Title: Call of the Wild

Length: 2 Parts

Pairing: SLASH! Harry/Remus

Summary: Harry doesn't like what he sees when he steps off the train. It was already planted in his head about how much he cared about Remus Lupin, but it became so much stronger when he saw the man falling apart. Harry was about to take a gamble with a wolf and he wasn't about to give up.

NOTE: I wrote it for no other reason except for myself. I wanted it to longer, I toggled with it being longer but I have too many projects to extend this. My mind ran away with about a million possibilities. But I just couldn't do it. Hope you like and yes it's short and it's complete. It's only first person at the very beginning, changes rapidly after that.

Part I

Perhaps I pressed the buttons on purpose? I had just slipped off the train and onto platform nine and three quarters to stare the man directly in his eyes. My emerald green pierced his. I tilted my head to the side, I didn't know if it was the Slytherin side of me or another side that was indescribable, but I knew right then and there that I was going to somehow make him mine. He stood there between a group of wizards, his beautiful personality wasted, his gorgeous face and features hidden behind an air of glum. His dark chocolate brown hair was tied messily to the base of his neck and his eyes, golden amber and so hungry, hungry for something and I knew that I had to have him. We were both perhaps extremely hungry and I knew that it was a strange match. He was older, twice my age, but did I care? Not at the moment. My only intent was to grab the man in my clutches and do what I wanted to do with him. Show him that he did not need to be miserable because of something he deems a curse.

He is not a curse; he is a beautiful, beautiful spirited wolf. Remus Lupin is my prey and I will claim him and I will make him claim me. No matter what it took. It wouldn't be able to happen during the summer, I already had plans for that. No, but that didn't mean I couldn't get things started, right? I head toward Mr. Weasley, Tonks, and Remus Lupin. The latter was looking sad and sheepish at the same time. God, why was he so shy? He was a fucking werewolf. Something had to give.

"Harry, how are you doing?" Mr. Weasley asked fatherly like. He curled an arm around me and I returned the hug in full.

"I am just fine Mr. Weasley."

"Wotcher there Harry." Tonks said tilting her head to the side. Her hair was as bright and pink as ever.

"Harry." Remus was having a difficult time staring me in the eyes now. When he drew away he was almost shaking. This would have to change. He was strong and he couldn't allow anything to cripple him.

"Rem, I want to talk to you. Privately." I didn't give him a chance to respond, I took his hand and I asked Mr. Weasley and Tonks to watch my items and then we went over to a corner where no students or adults were. It was shaded and cool.

"What's wrong Harry?" Remus asked me.

I arched an eyebrow and tilted my head to the side and regarded him for several moments. His voice isn't as strong as it should be. He was so gorgeous, did he not know this? He was an Alpha werewolf, I was sure of it. He had the glow of one, yet he had the despondency of a child being whacked with a switch.

"Stop it." I finally say with a stern nature.

He blinks and looks at me puzzled. The small lined scars on his face were beautiful against his golden tan skin. Was everything about this man golden?


"Stop it." I repeat and then I back him up into the brick wall, thankful no one can hear or see us talking. "Please, Remus John Lupin, Moony." I enunciated his pet name.

"I- don't understand?" Remus looked at me helpless.

Perhaps he did not understand, I was coming off a little stronger than I meant too. But I couldn't help it. He's tearing himself up for being a wolf, he shouldn't hate it. He should love it, embrace it and Sirius being dead only made things worse.

"No, you wouldn't." I then say quietly. Instead, I raise my hand and brush the back of it against his cheek. Perplexed and stunned, Remus was but he instinctively leaned into the touch, almost as if his nature was craving the contact. "You're Remus Lupin," I respond and I push a little closer almost closing the gap between me and the older man. "I want you to stop."

Remus swallowed, I could see it from his tan neck, and I could see the confusion in his eyes. He didn't draw away so I took that as a good sign. "I - wish I understood Harry. What- are you doing?"

I smiled partially, "I want you, to be you."

"I- if this is about Sirius-"

"No." I said sharply cutting across him. "This, has nothing to do with our dear Sirius, Remus. This has to do with you. I can't stand to see this, I cannot stand to see you like this." My words were biting and I knew it because Remus flinched, I watch as his eyebrow knit together. "You've been hiding away, tearing yourself up over the wolf inside of you. Don't do that."


