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Harry took a circuitous route back to his apartment from the bar to make sure he wasn't being followed. Once he reached his apartment he opened the door and was met by the icy glare of Silvanus. "Where have you been?"

"Out." Harry replied, as he removed his jacket and went to the kitchen to fix himself a snack.

"Out. You said you were going to be back before dawn."

"I am, dawn isn't for another," Harry glanced at his watch, "Seven minutes."

"Harry." Silvanus growled in frustration.

Harry took a bite of his sandwich and replied, "Whats the big deal, did something else happen?"


"Did you have any problems with Kurt or Drake?"

"No, but.."

"Did you have problems with the management? At the restaurant? With the glamours, anything?"

"No, but..."

"Then why are you waiting up for me when I specifically told you not to? This is my place, not yours, and I can come and go as I please."

"I know that Harry, but you're the only one we know in this country. So you'll have to excuse me for worrying" Silvanus snapped waspishly.

"Just make sure it doesn't happen again, now get some sleep." Harry told him as he made his way past to his own room, "We have a long day ahead of us. By the way nice hair, never pictured you as being a red head, explains your temperament though."

Smith quickly made his way to the bathroom in he was sharing with Drake and looked into the mirror, sure enough his shoulder length black hair was now a deep blood red. Silvanus went to his bed in a daze as he wondered if there would be any other changes in his appearance come morning.

Harry woke after only having slept for three hours to the sound yelling and smoke wafting down the hall, from the kitchen. "Drake!" Harry growled out as he stumbled from his room, "What the bloody hell did you do now?"

"I read the manual I swear." Drake replied quickly as he tried to hide behind the table.

Harry cast spells to make the smoke clear as he rubbed a hand over his face upon seeing just what the problem had been. "Toast, Drake. You ruined Toast?" he said as he saw the sad charred pieces of bread pop out of the toaster. "Where's Silvanus?"

"He went into the lab, said he wanted some time to himself this morning. Did you see his hair?" Drake said as he relaxed, relieved that he wasn't being punished for his latest catastrophe just yet.

"Yeah I saw it when I came in. Looks good on him, yours is doing well also. Nice golden yellow color you got going on now." Harry said as he binned the burnt toast, and cleaned out the toaster of ash before setting it on a more mild temperature and putting fresh bread inside. "Tempus, 8:39. Not bad, you want to watch yourself get killed?" Harry asked as he put some eggs on to cook, and switched on the TV.

"You have a twisted sense of humor, you know that right Harry?" Drake asked as Harry took his plate of food to the living room and turned up the volume.

Harry took a bite of his eggs and nodded his head before saying, "Thats what happens when you have the entire life's memories of an egotistical megalomaniac shoved into your brain all at once. Ooh, they dressed them up in your deatheater robes."

"...and being led to the gallows behind me, are the infamous Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy, the masterminds behind the terrorist group 'the deatheaters'. As they slip the noose over the young man's head I can't help but ask myself, 'What would his friends say about him, were they here to see him today?'"

"Guess no one informed her that your 'friends' would be right beside you on the gallows had they survived." Harry stated as the reporter continued talking.

"...as you can see security is very tight for this execution, as there are rumors of a possible rescue being attempted why anyone would want these two to continue living after all the crimes they have committed against humanity is unclear but should they actually show up they will be met with resistance from sharpshooters all around the tower."

"Amateurs, like we couldn't tell that for ourselves, the sun keeps winking off their scopes." Drake muttered as he watched the figures tighten the noose around what would have been his throat.

"...Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy, you are hereby condemned on numerous counts of treason to be hanged, then guillotined by the orders of the crown. Any last words?"

Harry gave a grin as the officer said 'any last words'. He held onto his pendant and spoke into it, on the screen he could see Severus's lips moving as he the golumn repeated his words. "May He have mercy on your souls. For there will be no one to save you from the darkness this time."

Drake could faintly see Tonks and Kingsley in the background looking at the platform in confusion, apparently they weren't expecting them to be lucid enough to understand what was happening let alone form complete sentences. Kingsley gave the signal and the trap door was pulled out from under their feet, they hung limp like that for a good ten minutes while the bodies twitched and spasmed before they were cut loose and taken to the guillotine. Severus was beheaded first, then Draco the people nearest the podium found themselves splattered with blood as his head missed the basket and rolled amongst their feet before stopping and staring at them with unseeing grey eyes. The women in the audience shrieked, and the men fought to hold them steady while trying not to vomit at the sight and smell of blood and gore.

