Danny Phantom: Progeny

By: Slade Stryke and Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: We don't own Danny Phantom or Digimon.

Author's Notes: This is a co-op fic between Slade Stryke and me hope you enjoy.

Chapter I: Masters' Mystery


"Now class if you turn to page 23…," Lancer droned as we got out our books. I really wasn't in the mood for school today.

I had woke feeling lousy and a low grade fever, I had tried to get mom to let me stay home but she insisted that I go since a big English test is coming up and I need to be ready for it. Now I feel even worse and can barely concentrate as stomach cramps seize me.

"Danny are you okay?" Sam asks me as I clutch my side and shake my head, "hang on Danny," she says as she raises her hand.

"What is it Ms. Manson?" Lancer asks as he turns to face her.

"Danny needs to go the nurse," she says as I try to hold back tears of pain as he gave her a pass. "Come on Danny," she says as Sam takes me to the nurse office.

Yukio Oikawa

"Here are those reports you wanted boss," Mummymon told me handing me the file, "do you really think that one of the children have begun to develop yet?" he asks curiously as I place the file in the computer and access the information.

"Hmmm, that foreign kid seems to advanced beyond the others," I say smiling noticing that he seems to acquired traits that the others lack. "I want you to see if you can find where he is now, it may be time to start harvesting," I tell him as I study the results.

"But boss, these readings weren't present when you infected the first boy," Mummymon points out to me. It's true, the readings show a DNA sequence altered and infused with some mutagen.

"Where did we find that boy at?" I ask him curiously looking at the sequence hoping there was some clues as to where these alterations came from.

"Arukenimon said he was standing outside the building of some foreign company," he explains, "I think she said it began with an L," he said as I thought for a second. It seems like a business trip might be in order.


"We came as quick as we could," Danny's mom said as she and Mr. Fenton said as they raced into the E.R. where Danny was waiting for the doctor to come back.

The school nurse had called an ambulance to take Danny to the hospital after he started to vomit shortly after he arrived at the office.

"Have you seen the doctor yet," his dad asks as I nod, "What did he say?" he continues.

"They took him back for some sort of scan and we are waiting for the results," I tell him as the doctor in question arrives.

"You must be Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, I am Dr. Wright," he says shaking their hands.

"What's wrong with Danny?" Mr. Fenton asked him worriedly, "Was he attacked by a ghost? Is it ecto-acne?" he shouted gripping the hapless physician by the shoulders.

"Please, let me explain," Dr. Wright shouts as Mr. Fenton lets go of him, "Danny has appendicitis, he needs to have his appendix removed," he says as he takes Danny's parents to sign some papers while a nurse comes for Danny.

"Is there anything I can do for you Danny," I ask him before he leaves for the O.R.

"Yeah, call Danni," he says as he's wheeled out, once he's gone I leave to make the call to his cousin.


"Are you sure about this," Jim asked as he drove up to a large building on the edge of town. There have been rumors that the strange sightings in the Digital World have had their origin with this building.

"I am, if something in there is causing problems in the Digiworld it's up to us to check it out," I tell him as he pulls into a space and we get out.

"Who owns this place?" Cody asks me as we walk up to the door and open it. So far it seems like a normal office except for the green and gold décor.

"It says this is LDAV Industries," Veemon says looking up at a sign above a front desk, "Why would a business cause trouble in the digital world," he asks confused.

"I think the question is how a business has access to the Digiworld in the first place," Yolei asks as we look around for clues to this mystery.

"I think someone's coming," Hawkmon says as Yolei pulls us into a corner.

"I thought I heard something," an accented voice says but we can't see anyone in front of us.

"You're hearing things, I told you're hearing things you schmuck," another voice shouts, "come on the boss is waiting for us," it continues as they disappear.

"You don't think that Daemon has returned do you?" Veemon asks me as I shrug my shoulders.

"I don't know but I do know we should find out," I tell him as he come out of hiding and look for clues as to who those two voices belonged to.


