Part II

Remus knew he had to be back today. He just had too. Jumping out of bed at half past six in the morning, Remus made one last sweep of the Manor before setting himself for a long shower and a quick breakfast. He would wait all day if he had too. It was Christmas and the Weasleys were there sitting in the kitchen passing out gifts to one another. The place was sparkling and perhaps the most elegant anyone had ever seen. Remus had done a lot of work. He'd refused to relent no matter what Molly Weasley said to him. She kept telling him it wasn't worth it, but Remus knew better.

"You don't really think, Harry will show up do you?" Hermione asked glancing to Remus who looked to be in a very pleasant mood.

"Oh I do. I hold Harry to his word." Remus beamed and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Ron scowled. "The git, I don't care if he comes back anymore. He could have at least told his best friends."

Remus could not count how many times they had this conversation. It was ludicrous really to keep it up. "He told no one obviously." He countered. "He probably didn't want to be smothered anymore. He knew after Sirius that people would try and force themselves onto him, to protect him and make sure he isn't too down on himself." He sat down and thanked Molly for the breakfast.

She still wasn't happy with the fact that Harry had run off and no one could find him.

"He could easily be attacked by Death Eaters." Hermione said briskly. "It was a very foolish thing for him to be leaving like that."

Bill and Charlie appeared a couple hours later at normal hours. "Harry'll be back today." Bill said brightly.

Remus grimaced inwardly, his wolf still wasn't all that fond of Bill but he smiled brightly and nodded his agreement.

"I wonder what kind of surprise he'll have in store for us?" Charlie taunted.

"What do you mean?" Mrs. Weasley asked shrewdly. Her eyes on her second oldest son.

"Oh, I don't know. Harry's been gone for ages, he apparently went to do something that no one else would let him do."

"And what is that?" Hermione asked.

"Train." He stated the obvious. Wondering how this particular witch had lost so many brain cells in a short amount of time.

"What does he need to train for?" Ron questioned thickly.

"Oh, I don't know, perhaps all these evil Death Eaters attacking him at a moment's notice? An adult can't be around and save Harry forever you know." Bill explained, receiving a glare from his mother.

"He has still made such foolish decisions." Mrs. Weasley snapped. "He's a child!"

"Yes, and he was a baby when Voldemort attacked him now wasn't he?"

She opened her mouth to retort something but then snapped it shut. "He's still a child and shouldn't have to fight."

"So he stands there like a good little 'dead' boy while the adults handle it?" Remus shot feeling mildly annoyed.

"Ye- no! But he shouldn't be anywhere near the battlefield."

"The battlefield usually comes to him." Charlie reminded.

"Either way." Bill interjected not surprised that his mother was turning into a grape. "Harry deserves the chance to train on his own terms."

"What good will it do?" Ron asked blindly jealous as he stabbed his breakfast.

"Oh, I can't be to sure," He began sarcastically. "Perhaps, save his life as well as plenty of others? Only good can come out of training but I see how you would rather him die at the hands of Death Eaters than have him defend himself, he is a defenceless little boy after all. Not smart or tough…" Charlie rolled his eyes and his words were very caustic.

Mrs. Weasley growled. "That is nothing to joke about!"

"Then stay off his back." Bill put in.

"I believe Bill's right." Remus said openly. "It will do no good to argue. You're wasting valuable energy bitching and moaning. I believe it's in our best interest to leave Harry to his own devices until such time that he wants to come back."

"Thank you Remus." Bill beamed and poured himself some tea.

Tonks, Kingsley, and Alastor Moody strolled through about half past twelve that afternoon presenting candy and small incentives to everyone around. Moody clapped Remus on the back.

"Place looks remarkable Lupin."

Remus' smile reappeared on his face. "Thank you, Alastor!" He said with gratitude.

"Worked hard, yes, yes." The kitchen was black and gray stone instead of off-white with aged markings that not even magic could erase. Beautiful black candelabras sat in various corners giving the place a warm and inviting glow. The table had been replaced with a deep black cedar and the chairs were of an expensive taste. There was also a small black chandalier up above them encrusted around white crystal. You could see an elf head pop out every now and then to make sure the food was adequate. Molly was still cooking but the elves usually made sure there was more than enough.

Hermione had not been pleased.

Tonks frowned. "When did you do the kitchen?"

"Last week. It was the final room I worked on."

"Still not worth it." Tonks said disgusted. "You spent all your time on this house when you could have done better things."

"What better than to make Harry happy?"

"What - you're his lap dog now?" She asked snidely. "Do everything so long as it makes Harry happy." She rolled her eyes. "Sickening."

"Looks like we have ourselves a jealous bitch." Bill whispered to Charlie not so lowly.

"William Weasley!" Molly shrieked in horror at her son. "Don't use such foul language around me young man! That was uncalled for."

Tonks turned a violent shade of red.

