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Chapter 1



It was cold and musty, the air burning with nothing but the raw stench of smoke and ash. Like a plague it spreads through the air, grasping and clawing at anything and everything it can put its horrendous filth on. This plague rips into your mouth and chokes you with a vengeance, burning your eyes and touching you with such deadly force that if you choose to endear it you will collapse to your death.

This burning, roaring flame, of smoke and debris seems to go unnoticed by one particular subject, who seems to stand in the midst of the chaos with nothing but a rattle of pure madness to him. This creature, with sharp teeth and blood red eyes, cackles maniacally and practically breathes in his surroundings with a lustful desire.

Chaos. So much chaos.

It was maddeningly wonderful.

Pain filled cries and gut wrenching screams resonate in waves throughout the village air, making the madman roll his eyes into the back of their sockets in total bliss. It was like music to his ears. All the suffering and despair that surrounded him only fueled his twisted personality of hunger for death and destruction.

This darkness; He damn near reveled in it.

He practically opened his arms wide, welcoming the emotions that pulsed through him with furious vigor, pushing himself towards the borderline of sanity and madness. It was a beautiful feeling, so ecstatic and overpowering, it soothed his calm black soul into a contradicting fit of berserk rage.

Demonic eyes peered around and greedily took in the sickeningly beautiful sight before him. So much blood, and even equal in mass of deaths. He had caused this ruckus, and it satisfied him in being able to admit so. Naruto Namikaze is a demon, in literal terms, and expressing nothing less than twisted brutality is all just another part of his dysfunctional nature.

This village was not the first, and it would not be the last.

Mischievousness was like a game to him. When it came to the destruction of things, mischief was almost always behind it. He acted, in some ways, like a child who constantly got into things he wasn't suppose to. Doing things he knew were bad, while silently giving a twisted smile at the prospect of knowing no one could stop him. Breaking, hurting, turning his back on morals and the possibility of feeling any remorse for his actions, his lips will only quirk up in a wolfish grin.

This demon was a master at bending and twisting things to fit his own cruel little games. Oh how he loves it!

'Feel my madness and succumb to your doom,'The demon growls in his head, flexing his fingers with a sickening crack.

This was just another move on the game board. Unnecessary and completely avoidable it may be, his arrogant side purposely chooses to take out Every. Single. Piece. He can easily move his main piece and put the king in checkmate, but he doesn't. Because his mind reels and cackles in amusement at the thought of seeing his opponents horrified and furious face when all his pieces are wiped out.

All because of another mans arrogance.

Unlike other misfortunate fools, however, this demon can afford to be so egotistic. He practically pulses with undefined power. And his opponent knows he's terribly outclassed. Numerous assassination attempts that doomed to failure, and the result only prompts the demons arrogance with more vigor. His opponent can only grit his teeth in frustrated helplessness.

Sasuke Uchiha.

The destined child who rules an entire Empire, reigning his power upon those of weaker stature. He is a powerful human in a political standpoint, and the villagers practically grovel at his feet for anything. This man is viewed as a god, and that alone brings out a fury of hatred from the demon who plays the song of challenge.

Waiting for it to be accepted.

Naruto Namikaze.

Demon of the underworld, forcing himself upon human existence, no, his existence in order to prove a point. How he hates the human race, or more precisely, how he hated the Uchiha prodigy and the imbeciles that followed him blindly with such raw devotion. It was sickening. The Uchihas, Sasuke included, are aristocratic fools who greedily seek power over those who are pathetic and too weak to fend for themselves.

Not that Naruto cared for peasants and their well being or anything, it was more out of curious-filled annoyance for their quick-to-bow-down attitude. In his opinion, a man who does not try to fight for the things he wants, or does not even attempt to show even a small amount of self respect by standing up for himself, does not deserve to live.

It matters not, however.

For, by nature, humans were utterly disgusting creatures - according to Naruto. And little boys taking the throne of an Empire were the worst of them all.

Naruto hated the Uchiha prodigy for the obvious reason that they were born to be enemies.

Simple as that.

And because they were born to be enemies, Naruto planned to destroy everything that man held power over. Without a sign of pity, he will destroy Every. Fucking. Thing. Everything that man has. So there will be no checkmate until the entire army is destroyed. Until even the power over his very own body is ripped from his grasp.

