Chapter I:

The Akatsuki's Lilly

Strands of violet tresses danced along with the soft whispers of the wind in the dark night. Silver eyes glared, deviating ethereally with the shadows of the night. Her pallid skin glowed along with the full moon. A lithe body perched on the highest peak of the towering building.

With a slight twitch of her upper lip, she silently jumped off the building, her long, willowy cape adorned in blood colored clouds danced along with her as she plummeted. Her long bangs lifted with the strain of gravity, as her lengthy ponytail fallowed closely behind her.

As her feet landed effortlessly on the lower part of the building, she straightened herself. Swiftly taking out the communicator that was attached to her hips, she spoke into it. "Itachi-sama." Her voice dripped with smooth velvet. "The cost is clear."

"Thank you, Hinata, good job." A masculine voice answered from the other line. His tone sodden with ice.
"Now, do you see the window on the second floor, the one radiating blue?" Her pallid eyes scanned the other side of building till her eyes stopped at the window that imperceptibly shined with an azure colored hue. "Sasori already left the latch open for you. When you enter the palace, the Sapphire Dragon necklace should be located in the left corridor." The person known as Itachi distantly uttered.

"Hai. I see it."

"Go there."

"Hai." Without much exertion, she promptly sprinted to the cobalt lit window.

"And remember Hinata, this time we will not accept failure. ...A failure is not needed."

Despite the intense throbbing in her chest, her face remained impassive. "Hai." A slight, pallid finger pressed a button on the communicator efficiently severing the connection. "I will not fail."

"White Lilly?" A guard with curious green eyes asked, his lips upturned in doubt.

"Yeah, that's her name. Well at least the name she's known by." His friend placed a burly hand behind his head, pushing back on his chair and whistled. "I hear she was once from a very wealthy family, but they disowned her and the Akatsuki took her in...Or was it that she ran away." He scratched his unruly dark hair. "...hmm, can't remember. But I know she's beautiful as she is deadly. Before you can even hear her coming, you're dead. I hear even a single look in to her eyes will send you into the depths of hell."

The green eyed guard rolled his eyes. "Yeah right! No chick could ever take me down."

The other guard just shook his head. "Yeah, the same way you keep getting let down by all the girls." The guard with the green eyes smile fell.

"Shut up!"


"What the hell was that?" One of the guards abruptly sat up straight.

"Stop fucking with me, man. It ain't working. There's no such thing as the 'White Lilly'."

Another echo was heard from the other side of the hallway. Both guards head's whipped towards the sound.

"Okay, that's it. I'm gonna' go check it out."The bigger one said, while pulling out his gun. He made his to the hallway, while the green eyed one fallowed behind.

"Taro. This isn't funny anymore. You're freaking me out." The shorter man voiced, while placing his hands on his own gun.

As they turned the next corner, their eyes were caught straight in to blazing white eyes. "Wha – ?" Before they had time to run, a sharp silver metal sliced through the air, fallowing that were the piercing screams of the dead.

I wonder what compelled me to do the things I do now, or what made me change? I was a very different girl than I am right now... However, I am so much happier now. They treat me as if I were family, as if I matter. The affection I receive from them is far more ingenuous than I could ever have received from them. I guess it could seem very atypical and odd, that a group of art thieves and assassins can create such a visage of warmth and love.

It should have been much more daunting, since I was one of the two girls permitted in to Japan's deadliest phantom-thief, and assassination organization. Even more peculiar, I was the youngest member in the record of the organization, not to mention the only female combat specialist.

Stealing the Sapphire Dragon necklace was my first, authorized mission. And I had completed it. Me. It was a fulfilling day for me, because now I would be initiated as an official member.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hinata. No last name, I would rather leave that out. Code Name: White Lilly. I am fifteen years old; my birthday is on December 27. Today is a proud day for me. Today, I am finally a part of something.

Today I am finally a guaranteed, fully – pledged member of the Akatsuki.

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