"No mum, I think what Tonks decided to say was uncalled for." Bill said coldly. "Harry owes her nothing, Remus owes her nothing, and she needs to get over herself and stop bitching. What Harry does is none of her business or any of ours and if Remus decides to do for someone he loves dearly, is also none of our business."

"Thank you Bill." Remus said struggling to remain calm and collected in his seat. He wasn't shouting out because he knew if he did then Moony would come out and he wouldn't be able to control it. It might just tear Tonks apart, limb from limb.

Tonks growled. "I still think this is ridiculous. You've been warped by a sixteen year old."

Remus snapped his teeth irritatingly. "Then get the fuck out." He hissed dangerously

Everyone flinched, Tonks' eyes widened, "What?"

"You heard me, if you think we're so fucking deranged, you can gather up your wounded pride and get the fuck out of here and out of my sight. Moony thinks you're a conniving little bitch and he won't have any of it, if you keep on this way."

"Lupin is right. You can choose to stay or go. This is Harry Potter's manor if you cannot say anything appropriate about your host then leave." Moody barked coldly.

Tonks jumped, Moody had never acted so cold toward her before. She was his star pupil during her training but now it seems that this was no longer the case. "Fine. I'll shut up."

"Smartest decision you've ever come across." Charlie added pleasantly.

The conversation after that was tense. Ron would make scathing remarks every so often but wound up shut up by a forceful look from Bill, Moody, Remus, or Charlie.

Hermione remained quiet except for an occasional question about Harry's intelligence which she found herself on the receiving end of sharp glares. The twins were hooting and hollering around the kitchen singing about Harry being back.

"We can't wait!" Fred said plopping down next to Fleur who had just been brought in. She stared at them disdainfully before flipping her pretty hair over her shoulders.

"Yes, we want to see Harry and give him a welcome home kiss!" George's eyes flickered with mischief.

"Oh no," Bill said smiling despite the devious looks on the twins.

"Oh yes." Fred and George chorused in unison.

Remus smiled despite the indignant feeling Moony was giving him. He tapped his fingers against the table, god he couldn't wait for Harry to get back. He hoped he was dressed alright… wait… what was he thinking? This was just Harry… just Harry. Remus glanced down at himself instinctively. He was wearing brand new robes, a deep cobalt blue with edges of black. They were silk and felt almost like water against his legs and body. The shirt underneath was long sleeved and tucked in. It did not button up in front and instead buttoned on the side with snaps. One of the best lines from Madame Malkins. His brown hair was pulled back to the base of his neck with a couple strands falling into his amber gold eyes. He supposed it would do for now.

Remus had never been so nervous before and he frowned at this. It was only Harry… Harry was nothing more than a close friend, right? That kiss was nothing - right? He grimaced when he felt the wolf inside of him telling him that he was insane and that if anyone touched their Harry that he would go on a rampage. Whenever Harry was concerned Moony was there, reared up and ready to strike. Remus sometimes didn't want to stop the wolf's instincts but he knew he had too otherwise face the consequences.

Harry was really doing him in.

Remus needed him.

Moony wanted him.

Remus then hung his head, unaware of him being stared at with concern. Remus John Lupin would have to face it. He was totally and infallibly in love with Harry James Potter.

Remus fought from sobbing in front of the Order Members. Now what? He asked Moony subconsciously. What was he to do now?


It was a new day, the snow glittered elegantly on the grounds. The sky was cloudless and oh-so blue no matter how freezing cold it appeared to be. Even dilapidated streets with ancient manors could be beautiful during such a fall of snow.

Number 12 Grimmauld Place was perhaps not the most inviting of places at the moment in time. When he appeared silently in the Entrance Hall, he peered around him with amazement. He had not expected the change of such a place, the walls seemed to have been completely ripped apart and it was replaced by a large black and white tile floor, a crystalised chandalier up above and portraits of both Black and Potter's hanging along the walls and in between each were golden flamed torches that were curved gracefully in different designs. There was a silver erected cloak rack in one corner and the staircase that wound upwards was now sparkling clean and instead of hard wood it was black marble. The walls were black marble as well. It did not look like Grimmauld Place any longer.

Remus really did fix it up. Harry was pleased and excited. Things had changed, just like he had hoped.