This village was just another one of the kings pieces. And now… it is no more.

He regards the scene before him with cold and uncaring eyes. He is heartless, he knows, but does not give an ounce of pity or care. Because, why would a powerful being such as himself give even the slightest bit of remorse towards something so pathetic as what lies before him? This pitiful little village did not even put up a losing fight, they simply ran and screamed for their lives; Scattering like cockroaches to hide pathetically.

They do not deserve even pity.

Death, in his eyes, was too merciful for them.

These filthy creatures.

There is a shift beneath him, something which catches his attention for the briefest of moments. Staring down at his feet, he watches in boredom as an elderly man shivers and moans in agony. He's covered in blood and bruises, but it does nothing to stop the way he shakily lifts his head up towards the demon just a few feet away.

The old man is a trusting fool, and clearly lacking any form of common sense, he does something very foolish. He regards the demon with a hopeful glance and tries making his way towards the being he now sees as his 'savior.'

Naruto watches in a sudden twist of disgust as the elder man literally crawls towards his feet. Scooting his body along the dirt floor, forming a nice smoothed-out path in the dirt. Digging dirty fingernails into the cold earth, the elder man then proceeds to lift his other hand towards the demon before him, looking like a man who is reaching for the light in the path of darkness.

His naivety will be his doom.

There is no hesitation in Naruto as he lifts the giant sword from his waistline (which drags along the ground due to its enormous size in length ) and proceeds to swing it down in an almost finger flicking gesture. The elder mans extended arm is cut through so swiftly that for a few moments he does not even notice that it is gone, but soon his mind catches up to him and he is filled with a gut wrenching feeling of horrified pain.

The screams of agony are like bliss. And watching the blood from the mans arm (which is now a useless stump) splatter across the floor, as it is crazily dragged towards the owners chest, is even more so. There is a beauty to Narutos apathetic personality as he twists the blade in a snake-like slither, flicking it in the air, before bringing it back down again. The sharp blade cutting the mans head in half.

He was so… boring.

There was no challenge to be held here, and with that knowledge (which he firmly knew from the get-go) Naruto turns to leave. With a rough crack of his neck he is then walking away from the turmoil he had single handedly created. Not a single thought weighing down on his conscience which, like the village, ceased to exist.

Exiting the terrorized place, the demon lightly pressed a hand so his right shoulder, brushing off the contents of ash without losing his step. Long silky blonde hair flickers in the sudden shift of wind, forming alive-like tendrils swaying too and fro.

There were many things that made Naruto the ultimate predator. For one thing, he was a demon, which really was the only thing that made him the ultimate predator. Because it consisted of everything as a whole. For instance, he is abnormally fast, and can outrun a cheetah by walking. His demonic body gives him insane strength that could crush a mans skull with a simple flick.

Not to mention the heightened senses, demonic blood does wonders, and just as equally wonderful magic abilities that make witches bow their heads in shame of their better. He consisted of magic, inhuman strength, glorious heightened senses, and all of the above.

So why is someone stupid enough to follow him?

Perhaps they are dimwitted and can not seem to grasp that he is a walking terrorizing body of utter destruction? It's impossible to see how that person, or rather anyone for that matter, can not see the dark glow that hums around him in irregularity. So obvious in power, it reflects it with a jet black pulse which pivots around the air like uncontrolled electrical waves, making a deafening cry of 'I am your death.'

Despite the audacity it shows by not taking enough consideration of the danger it is following, Naruto lets the human's behavior slide with a crack of his shoulder. There is a brief moment of utter laziness from the demon, and he clearly expects the idiot hiding to the far right behind a tree to acknowledge the fact that they were only alive because the demon deemed himself too unmotivated to do anything.

So it was an immediate thought that the person hiding behind the tree would not continue to pursue him and stay there. After all, if someone gave you a chanceto live, would you not greedily take it? Surely humans were not that dumb and could at least have the intellect to express survival techniques.

That's what he had thought. However, it would seem that this mortal was an idiot, and clearly did not contain a single cell of intelligence in its brain. With a shuffle, he takes in from his hyper sensitive hearing the sound of scuffling feet against the dirt floor. This person is so loud and obnoxious, he doesn't even need heightened senses to hear its approach.