His voice was beautiful, husky and low. A hint of kindness with a power that Remus didn't know he had. "If you want to keep saying my name, then kiss me." Remus' eyes widen, in shock at my command. I smile slyly, "I'm deadly serious, Remus John." I run my fingers across two of the scars on his cheek. "Kiss me." I hissed steely. Remus' eyes flashed when I hissed the command and something throttled deep inside of me. Something so worthwhile. "Do it, now, Moony. Kiss me!" I pushed him roughly against the back wall. I need a reaction from him. I have to get it.

The reaction was instant, Remus pushed off the wall, grabbed me around the waist and brought his deliciously full lips crashing down onto mine in a searing kiss that burned my lips. His hands gripped me, I whimpered and indulged him back, kissing sloppily, meeting the man's whisky breath, for I knew immediately when we made contact that he had just downed enough to ease the pain. But no, I was not going to let him 'ease' any sort of pain. He was going to take all the emotions and I was going to pull it out of him. He bit my lip, I licked his grazing my tongue across the bottom and then the top. Mmm, his breathe felt good, smelled good, and most of all he tasted good. I knew he would. I gripped him by the shoulders, forcing him to remain where he was, kissing me and attacking my mouth, taking the control from my hands like a werewolf was supposed too. I could feel his jaw brushing up against mine. He was stronger than he looked. A slender man but the power of the werewolf was unbeatable. I brought it out and I longed to keep it out. I crooned underneath him, I felt myself practically coming up off the ground in the man's arms. God, he tasted good. Dammit, I could bet he felt better.

I bit him gently before, Remus breathed into my throat, and shoved me back, his eyes wide, and both of us gasping and panting for a breath.

I smiled listlessly, "Good, Moony. Now, listen to me." I told him I meant well with a chaste kiss to his chin. He was confused, his eyes darting all around afraid that we had been caught. But we hadn't been. I knew we hadn't. "I want you, to stop! Stop everything it is your doing and start taking care of your fucking self."

The curse got Remus' attention, he honed in on me, blinking rapidly in a stupefied fashion. "I care about you more than you can think. You are a wolf, you have the spirit of the wolf and don't go hiding it, pretending you are something that you're not. If I have to fight it out of you, Moony, then I'm going too." I reached up and gripped his chin. "You will go home, change your robes, find something you like, you will get out, and you will turn yourself around, and stop being a moping, helpless, puppy. You are not! You are an Alpha werewolf, act it." I snapped.


"I love you a lot Remus John Lupin. I want to see that wolf in you. I want to see your true nature. I expect to have you all turned around by the time I see you again. You are not slipping away from me, ever."

I took two steps back and out of his personal space. As I knew it, Remus' predatory instincts reached out to grab me, but then at the last minute he realised what he was doing and stopped. Pity, perhaps if he finished reaching out, I would have stayed.

But then, had I stayed, I probably never would have gotten anything done. This world, these people, the Headmaster of Hogwarts. They were all a handicap for me. I knew what I had to do now and I was not going to let Remus fall.

He was mine. I would have him. He could resist and he could whine all he wanted and fight his werewolf but in the end, he was mine. I smiled sweetly at Remus and winked before turning and disappearing. I knew I had left him stunned, frightened, and more confused than anything he had ever felt before.

No one ever expects Harry James Potter to take a direct approach.

Well, perhaps it was time, I did.


Dear Moony,

I have enclosed two letters, beautiful wolf. Yes, it is me; I kissed you when I saw you after the train. There, that's proof of who I am right? Good, now listen up. One letter is for you to get all frantic and wild over, and show Dumbledore and the rest of his clan. This one is to calm your wracked senses. I have left Privet Drive. Yes, now, take a deep breath and calm down, I will tell you only once. I AM SAFE. I know what I'm doing. Will you kindly trust me Moony? I need you badly to trust me. I hardly have anyone left to trust, please understand. I have gone off to do what Dumbledore has failed to do all these years. I've gone to train, I've gone to get the experience that someone like me is going to need to go up against all the foul bastards who decide to try and attack a small child like myself. If I'm going to be the boy-who-fucking-lived, then I'm going to prove it to myself. I'm not sitting idly anymore and jumping whenever someone snaps a finger. I'm through with it. I will not be dictated… well … unless YOU want to dictate me. (insert grin here lovely Moony) Then that's fine with me. But, you know what I mean. I do hope you are doing as I told you and straightening your act together. I will be back somewhere near Christmas. I will not say anymore. I love you much and please, let that beautiful wolf inside of you show. Do it for me?