Harry, had also done some changing as well. He stood at a slenderly strong 5'8, ripples of black hair fell over his broad feline like shoulders and down his back coming to rest somewhere in the middle. They were also a mass of curls that one would never know existed if he hadn't been merged with the Black blood. Harry's skin looked like warm honey had made it's colouring permanent and his eyelashes long and black circling around vivacious evergreen eyes. He was built gorgeous and wearing sexy black spider silk fitted slacks that hugged his hips down to his thighs and then flowed like liquid down his legs. The shirt was button up, a deep crimson red that fit chest leaving no room for imagination under his built body. You could see every outline of his toned muscle. He had a belt, black with small silver studs sliding around it and if looked closely you would notice that those studs were actual potion phials. On each hand Harry wore a signet ring, a Potter, a Black, and a Peverell ring. Each one having different logos but they each belonged to Harry Potter. His vaults easily contested to that. On Harry's left wrist sat a beautiful gold rolex watch and with every step he took it was fluid and smooth. His lips were a light pinkish and full. His cheekbones high and feline like. A lot had happened, a lot of changes had occurred and the Harry Potter everyone knew, no longer existed. His cologne was light, a muggle kind of cologne known as CK1; he'd taken a rather strong liking to the stuff and found it his usual wear.

As Harry crossed the Entrance Hall, he tried to keep his footsteps silent. He could hear people behind it.

"Who knows if he'll show," said the cold voice that reminded Harry of Tonks. "The stupid kid was always one to break rules, like he'd keep a promise."

What was with her? Harry thought darkly. He'd only been around when he pretended to be Moody. He had been worried about Remus and wanted to make sure he was okay. Harry hadn't wanted to up and leave Remus like that but he had very little choice.

"I told you once not to speak like that." Remus snapped sharply. "You're in Harry's house and for your information, Harry's never broken a promise. It's only half past two."

Harry smiled, Remus, his Remus. Moony, his beautiful werewolf.

From the murmurs of other people he knew that, Ron, Hermione, Kingsley, Tonks, and the rest of the Weasleys were sitting in there aside from Remus. Harry smirked to himself and gathered his courage before striding through the room.

"Fancy seeing you lot here…"

Everyone in the room became utterly silent. Harry arched a crafted eyebrow and leaned against the doorframe and browsed over each expression of shock. He crossed his arms over his chest. His hair bounced forward springy and curly. Mrs. Weasley was staring at him as though she'd never seen him before. Ron's mouth was gaping open at the fact that his friend was now competing against him in height. Hermione's eyes were glazed over as she realised his appearance. Ginny was blinking rapidly and murmuring, 'god on legs.' Charlie and Bill were grinning maniacally. The twins were drooling into their lunch. Fleur was staring starstruck, Mr. Weasley was smiling brightly. Kingsley simply let out a low chuckle. Tonks was cross between dazed and a glare, Moody was chortling and nodding his appreciation for Harry and his entrance and finally…

Harry's eyes fell souly on Remus. He could not have looked more gorgeous. He sashayed over to the werewolf and stopped right in front of him. "Remus, Moony." His words rolled off his tongue like velvet and Remus' golden eyes peered up at him. "Perfect." He dipped his head down and kissed Remus on the cheek.

Remus felt a flood of emotions race over him, and Harry smiled lightly. "Seems as if you all have different things to say about me. Well? Let's have it." Harry smirked and turned around to face them all but he did not leave Remus' vicinity. "I am waiting to hear the two hour lecture on running away, the lecture on not writing and being such a bad friend, the lecture on how foolish and dangerous it was, and a lecture on how my school grades would be sorely effected by not being in school. Well, before you lot decide to get into that. Allow me to explain a few things. I - was one hundred percent safe. Where I was, I can't much say. I was in a bunch of places at once. One day I was in Egypt, the next day I was in Japan. I did not stick around in one place for too long except for Singapore. I kept false trails on me so that Death Eaters wouldn't hunt me and in fact, I didn't run into one single Death Eater while I was gone. My magical studies is now beyond Hogwarts so I doubt that a few small months of Hogwart's lack of education is going to ruin me anyway. Unless, you think I'm not intelligent enough?" He shot an icy glare toward the brunette who blushed and looked horrified at having her words thrown back at her. Ron was staring down at his feet, looking ashamed with himself.

As he should be! Mrs. Weasley didn't know whether to scream in frustration for her two hour lecture had been extinguished.

"How did you-"

"Believe me, everything you have ever said in this manor has gotten back to me, one way or another."

The silence picked up and Harry smirked and cocked his head to the side, "Moony, this place looks amazing." He said widening his eyes for effect. He ran his hand up Remus' shoulder and squeezed it.

Remus' heart thumped loudly and he could feel his wolf stirring beneath him. The kind casual touch of Harry meant the world. He smiled big. Tonks' eyes narrowed with annoyance. "Thank you Harry. You asked me to take care of the place, it was the least I could do."

"Wh- what happened to you?" Hermione squeaked in shock. "H- how did you change?"

"Yeah mate, why didn't you tell us you were leaving?" Ron asked jadedly.

Harry remained beside Remus, hand on shoulder. It was nice to feel more than bones from the werewolf. He thought idly. He heard his friends' questions while his eyes all the while on Remus. He resisted the urge to straddle Remus' lap and kiss him right in front of everyone. Remus was still staring at him, golden eyes glittering something wild.