"Amity Park is defenseless Clockwork, this is not good," an Observant said to me as I turned to face them. They can be so fatalistic at times, but that is why I am here.

"You are only half right," I tell them sighing as I feel myself change into an old man. I already had a plan to ensure that Daniel would not need to worry about ghosts while he recovers.

"You know his friends can only do so much about the ghosts," another observant chides me as I turn back to my mirror, "Clockwork do you hear me?" he asks as I ignore him waving my staff across the mirror changing the scene.

"Yes," I state bluntly as I concentrate on the mirror strange things were happening on the other side of globe and as Master of Time I must ensure it does not affect the timeline permanently.

"What is your plan?" the observant asks me again, "you have to act fast who knows when a ghost will attack," he says as I laugh at that statement and its stupidity.

"Trust me all shall be revealed in time," I tell them smiling before turning to them, "All you have to do is sit back and do what you do best- observe," I say chuckling at my humor as they leave.


"What do you mean you 'stopped looking' on Friday night?" I asked my vultures as they reported back to me. Sometimes I wonder if they even have brains at all.

"Hey the law's the law," the leader says as I roll my eyes, "anyhow, we haven't found any sign of your kid," he said as I massage my temples in frustration. "However we did hear some other kids just awhile ago," he says.

"Of course you did there 127,433,494 people in that country," I explained to them as they shook their heads.

"No, at the office, they were quite a few of them, but we didn't see them," one of the wingmen tell me as I am startled by a noise.

"Hold that thought I'd be back," I said as I walked to the door and opened it, "I don't believe," I exclaimed as I saw my latest clone that had disappeared walked through the door, "Where have you 

been? I sent you to intimate competitors overseas and test your abilities and you end up getting lost," I yell angrily.

"I am sorry father I was just doing what you would, gain power though any means possible," he says cryptically as I stare at him.

"What in Curly's name are you talking about," I ask him as I lead him back to the lab. Wondering what he meant by that phrase.


"All right bugs bring it on!" I said flying high above the skies of Tremerton, California where I was passing through when these robotic bugs appeared from nowhere. They may not be ghost but Danni Phantom doesn't back down from a fight.

"You really think you can defeat me pitiful flesh bag?" their leader taunted as I glared at her angrily. "There are millions of us and only one of you," she told me as I flew after them but was startled by a voice proclaiming 'Time Out!' and I feel myself freeze in midair.

Soon I see a tall ghost float in front of me. He his dressed in a purple tunic with a glass door on the front protecting a ticking clock complete with a swinging pendulum. Over that was a dark purple hooded cape fastened with a clock gear. Black gloves studded with wristwatches covered his hands that clutched a staff with a clock on the top. His face with blue with red eyes and scar on the right side.

"Let's go talk somewhere more private," he said as he pressed a button and placed a medallion around my neck.

When I unfreeze I find that I am in a strange room, "Where am I?" I ask as I look around and see clocks all over the place telling different times. "Who are you?" I ask the ghost charging up an ecto-blast.

"A friend of Danny's, which is why I brought you here," he said turning to a mirror that displayed an image of Amity Park. "He needs your help," he says solemnly as he changes into a child but his voice remains the same.

"What do you mean," I ask as I try to subdue my beating heart that is fighting to free itself from my chest. Something told me that Danny was in serious trouble. "Is he captured?" I ask him stuttering.

"No," he says calmly, "Danny is in the hospital recovering from surgery, I need you to go back to Amity Park and fill in for him until he recovers," he says as I look at him, "If you must know my name I am Clockwork, master of time," he says smiling.

"How did you what I was going to say," I ask him astounded that he read my mind.

"I know everything, now go, your cousin needs you," he says as he opens a portal and I flew through arriving in Amity Park.

"Now to…" I said as my phone rings, "who could be calling me?" I ask as I read the screen seeing the name 'Manson, Sam' on it. "That's Danny's friend," I say thinking of the ironic timing of this before answering it.