Harry cackled as he watched Tonks and Kingsley try to calm the panicking muggles as they tried to leave the area, "Looks like they forgot to cast compulsion charms over the area beforehand. Idiots, its only been what three, four days and they've already gotten complacent."

Draco looked at Harry warily, briefly wondering if the dark lord's tampering had indeed caused him to go insane. Just as he was about to make a smart-alec remark he heard light footsteps coming down the hall. Apparently so had Harry, as he stopped laughing and switched the TV off, as he said, "Morning Kurt, did you have a nice night with Drake and Silvanus?"

Kurt covered a yawn as he answered, "Ya, it was alright. After the news was over we went to the restaurant then I went to my room and read for the rest of the night."

"Good, good. Well theres leftovers in the fridge if you're hungry, Drake and Silvanus should be here to keep you company while I'm gone." Harry said as he got up from his place on the couch.

"You're going again?" Kurt asked.

Harry nodded his head and stretched as he made his way to his room, he called back over his shoulder, "I'll be back late again, most likely. Have some things to check out that require me to go by myself. One of which means going on a trip to Scotland to check out another member of the x-men who would be your doctor should you decide to attend the school."

"You can't go to Scotland Harry, they'll kill you." Drake blurted out, before he shrank back into his seat as Harry came back out of his room.

"Why would anyone want to kill him?" Kurt asked Drake, before turning to Harry, "Why would someone want to kill you?"

Harry glared at Drake for a moment before saying, "Thanks a lot Drake, you're real helpful in the morning you know that." Harry turned to Kurt, "It doesn't concern you Kurt, forget he said anything. I'll be back within a week. Tell Silvanus I told him to get some sleep, contact me in the case of any emergencies and the same rules apply for going out." With that said Harry closed the door behind him with a quiet click.

Drake shivered as he heard the click, 'oh, he is soo pissed.'

Kurt looked from the door to Drake and asked, "Why didn't you stop him, if you know hes going to be in danger?"

"You don't just stop Harry, hes going to do what he wants no matter the danger he might be in." Drake replied, "He told you to forget I said anything, I suggest you follow that advice and don't question him on it when he gets back."

Harry pulled out his cellphone and called a charter plane service as he headed towards his bike. "Yeah I need to charter one of your 8 passenger private jets from New York to Inverness, leaving sometime today and returning anytime from after we arrive and refuel, to a week later."

The charter operator drew in a sharp breath as he typed in the order, and pressed the button for his supervisor to help him out. "Is this for business or pleasure?"

"Private, thats all you need to know." Harry answered as straddled his bike.

The supervisor entered the room and was shown the information for the flight, he turned the call onto speaker and nodded his head for the operator to continue taking the reservation. "Thats a tall order, but we can do it. I take it you'll be wanting meals with the flight?"

"Naturally, an assortment of your first class fare will do fine. And have the mini bar stocked as well, whats the total come to?"

"Rush flight, on call for a week. You're looking at a good 3mil, will that be charge or check?"

"Charge, half when we leave and half when we return. How soon can we leave?"

The charter person looked over to his supervisor, waiting for a response. The man held up three fingers and nodded his head, "It'll be ready for take-off in three hours. Who should we put this reservation under?"

"I'll be by at 12:45 then. Have it put under Parsel, Inc." Harry said as he clicked the phone off and speed out of the building heading downtown.

Back at the charter service the supervisor turned to his employee and said, "I want you to look up everything you can on this Parsel, Inc and have it in my office in an hour."

"But we're still doing the flight, right sir?"

"Of course we are, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the best service we can provide. I just want to know who they are and if I should charge extra should something happen."

"Yes sir."


Downtown New York

Harry walked up to the first open teller he saw and handed over a slip of paper and his ID as he said, "Hello, I'd like to make a withdrawal from this account, please."

The teller looked at the note and typed in the account number, her eyes widened as she saw the balance on her screen. "How much are you wanting to take out?"

