Nobody's home

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Last time

Her eyes widened forgetting her mask that she had cleverly created as his lips brushed against hers.

"I didn't change you, don't try that again for you are mine" and with that he kissed her hoping she will enjoy it as much as he was.


Kagome's eyes slowly drifted to a close as she lost herself in the kiss. His tongue licked her bottom lip asking for entrance. Slowly she opened her mouth and he darted inside battling for dominance. Obviously he won and drew back looking into her misted eye's. His hand travelled down her back and rested on her firm bottom. She gasped and he smirked.

She looked up to his golden eyes finding a small amount of amusement swirling in their depths. Sesshomarus other hand rested on her back as he lifted her and carried her bridal style to his chamber. He sat her down on the bed and kissed her once again, he lowered himself so he was resting just above her. He broke the kiss and travelled down her neck nipping at the soft skin.

"Sesshomaru stop it," she said sternly. He looked up into her eyes that had become cold once again.

"What?" he asked slightly lifting one of his silver eyebrows.

"Get off me" she said pushing against him. Sesshomaru rose so he was sitting with his knees at each side of her legs and she pushed herself up.

She removed her legs from under him and got off the bed.

"Don't try to seduce me! I am not something you can just use!" she shouted as she moved to walk out of the room. Sesshomaru was infrount of her within seconds.

"Why do you think that?" he said brushing some hair out of her face.

Kagome slapped his hand away and slid the door open. Sesshomaru's eyes widened as he watched her calmly walked down the hall and turned the corner.

Kagome had reached the giant wooden doors; she carefully pushed one open trying not to scratch it with her claws. Cold air hit her face as she walked out of the stunning castle. She touched her face and felt the scare that marred her face. A tear slid out of her eye and she ran out of the castle gates. She smelt warm water and changed direction. She stopped at a beautiful hot spring, it was surrounded but smooth rocks and small clumps of grass hung in the water. She took off the simple kimono she was wearing and sunk into the soothing water. Sighing with content she closed her eyes and bathed in the water.

Sesshomaru followed her scent to the doors of his castle. It was still open letting the cold air fill the small hallway. He walked out, and lifted his head. His nose twitched, as he smelt the sweet scent of cherry blossoms. He started to walk in that direction eyes closed but his other senses alert to everything around him.

Kagome had just finished putting the Black kimono back on, when Sesshomaru walked into the clearing. She stepped back as he stopped and looked at her.

"What do you want?!?" she asked quietly, almost whispering. He just looked at her and walked forward.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed while backing up. Sesshomaru stopped his advance and looked at her fearful eyes.


"NO!" She interrupted him.

"I can..'t I don't want to hurt anymore!" she said between sobs. Sesshomaru's eyes softened and he sighed. He walked to her shaking form and wrapped his arms around her.

"Im sorry" he whispered in her ear.

"W…what?" she said shocked at his outburst.

"Im sorry, I took it too far after all, you have been through a lot just recently" he explained while growling softly to comfort her.

"Thank…. Thank you" she said as she lent into his embrace.

Sesshomaru felt her go limp against him and figured that she had fallen asleep. He lifted her and took her back to the castle.