is unusually easy to read if anyone tries to do so, you just have to pay attention" he replied "and when it's just the two of you travelling the shinobi nations, one can't help but pay attention."

"Didn't you say he has a mother though?" she asked with a frown "From what you're telling me, it sounds like he has no interest in her what-so-ever…"

"He doesn't, because he doesn't see her as his mother" he said simply "she's just as good as a stranger to him who just happens to have brought him into this world – he's never known her and has survived without her, it's not all that surprising that he feels nothing for her."

"He did save her life though, that has to count for something" she pointed out as Haku snorted.

"I assure you, he didn't do that for her at all" he said with another nervous chuckle "that was Naruto giving his sister an option to have her mother when he finds and rescues her."

"You seem pretty confident that he'll succeed" she pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh he will" he assured "with both Naruto and Kimimaro-san working to get the task done, there isn't much that can sto-OUCH!"


Temari erupted in laughter and picked up her twelve month old son "Who's a good little mama's boy? Biting daddy's foot like that" she cooed at him with affection.

"Nar'to" the boy cheered, ignoring how both of his parents were twitching as they had both 'face vaulted'. Naruto will never let them live this down.

Naruto was carefully applying the lather on his customer's face, ready to give him a shave when the bells on the front door sounded, alerting him to a customer. Without looking up from his task, he spoke.

"I'm sorry, I'm closing after this customer" he announced.



"I was told to come here for a free shave and skin massage" the voice said crossly. Naruto whirled around and put on a fake look of surprise.

"Oh, shinobi-san, have a seat, I can always make time for Oto's ninja" he assured, whipping out his straight razer and performing five quick masterful slices on his frightened customer's face. Wiping away the excess lather, Naruto stepped back and allowed the man to appreciate his work – he really had become quite excellent with a straight razer in his six months of barber work.

"And excellent job as usual Shinji-san, I'll see you tomorrow" the man announced, paying Naruto and leaving just Kidomaru and him left in the shop.

"Have a seat, sir" Naruto wiped down the single seat with his cloth, before the six armed shinobi sat down.

"I've never been to a barber before" he admitted cautiously "Tayuya said you're one of the best, though I'm not quite sure what she was talking about exactly…"

Naruto resisted the urge to snort and motioned the shinobi to relax while he mixed up some lather. In a move the shinobi would never have spotted, Naruto slipped some odourless poison in the lather that would be inhaled by Kidomaru in no time at all. This style of poison couldn't really produce powerful results, as it had to be inhaled through the nose or mouth instead of injected into the blood, but it was enough for what he needed.

"Just lean back and relax, sir, I promise this will be the closest shave you've ever had" he said with faux cheer as he applied the lather to the six-armed shinobi's face. It didn't take long for the effects to take hold and the shinobi immediately felt the effects.

Opening his eyes wide, as they had been closed when told to relax; he was met with the sight of two red eyes as he tried to move with all his might. However, his efforts were in vain when he realized he'd been paralysed somehow.

Naruto didn't wait to see if he could break the paralysis, immediately slitting the shinobi's throat with a super sharp straight razer; Kidomaru died of asphyxiation in moments. Naruto quickly pulled out a packet of timed explosive notes, ones that would detonate in six hours, and placed them all over the shop before stashing the body in the back of the establishment.

Quickly exiting his own shop, Naruto took a bottle filled with a certain chemical to remove his hair dye and rushed to the closest stream. Naruto stripped himself of his clothing immediately before applying the formula to his long, dark locks before jumping into the stream to rinse.

It wasn't only dye that he had used to disguise himself; Naruto had been, for the past six months, applying ridiculous amounts of make-up to cover his whisker like birth marks, but more importantly, the bags that had appeared under his eyes due to a lack of sleep.

He hadn't told Kimimaro, but the seal he had placed on himself, to cut off the majority of his chakra to civilian levels had given him constant pain, so much so that hadn't been able to sleep for six months. He had tried, for the most part, to rest his mind by meditating instead of sleeping, but even that was a hard task with the constant pain he was in.

Emerging from the stream revealed Naruto with a large seal array over his chest that, also, was covered, with a thin layer of fake skin used to hide recognizable scars during espionage missions.

Naruto slit his thumb with his straight razor and swiped it across his chest before releasing the seals that were binding over ninety-nine percent of his chakra.