"This much," Harry said as he handed over another slip of paper with $200 thousand written on it. "five hundred of which I would like in small bills, if you please."

The teller licked her lips as she read the note, "Could you take a seat over there for a few minutes while I get this taken care of?"

"Certainly." Harry replied as he made his way to a leather chair and sat down as if he had all the time in the world.

The teller walked back out to where Harry was seated about ten minutes later and said, "Mr. Parsel, if you would please follow me the manager would like to see you."

Harry fluidly stood from his seat and indicated with his arm that she should lead the way. Harry kept himself on guard as they made their way deeper into the bank, he really didn't care for the amount of people that were moving along the small hallway. Harry was seething inside as the teller finally showed him to a room marked manager and called out, "Sir, Mr. Parsel is here to see you now."

"Yes, yes. Do come in and have a seat Mr. Parsel. I trust you are doing well today." A small balding man in his late forties said from behind an oak desk.

Harry took in his surroundings in a glance and continued standing as he replied, "I'd be doing better if I had the money I asked for."

"All in good time, my boy..."

Harry's frayed temper skyrocketed at the appellation, and he angrily interrupted, "No, my money now."

The manager sat in stunned silence for a moment as for the first time in over fifteen years of working at the bank he felt a chill go down his spine. Not even when he had worked as a lowly teller, during a robbery had he ever felt as scared for his life as he did now. He quickly pressed the intercom button on his desk and spoke into it, "Amil, complete the transaction for Mr. Parsel and bring it here when you're done."

Harry nodded his head as he heard the employee give an eta of seven minutes. The manager sat back in his seat and dabbed at his brow with a silk handkerchief, as Harry stared in his direction with stony green eyes. A knock on the door made the manager give a visible start, before he calmed himself and said, "Enter."

"Here's the money that was requested, sir."

"Put it on the desk, and open the case." Harry said from behind the women who had walked past him, making her jump.

"Sir?" She asked her boss, as she glanced between the two men.

"Just put it down and get out." The manager said angrily as he found a target to work out his discomfort on.

Harry took a step forward as the women let out a gasp of shock and nearly cried at being spoken to so harshly, "Tsk, tsk. Thats no way to treat a lady, if this is how you normally do business I might just have to move my accounts elsewhere."

The manager drew in a sharp breath as he understood just what that would do to the bank. "No, theres no need for you to do that. I apologize Amil, I didn't mean to snap at you." Amil gently set the briefcase down on the desk and opened the lid. As Harry stepped forward to check the money the manger continued speaking, "Why don't you take an early lunch?"

Amil looked confused for a moment before she nodded her head and quietly left the room. Harry passed his hand over the bills, being careful to not actually touch them with his bare hands as he deactivated the security ink pouch in the center of the case. Only once that was done did he lift the money out and fan the bills to count them and check for anymore tricks that there might be. Satisfied that the ink was the only measure they had taken he started putting the cash into his various coat pockets and the five hundred in his wallet as he said, "One would think that when you open an account at a bank, you would be allowed to take that money out when and in the amount one wanted to spend it."

"This won't happen again, it was merely a precaution on our part. We don't generally deal with such large withdrawals on short notice like this." The manager replied in an effort to keep the account.

"I'll be watching my accounts here very closely." Harry said as he finished putting his things away and closed the lid of the case. "I hope for your sake that I don't find any discrepancies."

"I assure you that won't be necessary, Mr. Parsel. This establishment prides itself on the integrity of its staff and.."

"Save it for someone who doesn't have a deadline to meet." Harry said as he existed the office and ducked into a bathroom before apparating himself to a side alley near the parking lot. Harry drove his bike a good ten miles from the bank before he hit traffic, as he waited for the cars to move and seriously considered just walking until he got past the blockage he caught sight of a familiar figure exit a nearby building. As he continued watching he saw the man start to pass a dark alley, and be dragged inside it by numerous arms. Harry quickly maneuvered his bike out of the traffic and drove up the sidewalk as a wave of fear, and an anguished mental cry of 'NO!', Slammed into his shields.

