Rose thought it would be a good idea. Seeing a lot of different species in one place, experiencing alien habits and cultures, learning even more about the depths of the universe,... it all sounded great when the Doctor suggested to visit a beauty contest on a satellite in galaxy M13, but this wasn't what Rose expected.

Hundreds of female aliens swaggered on the catwalk, all barely dressed and one more beautiful than the other. And judging from the Doctor's expression... he thought so too.

Rose snorted. "This isn't a beauty contest, it's more like a show in a nightclub."

"You humans and your narrow, little minds. Not all species are as uptight as you people. There is nothing wrong with showing a little skin, scales and fur."

Rose smirked and looked at him with an evil glint in her eyes. "Do you really think that, Doctor?"

"Of course." He obviously didn't notice the with mischief dripping gaze. "Do you wanna get us some knick-knacks? I'm starving."

She rolled her eyes. The Doctor... ever the gentlemen... "Sure, give me your card."

He handed over his credit card (at least Rose didn't have to pay this time) and she was on her way, striving to put her newborn plan into action.

Instead of going to the snack bar, she went straight to the registration desk of the beauty contest.

The Doctor began to worry. It has been half an hour since Rose went to get them some snacks.

Stupid ape, gets even lost in such a good signposted place like this..., he began to wiggle in his chair with impatience.

He was more worried about her missing the show, than Rose getting into trouble since the whole place was full of security guards and the people here had experience with other species not knowing about their customs.

A dong sounded through the hall, signifying the beginning of the contest and the Doctor sighed. "Well, her loss."

He leaned back into his chair and tried to enjoy the show, but found himself unable to do so. He barely registered the moderator announcing this and that woman of this and that planet. The Doctor liked to see beautiful women of course (which man wouldn't?) but in his eyes all of them paled in comparison to his Rose.

He sighed again when he realised, how much he was captivated by her. Lately, every thought of him revolved around Rose. He tries to fix the TARDIS but is distracted by her sheer presence in his ship. He wants to save a civilisation, but the only person he can think about is her. He tries to read one of his huge collection of books but catches himself inhaling the still lingering scent of her.

This was new for the Doctor. No other companion had ever has such a huge place in his heart. The first time, he knew she was different was, when he had to lock her in with a Dalek. He had to make a choice then. Her or the Earth... and he chose her. The Doctor always looked at the bigger picture before. One human or six billion of others? It was crystal clear before, but now... now he had not only become attached, oh no, he fell in love with her.

The Doctor smiled ruefully. First time he ever admitted it to himself. What on Raxacoricofallapatorius was he supposed to do now?

"And now, Dame Rose Tyler of the Powell Estates, human of Planet Earth."

The Doctor shook his head. He even began to hear things...

He looked up and his mouth fell literally open. His imagination was good, but it wasn't that good. There was his Rose, on the catwalk, dressed in such a tiny and revealing bikini that the Doctor got the sudden urge to climb up to her and throw his coat around her nearly naked form. The other men in the audience, who began to whistle and cheer when they saw her, didn't make it any easier for him.

Thinking about the security guards, he decided to sit down again (when did he stand up in the first place?) and tried to glare at her instead.

After a while, he realised that even that was nearly impossible since his eyes seemed to have their own will. Every time he tried to look at her beautiful face, they wandered down and roamed over her, by far not less, beautiful body.

Rose had been very surprised to receive so much attention by the people. Humans were apparently considered to be a very beautiful race. So much for the Doctor saying, 'she was beautiful for a human'... Speaking of which...

Her eyes wandered over the audience, searching for the most important man in her life. She found him in the third row, sitting absolutely still... save for his eyes. Those seemed to be glued on her body, moving over every little detail of her. Rose's knees weakened when she noticed his intense and hungry look. She would have to be blind, not to notice what he wanted to do to her, with her, at that very moment. He downright devoured her with his eyes and seemed to crave to announce to the world that she was his, only his.

She blushed and gave him the cheekiest grin, she could manage. Seemed like her way of revenge opened a whole bunch of new possibilities.

The Doctor knew this grin. It meant, Rose just read him like a book again, something that no one else ever managed to do...

And if she really knew what he was thinking right now... Rassilon help him!

The Time Lord tried to glare again, that kind of glare that made Daleks shiver in fear, but failed miserable when he noticed the blush that seemed to cover her whole body. She looked so unbelievable alive and glowed with an innocent beauty, that the Doctor's breath caught in his throat.

Suddenly, he knew what to do. To continue to fight their mutual attraction would only led to frustration and tears. He had another choice to make. It was either his stupid rules and principles or Rose... and he chose her. He would always chose her.

The Doctor smiled and she smiled back, a silent agreement passing between them.

It was time. Finally it was time. Time to give in.

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