The second they were released, Naruto fell to the floor, convulsing, due to the intense pain the removal of the seal caused. He was no stranger to his pain either, having to reapply the seal once a month to keep it working and so it wouldn't completely seal off his chakra for good.

The pain lasted a good five minutes as his chakra forced itself through his circulatory system again after so long before finally subsiding. His senses, which hadn't been bound at all, alerted him to another presence in the clearing, but seeing as he recognized this one, he didn't bother reacting to it.

"You never told me you were in so much pain" Kimimaro accused, arriving after feeling a large chakra spike near his remote farm.

Naruto didn't answer, but unsealed a scroll from one of the many sealing tattoos covering his body, revealing his shinobi clothes, neatly packed, with a few choice weapons like kunai, shuriken, and senbon.



Kimimaro almost blanched when he saw the dark bags under Naruto's eyes, which were quickly covered by his straw hat, before motioning for Naruto to follow him.

It was time to make their move.

Naruto stalked down the halls of the dark and winding, stone tunnels of Orochimaru's current base. He and Kimimaro had easily bypassed the security at the entrance, having been instructed to take their cargo to the storage huts with a ninja escort. Once out of sight, Naruto made quick work of the ninja and the two split up, ready to complete their separate tasks.

Kimimaro was going to find and release every prisoner in the facility and escort them to the village, while Naruto was going to look for his sister.

He was really starting to get frustrated though, mainly because his superb senses were useless to him given the fact that he knows nothing of his sister, and thus, how she would smell. He decided to change tactics, and focused on the smell of Kidomaru, the spider shinobi, and found the most recent scent to be not far from his current location.

Following his nose, while keeping alert just in case someone spotted him, he travelled for only a few more minutes, going around several more corners and crossing few intersections until he stopped before stopping at an unremarkable door. Taking another whiff, he realized that this area particularly smelt of Tayuya, Kidomaru, Disinfectant and Snake, which, given the information that he had, told him that this should be her room.

Calming himself, as he just realized he had unknowingly started to shake, he took a deep breath and opened the door, only to be met with…


Raising a curious brow, he pushed the door completely open only to be met with a sloppy incoming fist to his face. Catching the chakra enhanced fist with his bare hand, he moved it to the side and made eye contact with the girl's hand he was holding.

Shocked red eyes met slitted red eyes for the first time in either of their lives. Looking down, Naruto saw a bulge in her stomach, before his head snapped up to meet her eyes again.

"Namikaze Karin" Naruto greeted with barely contained rage "we finally meet…"

Karin took a trembling step backwards, recognizing who this person was from the Bingo books and Orochimaru's descriptions when he was ranting like a little bitch.

"M-my name's Uzumaki…" she stuttered, knowing full well that this guy before her was far stronger then her, especially given her current state.

"Your mother's name is Uzumaki" Naruto corrected "Your father's name is Namikaze" taking another calm breath to still his breathing, he looked down to her bulge again before speaking in a deadly voice "whose is that?"

"Mine" a new voice said from behind them, at the entrance to her room. Their visitor didn't even have time to comprehend the situation before he was wrapped from head to toe in strong vines; the Naruto who had been addressing Karin at first had its skin fall off of it to reveal the Shodaime Hokage puppet.


Naruto himself appeared from behind the now struggling and bound Uchiha, who had his Sharingan blazing in fury at being apprehended so easily, with a kunai to his neck, ready to end his miserable existence.

"WAIT!" Karin yelled, stilling Naruto's blade. Naruto snapped his eyes in her direction with a questioning look in them.

"H-he didn't touch me" she stuttered nervously, unnerved by the look Naruto was giving her "Orochimaru would have tossed me to his horny minions if I didn't get pregnant, it was an artificial insemination, Sasuke helped me" she told him, imploring him not to kill her child's father, regardless of what she thought of him.

Instead of placating Naruto, this information had the reverse effect. Killing intent like the two in the room had never felt before spiked from the blond as his eyes started glowing crimson.

"You, Uchiha" he spoke to the still bound Sasuke "tell me where the snake is, and I'll let you live" he ordered. Infuriated that he was being ordered around like some slave, yet grateful to Karin that she had saved his life, he answered.



"He's in his chamber, ill from not having transferred bodies yet" he explained "he has summoned me and I was on my way to deal with him, the fool thought he could possess me like some regular trash…" Naruto tuned him out, not bothering to listen to the standard arrogant Uchiha speech, and took a deep whiff, searching for the strongest scent of serpent.