P.S. Do me a favour Moon? Take care of our house! Don't let that evil filth run it over. You have access to all the Black Vaults, Gringott's knows this. I am halfway splitting the Black Fortune with you. Yes, and don't argue, Sirius was yours too you know. Anyway, FIX our house but most importantly, FIX yourself.

"What is it Remus?" The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix at Grimmauld Place was hopping with the usual members. Sirius' house has been exceptionally difficult to return too, but Remus had little choice. His mind had been on the confrontation at the train station for the last two weeks. The confrontation in which Harry had strangely stepped up to him and make such strong demands that Remus had reacted to him, complying with the beauty that was much too young.

He had kissed Harry. Remus had not believed it was in him to take advantage of his best friend's son. But then, when he thought about it, it was Harry doing the advantage taking. The teen seemed to know what he was doing too, his eyes had been soul locking and blazing. Oh, god those eyes, almond shaped with long black lashes hugging against emeralds that glowed.

Remus had been confused since that very day. He had not understood it and when he replayed it over in his mind, he'd get all dizzy and near faintness. He looked down at the letter almost ashamed.

No, he had not listened to Harry. He was still sitting in Grimmauld Place, brooding, sad, and living his cursed life as a werewolf all by his self. The letter made his hands shake. He folded it, refusing to raise his eyes to those who were watching. He'd give the other letter tomorrow.

"Is it Harry? Is Harry okay?" Molly Weasley asked beseechingly.

He put the letter in his robes. Harry was gone from Privet, Harry said to trust him, Harry had thought him important enough to write and tell him personally that he was safe. He didn't write anyone else. Not Ron, not Hermione, no one. Harry wrote him, Remus Lupin, a cursed werewolf.

"Everything is fine, Molly." Remus' husky voice placated. "No need to go into a panic."

"But that was Hedwig! She didn't even leave me anything." Ron said grouchily. "How rude."

"What did he send?" The curly haired brunette asked from across Ron. They had a chess board between the two of them.

"Nothing that you need to be concerned about." Remus lied casually. He smiled small and lifted his tea and took a sip. He could really use a glass of brandy right now instead of this stuff.

Remus thought about it again, he knew he should, he really ought to tell the entire order that Harry had taken off. He should get people together and have them go on a nationwide manhunt but instead, Remus sat there, sipping his tea and trusting Harry's word. The teenager was right, he couldn't keep sitting around and waiting for people with more skill than him to kill while Dumbledore attempted to shield him like a helpless baby.

Harry was strong and he was stubborn. He was a damned determined boy-who-lived and with good reason.

Thus, was the reason, Remus stood, poured out the tea, and bade Ron, Hermione, Molly, Arthur, Charlie, Bill, Tonks, and Kingsley good bye. "I have things to do." He left the kitchen and ran up the staircase to his room. He turned to the gold framed mirror and blinked candidly at himself.

Remus knew it, he looked, dull, worn, and mousy. He was a whole lot thinner than he should be and his face was more gaunt than not. The loss of Sirius had been painstakingly horrible. Remus didn't know at times if he could get up off the floor or bed. He even felt mousy. He brushed his hand through his hair and ran his fingers over the scars. Harry had touched them with a look that was indescribable on his face. What was Harry thinking, goading him into being kissed? Remus was a whole lot older than him and the teen had never given any indication where his preference lay.

He shook his head, Harry was just trying to get a reaction from him. Harry was a good person, he cared about everyone, and he worked to get them happy. He made Remus or rather Moony respond. Remus refused to admit that it had probably been the happiest three minutes in his entire life.

Sirius had left him a monumental amount of gold and even a few deeds, while some of it went to Tonks, and then the rest went to the now soul Heir to the Black fortune.


Harry told him something so valuable, something he had never been told. Remus bowed his head the emotion climbing its way up from his heart and up his throat. It burned and he wanted to cry. He raised his head and wiped the tears that formed.

How did Harry know he was an Alpha Werewolf? Did he read about it? He was sure that he never knew about that kind of thing before. Harry knew just how to provoke him, provoke the wolf. He did it with a natural finesse.

Remus shook the tears and swallowed his feelings. He would listen to Harry, he had the means.

But never again could he allow Harry to provoke him into a kiss. That was scandalous at its best. The teenager surely didn't know what he was getting into with provoking Moony that way. It was dangerous.

Very dangerous.