Naruto can only smirk, knowing that this really isn't worth any of his time, but he can't keep himself from gripping the enormous sword in a fit of lust for death. Naruto Namikaze is not one who backs down from a challenge, no matter how insignificant his opponent may be. So he did what any demon of his stature would do.

With god-like speed he moves to appear behind the person stalking his every move.

However when he gets there something brings him pause, and with a blonde eyebrow now raised in interest he cocks his head to the side like an animal viewing its prey for the first time.

Pure white eyes are wide in utter terror, as blood red pools pin them to the spot. His irises seem to pierce the owners soul, earning him series of shutters that clearly explain that he has scared the living shit out of said prey.

Hrmm.. Interesting. The demon thought in response to sizing up his victim.

Delicate hands are shakily brought up towards a trembling chest, as if they alone could shield her from the demons chaotic gaze.


She didn't know why she decided to follow him. It was an idiotic move which had continued to rattle her brain. The moment she decided to keep her gaze on the demonic being that had walked out of her village completely unscathed, she knew she was mentally combusting. It should have been obvious that he was the cause of her home being burned to nothing but ashes, but for some reason there's a twitch of curiosity in her soul that forces her eyes to remain glued to his form.

'Curiosity killed the cat.' Rattles her brain, but she ignores its wise advice, choosing to play Alice and continue on her 'curious-filled' path towards the mysterious being which catches her complete attention.

Before she happened to stumble upon him, she'd been resting easily against a stream, letting the rays of the sun beat down on her pale flesh. She had been given permission to leave the village for no more than an hour to catch some fish - to Hinata that hour was heaven sent.

She would travel a good distance from her home to be as far away from them as possible, getting only this one chance to be alone and savor the feeling of having no one around. It had been bliss, until something began nagging the back of her mind.

It was ignored at first, that eerie feeling, by the placing of a small net between a hole of two rocks, hoping the fish would try and swim through and get stuck. The first couple of minutes passed by uneventful, only the soft sound of flowing water there to bring her comfort. Until a loud and piercing scream shook her relaxed feeling.

To the young womans dismay the screams filled the air in mass waves, unrelenting even as they seemed to pass over her. Practically jumping to her feet, and completely forgetting about the fish, she scrambled around before remembering her way back to the village. From there she ran like a bullet whizzing through the air.

A horrific sight greeted her.

Burning. Everything was burning. People were screaming, ash was covering the sky in thick blankets, and to make matters worse, Hinata can feel the terror of fear gripping her throat. She's scared. So scared.

Don't be such a wuss. An all too familiar voice rings through her head.

Mentally cringing at the sound of her conscience, Hinata can only clasp her hands together in an attempt to settle her jittery nerves. But it is futile, for the moment she stares off into the entrance she notices the being that would soon be her personal living hell.

At first she allows him to walk on down the road, for some reason feeling a dark aura coming from his wavelength of power. It's pulsing with utter blackness, tainting her soul even from such a good lengths distance. Was that man some sort of demon? Was it him? Or was it someone else that annihilated her village?

Wait… was her village even destroyed yet?

A thousand questions rang through her mind at top speed. Bringing her closer to the feeling of utter abandonment, wondering if her parents are even still alive. She creates an inner battle, wondering - "Should I stay or should I go?"

Get your ass in there! Mom and dad could be dying and you're just standing there doing nothing. Luckily for her, she has a conscience that gives her needed confidence.

Being pushed by some unknown force, because she sure as hell wasn't telling her body to move, the young woman steps towards the entrance of the village. Pale eyes glance over quivering shoulders to make sure that creepy man is not hiding and ready to pounce on her. Satisfied that he's not, she continues forward.

Even from the entrance she is immediately blinded with ash and smoke. At first she stumbles back, shaking her head and offering choked coughs at the poisoning contents, but that is discarded when a growl from her conscience fills her mind.

Palms suddenly over a quivering mouth, the girl runs through the smoke and into her burning down village. Hinata stumbles around, squinting her eyes harshly to keep too much smoke from getting into her eyes. 'T-the smoke.. It's th-thick.' With all the commotion of burning fire and its contents scalding her vision into blindness, She doesn't notice a blockage on the road and her toes suddenly come into contact with the foreign object.

No time to think, she lets out a shriek of surprise as she comes crashing toward the ground. The Hyuugas forehead firmly hits the dirty ground, she lets out a soft groan and twitches in pain. Okay so maybe walking around blindly wasn't a good idea, but what other choice did she have? Someone was irritatingly impatient.