Suddenly, the vines binding Sasuke released him and he leapt back, undoing his bindings and ready to defend himself should the need arise.

"Stand down, fool, you have no chance against me" Naruto said matter-of-factly "take her out of here and meet me at the closest town, protect her with your life, if you try and run, not even Kami himself will save you from my wrath."

Naruto was about to leave the room when someone tugged on his hand, he looked around to see it was his sister.

"Wait, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" she screeched at him, Naruto was getting a headache from the girl's bipolar attitude.

"I'm going to kill Orochimaru and take his Akatsuki ring, or I'm going to take the Akatsuki ring then kill Orochimaru, either one" he relayed before a shadow clone popped into existence behind the duo and began to lead them, under protest, out of the compound.

Naruto continued to follow the scent of snake until he rounded a corner and bumped into his companion Kimimaro.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be escorting the prisoners out of here?" Naruto asked the white haired teen.

"It seems someone has already released them, Naruto-sama" Kimimaro replied "there were no prisoners, so I came to aid you."

Naruto frowned and motioned towards the direction he came from "If you want to help me, go and find my sister and guard her – I don't trust the Uchiha to do a good enough job" he said "she has red hair and red eyes, kind of smells like disinfectant, she's been treated for injuries recently" he said the last part with malice, fully intent on destroying Orochimaru when he found him.

"Hai, Naruto-sama" Kimimaro agreed, using Shunshin to speed off in their direction.

Naruto finally came to a stop at a door where he was certain the scent was coming from. Knocking twice on the door, he was assured of the person's identity inside when he spoke.

"Come in" he hissed in a weak, and somewhat pained, voice.

Kimimaro was running as quickly as possible through the corridors of the Oto base, hoping to reach Karin before anything bad happens or the Uchiha 'protecting' her tries something he'd regret.

A series of explosions just outside the base, not far from him, alerted him to a battle not far from him. Pumping as much chakra as he could into his legs, he sprinted at top speed to where the smoke from the explosions was originating from. Arriving on the scene, Kimimaro was greeted with the sight of two figures in black cloaks with red clouds, the shorter of the two with a kunai ready to slit Karin's throat.


Acting purely on instinct, Kimimaro thrusts his arms into the ground, both melding with it as if it were a water surface instead of dirt and rock, and extended his bones from his arms into the ground and across the field. Suddenly, between Karin and the figure holding a kunai to her neck, a large bone spike shot out of the ground, causing the two to separate, and get Karin out of immediate harm's way.

"A Kaguya in a place like this?" Hoshigaki Kisame jeered "I thought you jumped the Orochimaru ship years ago."

"I am not here with Orochimaru, Kisame-san" Kimimaro informed, standing up and releasing his arms from the sleeves of his haori and letting it fall loosely towards the back of his legs. His head was still bowed down so that his white bangs were hanging loosely and covering his face.

Suddenly, Kimimaro whipped his head up and glared at the shark like shinobi, his red rimmed eyes mixed with his neutral expression gave him a menacing look "The one I'm with, would finish trash like you easily, if he didn't have other matters to attend to" he pronounced proudly, causing Sasuke's and Karin's eyes to widen in shock while Kisame and his silent partner glared at him "but it matters not, your intentions are clear enough, and I am more then enough to force you to pay for your mistakes" as if to accentuate his point, bone spikes shot out of his forearms, biceps, shoulder blades, shoulders, and spine, giving him a menacing look "Your continued interference will not be tolerated any longer!"



'He's soooo cool!' Karin cheered in her mind, with hearts in her eyes as she watched the topless shinobi defend her.

'That's disgusting' Sasuke thought with a grimace, as he watched the spectacle.

"The same could be said for your partner Kimimaro-kun" Uchiha Itachi revealed himself, as he tossed his straw hat away and loosened his cloak.

"So you've decided to save me the time of finding you, Itachi" Sasuke growled, as he removed his own dark cloak and prepared for combat.

"Foolish little brother, your lack of Mangekyou Sharingan is more then enough proof that you don't have the hatred required to defeat me" Itachi goaded, as he dodged the dozens of shuriken thrown in his direction by his little brother.

Kimimaro immediately created three bone clones to surround the clearly pregnant Karin while he sped off towards Kisame at speeds even he was hard pressed to keep up with.

Kimimaro opened up with a snap kick to Kisame's head, which the large man swirled under before swiping at Kimimaro's thigh and shaving the skin there – he was surprised however, instead of breaking the skin and getting to his flesh, the bone hardened on that spot and stopped him taking any damage.