The Alley

Remy was dragged back into an alley by several hands, two held his arms, one on his waist and another two covered his mouth and nose with a foul smelling rag. Remy tried to struggle against the hands holding him but was met with a blow to his head that made him see stars. He could feel a rough rope tying his hands together behind his back. He was roughly thrown onto his stomach next to a dumpster, while two more men painfully held his legs still as he continued to struggle. He recognized the scarred faces of the Kingpin's most loyal henchmen, this could only mean one thing and his thoughts were confirmed as he heard the lead Thug start to talk.

"LeBeau, you're in for it now. The kingpin just gave the word, you're out of favor." The first thug said as he forced a pill into Remy's mouth and made him swallow before he securely tied a rag around Remy's mouth.

"Now the boss, wants us to kill you, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with you first." A heavily muscled man said from the back of the group as he stepped forward and started to undo Remy's pants.

Remy struggled all the harder as he realized just what they had in store for him, he tried to use his powers to blast through the ropes holding him tied but couldn't make them work. The third guy smirked at him as he saw him trying to escape. "Nice try, mutie freak. Your powers don't work as long as were wearing these, LeBeau." he taunted as he lifted his shirt and rapped on a glowing shield he was wearing.

"Non, don't do this." Remy tried to plead through the gag in his mouth, as he felt himself harden due to the pill he had been forced to take. "Jus' let Remy go, I'll pay ya double whatever da kingpin's paying you."

"You know we can't do that, orders are orders. Besides I've been wanting to fuck you raw ever since the boss hired you." The man behind him said, as he placed a sack over Remy's head to help muffle any sounds he was bound to make, before he undid his own zipper and used a knife to cut through Remy's underwear. Remy closed his eyes as tears started down his face as he heard the man's pants drop. Remy renewed his struggles, once more in a vain attempt that he might be released. "You're only going to make this harder on yourself, just relax and let the drug do its job."

The man started lowering himself onto the struggling Remy and was about to enter him when the sound of a motorcycle entering the alley at a high speed made him stop. A shadowy figure on top of the bike called out in a voice ringing with power, and anger. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

One of the less bright thugs shouted back, as he drew out a pistol from his waistband "this don't concern you boy. Get out of here, 'fore we make you join in his fate."

Harry blasted the thug away from Remy, knocking the man unconscious, as he saw him disregard his order and move to enter Remy again. "I said, Leave him alone." Harry said in an icy voice, his green eyes flashing as he took off his helmet and dismounted his bike. The man who had the gun out shot at him, as he moved closer. Harry grunted as a bullet penetrated his shoulder but continued his forward movement. Once he was close enough he grabbed the gun and melted the barrel closed with his hand as he said, "That was a very stupid thing to do."

"What the hell are you?" The thug asked as he peed his pants.

Harry smirked evilly as he silently did a mild pain curse on the man, making him scream and fall to the ground before he answered, "Your worst nightmare."

The man that had been knocked unconscious stirred and took a gun from inside his jacket, raising it towards Harry, the man said, "Don't know what you did to me, but you're gonna pay." He started to squeeze the trigger, his other hand closed over his heart as he felt a squeezing sensation inside his chest. Harry merely looked at him coldly as he dropped to his knees and dropped his gun. His eyes rolled up into his head as he ran out of air.

Turning to the remaining men in the alley, Harry said "Anyone else." Seeing faces frozen in fear, and hands raised in surrender Harry continued. "No? Then I suggest you leave, should you ever try to harm him or anyone else again, you're as good as dead where you stand." Harry reinforced his words with a subtle ward that would kill the men should they disobey him. As the men fled out of the alley past him, Harry made his way slowly to the still tied form of Gambit.

Remy was flushed and breathing heavily as he lost the fight against the drug he had been given, he knew that if anyone were to touch him now he wouldn't be able to stop them or himself. Remy felt his powers come back as he heard footsteps approaching him again, he quickly charged his binds as he sensed a figure crouch next to him. Harry crouched next to Remy but stopped himself from touching the man as he saw a pink glow envelope the ropes holding him. "Not gonna hurt you." Harry said in a soft voice, hoping to calm Remy down. "I'm going to remove the sack from over your head now, alright."

