Disclaimer: This is my first TDI fic so I'll come right out and say it

Disclaimer: This is my first TDI fic so I'll come right out and say it. I lost the custody battle.

I hate acting. I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT! I hate acting like I don't like her, like teasing is merely a hobby. Don't get me wrong, but I want more. But I can't exactly scream I love Courtney to the entire viewing audience. It's not because we are on camera, or that I'd lose my juvie cover, but it is all because of a stupid bribe.

I'll give you a cookie everyday. Chris had bribed me. Just keep up the angst and meet me after dark on the dock of shame.

Staring down at my cookie, I realized the bitter taste it had in my mouth. Sure it was a store bought cookie, probably late from Valentine's day considering it was shaped like a heart. Pink globs of frosting and sprinkles are sitting in the pit of my stomach. Had this been one of Chris's forms of torture?

Tossing the remains of the cookie aside, it landed in the lake, making a weird ploop noise as it hit the water. A fish tried to swim away with it. "Dude tat was a waste of sugar." Chris waited for my reaction. I didn't seem to have one. Defeated he left me, glad the cameras weren't rolling anywhere.


You have got to be kidding me. An acting challenge? Talk about irony. What is he up to now? I shot him a death glare. He just grinned and winked, not enough for anyone else to realize. He thinks he can wink at me? I'll give him something to wink at.

"Trent and Gwen." He tossed them a folder. One by one he tossed the folders, calling out names. "Heather and Owen. Bridgette and Geoff. DJ and Sadie. Lindsay and Leshawna. Duncan and-."

Oh come on already. Dramatic pauses are annoying. I cross my fingers. Everyone thought I wanted Courtney. "Harold." Half a dozen eyes flew open, including mine. It would have been perfect angst.

"Chris?" Courtney raised her hand, as if she was in school. Spotting her he nodded. She waited until he realized she didn't have a partner. He counted the campers on his fingers. "How'd you manage that?" she asked. She was probably worried she'd be sent home if she didn't take part. Not that I would let that happen. Cough cough.

He turned to the cameras. "How'd we manage that?" Various responses. "Form a threesome with Harold and Duncan." That kinda came out wrong. I put my arms around my partners, pulling them closer. Well maybe Courtney more than Harold.

She tensed up but released in my grip. He was barely in my grip and didn't seem to care. So I snapped into my role, whispering in her ear. "You like my arm around you, don't you princess?" A strew of insults entered my brain. I'm putting my money on ogre.

"You ogre!" She shrugged my arm off, ready to do some damage. Luckily chris intervened. Since when does he care for my well being?

"We ran out of film, could you guys start back at ogre?" Or not. Looks like I'm getting my beating after all. As the camera man finished putting the film in Chris motioned for us to begin. The cookie came to mind. I came here as a tough cookie. And now I actually had to try, just because Little Miss Sunshine softened me. Was I really going to let him win? Nope.

"Wanna go rehearse in my cabin?" She spoke up in the silence looking directly at me, even though Harold had the folder.

"Am I the third wheel?" I raised my fist in the air as Harold hid behind the folder.

"See? Even he thinks you like me!"


I sat on the tree stump at the elimination fire. Sadie looked so gleeful to see Katie. And the crying wouldn't stop. No, not dumb and dumber. I accidentally hit the royal jaw today. Our scene involved a fake fist fight. My aim was off. Everyone thought she was just acting. Had it not been for the low score Sadie got for forgetting all of her lines we would've beat the Gophers.

Chris called me over to the dock soon after. Another heart shaped cookie. Bridgette came up to me and squatted down as I shoved the rest of the cookie in my mouth. I swallowed hoping she didn't notice.

"Look Duncan, you should go talk to her." She got back up and left. Glancing back to the fire, I noticed she was by herself. No way I was getting out of this one.

I approached her digging into my pocket. Pulling out a crumpled tissue, I handed it over. She dabbed her eyes and gave it back.

"I knew you loved me." I grinned smugly, stuffing it back in my pocket.

"Huh?" I racked my brain for that comic I read a while back.

"Love is when you don't check the tissue. You didn't check." I looped my arms around her neck, looking to the stars.

She tilted her head up. "When did you become mushy?"

I touched my nose to hers. "When I met you."

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