"Do you see why you're trash now?" Kimimaro narrowed his eyes as he shouldered Kisame, stabbing him with three narrow bone spikes and then pulling out a bone from his shoulder, fashioning it into a blade.

"Tsubaki no Mai" he announced, before closing in on Kisame and getting within striking distance and executing dozens upon dozens of lighting quick strikes with his bone blade.

Kisame was doing his upmost best to dodge, block and parry all of these strikes, but his opponent was faster then him and no matter how often he tried to counter attack, his bone bloodline limit would create a defence to his blade's shaving ability. Only when he realized his opponent had him bested in both Kenjutsu and speed did Kisame decided to change tactics.

Slamming his blade into the ground, Kisame used his superior strength to create a huge crater so he could create distance between the two of them, before leaping back and running through some hand seals.

"Suiton, Water fang drill technique" he shouted his technique as a maelstrom of water appeared in the nearby pond and turned into a huge spear of spiralling water that shot at Kimimaro.

"Doton, Earth wall technique" Kimimaro countered, after finishing his own hand seals and slamming his hands into the ground, bringing up a wall of earth from the dirt and absorbing the attack.

Without giving him time to continue his offensive, Kimimaro pulled his spine out of his body and hardened it into an indestructible spear.

"Tessenka no Mai, Hana" he called, using Shunshin to appear from behind his wall to right beside the shark like shinobi and initiate a flurry of hard and fast strikes while wielding his spear like, spine weapon, like a Bo staff.


Kisame was put back on the defensive, cursing that there wasn't a more ample water supply nearby, as he continued to block and parry Kimimaro's lightning quick attacks.

Suddenly, Kimimaro locked Kisame's huge Samehada between his shoulder and spear, as he rested the length of the blade on the back of his head. Kicking out with his right foot and damaging Kisame's shin, Kimimaro released his hold on the front end of his spear, allowing the opposing force of the back of his head to launch his spear around in the opposite direction. As he spun and connected with Kisame with a devastating crunch, he realigned his spear before lunging right Kisame's heart from a decent range.

The shark man was able to parry the lunge with his arm, only to wince when his broken appendage made contact with the extremely hard spear, causing more pain.

Kimimaro bent over to dodge a horizontal slash by Kisame as he spun his bone spear on his back and brought it up from behind him, to the front and performing a diagonally downward slash, which was promptly blocked by Kisame's massive sword.

Kisame lunged out and punched at Kimimaro's chest, catching him off guard before spinning around backwards and performing a downward slash at the bone user's ankles.



Kimimaro's launched himself into the air, using his spear like a pole vault, before swiping at Kisame's head.

Kisame had just enough time to dodge the surprisingly impressive attack before Kimimaro brought his spear straight down to the ground, creating a loud explosion, before lunging at Kisame's leg to disable him.

Kisame was able to barely parry the blow, sending it to the left, causing Kimimaro to overextend his strike accidently. Kisame immediately made use of this advantage and brought his massive sword down on Kimimaro's back, intending on breaking it.

"Fool, this is why you are and always will be trash" Kimimaro announced, sending bone spikes from his back out so he could catch Kisame's sword before it made contact. The surprise move caught the shark-man off guard, which gave Kimimaro the time to wrench the sword out of Kisame's hand and knock his arms up into the air from below, causing him to lose his grip on his weapon.

"Without Samehada, you are even worse then trash" Kimimaro yelled before ramming the but of his spear into Kisame's chin and immediately following that up with a thrust to his solar plexus, one that struck true.

Kisame yelled out in pain before falling to the ground, dead. Kimimaro was about to leave and check on his newest assignment when he felt a small chakra spike coming from Kisame's body.

Looking to the body, he was surprised to see its features change into that of a random Oto Jounin's as Samehada exploded in a cloud of smoke.

"What in Kami's name?" he mumbled under his breath. Looking to the Uchiha brothers, he noticed that Sasuke was coming to the same conclusion that he had just come to.

Kimimaro disappeared in a burst of speed using Shunshin and appeared next to Karin, who was, much to his discomfort, looking at him with hearts in her eyes.

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" she yelled, making Kimimaro wince slightly. How could these twins be so different from each other?

Instead of opening the door like a regular person would, Naruto thought other methods appropriate.