Stop complaining and get up already. You stay in here any longer and you'll die. The cause for her irritation barked loudly and Hinata mentally cringed.

With another groan escaping her lips, both because of her aching forehead and the screaming voice in her mind, she presses her palms against the floor and proceeds in pushing herself back up.

When she opened her eyes, she was met with the most horrific scene. Lying on the floor just in front of her was a single brown eye. A single brown eye because the other one was nowhere to be found, in fact, half of the mans entire face was completely gone. Something, or someone, had cut this mans head in two.

She just blinked at first, recoiling her legs into a sitting position, then she felt damp all over. The ash and smoke going completely unnoticed now, she looked past the chopped up head and glanced down at her hands.


Such deep and alluring blood streaked her hands and fingers, getting under her fingernails. It oozed down her hand and stained the end of her shirt. With eyes as wide as saucers the scene before her and her mind had finally come together onto one page.

The smoke seemed to dissipate somehow, and with that gave her full view of the damage before her. There, lying on the ground, were rows and rows of lifeless bodies. Some decapitated, others crinkled in odd positions due to choking, and most were horribly disfigured and unrecognizably grotesque. Hinata finally came to a stand, feeling the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

She stumbled backwards, shaking her head violently at the mass murder and felt the choking of sobs escape between her lips. So much death, so much blood, oh god, who would do such a horrific thing? Why would anyone want to cause so much destruction and death? Hinata could barely contain the need to throw up - she placed her hands over her mouth and gagged.

"Oh..oh m-my g-god…"

She had to run. She had to get the hell out of there!

Fast and clumsy, she practically tripped over more of the dead bodies in her attempts to exit the village. She ran down the road, blind with tears, and wobbly as she practically heaved into her palms, which were still slick with blood. The thought of another mans blood now all over her face made her stop and let out the contents in her stomach. She threw up until all that was left was dry heaving.

She was alone. All alone. No one was here, and god knows no one could help her. Her village was burning to the ground before her very eyes, and there was nothing she could do about it. Parents, little sister, everyone, they all burned down along with her home, they were all gone. Instinctively she wanted to run back in there and search until she found proof, hoping that maybe they were alive.

Common sense, it was what kept her from giving in to her human instincts to find her family. She knew, in her heart, that they were already dead. An overwhelming feeling overtook her, she felt like a hallow and empty shell. Like a well with no water, a seemingly endless and damply cold tunnel of nothing.

With a heavy heart, she placed her fingers delicately over it, wincing in mental agony. What does she do now? Everything and everyone was gone, and now she was a girl all alone in an area where any man can walk up and have his way with her.

She'd need to find someone that could help her. A man who is strong and willing to take care of a timid girl. Perhaps…. Hinata's eyes widened with a gasp of realization. That man! Maybe that man could help her and protect her from the outside world!

Hinata, you watched that man walk away from the village like nothing happened. I wouldn't trust someone with such a murderous aura.

Hinata mentally ignored her conscience. While that was definitely a probability, she didn't have any other choice but to have faith in the possibility that he might be a good man. Perhaps he had walked away before the fire even started?

Or maybe he's the one who hacked up your friends and family and burnt your village to the ground.

'B-be q-quiet. W-w don't have a choice, we n-need protection.'

Tch. Pitiful excuse.

The Hyuuga mentally cringed at her conscience and her accusation. She should really stop trying to hide things from her inner self, after all, she knew everything about herself. Making the excuse of following that man for the sole reason of his 'protection' was a lie, and they both knew it.

Hinata found this man, well, interesting, for lack of a better word. His aura and the darkness that swirled around him, the pure power he resonated with every step he took - he acted almost as if the world should bow at his feet- his lustfully enticing persona had her mesmerized.

She wanted more than just the fleeting moment of seeing him, she wanted to be close to him and see for herself whether he was as evil as he let off. Whether he was as twisted and dark as the chills on her body made her believe.

Surely she was a freak, a woman who looked upon a stranger with such desire. Even if there was a great possibility that he was the reason for her family and homes destruction, something within her yearned for that overwhelmingly dark power he released.

Her mind was made up: She would follow him.