Remy vaguely nodded his head, wanting very much to be able to see again. Harry carefully and swiftly removed the sack, and found himself looking into glowing red on black eyes. Harry reached forward as he saw the gag, making Remy flinch away as the hand got near his skin. "Just going to remove the gag, nothing more." Harry soothed as he undid the knot, and gave it a gentle tug so Remy would open his mouth to drop it. "Would you like me to undo the rest of your binds?"

Remy furiously shook his head and after swallowing a few times managed to say, "Non, don't touch dem. Remy be fine now, just please go."

Harry caught Remy's chin with his hand and forced him to look at him as he said, "I'm not leaving you like this, where anyone could find you and finish what the others started."

Remy's eyes became fearful as he saw those lips so close to his, before he could stop himself he lunged forward and captured them in a harsh kiss. Harry realized something was definitely wrong as he saw Gambit's eyes turn fearful, he found himself knocked onto his back with Remy partially on top of him as he was kissed breathless. Remy moaned as he felt hands on his chest before he was pushed away, panting heavily he whispered, "Remy sorry."

Harry took in Remy's flushed appearance and obvious erection now that he was lying on his side, he moved closer as he said, "They gave you something, didn't they?" Remy nodded his head as he watched his rescuer move closer, his cock twitching at the graceful movements and tanned muscled skin he could see through the top two undone buttons of the man's silk shirt. "I'm going to help you stand and put your pants back on. You are going to list the symptoms the drug has given you, so I can figure out what needs to be done."

Before Remy could object Harry had already put his arms under his shoulders and started to raise him to a standing position. Setting Remy against a wall, Harry said again, "Symptoms."

"Mmm, sensitive to touch, .. dizziness, mm.. increased body tempeture, blurred vision." Remy listed as he closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, as his pants were slid back up his legs, he sensed a pause in his rescuer after the button was done. Looking down he saw the problem, without his underwear he would need to be tucked in so the zipper could be done. "Yeah, and dat too."

"One of the newer sex drugs then," Harry said as he moved to Remy's side and started to undo the ropes around his hands.

"Non, don't untie dem." Remy said, making Harry pause and raise an eyebrow. "You're too close, don' trust myself not ta attack ya again."

"Its either untie them or tuck you in myself." Harry reasoned, "No offense but I'll take my chances on you attacking me again."

Remy nodded his head and quickly tucked himself in, before sitting down heavily as his vision swam. "Dats not good." Remy muttered as he saw dark spots creep over his vision and he passed out.

Harry sighed as he saw Remy pass out, he felt for a pulse and was relieved to find a strong if slightly, erratic pulse under his finger. 'Always something' Harry thought as lifted Remy into the side car of his bike, and looked at his watch. He had fifteen minutes to get to the charter service, taking one last look down the alley Harry put on his helmet and activated the bikes special features, rendering them invisible and able to fly. He touched down outside the office and after taking Remy out of the side car, shrank the bike and put it in his pocket. Carrying Remy he entered the main office and set him in a chair as he rang the bell for service.

"Welcome to charter air, be right with you." A voice said from around the corner. A minute later a young man in his late teens stepped up to the counter and said, "How can I be of service to you?"

"Reservation under Parsel Inc. leaves at one." Harry said shortly, tossing his id and credit card on the counter, as the bullet wound in his shoulder started throbbing.

The kids eyes widened as he saw the name on the id, "You're Harry Parsel. The owner of Parsel Inc."

Harry nodded annoyed, "What of it? Just swipe the card so my companion and I can board."

"Right, it'll only take a moment." The youth said as he brought up the reservation, and charged the amount due. "Just need your signiture on this."

Harry quickly signed the reciept, and put his cards away in his pocket. "Which way?" he asked as he moved to pick up Remy again, who gave a soft moan at the motion.

"Is he ok?"

"Fine, plane, where?" Harry grunted as he felt his wound start to bleed again.

"Right this way." The youth said as he swallowed and lead the way out the back to where the plane was just finishing fueling. "Thats her, you can go ahead and board. The pilots and stewardess are already onboard.

Harry nodded his head as he left the kid behind and made for the steps. A buxom blond woman greeted him upon entering, "Hello, my name is Shannon I'll be your stewardess for this flight. Lunch today will be steak and baked potato, just hit the call button when you're ready to eat, or should you need anything else." The woman said as she followed Harry back to the seats, until she had to stop as he entered the seperate sleeping area and closed the door behind him with a glare.