"WHAT! He can't be missing!" Mrs. Weasley's tones were anything but dulcet and the werewolf sitting at the end of the table grimaced with displeasure.

Remus had rerouted the second letter Harry had sent him so that it went straight to Dumbledore instead of him and now every one of the members of the Order of the Phoenix were surrounded around the long wooden dining table. Dumbledore at its head looking grave and apologetic. Hermione was crying in worry. Everyone seemed up in arms Harry's disappearance.

"What about the wards?" Hermione asked through her streams of tears.

"The wards have not been tampered with at all." Dumbledore pointed out. The usual twinkle in his blue eyes was gone and he looked even more ancient than what he was.

Remus should take pity on him, but perhaps he wouldn't this time. He swirled the bronze liquid of his brandy and leaned back carelessly on two legs of the chair. It had been six days since Harry had sent him the letters. That teenager could inspire hope in anyone.

"The letter says he will not be back until Christmas! That's outrageous!" Molly declared. "He could be killed by then."

"He never told me about this." Ron crossed his arms with a jealous look in his eyes. His cheeks were as red as his hair.

Hermione sniffed, "Oh, he's being so foolish!" She wiped her tears. "He gave us no indication that he was going to pull this."

"Perhaps it was a last minute decision?" Tonks suggested from Remus' far right. She'd been trying her hardest to get his attention since Sirius' death but Remus didn't want any part of it.

He had no attachment to her, like she would to him. She was a small cute girl, her heart shaped face as kind and dear as ever.

"I don't think it was a last minute decision." Alastor Moody said from Dumbledore's left. He was grinning slyly, "That boy had this planned out all along. He must have been studying up on the wards, since you told him about it. I would bet he found a way to slip in and out of them without being detected from either side." He was highly amused by all this and Remus couldn't help but respond with a dry smile.

"That boy has no brains." Snape put in from Dumbledore's right.

God, what an immature little arse he was, Remus thought watching the black eyed man coolly. He still couldn't get over the childishness of James Potter, still injecting Harry with all the hate and scorn like he was James and like he would ever pull such cruel events.

Well, Remus hated to say it, he loved James Potter very much, but that man didn't hold a candle to his son.

"I wouldn't give him such low credit, Snape. Harry is a work of art." Kingsley's dark voice interjected. "Something different. He does the impossible."

Remus smiled fondly, yes, Harry was and he did.


Uh oh, glancing up at the old man, "Yes, Albus?"

"You received a letter from him a few days ago? Hermione informed me that you did."

Clever little girl, she is. Remus flicked his gaze her way and was amused that her cheeks had heated red slightly, "Yes, he did. It was nothing about - running off." He lied easily. One good thing about being a werewolf, no prying into his head. So, he could lie, lie, lie, and they'd never know. This was probably what suspected him as a spy during the first war. "He gave no indication of it."

"Would you relay the contents anyway?"

"I'd rather not." Remus staged a soft and sad tone. "I mean, it's rather private, with Sirius and all. He simply wrote to see if I was okay and asked me to, get my act together for I was all that he had left. That's it."

"Act together? What is he talking about? And you're not all that he has left." Ron scowled. "He has us!"

"I'm the only adult." Remus corrected.

"Oh." Ron muttered dumbly.

One clever, one a bit thick, strange little set up there. But then so was Sirius, James, and Peter. Peter as dumb as bricks. Sirius as hard-headed as bricks, and James loved to break through the bricks with cheeky joke spells and wreck havoc wherever possible.

"He has us!" Molly cried tearfully.

"Yes, but you did not know Lily and James." Remus reminded. "I did. There was nothing of relevance in the letter. I do not wish to show you, it is personal."

Dumbledore nodded finally conceded to the refusal. Moody smirked, and Remus arched a calculating eyebrow at the old ex-auror. Did he know something?

Remus sat the chair back down on all fours and he reached his senses out, his nose picking up a curious scent. He narrowed his eyes and he was sent reeling back in surprise. Moody - smelled of Harry. Remus' eyes drooped slightly as he pinpointed Harry's scent. He gripped his knees, fisting them, Harry's smell… Harry's scent… Harry, Harry, Harry. His mind was screaming, the wolf part of him was feeling the shakes. He wanted to demand Moody to take him to him. But Remus calmed the erratic wolf, insisting that Harry would be just fine. He was safe and that he was doing what he needed to do. Whatever that was.

Moody smiled from Dumbledore's side and he gave one simple little nod, indicating that Alastor Moody knew exactly where Harry Potter was and he was in no way letting Dumbledore know this information.