"Well, curious question both of those." Harry said regrettably moving his eyes from Remus and drawing up a chair to sit next to him. "I will answer but I am only going to explain once so I shall wait until Dumbledore arrives with his entourage."

"How the hell could you have done magic all this time?" Tonks snapped. "You're not even seventeen!"

Harry gave her a frosty smile. "Do not take that tone with me or I will have to show you the door."

"Harry!" Mrs. Weasley admonished. "What has gotten into you, young man?"

"Life, reality, survival." Harry answered her unperturbed by her disapproving glare. "I will not have some jealous little Auror snapping at me in my manor." His hands were in his lap under the table and they naturally glided over and curled firmly inside of Remus' hands they felt warm and inviting and it made Harry's heart skip. "The only one who is allowed to snap at me is Remus. It's his manor too. Sirius would have wanted it that way."

"I wouldn't do that." Remus said squeezing Harry's hand from under the table.

"I'm sure you will at some point." Harry offered with a smile. "I am still a foolish Gryffindor."

"I've never heard words truer," snorted a monotonous voice from the doorway.

Harry giggled as he looked over to see Severus Snape standing there and beside him was McGonagall and Dumbledore.

"Professor." Harry said cheerfully. "Right on time! I can explain without having to repeat!"

"Welcome back Harry." Dumbledore said softly. His light blue eyes were not twinkling as much as they usually were and they were staring Harry up and down as if trying to find out how he changed without asking the obvious. He also attempted to 'prob' into Harry's mind.

Harry scowled. "Don't even try it old man, I remedied that situation months ago."

"Impressive." Dumbledore commented, Mcgonagall sized him up and gave him a minute nod.

"You look well, Mr. Potter." She said, offering him a partial smile before taking her seat next to Hermione, who was gaping at her Transfiguration Teacher.

Severus walked around and took Remus' other side. His eyes fell on the hands joined together but he said nothing to this.

"Thank you Professor." Harry said kindly.

Professor Dumbledore took up a seat next to Mr. Weasley. The Weasley Patriarch had remained quiet the entire time, simply observing with an approving eye at Harry.

"When did you return?"

"My flight only just came in. I was late getting here. Christmas flights is a bitch, had I known I would have settled on a port-key but I was in Los Angeles."

"California?" Hermione yelped, eyes wide. "How'd you get there?"


"Muggle thing?" Ron asked gaping at him.

"Yes." Harry leaned back and brought Remus' hand over to his lap and used his other hand to brush across the werewolf's knuckles affectionately.

Their hands were still hidden from all but Severus, but Harry wasn't worried about the Potion's Master saying anything. He wouldn't, ever.

Remus squeezed Harry's hand; him and the wolf inside had never been so equally happy before. To have Harry back, to have their hands touching meant the world to the both of them. Remus could feel the wolf inside wanting to claim Harry, pull him close and never ever let him out of his sights. Moony didn't care about age at all. The only thing he cared about was the fact that Harry was here - was theirs - and would always be.

For once, Remus was inclined to agree with the werewolf. Perhaps the age didn't matter. It didn't seem too where Harry was concerned.

"Explain everything you've been doing, why you left, and how you left." Dumbledore's eyes were hard and piercing.

Harry was unabashed by his gaze; he then smiled. "It's not that difficult to explain." He idly lifted up one of Remus' fingers. They were stronger than he remembered and a bit bigger. Perhaps it was the fact that Remus was learning to accept his wolf? Harry wasn't sure but they also didn't seem as bony. But then Harry had never taken Remus' hand before. "Let's see - the beginning. I planned on leaving the night after the Department of Mysteries fiasco." Remus squeezed him when he said this. "I realised that I was a danger not only to other people but to myself. I could not be some underrage rogue little wizard without any proper training. I made a plan for myself to leave as soon as I got to Privet Drive. Aunt Petunia, believe it or not worked with me. I saw to the will of Sirius and then I was gone. She purchased me a ticket to Australia. I needed to throw you and all potential Death Eaters off my trail. I didn't send the letter until I touched ground in Turkey."

"Turkey! Why did you go there?" Ron gaped. "Of all the places in the world."

Harry smirked. "I was hell bent on getting to Varosha, Cyprus."

"What's that?" Hermione asked frowning.

Dumbledore had a look of shock flitter across his ancient features. "How'd you know about Monk Mages?"

"I saw it on your shelf when I destroyed your office." Harry said simply. "I then had my dear aunt use that muggle technology known as the internet. Varosha, Cyprus came up along with Monk Mages. Clever that it's a ghost town and roped off by Military patrol to all muggles, huh?"

"What's the - inter-fet?" Mr. Weasley asked interestedly.

