Poor old Allan A Dale. The BBC has not been kind to you, has it?

Enjoy my look into Allan's reasons and excuses for betraying his gang. Oh, and please review. :)

It was all their fault.

Allan counted his coins carefully, turning each shining coin over with reverence. It been a long time since he had had such a full purse. His conscience tried hard to smite him as he worked, but he ignored it. He was rich!

Yes, but at what cost?

Does it matter?

He tried hard to push visions of the gang's face out of his mind. He tried not to think about what they would say if they knew what he done.

Faced with the same choice, what would they have done?

They would have died rather than betrayed Robin Hood--and each other.

He knew, deep in his heart, that he was the only one who would take a sack of gold over his friends.

Maybe if they had noticed he was missing.

Maybe if they hadn't treated him like any idiot so many times.

Maybe if they hadn't laughed.

Maybe if they had cared.

Maybe then he wouldn't be here right now, counting coins that were tainted with his betrayal.

He had seen the future. True, King Richard had not returned and he and Will, like the good little followers they were, had gone running back to Robin. Had the King actually returned, though, Allan would have been the poor they had tried so valiantly to help. They would have left nothing for themselves--for him. Would the great Robin Hood have cared then? No, never! The hero would go back to his wealthy life, adored by everyone, leaving behind his former friends. He wouldn't care. Neither would the rest of the gang, since they worshiped Robin.

Yes, Allan decided, it was all their fault.