The man had walked with such ease and mellowness that it didn't take very long of following his direction to see his back with a small amount of distance. Long blonde hair sways with his every step, making her twitch at the sight.

Hinata, you don't know how this man will react to seeing you. You should inspect him for a little while first.

Hinata inwardly nodded in agreement. That was a very true, she really didn't know what type of reaction he would give at having her demand his protection. Her life was definitely on the line, should he decide he would rather see her dead, there was nothing she would be able to do to stop him.

Trudging along behind him in as quiet of a tone as she could manage, she tried her best to stop herself from being noticed. Unfortunately her mission at remaining quiet failed miserable, for not long after gaining ground on him her shirt snagged a branch of a tree and cracked loudly.

'D-did he h-hear t-that?'

When she looked the man was still walking at his normal pace, hair continuing its path back and forth. She let out a breath of relief, noting that she had been extremely lucky in not getting caught. Closing her eyes for a moment she reopened them only to find nothing but an empty road.

The man was gone.

What the-?

Where'd he go?

Staring around with a solicitude gaze, Hinata could feel the walls of her heart breaking with every thunderous beat. She noticed nothing ahead of her but suddenly felt a very eerie and dark feeling behind her. She could feel it, eyes, penetrating eyes, that told her that she was being watched.

'I.. W-what.. W-what's going on?'

Her lower lips trembled, the overwhelming presence behind her causing her hands to shake in fear. It was him, she knew it was him who was behind her. But, how, how was it even humanly possible for someone to move that fast. It was impossible!

Still, she summed up the courage to tell this man that it was all just a misunderstanding. That she was here merely to ask of him some protection, that is all. Hesitantly, she turned her head very slowly , and was met with a sight of black clothing. Black boots, black pants, and upon looking further up the crouched figure, she saw the eyes of a demon.

The dagger was placed against her neck in half a second after she met the weapons holders eyes, and stopped breathing.

Oh my god…

Her fear was emanating off her like the strength of a woman wearing too much perfume. It was exceedingly overpowering, so much so that it had caught his attention long before she began following him. His long jagged dagger remained at her throat, almost lovingly caressing her skin.

'Hrmm…' He thought, looking down at the shaking leaf in front of him.

A woman, though a useless one. He debated on just slitting her throat, seeing as there was absolutely no reason to keep her alive. The dagger should have already been an inch deep in that pale throat of hers. He didn't really care about killing her, considering he just annihilated plenty of the female population just ten minutes ago.

Now that he thought about it, their screams were positively gorgeous. He could think of nothing more beautiful than hearing their pitiful cries. Basking in the memory he chuckled darkly to himself, his voice a silky and smooth rumble that sounded more like a growl.

She shuddered and flinched when his eyes caught her motions, cocking his head to the side as if he viewed her as something of little interest. Much like a snake would look at a mouse right before it was ready to strike and kill.

Naruto, on the balls of his feet, took in a whiff of her scent. She smelled… delicious.

'I should kill her.' Blood red eyes take in her form for a second time.

He reaches out a hand, noting the way her eyes immediately darted towards it and widened when it came closer. When he gently touched her neck she practically jumped back from him. So jumpy she was, it proved to be extremely amusing.

'Oh ho, so the little fool is scared. As she should be.' He let his lips twist up in sadistic glee.

"What's your name girl?" Naruto asked coldly, blood red eyes glinting with mischief.

She was so startled and afraid that she couldn't form words. His dagger at her throat, his overwhelming presence towering over her small frame, he looked like a creature straight out of hell. Who in the hell had eyes as red as blood!

When she refused to answer, Naruto narrowed his eyes dangerously. He was not a patient man, especially when it came to mortals, and seeing this damn creature gape at him in fear, it really pissed him off.

The dagger pressed harder against her skin, and Hinata yelped in surprise when the sharp sting of her flesh being opened filled her senses. His knife cut into her skin, though just a small smidge, and let the light scent of blood feel his nostrils.

"You have one more chance to answer me human. Or I will slit your throat." His voice deepened with malice, as he pressed the dagger threateningly against her skin again.

The human girl struggled against him, tears prickling her eyes as she let forth a soft croaking reply, "H-h..H-hi.."

He sneered in irritation, "Times up."

Damnit Hinata, say something or we're going to die! Just say your goddamn name already!