Orochimaru felt a spike of chakra on the other side of the door and barely rolled to the side in time as a large spinning projectile of wind burst through his door, not much different from an Inuzuka's Tsuga technique.

Orochimaru began to cackle maniacally when he realized who it was "You're too late Naru…" he never finished his sentence as Naruto charged up more chakra into and around his body, wanting to create some room. Spinning once violently, Naruto sent out a massive gust of wind that formed a tornado around him which completely decimated the room they were in. Discreetly, Naruto used a chakra string to snatch the Akatsuki ring that was still on Orochimaru's original hand, in the very room they were in, before it was blown away in the confusion.

"I'll kill you brat!" Orochimaru hissed, as he recovered from the large scale attack.


"You're in no position to oppose me" Naruto shot back, as he looked down into the damaged room whose ceiling had been blown off from above "you can barely breathe properly let alone give me a challenge."

"You think I'll let some brat a third my age get the best of me?!" he shrieked "I'll kill you, and then I'll kill your foolish little sister!"

Reminded of just why he was so infuriated, earlier, Naruto ripped off his cloak and shirt to reveal his torso which was littered with sealing tattoos that were visible to all, but the ones that Orochimaru had to worry about were only on his forearm.

"You've already lost fool" he spat, as he swiped some blood over the sealing tattoo labelled 'Third'.

Suddenly, Naruto was engulfed in a plume of smoke as he summoned his puppet. Orochimaru, using this as a chance to strike, shot out his arms towards the blonde haired Jinchuuriki.

"Sen'eitajashu!" he shouted as hundreds of pythons shot out of his sleeves and in the direction of Naruto, their fangs bared, ready to strike.



Orochimaru, through the smoke, was unnerved to hear many painful hisses coming from his temporary summons. When the smoke faded, he was greeted with the sight of a huge iron wall that had materialized. Instantly, he recognized the puppet, for his old partner made use of it often.

"You realize the futility, don't you?" Naruto asked, as Orochimaru barely dodged a solid metal spear aimed at his lower back from behind him.

"You have no chance, this is the end" the wall that was guarding Naruto crumbled into millions of tiny iron sand particles, revealing Naruto in all his topless glory with the Sandaime Kazekage hanging off his shoulders. At incredibly speeds, the iron sand launched up into the sky, creating an imposing dark cloud, blocking out the sun and looking as dangerous as ever.

At the speed of incredibly well thrown kunai, pellets of iron sand started raining down on Orochimaru. The snake Sannin was no fool however, he had known that his old partner had laced poison in each grain of iron sand and to even be grazed by one tiny piece would spell his end.

"Kuchiyose, Rashomon!" he shouted, slamming his hands into the wall directly in front of him, causing a hell gate to spawn horizontally and act as a shield for the iron sand. He would have pat himself on the back for his clever move if the wind wasn't knocked out of his lungs and several of his ribs snapped due to a super powered punch to his chest.

Before Orochimaru could react in his weakened condition, he began to feel extremely heavy, oddly so. Looking down, he found the reason for this – iron sand was being pooled around his feet and keeping him trapped. Just before he could mould some chakra to escape with a Kawarimi, he was shocked to see Naruto approaching him with a hand glowing with purple energy.

"Gogyou Fuuin" Naruto yelled before slamming his palm into Orochimaru's forehead.

"I bet you didn't foresee someone cutting you off from your chakra by sealing your soul further away in this possessed body, did you fool?" Naruto spat angrily as the Iron sand shot up and completely encased him. The last expression Naruto saw on Orochimaru's grizzly face was one of shock and fury.

Naruto barely twitched his fingers, causing the Sandaime to raise an open palmed hand towards his iron sand and slam it shut in a fist.

The iron sand imploded on itself, crushing its prisoner within. Letting the grey sand particles fall to the ground, Naruto watched with a grim satisfaction as Orochimaru's crushed body fell lifelessly to the ground. Realizing that his head wasn't even recognizable, he merely sealed his body away into a scroll and turned to leave, he was, however, interrupted as a familiar red headed girl stood in his way.

"W-what the fuck, you the hell are you?!" she demanded, terrified after seeing this man so easily crush her leader.

"Ah, Tayuya-san, we know each other quite well, call me Namikaze Naruto, but I believe you know me as Kobayashi Shinji" he introduced before walking straight passed the shocked girl, devouring a piece of Pocky while fingering the ring in his pocket and replacing his destroyed cloak.

Orochimaru was one of the many that would wind up on the list of fools who wound up dead for messing with him.


