Seth, he's like an overgrown puppy (Puppy. Ha. Ha. What a joke, this whole fucking life is a joke.), he runs around a lot and slobbers on things and is generally overeager and really really happy all time, and he's not that annoying, once you get used to him.

When he starts pissing on stuff, Jacob tells her, he's out of the pack. That and humping legs. If only he knew.


Leah likes to brood, or at least she does now. What she doesn't like is people in her head. Her thoughts are hers, dammit.

And Leah, she misses being happy. Looking at Seth, it makes her smile, when nobody's looking. He's a bit bumbling and sloppy and never quite gets things right, but he's a real optimist, Seth is, he can find something good in everything. The glass is never half empty, but maybe it should be, he wouldn't spill it so much, then.

Optimism and Leah, yeah, not so much. And that didn't even help, she's spilled her drink all over the goddamn ground. At least she has Sam to blame for pushing her.


Seth admires his sister. Hey, she's been through a hell of a lot, and maybe Seth doesn't quite understand all this business about love, not quite yet, but Seth can tell what Sam pulled on her wasn't a lot of fun on her end.

And come on, she's the only female werewolf. How cool is that?


Leah, she knows she can't do this, that she's his older sister and this is way more than a little fucked up. But they're kissing anyway, against a tree, and honestly, she really likes it. It would make her happy, if she wasn't so fucking ashamed of herself.


Jacob, he's pretty good at hiding his thoughts, he's had lots of practice. Leah's not quite as good, but she's getting better.


He tries reciting math equations in his head, but Seth's never had a great attention span (Or been good at math), and the thoughts leak through. Leah phases back into a human and runs, pulling on her dress (It's easier to phase with) as she goes.

Seth curses and looks at him, sheepish. Jacob, he's stunned.

Then he breaks into a run, straight after Leah. Her scents harder to follow since she's in human form, but it's still not a challenge. And he can outrun her this way.

When he finds her, she's sitting by a creek, staring up at the sky. Jacob phases back, speaks as he's tugging on his pants.

"Leah." She won't look at him.

"He's your brother." Her eyes are glued to the sky.

"He looks up to you, dammit!"

Leah chokes. "I just fuck everything up then, don't I."

"I don't mean it like that. You know I don't. But, Jesus, Leah, he's fifteen years old and he doesn't know anything."

"Maybe I don't, either."

"The point is, he doesn't know what he wants and you can't just--"

"Don't you think I know that? I know I shouldn't, I can't, it's not his problem I have issues, but." She stops there.

"But what, Leah?"

She stares at the creek. Her cheeks are wet. "But nothing. I'm just an all-around fuck-up. See you, Jake. Tell Seth goodbye for me."

She walks away.