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Chapter XVI: A Game of Chess


"Now let see if I can't get in," I said as I walked to the digibrat's home and turned the knob, "blast it!" I said getting ready to blast it when the communicator went off. "What is it now," I moaned as I took it out and indentified myself.

"Mummymon, this is Vlad I need you to come back to LDAV at once," Masters boomed as I looked at the door unsure of what to do. Although Masters would never call me unless it's important, the boss told me to spy on the kids. "Did you hear you sack of bones and bandages?" he asked angrily.

"I hear you, but the boss ordered me to…," I began to say until I heard that voice again. "Where are you?" I asked as it laughed at me.

"You'd probably forget even if we told you," it retorted as I sent out a snake bandage to capture the insolent fool. "Ooh, the medicine man is sending out band aids we better flee," the voice laughed as I was about to chase them until Vlad screamed at me.

"You have new orders, did you hear me you pile of dried skin, come back to DALV NOW!" he screamed as I dropped the communicator and was about to head off when I saw Skulker and that Technus ghost fly across the sky. Whatever happening must be big. "I also want you to take a ghost portal, there's a natural portal that will lead to my lab nearby," he said as I nodded and headed to where the billionaire told me to go.


"LET ME OUT VLAD!" I shouted as I blasted at the door of my 'room' but it was ghost proof. I pounded on the door but no one would hear me. I continued until I had exhausted myself. I don't know why I do this no one knows I exist and Vlad has the room hidden in a dark corner. "Please father I'm sorry," I said under my breath as I slouched on the floor.

I took a piece of cheese I stole from the kitchen out my pocket. It's the only way I am to keep me from fainting as all that Vlad feeds me is moldy bread. I pulled the wrapper off and started to eat but something out of the corner of my eye startled me. "Who's there?" I asked as I stood up and hit my head on the ceiling.

"Why do you backstab father?" a voice growled at me as I rubbed my head, "he gives you a place to live and you betray him and steal from him," it said as I walked closer to the source. I could see a pair of green eyes glowing in the dark.

"Danyal?" I asked confused trying to piece together what was going on here. "Danyal if it's…," I began to say until I felt an ectoblast slam into my chest sending my flying across the room. "Dan…," I muttered as he stepped out of the shadows.

"I am going to make sure you never harm father again," he said as I slowly got up and charged at him but he went intangible and I landed on my stomach. "You're pathetic," he said placing his boot on my back as I tried to go intangible but something was blocking my powers. "Goodbye Danielle," he whispered to me charging up an ecto blast.

"NOOOO!" I screamed as I started up in a cold sweat. I was no longer in my room but in a hospital room. "Wha…," I asked looking around confused as strange creature walked into the room. He looked like some wizard dressed a brown cloak with his face hidden by a bushy gray beard. In his hands was a staff with a paw print on it.

"You were attacked by a nest of Greymons near Fossil Canyon," he said to me, "If it weren't for your friends you wouldn't be here," he said as Ken, Davis, and Duromon came into the room. "I have never treated humans before so I needed to study before I healed her," he said looking at me.

"We thank you for your help, Dr. Jijimon," Ken said as he walked out, "How you feeling Danni?" he asks smiling as I slowly sit up wincing in pain.

"What happened?" I asked confused as Davis came over to help me, "the last thing I remember is falling from the sky," I tell him as he nodded.

"You saved us from a nest of Greymons," Ken said, "I don't know how you did it but I would be dead if not for you," he said, "but right now you should rest," he said taking a device out of his pocket. "We'll be out in the hall but you need us just use this," he said as they left except for Duromon.

"So they hate you?" she said as I sighed realizing how wrong I was and wanted to make up for it.

Yolei Inoue

"Do you see anything TK?" I asked my fiend as we searched the desolate wasteland of Freezeland. We knew it was nearly impossible that Danielle could have made this far but Davis insisted we leave no stone unturned.

"No, I really don't…," he began to but stopped suddenly, "uh…Yolei, I think we have a problem," he said pointing to the sky nervously as I turned to face him.

"What's wrong?" I asked looking up and saw Yukio and Arukenimon with Masters' son flying our way. "Call for help on the…," I began to say until something blasted me into the air and they landed in front of us.

"You brats aren't going anywhere," the boy sneered as his hands glowed green, "you won't interfere with father's plans ever again!" he said as Hawkmon and Patamon got in front of us. "You pathetic creatures are no match for a half ghost," he said as the two creatures Digivolved into the champion forms. "A neat trick," he said as he duplicated himself and attacked.

"We won't let you harm them!" Angemon said as the hand of Fate at him sending the child into the air, "Aquilamon attack," he said as the other Digimon swept foreword and fired Blast Rings at them.

"TK, get the D-Terminal call for help, I'm not sure how long Angemon and Aquilamon can keep this up," I said as I turned back and watch the fight intensify between the foes.