Harry smiled. "I'll explain later." He winked and got a beam of excitement in return. "Anyway, I began there. The Monks were very friendly, I remained there for the first month training day in and day out. They are skilled and very neutral in the war. They do not side with the light or the dark. They remain grey; untouched and unbothered by society. The Ministry has no rule over them because they are deemed way too powerful to control."

"Mage Monks." Remus glowed. "That's amazing! You actually gained their trust?"

Harry squeezed his hand again. "Well, Beathan, the Grand Master was weary of me at first but he like you, Headmaster is a powerful Legilimens and he saw all he needed with just a glance into my eyes. They taught me magics long forgotten and ancient rituals I never would have guessed existed. I was taught a whole new set of magics, a new way of learning, and it was perhaps one of the best experiences of my trip."

"Mage Monks, you played with time then?" It was more of a statement than a question from Dumbledore and he looked unhappy with this.

Tilting his head forward, his curly black hair sprung across his eyes. "I did, Headmaster. I was there a month to the rest of you but half a year according to Beathan's magic."

"Half a year? He's expanded then." Dumbledore commented.

Harry smirked, while everyone else looked confused.

"What do you mean time magic?" Hermione asked. "You used time turners?"

"Not exactly." Harry shook his head. "Beathan used ancient magic to bring the past to the present and stop it there. It was exhausting but it was exhilarating."

"Anyway, I was taught by him and a select group of mages. They're different to wizards and witches. They use staffs instead of wands and are all about ancient rituals and healing. But they are useful nonetheless. I left there and sort of zigzagged from Egypt, Algeria, parts of the Sahara Dessert unpalatable and unseen. Then I stayed for a time in Romania and I stopped for a bit in Tibet. I remained there for about two weeks. I then went to Japan where I met up with a combative wizard, Haruki, who decided that I needed to be broken into a thousand pieces and rebuilt from scratch." Harry grimaced. "I'll never forget that. I don't think I slept… according to him sleep is for the weak."

"How did you run into these famous wizards Harry?"

"Beathan gave me a list before I left." Harry explained lightly. "I went to Australia to see an alchemist, I only stayed there for a few days before going to America. I spent a lot of time there. I saw some Desert Mages in Death Valley and before I came back I stopped in at California. I should have been back by eight this morning, but as I said the flight was delayed. I mixed up magical and muggle transportation to keep all the trails off me."

"Why didn't you tell us!?" Ron demanded, face red and Harry could see the lines of jealousy.

"Why? So you could tell the order where I was and have them search for me? No, I could not tell anyone that I was planning on leaving. I had to do this myself. I needed training and since it wasn't granted to me, I decided to go find it on my own before I brought someone else I cared about to their deaths."

"Harry you can't be respon-"

Harry cut across Mrs. Weasley. "Whatever you say is null and void, Mrs. Weasley. While I appreciate your concern. All the argument over the fact that I am only sixteen makes little difference to seventy-year-old sociopath who attacked me when I was a year old. I needed training and I was not going to be denied it any longer. I realise I am not completely at fault for Sirius but I did make a foolish decision by going to the Department of Mysteries but that foolish decision also falls on your foolish heads as well."

"Now see here-" Tonks cut in. "We are not foolish!" Harry noticed that Tonks had adopted Bellatrix's scowl and even high pitched anger.

"Yes, you are." Harry said evenly across her. He had not raised his voice but he gave her a look of disdain. "You were all foolish enough not to tell me the truth. Not to explain to me that the Department of Mysteries held a Prophecy between Lord Voldemort and myself. You were all foolish not to explain to me why I was seeing this in my sleep, why I could see Voldemort doing the things he was doing, why I could see Mr. Weasley being attacked by a vicious snake. You all failed to tell me the truth because you believed I deserved a childhood. Every last one of you are as much at fault as I am. I stopped being a child when Voldemort attacked me in 1981, to ever believe any different is the worst mistake you could possibly make. My mother died to save me-" He saw Severus flinch ever so slightly at his words. "She died so that I could live. Why throw it in her face by not training her only son to take care of himself? So that he too may remain alive and those who decide to befriend him along the way?"

The room was speechless. Remus' hand was shaking but Harry held it steady.

"My point is, I am no child, despite my age. I can make my own decisions with the help of the rest of you. I realise, I cannot do it on my own but I do not need to have people shoving me down every time I make a suggestion because you believe I am too young. I will not have it and I will not listen. Your breath will be wasted when you attempt to stop me and so will your energy because there is nothing you can do. I apologise if I offended any of you but I believe jealousy and anger needs to be kept out of this war. There's enough as it is, we don't need anymore discord between those trying to fight the same side." He shot Hermione and Ron a scathing look that forced them to wither in shame.

Bill smiled wide. "Welcome home Harry."

Harry laughed. "Thank you Bill."

"That - is quite a tale." Dumbledore said interjecting the pleasant greetings that began with the Weasleys.