My god, Harry was brilliant. He collected the perfect ally. He could only wonder if there was anyone else here actually helping him.

He picked up his brandy and downed the rest of it numbing Moony and keeping the wolf in line. Remus smiled and tilted the chair once again into a perfect two legged balance.

Everyone was suggesting going on a hunt for him, just as Remus predicted. Dumbledore was willing to waste valuable time. A few of the Order Members seemed to think the same thing except for Molly who was frantic that they all start hunting for him and getting him back where it was safe.

Remus waited as patiently as he possibly could for Harry, day in and day out. He would stare at the calender wishing the time would speed up. Harry's birthday passed and still not a word. He wished to god he could get a letter, something that simply says, 'I'm fine.'

During the long summer days of waiting, Remus had taken to getting his act together. He started stripping Grimmauld Place, beginning with the Entrance Hall. He ripped all the drapes but the one with Mrs. Black. He ignored her shouts and screams at him and instead just quirked an eyebrow up at her before going back to what he was doing without batting another eyelash.

"REMUS!" Tonks shrieked running out of the kitchen. "What are you doing?" The young girl tripped over an ugly umbrella stand.

Remus flicked his wand to destroy it and glanced over at the small Auror. "Fixing Harry's house. She can scream all she wants. I'm not moving until I'm finished." He said firmly.

She stood there stunned for words, she grimaced at the shrieking of her dear aunt. Tonks watched him bemused when he ignored her and the shouting portrait.

"Doesn't that hurt your poor ears?" Tonks asked loudly.

"Nope." Remus held up his wand. "Muffled her screams. You should do the same."

September the first was looming into view before anyone knew it. Hermione was sobbing about Harry not coming back to Hogwarts and failing his year. His OWL results had been sent Grimmauld Place which told them that wherever it was he was at, only Hedwig could probably go through. Apparently, Dumbledore's phoenix was sent back as well when he tried to send the flaming chicken to Harry.

Remus found it amusing, everyone else found it troubling. Only during the full moons did Remus rest on the manor that had been torn up by him over the month. Remus had gone as far as removing the entire wall that contained Mrs. Black and then the elf heads. He would replace it with a new wall. He asked Dumbledore if he could use a few house-elves. Hermione had been livid with this but Remus just cocked an eyebrow at her and then seemingly ignored her long lecture about slave labour.

Remus had to ask himself, was he really this annoying when he was in school? He certainly hoped not. Moody would come in and out and nod approvingly. "Keeping busy Remus?"

That was weird, Moody called him by his first name. Remus was rebuilding the walls that he ripped out and Moody had come up behind him. Remus was about three heads taller than Moody who was still wobbling on a wooden leg and cane.

"As busy as I can."

"Sounds nice in here without that Black bitch."

Moody curse? Remus blinked and lowered his wand, turned all the way around and faced the old man. Remus' eyes narrowed in concentration. He reached his senses out like he had done a few times before and then gasped, staggering back.

"Sssh." It was a weird thing to see Moody place his finger to his rough mouth, "Be a good Moony."

Harry? Harry? The werewolf in Remus screamed and it took a lot to calm the raging canine down.

"You look better." Moody-Harry said in the softest voice Remus had ever heard the old man before him utter. "I came by to check on you. You are fine, beautiful." He smiled and it cracked Moody's face. "See you soon." He disappeared on the spot, leaving Remus woozy not for the first time.

"Was that Mad Eye?" Tonks asked coming out of the kitchen. "What did he want?"

"Uh-" Remus placated the wolf inside of him and shook his head to gather his thoughts. "He only came by to see if Ron and Hermione made it safely on the train."

"Oh, okay. I wanted to ask if he's already checked Devon for any sign of Harry. Would you like to come? I could use the company." Tonks asked excitedly.

Remus resisted the urge to snort when she mentioned Harry being in Devon, when Harry had just visited him using Moody's profile down to the eye, cane, and wooden leg. It'd been a weird sight to see the ex-auror's facial features attempting to be soft and gentle. But the scent of Harry lingered and his wolf was bathing in it.

"No thanks Tonks. You go ahead. I'm sure Charlie would accompany."

Tonks frowned, looking disappointed, "Oh, okay then. Bye Remus."

"Good bye Tonks." He waited for her to disapparate and then closed his eyes.

Harry was safe.

Moony rested and Remus went back to work.

