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Summary - I unbuttoned my shirt and rolled my sleeves to my forearm, it was too nice of a day to wear it anyway. Oh, cold! My ice cream dripped down my chest. "Sirius, what are you staring at?" Slash! RxS

I was being poked in the face. Not my ideal way to start the morning.

"Moony," hot morning breath whispered across my nose. Aha, the culprit.

"Moooony, wake up! You promised today we would play," the morning breath whined. Maybe if I pretend to sleep, he'll go away.

"Mooony!" he said louder this time.

"Moony, Moony, Moony," he was yelling now. " Moony, Moony, Moo-" someone hit him in the side of the face with a pillow, they are officially my new best friend.

Now I sleep.

Or not.

"Proooongs!" Sirius whimpered. "My hair! It was perfect! All shiny and wavy and smoo-" I think James hit him with another pillow. Sirius growled. We all know Sirius doesn't really care about his hair that much, it's almost like a running joke between us.

"Well fine, you don't get your pillows back," I could hear the smirk in his voice as he threw the offending pillows into Peter's bed. I hope he doesn't suffocate under them. Then I heard James get up and pad over to Sirius's bed next to mine. Cracking my eyes, I saw that he grabbed one of the red pillows and promptly went back to his bed to sleep.

" Rem, wake up. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I look particularly gorgeous."

Giving in, I looked at the clock. "Sirius, it's 7 bloody 14 in the morning! Go back to sleep," I gracelessly flopped back onto my pillows.

About four minutes later, he still hadn't moved. "Sirius, go back to bed," I put as much effort as I could into my voice.


And he climbed into my bed.

My heart fluttered, my head felt light. How many times have I dreamed about having Sirius in my bed? Why was he putting his arm on my hips? I was so glad I was facing away from him. Oh, god what is that?

"Sirius, what the hell is poking my back?" I rasped – let's blame my voice on morning grogginess. Something was jabbing into the lower part of my back, something that I really don't want to think about at 7 in the morning. Damn my imagination. I was trying my best not to show how turned on I was.

He coughed, the thing moved. "It's…my wand," and it moved away.

"Bloody hell, it'd better be. And why, might I ask, are you in my bed when yours is about four steps away?" I tried my hardest not to seem too excited.

"Yours is cleaner. And now you'll get up faster," he said this in a whisper, breathing into my ear.

I willed myself not to shudder as he moved closer. His "wand" was poking my back again.

"I'm not getting up any faster, Pads," I really was not getting up. Ever.

"Moony," oh, god. Why was he using that tone? "Get up Moony," he was breathing down my neck. Sirius shifted forward, his wand held almost all of my attention as it drifted to rest on my arse.

Dragging my concentration to my mouth, I managed to say, "Sleep. Please." Brilliant.

His mouth was by my ear now, "but what if Wormtail and Prongs wake up and see us?"

I listened to the room for a few moments. I heard two snores that I had become quite accustomed to. "They aren't waking up any time soon."

Four heartbeats later, I gathered my courage and reached around Sirius to close the curtain, Sirius's wand was getting even more acquainted with my arse. I like to think that he at least gasped there.

"There, now you don't have to worry." Now I can pin you down and have my dirty way with you.

"You're killing me Moony." Not in the way I would like too.

"Then get out of my bed." Don't.

"C'mon. Pleeeeaasee?" If I could see his face, I knew he would be pulling off the most pathetic pair of puppy-dog eyes I've ever seen.


"Fine." He snuggled closer. Fuck. His wand was making my wand too happy. Shit. The hand on my hip was moving towards…

"I'm up!" I jumped out of bed and half ran to the showers.

Once I took care of my little issue, I bathed and did all necessary grooming for the day. A quick drying spell for my hair, a little accio for clean clothes, and I'm ready to go. Of course, my wand is in the dorm. Pulling the towel closer around my waist, I peeked out of the bathroom door. Sirius was still sitting on my bed. I watched him perform a charm to clean his teeth.



"Go down to breakfast and save me a seat will you?" This was completely unnecessary. We've been sitting in the same seats for the last 6 years - I just needed him gone for the sake of my sanity. A flimsy towel around my waist wasn't nearly enough.

When he left, I went over to my trunk and pulled out my lucky boxers. I would need the extra luck spending an entire day with Sirius. Why did I agree to this again?

Glancing around the room James and Pete were still asleep and, my bed looked really comfy. I rolled onto it; it was still warm. Maybe a few more minutes wouldn't hurt…

Something was pressing into my sternum. I groaned and turned onto my side. It started again, but this time I thought I could just ignore it.

This time it was moving down towards my navel… Now towards the top of my boxers…Dear god, it was in my the wasteband of my pants!

Waking up for the second time this morning, I shot out of bed – again.

"What the hell?!" I patted the front of my boxers to make sure there wasn't anything still in there. Affirming that there wasn't anything in my pants, I looked around the dorm.

Sirius. Of course. An oversized puppy stared at me, forcing me to stare at his big, sad eyes.

"It's not going to work you know. Why the hell did you stick you hand down my pants?" Why don't you do it more often!?

Padfoot leaped at me, successfully knocking me to the red rug. His tongue was suddenly everywhere – on my face at least.

"Geroff you lump!" Shoving him off was harder than I thought it would be. "You gaining weight Pads? Ugh. My face is covered in your spit!"

He growled and nipped my hand.

"Someone's not in a good mood."

Padfoot became Sirius again. "You wouldn't be happy if your best friend stood you up at breakfast either." Oops.

"Oh, jeez. I'm so sorry. I really don't even know what happened," I pleaded with him. I really didn't even remember falling asleep. Crud, he's pissed.

"…" He crossed his arms and turned his head away.

Unfortunately, Sirius was renowned for holding a grudge. Time to grovel.

I threw myself at his feet, "Please don't be angry with me! I'm sorry. You don't have to spend the day with me any more!" I mentally winced at the last one. After an extra hour of sleep, I was really looking forward to this. I made a quick peek at the clock and gasped. Damn it! It was already 11:40. Grovel harder! He looked even angrier, if possible. His eyes were so…cloudy. I wished I could cheer them up. I loved his eyes. I mentally shook my head, back to begging.

"Please forgive me! I implore you! I'll do anything," at this point I was hugging him around his knees.

He sighed, "Get up Moony." Using nicknames is good.

"I'm sorry."

"Nothing you can do about it now. I forgive you. Besides, I've been looking forward to our doggy date," he was smiling again and his eyes were clear. How was I forgiven so quickly? I know I would be hurt if he left me at breakfast for four hours. Four hours, damn.

My stomach more or less roared. Sirius chuckled, and after I finished dressing, (yeah, I was almost bare naked in front of Sirius) we found ourselves making our way down to the Great Hall for lunch. I drifted behind him a bit, watching the way his body walked with the tiniest bit of a swagger. And I couldn't stop my eyes from drifting south… students we're starting to appear in the corridors…I'll just have to look more inconspicuously.

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