"It is the truth." Harry told him. "Now you can bitch about my safety all you want but I won't listen to you. You might as well attempt to be honest and see me for an equal otherwise we're going to run into some problems once this war gets underway."

"Harry…" Mrs. Weasley attempted in a soft simpering voice of a mother. "Don't you think, it is wise that you just relax. You've been gone for so long-"

"Mrs. Weasley dear." Harry said meeting her blue eyes. "You've been nothing but a mother to me and I appreciate that more than you know. However, this is a war, until Voldemort is dead I cannot relax. I can only fight and that's what I tend to do. When I said before that there is nothing you can say or do to disuade me, I meant it. Please, save your words for someone who will listen. I know they are kind and meaningful but they will do no good. This is a war and we need to end it."

"But you don't have to end-"

"Yes, Mrs. Weasley, I do." Harry took his eyes from her and stared right at Dumbledore. "Am I correct, Headmaster?"

Every gaze in the room fell on the old man. He hesitated for a mere second. "Yes, Harry. You are."

"I am not waiting until I'm well into my twenties to deal with this bastard and I won't. I will not see someone dying every single year because of pathetic waiting. Not anymore."

"Harry…" Dumbledore said slowly. "There are very important matters at hand… we must be very careful with each step we take - you must remain out of danger and out of harm's way. I cannot risk something terrible happening to you. You know you're the one to finish, you need to let us do the work first." He attempted strongly. "You must not go into this rashly."

"Harry is right." Kingsley spoke up. "Harry, you have my full cooperation for anything and everything."

Dumbledore's calm and collected demeanor changed into one of great shock.

"Mine as well." Bill announced from his girlfriend's side. "You always have Harry. You know that." He winked and Harry beamed.

Remus felt a sense of jealousy rise in him and wanted to glower at Bill but he kept his facial features straight even though the stirring did nothing to please the wolf. "You know where I stand Harry." Remus spoke with true affection, his eyes glittering.

"Potter is right!" Moody growled slapping his hand on the brand new dark table. "This is a war and we must see to it that it get's done. Albus if you work with this boy we'll have Death Eaters and Voldemort dead within the year, guaranteed."

"I agree with Alastor." Charlie smiled. "But then - you already knew that, didn't you?"

Harry chuckled. "I knew so." He stuck out his tongue and it raised a few laughs.

Mr. Weasley bowed his head. "Headmaster? I am inclined to agree with what Harry has to say. What say you?"

"If you cannot work equally with me Headmaster, I will separate myself from you and this Order."

"Harry! You can't do that." Hermione shrieked in horror. "You're not educ-" But she broke off when she saw Remus' eyes narrow dangerously at her. "Well- you're not! You're sixteen. You can't possibly make these decisions on your own." She snapped standing up for her beliefs.

Harry smiled. "Who said I would do it alone?"

It was at that moment that half of the room stood from it's place and then stepped behind Harry. Kingsley, Moody, Charlie, Bill, McGonagall, Mr. Weasley, Fred, George, and to everyone's surprise, Severus were included.

Ron and Hermione just gaped.

"He will never be alone." Bill placed a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"The war starts and ends with him." Moody growled. "Harry knows he's not infallible. He knows he doesn't have strategic abilities but he has the power and the potential and we will make a soldier out of him in no time." His eye whizzed in it's socket.

Mrs. Weasley whimpered. "I - I'm sorry Headmaster." She wiped her hands on her apron with nervousness and took a few steps over to her husband. "My children are here and my husband. I remain by them." She looked frightened but a look to her husband gave her relief and a strength that she didn't use often.

"I would never believe I could do it alone Headmaster." Harry said softly. "But I refuse to lie down and wait while everyone in front of me are slaughtered, while my ignorance is taken advantage of. You do know know that the old saying, 'ignorance is bliss' is not exactly truthful. It winds up killing those it shouldn't and we will have no more of that. I realise a war kills people, but if they're going to die they need to do it on their own terms not because of a frivolous little mistake that never should have been made in the first place."

Hermione was looking from person to person. "Professor Snape?" She tried in confusion.

"Silly girl, do get your head out of your books every once in a while." He sneered, causing her to flush and Ron to grimace. "Open up your eyes."

She seemed confused. Tonks seemed angry. "He's a child!" She raged. "He can't fight a Dark Lord."

"I've been doing it for years." Harry said simply. "And I always had help along the way." He glanced once to Ron and Hermione.

That was when Ron sighed and stood. "Harry's right, bloody hell, I'm sorry mate." He crossed the room and stood next to his mother and father. "I shouldn't have been so jealous of you." He tugged on Harry's hair. "Where did the curls come from?" He then asked thickly.

"Sirius." Harry answered happy that his best friend was standing there.

"I suppose since half of my Phoenixes are on your side I have no choice but to agree with you Harry." Dumbledore finally said. "I have always decided to work with you but I do not want you on the battlefield. I don't want you anywhere near Death Eaters."