"Did Plasmius tell you anything about this all he said to me was 'meet me in Japan'?" I asked the hunter as we arrived LDAV. I was curious as to what the boss was cooking up and if it involved those annoying children I fought earlier. I want to make them pay for scaring me, Technus!

"I told all I know, now please shut up!" Skulker snapped as we phased into the lab and looked around, "Boss you here?" he asked as the door opened and Vlad appeared. "You said it was an urgent, what is up?" I asked as he flashed his fangs at us gleefully.

"How you would like to finish the hunt for those children," he asked as Skulker smiled, "We are going on a hunt but first I have a task to finish up," he said turning to a gestation tank. "Maddie, has the Spore been absorbed into his DNA?" he asked his computer as I rolled my eyes.

"He really needs to get a hobby," I told Skulker who grabbed me by the neck aiming his gun at me. "What did I say?" I asked him trying to figure out what is going on but before he could speak Plasmius blasted him to the ground.

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" he yelled as the holographic image of the ghost boy's mother appeared, "Maddie, the status of Artemis, now," he demanded trying to control his temper.

"The spore is absorbed and clone is both stable and functional," she said as Vlad pulled a lever and the chamber drained of fluid and opened revealing a seven year old clone of the ghost boy. "Organs began to function," the computer said as the kid's eyes opened and Vlad smiled.

"Welcome to the world Artemis, my boy," he said as the child looked at him. "Can you speak?" he asked the clone anxiously.

"…I….th…ink," he said shakily as Vlad placed a hand on his shoulder, "who…are…you…," he asked as the boss beamed.

"I am your father Vlad, why don't you go into that room there are dry clothes and some food. It will help jog your memory," he said as he helped the child but was startled when he heard a noise upstairs, "it appears the other member of the party is here," he sighed, "Artemis, go change I have business to attend to," he said turning to us. "Meet me in the lobby I'll be there shortly.

Sora Takenouchi

"Do you really believe what this Clockwork said?" Biyomon asked me as we travelled through the forrest in search of this new digidestined. "I mean it seems rather odd that he just shows up and tells you to find this girl?" he said as I thought about it. I didn't trust this being other but something about him told me that he meant every word.

"I'm not sure, I had never seen anything like him before," I told him, "besides if there is a new digidestined it's our job to…," I began to say until I saw a young woman dressed in blue pants and a black shirt walk deeper into woods. "Matt! Gabumon! I found her!" I shouted to my friend as I raced up to her. "Stop!" I shouted as she turned around.

"I'm sorry, is this your forest?" she asked turning around. She was exactly like the image Clockwork showed us. "I didn't mean to trespass, I was knocked out and found myself here with this letter," she said handing me an antique piece of paper.

The wording on it seemed to be consistent with way Clockwork talked, cryptic yet precise. "This isn't my forest but it's dangerous if you don't know where you're going. I'm Sora by the way," I said holding out my hand to her.

"I'm Jasmine but my friends call me…," she said until I finished the sentence\ by saying 'Jazz'. "How did you know?" she asked amazed that I knew this fact.

"CW sent me to find you and to help you find your crest," I explained as Matt arrived amazed at the fact that Clockwork was right. "These are my friend Matt, Gabumon, and Biyomon," I told her as she waved to them. "We need to find your…," I began to say until Matt's D-Terminal went off but just stared at it. "Matt, what's wrong?" I asked him nervously.

"CW was right again, it's TK he needs help," he said as I looked amazed that once again something that CW said would happen came true. Who was this being and how did he know everything that would happen. "We better go see what's going on," he said as we took off to help Matt's brother with Jazz in tow.


I looked back at the master of time's note, "why must he be so cryptic?" I asked myself as I went back to the room just in time and went up to the phone and dialed Sam's number. It rang for several seconds before I heard Sam reply. "How's the search doing?" I asked her hoping they found anything on Danni yet.

"Not yet but Tuck is busy hooking up a system to track her," she explained, "he thinks he can use the Fenton Finder to locate her signal," she said as I smiled at the phrase, "it's complicated but he thinks it's going to work," she said.

"Tell me if it works," I told her laying getting back in bed, "maybe you can find Jazz as well, I'm sure whatever Clockwork has planned for her Danni is tied up with it somehow," I said knowing the ghost's affinity for things to come together.

"Will do," she said, "do you need anything?" she asked as I turned the TV on and nearly fell out of bed when I saw Vlad on TV. "Danny are you okay, I heard a noise," she said as I snapped back to the present.

"Yeah, I just saw the worst show on TV," I said turning up the volume to listen to what Fruit Loop is saying.

"It is my pleasure to announce that LDAV and Oikawa Technologies will merge to become Loikawa Technologies," Plasmius said smiling happily. Something tells me that everything is going on here stinks of rotten Wisconsin Cheddar mixed with ectoplasm.

"I have to go, if you find anything out call me," I said hanging up and staring at Vlad's image on the screen before turning it off in disgust.