'Nobody's home'

Nobody's home

Summery: Inuyasha betrays kagome one last time, after attempts on her life she becomes emotionless, where dose Sesshomaru come into this painful story? (and I mean literally for kagome!)

Pairing: KagxSesh, InuxKikyo

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own Inuyasha n co. but I do luckily own every episode on DVD (I no im very very sad )

" " Talking

' ' Thinking

Chapter 1: Painful endings.

Kagome stood hugging the goshinboku tree. Tears soaked her porcelain cheeks. Her heart had been broken once again buy Inuyasha. She didn't want to realise that Inuyasha had chosen kikyo. It hurt too much; she didn't want to think about him or what happened it just hurt.

'Why, why did this have to happen to me?' she thought to her self. Unknown to her Inuyasha had returned to the spot at which kagome was crying, a twisted plan swirling in his mind.

Kagome heard the leaves rustle and she turned around to find Inuyasha.


Inuyasha raised his hand and extended his claws. Kagome's eyes filled with want of what was to come, she might as well end her life, there wasn't much in it now anyway.

"For kikyo" where the last things kagome heard because as inuyasha's claws collided with her face Kikyo shot an arrow which held her to that god forsaken tree exactly where Inuyasha had been when she first found him.

As kagome took her last breath, kikyo expected her soul to come flying back to her, but it didn't happen. Either way she was happy because she now had Inuyasha for herself no copy trying to win his heart. She grabbed Inuyasha's arm and they walked off into the darkness of the trees unaware of the molten gold eye's watching their every move.

As kagome felt their aura's slowly disappear she let herself breath once more. She grabbed the arrow that held her to the tree and pulled it out. All that was left was pink dust and a heartbroken kagome. She slid down the trunk as silent tears fled away from her eyes.

She felt all emotion fly out of her as if they had grown wings, nothing seemed right anymore. As she tried to stand up the figure that was watching her decided to show themselves.

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