"That's where you and I are going to conflict against old man." Harry said shaking his head. "I am heading every one of them arseholes off and taking them out. The Death Eaters fuel Voldemort's funds and anger. They are the basic source of his power. They are the pawns in the game of chess and they will be taken out and I will be there to help. I won't change my mind on this Professor Dumbledore."

Dumbledore's eyes narrowed. "Harry-"



"No." For the second time he stopped the coot from speaking. "Get over it." He looked to Tonks and then Hermione. "Get over your jealousy. This is a war and we're going to win it."

Dumbledore bowed his head. "Very well Harry. You win."

Harry smirked and shook his head. "No, not yet, Headmaster. My fight is not with you. But I will win."

Mrs. Weasley announced ten minutes later that a humongous meal in celebration was in order. Hermione was glaring and Tonks was seething. No one else seemed to really care what they thought, Dumbledore was disgruntled and was looking at Harry shrewdly.

Harry looked over at Remus. "Moony."

"Happy Christmas Harry."

Grinning, Harry nodded. "It is indeed." He raised his free hand and brushed it through the dangling strands in front of Remus' face. "Perfect Christmas gift."

Remus shook his head. "Not really. It's something I should have done in the beginning."

"It's not your fault." And it wasn't, Remus could not be held responsible for grief. Harry knew grief and he knew it well. It was a nasty little thing that ate at you and kept you down. "Don't even lay blame on yourself or I'm going to sulk."

Remus chuckled softly and squeezed his hand. "Let me show you the rest of the rooms?"

Smile still in place Harry nodded again. "Definitely, I wanna see what all you did to this place!" He released Remus' hand and fluidly left the room after giving Severus a one time glance.

Tonks was glaring at the door now and Hermione was not talking.

They got out into the hall and Harry immediately jumped into Remus' arms. "Remus!"

Remus caught him with a wide smile, arms around his waist. "Merlin, I've missed you Harry." The way he breathed against Harry's neck, made the teen feel so good. It was hot and gentle. "So much."

"I've missed you too Rem. I didn't want to leave, I wanted to drag you with me." Harry raised up on his toes and pressed a kiss to Remus' strong cheek.

"I would have followed." Remus insisted quietly. "Followed you anywhere."

Smiling, Harry pulled back minutely and touched the werewolf's cheeks with both hands. "Thank you."

Remus shook his head. "Don't." He grinned and curled his arm around Harry's waist. Harry grinned at the strength he possessed. "You were right."

Harry's smile never left his face.

The drawing room was exquisite, colours of hyacinth blue and black were the theme. The tapestry was no longer purple and it didn't even have writings on it. It was blue.

"I decided to cover it all up, if Sirius' name wasn't on it, not worthy to even exist."

Harry chuckled and stood by Remus' side, enjoying the grip on his waist. "Looks wonderful Remus, you did - absolutely amazing."

Remus watched Harry's features and he couldn't help himself. He grabbed Harry's chin, tilted it toward him, and raised it slightly. He didn't give Harry a moment's notice when he cupped his mouth around the teen's soft pink lips and drank them in for a deep and dominating kiss.

Harry shifted from the side and pushed up against Remus' chest and slinking his arms around the werewolf's neck. He was indulged, the kiss was perfect, better than the first one. Remus' lips were warm, demanding, and so wantful. Harry breathed deep and fingered the tawny brown hair, sliding it around his fingers and enjoying the gentle snagged tangles.

He finally had what he wanted.

Remus' arms came up and gripped him, holding him gently by the back of the neck and the other around his waist.

Pulling back slightly, Remus breathed, as Harry pressed a kiss to his nose. "I did not- expect to do this." He confessed.

"If you hadn't, I would have." Harry grinned deviously and it caused Remus to chuckle softly.

"What do you want Harry? I - don't understand?" Remus asked softly, his eyes pleading for understanding. "Why do I want you?"

Harry nudged him to the armchair and when Remus collapsed onto it, Harry took the initiative and straddled his knees. Remus held onto his waist and looked up expectantly. Harry's wand appeared before Remus could blink and the entire room was silenced fully.

"I thought a lot about you after this happened." Harry began and he took Remus' hands and squeezed them. "I really did, and more than in just a sympathetic way. I thought about the kind of person you were. About how strong and honest. I'd always been enraptured by you but I didn't understand it then, I was too young. But I've always liked you and I saw you on the platform and it broke my heart to see you so broken." As he spoke, Remus cupped Harry's face and ran his thumb across the boy's defined jaw line. He looked so much more real this way, his look completely different. He was not a small child no more. "I hated it, I acted on an impulse. I needed some reaction from you. You seemed dead and I didn't like it. After I kissed you and felt everything doing it, I hated to leave. I had too though, I hadn't a choice. So I left you a letter, I hoped that you would heed it and I really hoped that you wouldn't brush off my advance as something a silly teenager would do, for I really meant it with all my heart." Remus smiled at this. "I kept dropping hints. I stopped into Grimmauld because I was worried about you. Everyone told me you were okay but I was still worried. I wanted to see for myself if you were fine. I needed too, so I posed as Moody. I loved seeing you in that instant. But, I didn't know how you would see me. I just wanted you to be fine, really, even if I wanted you for myself."

