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A small boy dashed through the deserted streets, his breathing labored. Running from some unknown peril, tears were streaming down his cheeks, blending with the mud that was caked to his face. Along with this, blood from various cuts and gashes mixed with the substance, creating a disgusting combination. It dripped from his chin, leaving an almost un-noticeable trail behind. Almost.

He ducked into a narrow alleyway, skidding to a stop behind a large stack of stock crates. He fell to his knees and hugged them close, praying that they wouldn't find him here. He waited silently in the quiet, desperately trying to control his ragged breathing before they neared his hidden location. A few moments later, his suspicions were proved.

Footsteps thundered past the opening to the alley, the flickering light from the torches illuminating faintly against the dark.

"Where is he, the little freak?", a gruff voice spat, angry that his target was missing.

"The trail ends here.", another voice relayed. The child flinched. He had left behind evidence. Evidence that could lead them to where he was now.

"Maybe he ran down here! You know, hid behind one of the trash cans.", an unknown figure suggested, stepping into the dark doorway. The boy tensed, preparing to make another dash.

"Hold on! I think I see him!", a woman's voice called, sounding far off.

"Come on everyone!", the apparent leader shouted.

"Death to the demon!", a man yelled, gaining a chorus of war cries and agreements in response. Soon, the noise faded into night, leaving the child alone to wallow in his misery.

"They do not understand your worth.", a voice murmured, sounding from all directions. The boy's head snapped up and glanced wildly around the area, searching for the voice's owner, and possibly, his next attacker.

"They only fear what you cannot and could not control.", the figure said again, seeming closer now. The child whimpered, squeezing his body into the smallest target he could make it, and braced for the blow.

Fear not, I do not seek to harm you.", the man's voice called. Out of the shadows, a teenage boy appeared, his shoulder length raven hair tied into a small ponytail. He had droplets of blood covering the ANBU uniform he was currently wearing and the Leaf Shinobi hand band had a long scratch going through the symbol.

"W-who are y-you?", the fair-haired boy stuttered in question, his eyes wide, his defensive position never failing. The teen smiled softly.

"My name is Itachi Uchiha. I have been watching you for some time now and I can defiantly say you have some promise.", he explained. "You already show signs of great talent, and you will become something of greatness, with proper training.", Itachi continued. The boy only looked on in cautious confusion, unsure of where the seeming-friendly teen was getting at.

"Let me ask you, do you hate the way these blind villagers have treated you?", the Uchiha prodigy asked. Not even having to think about his response, the child nodded, slowly uncurling himself from his protective stance.

"That's why I want to be Hokage.", he answered simply and quietly. Itachi nodded understandingly.

"Oh, but to change these villager's opinions, you will have to become something even more. A legend.", Itachi explained.

"A legend.", the boy repeated, mulling this over in his mind.

"If you come with me, I will train you all I can. I will make you the greatest ninja there ever lived, greater then all the Hokages combined. You will be the best, the legend in children's bed-time stories. All you have to do is leave this village, with me.", Itachi offered.

The boy bowed his head in though, the spiky blond strands falling over his eyes. Could he really leave the Village Hidden in the Leaves? With someone he'd meet only a few moments ago? Could he really trust this 'Itachi'? Of course he wanted to become great, it was his life-long dream. He'd do anything for that ambition to come true. Even if that meant dieing in the process. He glanced up at the Uchiha, his gaze hard and strong, one of a great ninja in the making.

"I will follow you anywhere, if that means my dream will be realized.", the boy answered in a firm voice, standing from his corner, his sapphire eyes glinting boldly. Itachi smirked.

"Then come with me Naruto Uzumaki. Today, we begin. Today, the legend is born."

And on that night of October 10th, an ANBU captain and a small child left the village, un-noticed, into the darkness of the outside world.

There we are. The first chapter of the Fire Fox Legacy. Short, but that's how prologues usually are.


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"Now that I have helped you with your dream, it's time you help me with mine."

"Anything for you, Master Itachi."