The change in Remus baffled most of the order members who watched him change almost over night. September was ending and it was just after an annoying full moon, but Remus didn't feel so detached from his human or werewolf for a change. Those who watched, saw that he had put on weight. He had gone from 63Kg to an astounding 74Kg. The scars were there but they weren't prominent, they suited him, and he was cleaned up nicely. He was six foot one and had been very underweight but now, he didn't look it any longer.

No longer mousy and his shy sheepish nature he adopted wilted away for the most part. Absolutely no one understood his change except for a fair few. Tonks seemed to try desperately to get his attention but he couldn't be bothered with her. He had a deadline. He wanted to get the house fixed up by Christmas as a gift to Harry for the invaluable gift the teen had given to him.

"Wow, Remus, I cannot believe the change in you." Tonks said in awe when he came through on Halloween morning to an entire room full of Order Members.

Everyone around him nodded, he couldn't help but blush slightly at the stares.

"She's right, your change is remarkable Remus. The house looks gorgeous, although you didn't have to trouble yourself with fixing this old place up." Molly said looking around at the shining kitchen. There were five house-elves, one being Dobby and the other Winky, very well known with Harry apparently and they were only too happy to take over the house completely. Kreacher was at Hogwarts, thank god, otherwise Remus was sure he'd throttle the disdainful elf for his treachery. He knew Moony would without consequence.

"My gift to Harry." Remus told them taking a seat and pouring some tea. "This is his home and it should look like it."

"What's given you all this motivation?" Tonks asked intrigued.

"Harry." Remus answered opening the morning prophet and then shutting it again with disgust. He didn't see Tonks' face fall drastically like Mrs. Weasley had.

"Should have warned you. Nothing ever good in there." Charlie commented. He'd been in from Romania for the last four weeks and had finally found paid leave to join his family and the order.

"Oh, that's it? Just Harry?" Tonks' voice was rather smaller than usual. She was trying to capture his attention again obviously grasping desperately at straws.

Remus raised his head and gave her a bemused stare. "What else is there?"

"What can Harry do from wherever it is he's run off too?" The Auror asked strangely.

"Harry, can do a lot." Remus confirmed taking a few buttery scones and sausages from the middle of the table.

"So, Harry is the reason you've cleaned up, you have confidence, and you're taking charge of yourself?" She interrogated with a chided edge.

Remus gave her a wry smile. "Hard to believe?"

"Yes!" Tonks declared, her eyes wide. "It is hard to believe, Remus, when you've never done it before."

What was she getting at? Why on earth was she questioning him like she was his mother?

Charlie was grinning from behind his morning coffee. "Someone jealous, Tonksie?"

Tonks shot him a cold look, Molly blinked, "Charlie!"

"What?" Charlie looked up at his mother. "It was just a question. What's so wrong with Harry inspiring Remus? It's about time someone does and perhaps he did it the right way. Harry is a type of motivation that is unbelievable. He inspires a lot of people."

"You sound as if you talk from experience. You don't know him that well." Molly voiced.

Charlie smirked, "How do you know mum?" he countered.

That startled everyone, Tonks was as pink as her spiked hair, "I - am - not jealous. I was curious!"

"I thought you were a Hufflepuff not a Gryffindor."

Dumbledore, Moody, and Snape came through the room breaking up the potential fight between Tonks and Charlie.

"Good morning everyone." Dumbledore greeted kindly. "We are waiting on Professor McGonagall with Ron and Hermione and then we will proceed." He gave a quick head count of everyone. He stopped on Remus who he hadn't seen in almost a month. "The moons doing you well?"

"Better actually." What was it to them if he decided to change himself and clean up? If he decided to find motivation in something or someone? He didn't understand Tonks' reaction. Did she perhaps like him more than a friend?

Over his sausage and scones he thought about Tonks' attitude and then Mrs. Weasley's persistence on them being alone in rooms together. She'd done it three times now and Remus had only barely managed to escape without making an arse of himself.

Thing was, Moony didn't like Tonks. He liked her well enough to call her a friend but he didn't have any interest beyond that. Remus understood now perfectly well what Harry had been telling him. Funny how a teenager knew it before him.

Bill, the oldest Weasley son sashayed through the room with a confident aura about him, one that he always did. He had a small flippant little blonde next to him that was obviously part veela but that's not what caught Remus' attention.

The tall, dark redheaded man smelled like Harry. It was all over him, more on him than Moody. Moody had only a tainted trace but this… it was - In him - everywhere.

