Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon so don't sue me

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon so don't sue me.

Author's note: I got the idea for this fic while I was on the bus to school. You don't have much to do in 30 minutes, watching the same view each and every day, have you?

I'm sorry if I have spelling or grammar mistakes.

Lucky guess

~ Misty's POV ~

It was suppose to be a normal day. We were in a local town again, and were heading to the pokemon center. We checked in and got the keys to our room. Typical you…you wanted a nice dinner. We weren't hungry, you were the only one that was, but we had to come…

Did you know we didn't want to go? Did you know?

On our way, you saw a colorful tent on the sidewalk. You wanted to see what's in there. It was a future teller's tent. "I don't believe in these stuff. Let's go," You said when you saw the old woman inside. But she didn't let us leave. She pulled you deeper inside and seated you on a small chair. You huffed.

Did you know what was about to happen? Did you know?

You said you want to go, you told her to let you leave the tent. She refused. She said you are Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet. You said it was a lucky guess.

Did you know I was afraid? Did you know?

She said your dream is to become a pokemon master. She said you almost got killed in a car accident when you were three years old. We were shocked to realize that. You never told us. You said it was only a lucky guess.

Did you know we didn't know? Did you know?

She said you wouldn't become a master. We got angry. You demanded to go, but she held you back. She said that when the light becomes green, you would die. She said that in the funeral it would be raining, because the sky would cry for the lost of such a great kid. You said it's never raining in funerals. You said that the sky don't cry for people, it cries for nature. Then we left. She didn't want money. We wouldn't have given her, anyway.

Did you know I felt something's wrong? Did you know?

You were so angry when we continued on our way to the restaurant. We stopped by the traffic light on the sidewalk. The light changed to green and we crossed the highway.

Did you see when the time stood still? Did you see?

The car hit you. I saw you in your puddle of blood. The driver got away. Only then I understood what the future teller meant.

Did you understand too? Did you understand?

The funeral took place two days after your death. Everyone cried hard, Especially your mother and I. your mother is now alone, she has no one left. She's up in her room most of the time, crying her heart out and hugging your picture. You remember that picture, right? It had been taken after the Indigo league.

Did you see your mother's tears? Did you see them?

I had to say some words about you. Everyone said I wrote a beautiful speech. Too bad I wasn't able to finish it. I burst out crying. Everyone tried to comfort everyone.

Have you been there for them? Have you been there?

I said I love you. I said I wish I could have told you before you died.

Could you hear my words? Could you hear them?



Author's note: evil me… I don't like to kill Ash…it's just fits good in AAMRN. I don't recommend killing him, though. Please review!