For the last time, I do not own TDI. Last but not least, it's DJ's time to shine!

I'm actually kind of upset that Heather and I won the mini challenge. Now I can't play with Rocky anymore. The little Doberman had gone on a cruise with Sir Edward on a doggy cruise and were returning today. I waited on the edge of the dock for Heather to show up. Today our little buddies were coming back.

I turned as faint footsteps became louder. "Hey DJ!" Heather looped her arms around my neck kneeling behind me. Grabbing her hands, which weren't as fragile as I thought they would be, I stroked my thumb across one. Just to keep occupied.

I noticed campers staring. And it wasn't at the large cruise ship that was headed towards dock. They were staring at us. Even Snoopy had struggled to push Geoff's oversized cowboy hat off to see what was going on. Duncan and Courtney, who had been playing a game of fetch with Trouble and Sasha (who appeared to be the slightest bit pudgier) stopped to watch.

The horn blew, knocking both of us backwards. Luckily, Heather slid out from behind me and didn't get hurt. Not just because my newfound alliance would be hurt wither. Don't tell anyone, but I've started getting butterflies around her. Like the I sorta kinda like you ones.

The dogs came racing of the boat and probably would've knocked me down had I not of already been. Trent, who had been playing 'Frere est Jacques' to lull the remaining dogs to sleep, had sped up his tune. Had I not known him better, I'd say he was playing the 'Mexican Hat Dance'. Gwen giggled from her spot next to him. Leshawna and Harold came down the dock to help me up. Unfortunately, as soon as I was up, Harold was down. Poor guy.

Chris's voice came over the loudspeaker. "Congratulations Gwen! You are the winner!" A loud screeching of the microphone was followed by the appearance of him and Chef. They set a steak in a large box. All the dogs jumped in. Closing the air holed package, Chef held it up.

"And who will be joining these hungry little pups on the boat outta here?" He asked, malicious smile spreading across his face. "Harold!" He grabbed the ex-camper by the ear and dragged him off with box in hand. They sped off.

"Who wants marshmallows?" Chris asked, holding up a bag filled with them. Various positive responses echoed each other. "Too bad! Me and the producers are having a roast tonight!" He walked away. Really should've gone to college man.

I grabbed Heather by the waist whispering sweet nothings in her ear. An uncharacteristic giggle escaped her. Owen suddenly pulled her out of my grasp. "Do you honestly think she likes you? She obviously likes me." He pulled her closer as she gasped. The other campers started to back off.

"Wanna go make out?" Duncan slyly asked Courtney. Surprisingly, she agreed. The other boys followed suit, asking their girls to make out. Leshawna was left behind, her boy being gone.

We argued over Heather as she snaked her way out of his grasp. I pushed Owen, making our miniature audience gasp. It wasn't hard, it was barely a tap. But unstable as he is, he jerked back. He tried to push me but I didn't budge.

"That's it." Leshawna grabbed Owen by the arm. "I got a bag of chocolate pretzels with your name on 'em." Owen, instantly distracted, let Leshawna lead him to the cabins. Heather got up from the ground. I wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Looks like there's a new trend at Wawanakwa." Heather pointed at the 3 silhouettes along the beach. "You know how I like to stay in fashion." She rubbed her head against my side.

For once, I felt daring. I grabbed her hand and adjusted my position. "What the hey. I'm game."