Harry set Remy down on the bed and went to the bathroom taking off his jacket and shirt on the way. He summoned his medical kit from his jacket pocket, unshrunk it and took out a pair of tweezers. Heating the instrument with his magic, Harry let out a stream of curses in parseltounge as he dug inside his shoulder for the bullet. Finally grasping it he pulled it free and tossed it into the wastebin. Washing off the bloody tweezers, he put them back in his kit as he took out some disinfectant and poured it onto his wound, he held a clean cloth against the wound as he waited for the pain to stop. Next he heated a needle, and ran a thread threw it. Sucking in a deep breath he proceeded to stitch the wound closed, finishing he cleaned himself off once more and checked it over. Hopefully it wouldn't leave a scar like so many others had. Harry stretched out on the couch as he felt the plane takeoff, and closed his eyes to catch a quick nap before something else came up.

The alley

45 minutes after Harry left

The blackbird touched down on a nearby rooftop of where the professor had said he had picked up a mutant in distress. Logan, Jean and Scott existed the jet and made their way down to the alleys floor. "Jean can you sense anyone?" Scott asked, as he glanced up the dirty alley.

"No, they're either hiding or left." Jean answered as she came up with a blank.

Logan sniffed the air, and took a step towards a dumpster. Seeing a man on the ground, with his pants around his ankles, he bent down and felt for a pulse. "Dead. Was this him?"

Jean looked at the dead man's face and shook her head in the negative, "No, the mutant we're looking for is only in his early twenties. That man is at least in his late forties."

Logan sniffed again as he saw a discarded pistol near the man, he could faintly smell several other human scents. Several smelt of fear, and aggression, one faint smell under the others held mostly fear and a faint hint of power. Seeing blood on the ground not too far away he dipped his finger in it and sniffed again. 'Not him.' Following the faint blood trail he came to corner where the scent mixed with another the scent he had noticed near the dead man only now most of the fear was replaced by arousal. Taking another look at the blood trail, Logan concluded that the mutant they had been looking for was one of the two people that been in that corner, the other man had taken them over to where the trail stopped at tire marks.

"He's gone. Someone took him, after scaring the hell out of his attackers." Logan said as he saw Scott looking at him irritably.

"Great, now what do we do." Scott said as he threw his hands into the air.

"You and Jean can go back to the school, I'm going to check the nearby hospitals to see if anyone has been brought in with a gunshot wound in the last hour." Logan said as he headed to the jet to change out of his uniform and into his street clothes. 'Those scents smelt familiar,' Logan thought before he mentaly slapped himself as he identified them from the bar last night. Looking around carefully Logan spoke quietly into his pendant, "Parsel, Parsel you there?"

"Thiss had better be bloody important." Harry said as he groggily answered the call, and flung an arm over his eyes before hissing in pain as jarred his wound.

"You alright?" Logan asked in concern, as he heard the painfilled hiss.

"Peachy. What do you need?"

Logan paused for a moment before asking, "You been in any alleys lately, like within the last hour or two."

"Logan I'm functioning on three hours of sleep here, now get to the point." Harry stated irritably.

"Alright, I just left an alley that contained a dead man, guns, discharged bullets, a blood trail and you and your pal from the bar last nights scent. Care to explain?"

"Not really, but it boils down to being in the right place at the right time."

"I really need to know what happened."

"Why do you need to know, its none of your busssinesssss." Harry practically growled into his pendant.

"We got a call about a mutant in danger, when we showed up we found the alley as it was. I need to know what happened to the mutant and who was the one that got shot."

"Your reaction time isss ssslow." Harry sighed, "I was shot, the mutant was my drinking partner from last night. He's out cold right now, the attackers gave him some kind of drug as they ambushed him. I saw it and reacted, one guys dead, another in pain the three or so others ran away. That good enough for you."

"Yeah that'll do for now. You want to come by the school so we can get you patched up, and him checked over?"

"No can do, we're somewhere over the atlantic ocean right now. We'll be back in a week or so. Parsel out."