A Fan Fiction of Comedy

A miniaturized Sasuke bobbed up and down humming some obscure sort of melody to himself until he spotted a miniature Naruto out of he side of his felt-tip drawn in eyes. "Naruto!" the small Uchiha squeaked, jumping an impossible distance to stare at the tiny blond. "Can I vent to you?" he pleaded in a high pitch.

The little Kyuubi vessel took in a deep breath and slung an arm around his cloth friend. "Why not, buddy!"

Sasuke began to whimper. "It's not fair!! Itachi-nii gets all the cool things! He goes evil on the village and the lines under his eyes make him look like one of those smexy bad guys! And me, I turn grey and emo and my hair gets ruined! I just know I have… split… ends…"

The high pitched voice was gone in an instant when Kiba cleared his throat, spotting Shikamaru staring at him.

"I'm not even going to ask…" Shikamaru stated drably, still staring at the Inuzuka and his hand puppets.


Comedy always comes to me as I'm just going to sleep… Hope you guys enjoy it.
With Love,