Me: Hi everyone

Me: Hi everyone!! What's up!? (Jumps up and down)

Itachi: What are you so happy about…?

Me: I don't know….

Itachi: (Sweat drop)

Me: Anyways do the disclaimer WEASEL!!

Itachi: (Glares) (Sighs) fine…. Kimi doesn't own Naruto…or any of us… thank god….

(Hidan walks in)

Hidan: It's Jashin….


"Everyone gather round!! Tobi turn your leapfrog note pad off, Itachi shut your book, Kisame turn off "Finding Nemo, Kakuzu stop counting your money, Deidara don't blow up the bathroom, Hidan stop cutting your self, Sasori….um…don't turn that squirrel into a puppet….Zetsu! Don't eat the mailman!! Anyways we are going to have a family meeting!!(LOL family meeting….)" the all "great" Pein said.

"But Leader-sama!! Tobi is learning about the letter "r" and the sound it makes!!" Tobi yelled out.

"I don't care!!" Pein yelled back." Alright everyone I have a surprise for everyone!!"

"More money?" Kakuzu asked.


"Contacts...?"Itachi asked hopefully.

"No. But I'll get back to you on that."


"No Tobi."

"We are getting rid of Tobi?"

"No sorry Deidara."

"A pool?" Kisame asked.


"Everyone turned into Jashinist!!"

"No Hidan…No..."

"Pepto Bismol…?"

"Zetsu I'm not going to ask, but no…."

Pein turned to Sasori.

"I don't need anything…" Sasori said.

"Sorry… force of habit…"Pein answered.

"If it's none of those things then what is it?" Deidara said.

Pein smirked at him. "We are going on vacation!!"


"Yes we are going to…….HAWAII!!" Pein yelled out.

"Hawaii...? That's better than a pool!!" Kisame said. He ran to his to, I guess pack….

"….But why Hawaii?" Itachi asked.

"Because in Hawaii we are not wanted." Pein explained.

"Oh…" Itachi responded.

"So everyone go pack! We leave tomorrow morning!" Pein exclaimed.

To be continued……

Me: WOW!! I wonder what is going to happen next!!

Itachi: You should know…. You wrote it

Me:true… oh well… I'll think of something….(thinking)


Me: (still thinking)

Itachi: (thinking) Is she actually using her brain…..?

Me: (still thinking)….. AH EUREKA!!

Itachi: What!? You thought of something!?

Me: Yeah!! I remembered that my cousin owes me 5 bucks!!

Itachi: (falls anime style)

Me: anyways thanks for reading my fanfic!! I'll update soon!!