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Summary for The Bet - James and Sirius have a bet to see who can publicly feel up their love interests the most, using increasing risqué moves, without getting caught. Slash RLSB JPLE

Chapter 3 – and here is the reason that this fic is rated T

"Fuck, Remus."

The best way I could describe what Sirius did next - was that he pounced on me. Sirius, from his sitting position, vaulted over my knees and straddled my hips. Leaning against my upraised knees, he watched the trail of ice cream that continued to dibble down my chest.

"Sirius, what are you –"

"Shh," he ground his hips against mine and maneuvered me so that I was pinned to the ground, my ice cream completely forgotten on the grass beside me. I moaned, this beat any of those hormone-induced dreams that have plagued me for the last two years.

I closed my eyes, "Sirius, wh-?" he rolled his hips once more, and I cried out and threw my head back. I couldn't help it. This was the first time I was feeling like this, it really was intense.

"Look at me, Remus."

I opened my eyes, and gasped. Sirius used his right hand to hold mine above his head, his eyes watching that line of ice cream until finally he leaned down and licked it, all the way up my chest until finally he bit my nipple.

I arched my back, "Really, Sirius! What are you – "

Another roll of his hips effectively silenced me, this time his head lolling back too. When we faced each other again it was his eyes that really held me still. I had seen him look and plenty of girls, but never had I seen his eyes as lusty as they were now.

"Remus," his voice was extremely low and husky. Damn these leather pants. If little Remus was cramped before, there has to be absolutely no room now.

"Remus, do you have any idea how much of a tease you've been today?"

"Sirius, I don't know –" he bit my nipple again. This seemed to be a trend, maybe I should have just let him talk, but then I would not receive such pleasurable reprimands.

"Remus," Sirius breathed, releasing my nipple, "I can barley think, let alone speak when you say my name like that. You need to stay quiet." He moaned as he rolled his hips against mine once more.

"But what if someone sees us?" I let out in one fast breath. It really was almost too much trying to absorb what was happening. Not that I was going to question it.

With a sigh Sirius reached back and grabbed his discarded wand. The friction sending my head reeling once again. He quickly cast a disillusionment spell on us. It felt like eggs dripping down my back. However, a quick thrust from Sirius sent the heat coursing through my veins.

"Now, no more opening of that mouth unless my tongue is between those lips," again, I have never seen Sirius stare at anything so intently before, and his stare was directed at my lips.

"Now where was I? You are extremely distracting," he placed both his hands onto my waist, letting my hands free.

"All day you have been teasing me! First this morning when you had to grind that arse of yours against my groin, it took all I had not to drive you into your mattress. Only Pete's obnoxious snoring stopped me from pulling anything."

"You told me that was your wand." I was amazed I could make a coherent sentence.

"Really, Remus. You can't keep interrupting. I don't think I have the balls to say all of this twice. And no, it was my very stiff cock. Do you know how many times I had to cast that cold-shower charm today?" his face was heating. I didn't know Sirius could blush. Even though he seemed embarrassed, he ran his hands up and down my chest, grazing my nipples, stopping at my constricting trousers and raising goose bumps all over my body.

"And then again when I saw you lying in you bed with nothing but those damned, lucky boxers of yours. I had to cast that stupid charm twice, and I still couldn't stop myself from touching you, not even Pete or James was there to stop me.

Then when we were on the road to Hogsmede, I found a Sickle and you end up straddling my back. And when I felt your "wand," he used air quotes letting his weight rest completely on my constricted bits, "on my back, I didn't know if I could have made it through the day. I should have counted how many times I used that charm. It really can't be healthy using it that much. But now I'm rambling.

Those leather trousers you have on! They were my true undoing! If the sodding things weren't so damned tight, you would have noticed my erection the moment you came out of your dressing room. And again when you dragged me into that alley.

In that alley, when we were playing my favorite game, I thought my hips would crack from trying to hold them back and away. I wanted to do so much more than just bite your neck, Remus." Sirius leaned down and licked the shell of my ear. I had no idea that that could feel so incredibly good.

"When you took off your shirt, your perfect chest open for the world, and very horny teenagers to see, snared all of my attention. Then the ice cream had the audacity to drip past those rosy lips, to your perfect pecks, all the way to your abs," every one of his words was accented ether a roll of his hips, his tongue on my ear, or sometimes both.

"Really, I had hoped to at least make it back to the tower before confronting you, but as you can see, I just couldn't help myself." He smiled as he let his hand travel all the way past our touching groins to cup my balls in his hands. I gasped and moaned, my hands gripping the grass beside me.

"So, Remus. The point of today was to ask if you wanted to be my boyfriend. Forgo girls," he squeezed me through the trousers, "and join me in being a flaming pouf."

After his amazing speech, he actually looked quite nervous.

Pulling him towards me by his collar, I put one arm around his waist and whispered in his ear, "I'd say you're being the bloody tease." With that I crashed our lips together, and thrust as hard as I could upwards, pulling Sirius down towards me. The snog was as searing, slopping, and heated as only two very horny teenage boys could make it.

"Now how do I get these ruddy trousers off?"

Sirius laughed, "I'll show you when we get back to the dorm room!"

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