Kimimaro immediately informed Naruto of Akatsuki's appearance, or lack there of, the second Naruto walked out of the Oto base carrying half a packet of his most powerful explosive notes.

"They will go after the Ichibi next" Naruto announced to his little group "And why are you still here?" he asked bluntly to Sasuke who was just standing there, with a scowl on his face.

Sasuke merely pointed to the pregnant Karin "She's carrying my clan's legacy, if I die, that's all that's left, what makes you think I'll let her out of my sight?" he asked, with an arrogant grin.

Naruto suddenly disappeared and appeared behind Sasuke holding a kunai to his neck "You cannot trap me in your Genjutsu Uchiha-san" he told the shocked Uchiha who had barely sensed him move due to his currently inactive Sharingan "talk back to me again like you're better then me and I'll remove your eyes and send them to Itachi for Christmas."

Sasuke didn't give out any sign that he had heard him, but he didn't talk back again either.

"So…you're my famous brother I keep hearing about, huh?" a timid voice spoke from behind him. Turning his head to the side to regard his sister with his crimson eyes, he merely raised a curious brow before nodding once.



"So I am" he agreed "I'll be taking you to your mother, no doubt she'll be thrilled to know she'll be a grandmother soon; I'm not so sure how she'll react to it being an Uchiha though…" he trailed off, ignoring the glaring Sasuke "as I was saying earlier, Akatsuki is making a move on the Ichibi, we need to intercept before they get their hands on him."

"How do you know they won't be going after the Nibi or the Sanbi?" Kimimaro asked, curiously.

"I have my sources" Naruto replied vaguely, discreetly motioning to Sasuke with his eyes, a motion that Kimimaro picked up on.

"First though, we have to drop Karin off at the mansion and dump the Uchiha somewhere, I will not have Akatsuki using her as leverage against me, they've already made it clear that they intend on doing that anyway" this statement was met with loud protests.

"DON'T THINK YOU CAN ORDER ME AROUND JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE MY BROTHER!" the bipolar red head, obviously made more emotional by her pregnancy, shouted.

"I told you Namikaze, she is with my child, and I'm not letting her out of my sight."

"Well that's too bad for you" Naruto motioned to Sasuke "I don't trust you enough to lead you to my safe house, you have an uncanny tendency to betray those close to you when it suits you best" he pointed out matter-of-factly, causing the Uchiha to wince "and you're going to the safe house to see your mother, I don't know why you're complaining."

"That's the second time you've referred to her as 'your mother', you do know how these things work don't you? She's your mother too!" Karin protested.

"If you say so" Naruto said blandly, still feeling somewhat uncomfortable around his sister.

"Regardless, why don't you go and find your brother like a good little avenger and leave the cool kids alone" Naruto made a shooing motion while Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"You can't keep me from my child" he said in a deadly tone, forgetting the threat earlier made by Naruto.

"I wouldn't dream of it" Naruto said dismissively "I'm actually hoping you and the weasel off each other and do the world a favour, your species' overall potential dropped to shit when your mother was killed anyway, by the way Kimimaro, have you seen her?"

"I cannot say I have" Kimimaro answered with a grin while Sasuke and Karin were glaring at the two.

"Well, picture him, but with boobs, no penis, a vagina" he described, ignoring the two increasingly annoyed soon-to-be parents "give him longer hair, remove the permanent scowl, give him some nice curves and an overall sunny disposition" Naruto summed up.


"That is a remarkably accurate and impressing image Naruto-sama" Kimimaro said with a grin, playing along with Naruto's game.

"I know, right?" he agreed "regardless, you're not coming with us, Karin can contact you if she wishes when the child is born; we're leaving."

Sasuke eyed Karin who nodded ever so slightly before glaring at Naruto.

"I hope you realize I'm in no condition to travel cross-country" she warned. Naruto sighed before picking her up bridal style, her head resting against his chest as he made his way towards his safe house, with Kimimaro following him, leaving the Uchiha behind.

'I'll find you when I kill Itachi, I swear it' he vowed, before disappearing with Shunshin.

Naruto, Kimimaro and Karin had stopped for the night about half a day's travel to set up camp. They would have kept running until they arrived, but apparently pregnant women can be completely bitchy and needy even when being carried across the country in someone's arms.

Currently, Kimimaro was resting while Naruto kept watch; Karin had decided to keep him company, not being all that tired herself.