Bill hugged his mother and kissed her cheek, she smiled and greeted her son and then his girlfriend, who was apparently introduced as Fleur Delacour. It was obvious that the girls did not take to Fleur like the men had. Bill sat comfortably next to Charlie who leaned over and whispered something to him and getting a laugh in a return.

Fleur was staring at him with suspicion and with good reason, thought Remus swallowing and invisible lump in his throat. Why was Harry's scent all over Bill? Moony demanded an explanation.

Hermione and Ron came in and they gasped at Remus' change in appearance and the house itself.

"It looks great." Hermione said looking all around. "What did you do?"

"Hermione's right, this place is great!"

"I'm not done yet. I was hoping it would be in top shape by the time Harry came back."

Ron and Hermione's face turned to stone. "If he comes back." Hermione scowled.

"Yeah, he doesn't even care enough to write." Ron spat scathingly.

Bill and Charlie glared at the two and Remus arched an eyebrow. "I don't think you should jump to conclusions yet. I'm sure Harry had a reason for leaving."

"Yeah reasons he decided not to tell his best friend." Ron sank down with a huff and Hermione followed suit.

"He has told no one, I'm sure." Remus placated delicately. "Whatever Harry's doing I'm sure he's safe."

"He'll not be safe until I have him back in the castle or here in Grimmauld where he belongs." Dumbledore sadly said.

Most of the meeting consisted of Harry and then it rerouted itself to what the Death Eaters were up too. Apparently, they were attempting to put spies in the Ministry, Hogwarts, and attempt an assassination on the muggle Prime Minister.

"I've got him taken care of." Kingsley announced. "Scrimgeour has placed me on watch along with Dawlish."

"Very good-" Dumbledore was cut off abruptly then when they heard a flapping of wings through the owl grates and everyone gasped as a familiar snow white owl flew into the room with two letters attached. It circled them twice and then landed right in front of Remus.

She hooted at him and he smiled. "Hello Hedwig." He genially untied the letter and gave her a bite of his sausage in return. She then hopped over to Dumbledore and presented a letter to him but when he tried to put a tracking spell on her it rebounded and the Headmaster barely ducked in time to miss his own charm.

Hedwig snapped her beak viciously at Dumbledore before flying away.

Remus smiled and ripped open the letter, the scent of Harry stirring his wolf.

Dear Moony,

I miss you


Remus chuckled and folded the letter that seemed too long for the three words. They warmed his heart in a way he hadn't expected. Those simple words were all he needed.

"What is it Remus? Anything important?" Hermione asked moving up on her elbows.

"No." His smile became wide and wolfish. "Nothing actually."

"Oh dear." Dumbledore said frowning as he gazed over the letter. Attention turned to him immediately. "Wherever Harry is, he's doing magic and lots of it."

"Magic? Outside of school? Can't the Ministry detect him?" Tonks asked all at once. Her eyes cross. "He can be expelled for that. Not that he doesn't deserve it."

"He's obviously found a way around the magic law. Whatever it was."

Remus leaned back, "Sirius." He easily put two and two together.

"What do you mean, Remus?" Dumbledore inquired.

"Sirius emancipated Harry. The Trace severed the moment Sirius' will was released."

"So he can do magic under age?" This came from Ron and the jealousy clearly shined in his eyes.

"I would say so. Sirius knew what he was doing when he executed that Will."

"Yeah give that brat everything Black's owned." Tonks scowled.

"Now, Tonks, that's not very nice to say." Molly said shocked.

"It's true." She said crossing her arms over her chest.

Something about Tonks was really grating on his and Moony's nerves. Several of the room began putting their thoughts in on this. Some were agreeing, Hermione and Ron even agreed. Remus noticed the ones who did not agree were, Moody, Snape, McGonagall, Charlie, Bill, and Kingsley.

"I don't think that is a fair thing to say." Remus spoke up coldly. He couldn't help himself, he had to say something. "Sirius loved Harry more than anyone in this world. There was nothing Sirius wouldn't do for Harry. You ask him to jump into hot lava for Harry and he would bloody do it. The love was only reciprocated to the extreme. Harry deserves the name Black, he deserves everything Sirius left him. I do not think it is appropriate to be bad mouthing the dead like you all are so cruelly doing and it's even worse bad mouthing a teenager who would give his life for every last person in this fucking room."

"Remus!" Molly, Tonks, and McGonagall shrieked scandalised.

