It had just gone 2am when Jack entered the hub. He headed straight to his sleeping quarters and peered inside from the top of the ladder to find Ianto curled up around the pillows in his bed, mouth slightly open and snoring gently. The younger man was still wearing his suit, minus the jacket and tie and Jack was hardly surprised considering the busy week they'd had.

He climbed down the ladder and hung his coat up in the corner. Ianto stirred and rolled over in his sleep, allowing Jack space to lie next to him. The older man couldn't help but smile at the way Ianto could always sense his presence, even while asleep.

He undressed himself down to his white t shirt and briefs before settling down next to Ianto, absentmindedly tracing patterns into the Welshman's skin. Ianto automatically turned over and flopped an arm across Jacks chest while burying his face in the crook of his neck. A few moments passed before Jack felt more than heard Ianto whisper into his skin "you smell different"

Jack didn't respond but continued to stare up at the ceiling above him and for a second the silence was so deafening Jack swore he could hear the other man's heart beating through his chest. Minutes passed and neither man uttered another word until Ianto shifted slightly.

"Did it help?"

"I guess"

Both men were quiet again and Jack was sure Ianto had fallen asleep until he felt him loosen his grip on Jacks waist and let out a breath.

"Who was he?"


Ianto said nothing in response, simply held his breath and waited for Jack to carry on. Jack kept his gaze fixed on the ceiling for a few seconds longer before turning slightly towards Ianto so his face was nestled in the younger mans hair. He inhaled the scent of shampoo and coffee and Ianto Jones before he continued.


Ianto smiled and nodded in acknowledgement before tightening his grip around the older man and pressing a soft kiss to his shoulder.

"Just as long as it took the weight of the world off your shoulders for a few hours"

Jack pulled back slightly to gaze down at the man below him and forgot how to speak for a moment as the meaning behind Ianto's words sunk in. He smiled warmly and brushed a thumb over his lover's cheek.

"I missed you"

Ianto returned the smile and reached down to link their fingers together.

"You only have to ask, Jack"

He gave Jack's hand a gentle squeeze before letting his head fall back to the older man's chest and wrapping his arms around his waist.

Jack returned his gaze to the ceiling, allowing the warmth of the young Welshman to fill him and for the first time in months felt as if the weight of the world had finally been lifted.