"What's wrong with your eyes?" she asked, out of the blue.

"You're going to have to be more specific" he replied dryly, while munching on a stick of Pocky.

Snatching the stick of green tea Pocky out of his hand, ignoring Naruto's glare, she reiterated her question.

"The bags, I mean, I figured with the Kyuubi and all, you'd be able to heal such minor problems easily…"

"I don't sleep well anymore" he clarified "and my healing powers aren't what they could be after I sealed the Kyuubi away."

"You what?" she asked, but Naruto remained silent, looking up to the night sky.

"Ok, fine, but why don't you sleep well anymore? You have nightmares?"

"I don't dream" he informed her "one has to sleep first to have nightmares anyway, no, I was in too much pain while undercover to sleep" he said, removing another stick of Pocky and munching on it.

"Mm, this is good" she praised, missing the grin on Naruto's face as she said so, she didn't even realize how much 'brownie points' she gained from that statement alone "what were you undercover for?"

Naruto rolled his eyes at the game of twenty questions before answering "Surely you don't think you'd be that easy to find" he looked to her "especially with Orochimaru keeping you so close to him and all" he answered.

"What happened to the snake anyway?" she asked "I doubt he'd let you get away with me without a fight, he is quite possessive of his experiments."

"I killed him" he said simply, ignoring the look of shock on Karin's face "what? Is it so surprising? I've let him live many times before, this time it just suited me better for him to be dead."

Karin nodded, not suite sure what to say to that, before asking her next question. She felt comfortable around Naruto and despite his dangerous profile, she felt safe when speaking with him "So, how deep undercover were you, did we meet before today and I didn't realize it?"

Naruto snorted at that "I surely hope not" he said with a chuckle, she didn't quite get what was so funny "you may have heard of me, one of my more recent clients says my reputation precedes me, Kobayashi Shinji, at your service" he replied, as he rolled his eyes while Karin's face began to look like a tomato.

"Y-you mean 'Kobayashi the monster'?" she stuttered, completely embarrassed now that she realized the things she had heard of about her brother, and the things she had fantasized about doing with 'Kobayashi Shinji' based on the detailed stories given to her by the Oto kunoichi fortunate enough to meet his acquaintance.


"That's such a horrible name" he said, shaking his head "I was a barber, rather good I might add, that catered to the female populace when needed" he said with a shrug "kunoichi can be surprisingly loose lipped when they're riding out wave after wave of orgasms…"

"Nii-chan!" she yelled, cuffing him over the head. Naruto didn't take note of it though, rather, he relished in the feeling of someone referring to him as 'Nii-chan' and deciding how much he liked it "that's not the kind of thing siblings should be talking about!" she scolded "its just plain sick!"

Naruto shrugged "How should I know? The only people I ever talk to are Kimimaro, Haku and Anko-san on occasion" he explained.

"Who the hell is Haku?" she asked with a frown.

Both siblings spent the majority of the night getting to know one another better, neither noticing how much they were enjoying each other's company as they gave each other their life stories. Karin did take notice however of how Naruto's pupils would become slitted when angry or ready to fight, while the rest of the time they remained circular. Seeing him at peace and like this talking to her seemed so surreal, especially after all the tales she had been able to hear of his exploits from the Bingo books and such.

For the first time Naruto could remember, he finally felt content with the way things were, so much so that he almost forgot completely about the storm that was coming – almost.

Author's note:



I'm not really all that good with mushy, 'we meet again' scenes. I think they're corny and crappy firstly, and secondly, I think two nineteen year olds would better become acquainted by having a civilized conversation about each other's lives. Karin will still be bipolar but she will grow to have a deep respect for Naruto while he grows to have a fierce protectiveness over her. Before people bring out their pitchforks, Karin doesn't love or even like Sasuke. She merely made a mutually beneficial deal with him to borrow his sperm to save herself and kick off his new clan.

Naruto will never approve of or like him in the slightest, Kushina you will just have to see.

By the way, minor lemon at the start, lol. I may make more of it, I may not, but this is still an Anko and Naruto pairing.

Next chapter will reintroduce Kushina, Anko, Isaribi, Gaara, Tsunade, Sakura, Kakashi, Hanabi and maybe Yugito – I dunno what I'll exactly put in next chapter anyway.

If you hadn't realized from the start of the chapter, I have just recently seen Sweeney Todd and I REALLY FUCKING LOVED IT! I even bought the sound track, lol.