Feeling the fear in her body dissipate at her consciences harsh scream, Hinata huffed in a short spurt of bravery and looked him straight in the face. She gritted her teeth, but blurted out the first thing she could remember when her father had been put in this sort of situation.

"K-kiss my a-ass."


She couldn't breathe, not even take a single breath.

His hand was so large that it wrapped almost completely around her small neck. Her back hurt, he air supply was nearly at empty and she was positive that he was growing delight in the way she squirmed and cried under his power.

When those blood red orbs had stared into hers with malice and twisted mirth, she knew without a doubt, that he was in fact the beast that had destroyed her village. Her conscience had been right, and now there was nothing she could do but pray that he would let her live.

Her tiny hands came up, grasping his powerful wrist and hands, and pulled at them in desperation. But he refused to budge, in fact, his fingers tightened even more with her choking sobs, pleading for her freedom.

"What was that? I didn't quite hear you." His dark and masculine voice practically purred at her with such hate it sent ripples through his hand and into her very body.

"P-please." She rasped out to him, begging him with all the energy she had left.

Blood red eyes only spark with amusement.

'S-someone, p-please, a-anyone! S-save me!'

She averted her eyes away from him, hoping to god that someone would in fact come and save her. She didn't want to die, she wanted to live, breathe, and see the light of another day. This was not how she wanted things to end.

She knew though, god did she know that there was absolutely no escaping this painful death. He was going to choke her to death, with one hand, holding her up like she was some sort of rag doll. She could feel it already, her life draining away, her body growing weaker by the second and getting numb by the lack of oxygen.

She prayed that she was going to heaven, as pictures of her family and friends and random people in her village flashed before her eyes almost as if it was mocking her.

God did she hate this, being a damsel in distress.

When it seemed like all hope was lost, that her body really was going to die in an agonizingly slow and painful manner, it seemed there was light in her darkness. She was suddenly dropped to the floor, her body crumbling and tasting the bitter feeling of pain as she made contact with the dirt.

After breathing in as much air into her lungs as she possibly could, choking and croaking in her attempts, she finally spared a glance above her to find out the reason for her sudden release.

His was turned on his side, staring off towards the right, at something or rather, someone. It would seem that her prayers had been answered.

A man stood with a blade in his hands, glaring at the demonic being before him with hate-filled eyes and determination in his stance. At first Hinata didn't know who he was, but watching him with much clearer eyes she noticed that he was some boy from her village.

She had known him since childhood, but he never really talked to her. It was obvious that he had some feelings for her, but the two never really got to know one another, not that she would have liked him even if they did talk.

Still, now that boy was risking his life to save her.

"Go." He murmured, finding her gaze.

She needed to be brave, and his sacrifice would never be forgotten. She would have stayed, been completely stubborn and ran in front of him to protect him from what she knows will be his death. But then they both would be killed, and his life would have been put on the line for nothing.

She looked at him for one last moment, pleading with him for forgiveness at her weakness, and took off into the forest. Her actions went completely unnoticed by the demon, as he took on the young mans challenge with a twisted scowl.

"You will stand before me and die, just for some pathetic wench?"


"For what? love?" He spat the word with a sneer, narrowing his gaze on the pitiful being before him.


"Y-yes! Because I love her I will risk my life to save her!"

Naruto leaned back, cocking his hand to the side with his twisted and hateful eyes sparking again. His body language shifted to a fighting stance, Naruto putting his dagger back around his waist only to call forth his dark demon blade.

His body screamed 'Challenge Accepted.'

"Excellent," He breathed with sadistic glee, "Because, like hers, your life will soon come to an end."

Moving his body, just to show how outclassed the commoner was, Naruto flitted with great speed and brought his large sword down against the mans upper body. Blood splattered and fell like rain as Naruto succeeded in cutting him in half.

Tilting his head back, letting forth a bellowing war cry of unrestrained laughter, Naruto swung his sword in the air, reveling in the way his victims blood coated the nearby trees.

"The impudent dunce!"

He cackles, cracking his knuckles with a sickening pop before looking back at the direction where his first victim had been sitting. She was a smart little coward, taking the easy route and running when she thought he was distracted.

"Run run, little girl."

He let forth a low devilish chuckle, flicking the sword back into its void where it belonged. The weapon fading from view.

"Very well mouse," He licked his lips, "I'll play with you."


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