Due to three recent encounters with three very frustratingly perfect girls that make all other character look bad, I have designed a way to let out my frustration. If you're one of those peoplewho love OCs or Mary-Sues, I suggest you either close this tab/window/monitor/computer immediately, or press the back/forward/home/favorite button to lead you somewhere kinder. Otherwise, run out of the house as fast as you can screaming bloody murder and kind neighbors will make sure to get you as far away as possible (coincidentally, into a mental asylum).

Story Warning: Not for Mary-Sue lovers; beware of Maru-Sue torture; crack; character death; intense blinding sparkles around the Mary-Sue in question.

Chapter Warning: Mary-Sue, sparkles, terrifying facts.

Disclaimer: I do not Own Shaman King, but I do own the Mary-Sue and the spirit

The Misadventures of a Shaman King Mary-Sue

A typical Shaman King Mary-Sue includes (but not limited to) the following qualities:

-Stronger than Hao

-Nicer than Yoh

-Smarter than Manta

-More sadistic than Anna

-More Modest than Tamao

-More understanding of Hao than Opacho

-More worshipped than Jeanne

-Cuter than Kororo

-More social than Horo Horo

-Funnier than Ryu

-Cooler than Ren

-Prettier than Jun

-Nobler than Amidamaru

-More skilled at medicals than Faust

-Have Reishi

-Have a tragic past and/or present and wears a mask (fake expression) to hide it

-Loved by all guys

-Is able to use shinigamis, jiang-shis, and can channel spirits

-Has a connection with the Patch and the Great Spirit

-Have unusual eyes and hair that makes her "exotic"

-Is good at everything she does, never fails

-Can stop natural disaster

-Can stop unnatural disaster

-Can save Hao within a day

-Acquainted with Yohken and Matamune

-Looks breathtaking under the moon/star/sun

-Has the special privilege to form a one-person team during the Shaman Fight and wins anyways

-Plays an important role in solving all problems.


And with that, I introduce to you...Zenbi.

She is sixteen years old and the greatest creature to ever grace the human race. With a head of beautiful long, silky lavender hair, the front framing her perfectly chiseled face, she is the object of many people's desires. Her cheeks are flushed slightly with life, her light golden eyes seemingly hiding years of pain and experience, making her older than her years. Her cute little nose and pouty cherry lips makes her attractive to those around her, and the power she exudes makes many admire her.

She lost her parents when she was five, and survived with her younger brother with nothing but her own skills. Living in the wilderness since young, she has developed not only a fit body that has a perfect curve, but also honed senses and is in tune with nature. Her furyoku amounts to a little bit less than Hao's, but only because she suppressed half of her power because she thought that she was too powerful herself. Not only that, she is also very talented (the best there is) in physical combat and use of any ranged weapons; her tact is second to none. Her life had been filled with the blood of others since her parents' death, having no choice since she needs to protect herself and her brother. But despite the harsh life she has, she always puts on a smile and hides everything behind a mask of cheerfulness.

Her spirit is Enman, the younger brother that she lost at the age of ten. The two of them were chosen by the Great Spirit, and by sacrificing his life, Enman attained the God's ultimate power to create nothing from something and to create something from nothing. This power is in turn passed onto her through shamanism.

The above are merely a few of her limitless wonderful traits. In another words, Zenbi is a perfect, undefeatable, lovable, omniscient entity.


Since the objective of her existence is supposedly her suffering and eventual downfall, I will now embark on a journey to break through her impenetrable barrier of perfection, in searching of nothing but satisfaction, of course.

Now, I give everyone a chance to get their hands on this Mary-Sue. Whether you want to adopt her for a story, or whatever, feel free as long as you inform me at some point. However, the main purpose of this story is not to admire this presently created Mary-Sue, but to torture her in the light of my frustration, so the following chapters will be filled by single-chapter drabbles (or non-drabbles) that include the torture of Zenbi (perfection) and her spirit Enman (perfection).

If you desire specific torture, you can either adopt her for a story of your own, or you can message me or leave it in a review (along with the character(s) with whom she interacts) and I'll get to it someday (when that day is depending on the amount of requests). Or, if you want to, you can write one and send it to me and I'll add it up as a chapter credited to you. Meanwhile, if there are no requests, I'll be issuing the torture of Zenbi myself. It's good stress relief, so don't read if you don't feel like it.

On the other hand, if there are any Mary-Sue qualities you would like to add, feel free to leave it in a review or contact me in anyway and I'll add it in the chapter/drabble/torture spree.

In the light of the nature of this story, then, this story will constantly remain in the status "Complete". Despite that, however, there will be updates at random times at my whim.