Remus laughed at that and Harry blushed and shrugged sheepishly. "Gryffindor through and through." He snorted. "Go on, Harry. I rather enjoy this."

Giggling, Harry squeezed Remus' hand. "I kept dropping hints. One was a big one was Bill." Remus grimaced visibly and Harry bit his lip. "I wanted you to smell me on him. I wanted your reaction."

"Did you-?" Remus' face contorted into an expression of pain. "Do- anything?" His word's were strained.

"I kissed him." Harry confessed. "That's it, I then wore his clothes before giving them back. So that my scent was in him."

Remus sighed. "I'm jealous."

"Don't be." Harry shook his head. "I just wanted you to smell me."

"I did." Remus admitted. "I hated it and loved it at the same time. Loved your scent hated it on him."

"But, no, I never did anything with him. My mind and heart was all for you by that time, whether you rejected me or not."

"I can't do that now." Remus cupped his hands around Harry's neck, under his ears, and passed his hair just a bit. "Moony won't let me. You've signed yourself to a werewolf, an Alpha Werewolf, Harry. You do know that?"

Harry reacted by pressing a searing kiss to Remus' slightly parted lips. Remus complied back and gripped Harry close, kissing him deeper and harsher than before. Harry felt it, the claiming harshness, the tongue that brushed across mouth and left no room for warning, plunging itself into Harry, passed his meager defences, and sweeping him in a breathtaking kiss that took everything both of them had not to let it go further.

Harry parted just slightly and kissed Remus' tongue. "I knew." The power of the emotion between the two, caused deep breathing and gentle sighing. "I knew exactly what I was doing Remus. I wanted you back, I wanted you to be yourself. I wanted you for me." Harry giggled uncertainty.

"You wanted me." Remus was a bit stunned. "You're so young, you could have anyone."

Harry rolled his eyes and pressed kisses against the back of Remus' hand. "I wanted you. I don't care about age. It's just a bloody number. I wanted you for everything that you were. You were strong, true, and you have a heart." Harry placed his hand over Remus' chest. "Also, after I kissed you I wondered if it was ever possible for you to see passed my age."

"I have little choice now." Remus whispered. "I've had months of thinking, months of remembering you, months without you, and your scent and all thoughts centered on you. Moony demanded you, I wanted you and I tried to resist. I gave up, I wasn't strong enough to resist."

"You could have been." Harry ran his fingers up Remus' and then interlocked them. "Easily, but I'm glad you didn't."

He chortled. "You're so sure of my own self-control aren't you?"

"I am." Grinned Harry deviously. "But know, by all means if you wanna lose control, feel free."

Laughing out loud, Remus shook his head. "Insatiable."

Harry stuck out his tongue childishly and then curled himself up against Remus, resting his head against his shoulder and neck. Remus did all he could do and locked his arms around Harry's frame.

"You've done it now." Remus muttered into his ears. He then noticed the earrings and pushed Harry's hair out of the way and ran his fingers up and down. "Are these silver?"

"Platinum." Harry said at once. "Think I would wear silver around you? I want you to touch me not ward you from me."

Remus grinned and flicked the dangling earring, which was platinum with a black ball on the end. "Intriguing sense of style, Harry. I love it." He then looked curious. "What do we do now?"

Harry shrugged. "Anything we want, Remus."

"I want you."

"Then you have me."

"What about the others?"

"I don't really give a damn. Those on my side know how much I love you."

Remus bit his lip, he felt all choked up, and he knew he shouldn't be. He sighed heavy and brought his hand up to his mouth. "I love you too and perhaps - I don't care either. Moony has overpowered me now." He pulled Harry close and kissed him some more. "You've unleashed him."

Chuckling, Harry nipped him on the bottom lip. "That's exactly what I was going for. I wanted you to accept the wolf for I knew once you did, you'd be in full control."

"Thank you."


Bah, you don't know HOW many times I continued on only to delete what could have come next. I had so many ideas for this wrapped up into one. I wanted Severitus (For I've never done one) I wanted my mages to be in there... but I kept saying no. I HAD to put my foot down on myself, simply because i have EIGHT other stories NOT counting Forgotten Silence and I Will Possess Your Heart. Yes, I know this has so much potential, I fought with it! Wrestled even, so forgive me that it didn't go further. I have way too much going now. Haha. Thanks for the readers. :)