Remus' eyes flashed. "Moony, will not allow any of you to speak ill of Harry, lest you be chucked out on the street. This is Harry's house, mind your manners."

"I quite agree." Charlie said boldly. "Remus is right."

"Quite right." Bill agreed, receiving a glare from Fleur.

"You don't know that little boy, well Bill, do you?"

Bill smiled slightly. "Enough to be going on with."

Remus arched an eyebrow and decided not to mention aloud about how much he smelled so much like Harry, Moony couldn't stand it.

"What happened with Hedwig?" Hermione asked Dumbledore trying to break the ice.

"She's got a rebounding spell on her. No one can cast on her but Harry. Clever trick he used." Dumbledore admitted placing the letter down in front of him. "I do not know how he's gotten a hold of such magic seeing as it is not taught at Hogwarts."

"Where is he? Do you know anywhere at all?" Ron asked.

"It seems he's all over the place." Dumbledore sighed. "He says, he's been to Tibet, Spain, Australia, Japan, China, and he's even gone to the states."

"How?!" Hermione shrieked.

"I don't know Hermione. There are a number of ways including muggle transportation, Harry is very adept at being a muggle when he has to be."

"But you said he's using a lot of magic, wouldn't he be using port-key or floo?" Tonks asked.

"I doubt it. Not to make it overseas. No one would dare floo and port-key is very tricky. If you get it wrong you could wind up in the ocean. Harry doesn't have that skill."

"You're certain of that?" Moody asked cackling. "You just explained the rebounding spell - highly intelligent bit of magic there, whose to say he doesn't know how to oversea port-key? Potter is a smart brat I give him that."

"Harry was never all that great in anything but flying and defence." Hermione attempted to put in.

Remus couldn't resist the indignant snort, "You really that sure of Harry's poor magic abilities aren't you, Hermione?" He asked with a challenging air.

"Wha-? It's true! He's not - that good. He doesn't know that many spells. I'm sure someone's been working for him." Hermione surmised.

Remus gave a barking laughter, "If you really think that then it's no wonder you never made it into Ravenclaw."

Hermione stared at him registering the comment to be an insult. Her cheeks were burning red and Remus found amusement in this.

"For the first time, I happen to agree with the werewolf on this." Snape spoke for once. "Potter has indeed showed he may be made of more than his dunderhead friends believe." He was given death glares from Ron and Hermione. The latter looking thoroughly stung.

Dumbledore sighed, "We are getting nowhere with this. Ron, Hermione, what have you found out about the students around Hogwarts?"

"Luna won't talk to us. She doesn't seem to like us at all and Neville won't even talk to me anymore." Ron said shaking his head. "I don't understand why! I've had to take up friends with Dean and Seamus after Harry left."

Hermione sighed and shook her head to the Headmaster, "Nothing, except Neville's strange behaviour."

"I expect him to be a little jumpy with the Lestrange's on the loose. He's probably not feeling very safe at the moment and with Harry missing in school it has decreased hope." Dumbledore theorised. "No matter what some people say, Harry is the reason plenty of students were still coming back to school this year. They believed that he would keep them safe with simply his name. He is gone and the school has slowly withdrawn."

"Surely, he can't make that big of an impact!" Tonks exclaimed incredulously. "He's just a kid."

"He's more than a kid." Bill put in. "I am not talking about his boy-who-lived status. What I'm talking about is how Harry will do what he believes is right whether anyone believes it or not. If he thinks the world needs saving, then you know what? Harry will do it and he will ignore all the scorn and cruelty that comes with it because that's what Harry does and that's how Harry lives."

The room went silent at Bill's statement. Fleur frowned. "You never told me of zis Bill."

Bill shrugged. "I am only putting in the truth. You can take it for what you want."

Oh, Moony will take it for what it was, Remus thought to himself. He loved the words Bill used but Moony did not love Bill at the moment. Remus was trying desperately to pull him back in, insisting that Harry was not theirs. They did not own Harry nor did they claim him. Moony however was stirring and getting furious at the very statement. Remus grimaced and gripped the table and he willed Moony to calm down. Sometimes, it was exhausting putting up with the wolf. It took a lot out of him a lot more than he was used too. The last few weeks he'd learn to put a control on him without kicking him down. He learned to work with the wolf and become one rather than set himself aside and hog tie the wolf instinct down before moving on with his human instinct.

Good God, what has Harry done to me? Remus thought to himself.