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Summary: Harry has finished off the Dark Lord and left the wizarding world to start a life of his own. HP/x-men crossover. No pairings as of yet.

Second Chances

Finally the war was over for good this time. Harry Potter had utterly destroyed Lord Voldmort and the remaining death eaters died through their dark marks. The entire wizarding world was rejoicing at the outcome, everyone had someone to celebrate with, to share in their happiness at least to their minds. No one paid any attention to the lone man with messy black hair and bright green eyes who looked over the war torn battlefield with remorse and sorrow. Yes he had finally ended the terror and destruction caused by Voldmort but it had cost everyone he held dear. His parents, Sirius, Moony, Fred and George Weasley, even Snape was gone.

Sure their were other Weasleys still living like Ron and Ginny. Hermione was still alive as well. But they cared about the end result and now that his job was done he was no longer needed. Taking one last look at the carefree people Harry disapparated with nary a sound and headed to Gringotts. Since no one was left he cared about or that truly cared about him it was time to disappear. He had done his job and now he could retire somewhere nice and live a normal life.

Spotting a familiar goblin Harry called out, "Griphook, I need to make some changes to my account."

Griphook ushered Harry into a private room adorned with various weapons and banners of past Goblin wars. "Take a seat Mr. Potter. Now then what would you like to do with your account?"

Griphook handed over a sheet of parchment with Harry's assets listed on it. Looking over the list of properties Harry said, "I need to make Grimmwald Place into a working orphanage with competent staff that will actually take care of the children under their care. The last thing we need is another Dark Lord running around due to circumstance of birth. I'll leave the staff appointments to your discretion. The first children to be put under this care are to be the war orphans no matter what side their parents fought on. Once that is taken care of any magic children from other places should be moved there. "

Griphook finished filling in the required forms and handed them to Harry to sign. "All you need to do is fill in the name, and sign at the bottom." Harry did so naming the place 'Second Chances'

"I need to make the Black Vault into a fund to renovate and maintain my properties here in the wizarding world as I don't know when if ever I will be back."

"Not a problem Mr. Potter, the Black vault has more than enough to handle those changes as well as running the orphanage. I take it you'll be living in the muggle world now that the war is over."

"Yes, I will need to transfer half my wealth from the Potter vaults over to the muggle world. New York preferably since it seems I have a penthouse there. I will also need my godfather's bike and all the books and artifacts from my vaults to be delivered to my new place of residence. "

Griphook passed over some new documents for Harry to sign. "These will make your final changes and these," he handed over a smaller stack of documents on muggle paper, "are your new ids for birth certificate, dual citizenship, drivers license and bank cards. If you would like we could administer a test to grant you a high school diploma. So you won't need to worry about schooling when you arrive. Also should you need to communicate with us about your accounts or what is happening in your absence you can send letters through this secure pouch as well as receive anything we feel you should know about. It is charmed to look like a muggle in/out box, and works the same way."

Harry looked over all the documents and the pouch. "Thank you, Griphook. You've been an immense help. I think I will take you up on the offer on getting my muggle diploma."

"Very good, Mr. Potter. Here is the test take your time and have some refreshments. No one will bother you here. I will be back once I finish overseeing the packing of your belongings." A few hours later Griphook came back to see that Harry had finished his test and was eating some of the sandwiches that were left for him. "I see you have finished. I'll just send this through the grading process and you'll receive your scores and diploma in a few minutes. Also here are you Black and Potter family rings. They have many protections on them and also will be invisible to all but you and any you wish to see them. "Harry's scores appeared on the table in front of them. "Well Mr. Potter it seems you have graduated from Hogwarts school for the gifted with highest honors. Congratulations. I also have here a portkey to take you to your place in New York and your bike will be waiting for you in your parking space below your building in space 20A which is also the number of your penthouse."

"Thank you, Griphook. You've been an immense help. Should anyone come looking for me, I was never here. If you think I should know about it send me a letter. I don't expect anyone to notice me missing for at least another week unless they forgot I survived and are hoping that I left something for them in my will. At the very least I will be back every seven years to keep the ministry from trying to seize my assets. May the Gods grant you gold Griphook." Harry took the portkey

"May the gods grant you gold Mr. Potter." and he was gone.