There's a song, on one of the Tsubasa OSTs. It's 22 on the listing, and I believe it's called "Storm is Coming". Every time I listen to it, I get this same image running through my mind. Same sequence, same timing, same...everything.

So, I decided to attempt to put it to words. Emphasis on "attempt".

This is post-series. They've defeated Fei Wang Reed, stopped his evil plans, saved the worlds, and recovered Sakura's memories. Pretty much all the plot points have been wrapped up nice and neat.

Obviously, I don't know if this is how the story's going to end. I'm just the writer, here. Let me know how I did?

It was a tomb.

Once, it had been ruins. Mysterious ruins, buried beneath the sand and holding a dark secret. Now that the secret had been uncovered, defeated, and laid to rest, the mysterious ruins had become a well-kept tomb known through the land of Clow.

Known throughout many, many other worlds spread throughout the cosmos.

Because many of those worlds owed their very existence to the one that had been laid to rest in the grand stone chamber. The one who had stopped the chaos at the ultimate cost to himself.

There was a mural on the floor of this chamber. The mural depicted an image of wings, vast and glorious wings made up of individual carved feathers.

The mural that had erased her memories.

The mural that had started a journey.

The mural that had started a catastrophe.

The mural was ancient. All of them had agreed on that. But the plain stone coffin that had been laid in the center of it was terribly new.

The silence was broken with the sound of footsteps descending the worn spiral stairs.

Her footsteps echoed around the worn walls as she entered the chamber. She walked slowly towards the lonely grave. Her mind was blank and cold, and her tiny journey across the floor seemed as long as the journey she'd taken with him.

Step by step by step, until she stood before it, looking down at the cold, simple, distant words carved into the lid.

She stared at the words for a very long time.

Then she dropped to her knees in defeat, threw her arms over the lid of his plain stone casket, and let the sobs come. They tore from her, harsh and raw and painful. She wept, letting her tears be her tribute to his sacrifice. Her sobs echoed around the chamber, and the echoes bred echoes without end.

Her two remaining companions watched from the foot of the stairs as she lay there, alone. They wanted to go to her and share in her grief, for they felt it as well. For once, they both shared the same thoughts.

After all she had lost…all they had lost…all they had done…nothing was worth this loss. No wish was worth this price.

The price of two identical bodies laying side by side in a cold stone tomb.

Fai and Kurogane could do nothing but look on silently.

Here lies Syaoran

A hero

A savior of worlds

May he forever take his rest

And be at peace

"Syaoran!" Sakura howled.