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I was walking through the grocery store getting some stuff that I needed. I was walking down the bread isle when I saw someone standing at the end. When I looked closely, I saw that it was a vampire, with golden eyes. As I stared I suddenly started to ache everywhere. Then everything went black.


I was sitting in my room, listening to music as I waited impatiently for Bella to get back from the store. Alice ran into my room, looking excited.

"Edward, Oh my gosh, Edward. We have a little…predicament." She said, speaking rapidly.

"What kind of predicament?" I asked, getting nervous.

"The Bella kind. Now, we have to go!" She said.

"What!? What's wrong with Bella? Is she hurt?"

"No, she' s not hurt, but she's not exactly…ok. Now let's GO!" She shrieked.

I stood up and we both ran downstairs to my Volvo. "Where to? Dammit Alice tell me what's wrong!" I yelled.

"Ok, look." She showed me the vision that played in her head.


There was a baby, about 10 months old. She was crawling down an isle at the grocery store, with short wavy brown hair, and wide chocolate eyes.

Then suddenly, Mrs. Webber comes into the isle and sees the baby all by itself. She picks it up. "What a cute, baby. Yes you are." She cooed. "But where are your parents, hun?"

The baby stared and tried to talk. "E…Ew…Ewar." She tried very hard to pronounce it, but that's all she got out.

"Edward?" Mrs. Webber asked. The baby nodded. "Edward Cullen?"

Again the baby nodded. "Is he your daddy?" The woman asked. The baby just blinked. "Well, ok we'll find him, I promise."


"What? I don't know who th-…Oh my god, you're kidding." I said, as realization hit me in the face.

"Yes, that's Bella."

"But how does she know me? She's a baby!"

"I had this vision where she doesn't know me…or anyone, but you." Alice said. She turned to face the window…grinning. Why the hell was she grinning!?

"So, we have to find Bella." I stated. She nodded.

"This is going to be so much fun! I can actually buy clothes for Bella now! Ooh! And the family is going to be so happy!" She squealed, clapping.

When we arrived at the store, I ran as fast I could. (At human speed to not get anyone suspicious) I was anxious to find baby Bella. Wow, that's going to take some getting used to…

Back to Bella, I have to find her. Her scent was prominent more to the left side of the store. Let's hear some thoughts:

Omigod, Edward Cullen! Does my hair look ok…?

Gorgeous, just freaking gorgeous… Edward…

Edward? I've never seen him here…

Green or red apples…

Such a cute baby, I wonder how she knows Edward Cullen; she must be his niece or something. Now where is he…?

I was right, I started running to where I heard those thoughts. Dammit, why are there so many people here!? I have to find Mrs. Webber, I have to find Be-

"Excuse me, Edward? Is this adorable baby yours?" I heard a voice behind me, I whirled around. And there she was, on the hip of Mrs. Webber, wearing only a diaper, how the hell did she get that…? Oh right.

"Yes! Oh I'm so happy I found you…Bella!" I said, confusedly as I grabbed the tiny baby carefully, from Mrs. Webber's arms. "You scared me there, Bella!" I said looking at the adorable baby that was my fiancée.

She clung to my shirt and rested her tiny head on my shoulder. She still smells wonderful. I love her…

"Is she yours?" Mrs. Webber asked, curiously. He looks to young to have kids. And I thought he was with Bella Swan. Wait, did he say the baby's name was Bella?

"She's my niece. I'm babysitting while my Bella is in Phoenix with her mother." I said, making things up as I go. She seemed convinced.

"Is her name Bella too?" She asked.

I nodded. "Yes, it is. Now if you will excuse me, I must be going now." I said politely. "Have a nice day, Mrs. Webber." Alice walked up to me and handed me a blanket. I wrapped it all around Bella's delicate small body, having to remove her fingers from my shirt.

"Wow, she really doesn't want to let you go." Alice said, as Bella latched her fingers once again to my shirt. I chuckled. I saw the bags of baby food, diapers, blankets, Gerber, milk and bottles on the floor in between us.

"Give me another blanket, Alice. It's really cold for her, she's trembling." She handed me another blanket and I once again wrapped it tightly around Bella's fragile form. She looked up at my face. I smiled and she giggled, happily. I chuckled and rubbed my nose lightly to hers. She squealed and laid her head underneath my chin as she giggled again.

Alice giggled. "She is so cute!" She said, excitedly. She picked up some bags. "Will you 'help' me with these bags, please, Edward?" She smirked. I laughed and picked up some bags. "Let's get going, baby." She said to Bella as she stared at Alice. Alice giggled and rubbed her fingertip on Bella's tummy and made her giggle and put her hand on my chest again. I chuckled and we begin to head to the car. As we walked out of the doors I heard some more thoughts:

He has a baby!

Whose is it?

What a cute little girl!

Stupid Edward and his adorable baby…

I tried not to laugh at that last one. We walked to my Volvo. I opened the trunk and we put all the bags in, Bella even more huddled up to my chest to keep from the chilly wind, with my arm wrapped securely around her. I wondered why she doesn't shy away from my freezing body, but then again, neither did the 18-year old Bella.

I opened the driver's side and sat down with Bella still in my arms. Alice sat in the passenger's side, staring at me and Bella. I put the key in the ignition and turned it on, I turned the heater up.

"Here, Alice hold her." I said, about to hand Bella to her, she put her hand on mine to stop me.

"You don't want to do that." She said, trying not to laugh.

"Alice, just get her." She smirked and held out her hands, I peeled off Bella's tiny fingers from my shirt and she started whimpering. I frowned and handed her to Alice. When she was completely out of my hands, she started crying and I mean crying. Screaming, whimpering, and making gurgling noises, with tears running down her tiny face.

"No, no, I'm right here, Bella." I tried to say over her screaming. She wasn't having it. She screamed louder. I got her quickly back from Alice and held her in my arms, rocking from side to side. "There, there. It's ok. I'm here, I'm here." I cooed softly to the tiny baby in my arms. She quieted when she saw it was me. "What do I do, Alice? Even if it's not a problem, I can't drive with her in my arms." I said looking up at Alice who was smirking, again.

"You let me drive, duh." I sighed, but got out of my car, anyway. As I passed her, she said. "You should sit in the back, just in case there's a cop or someone sees you with a baby not in a car seat."

I groaned. "Fine." I grumbled and got into the back seat behind the passenger side. Bella was staring up at me, so I grinned down at her. She squealed again and smiled. I laughed and kissed her forehead lightly. She made a gurgling noise.

Then she tried to say my name. "E…Ewa," she said, or tried to say, then she giggled again.

"She giggles a lot. It's so cute!" Alice gushed as she drove quickly to our house. I laughed.

We arrived at the house 3 minutes later. Alice opened the trunk and grabbed the bags, as I hugged the baby closer to my chest to avoid the cold wind as much as possible. We ran inside, where we were met with the family, all sprawled around the living room.

"Where were you g- Holy shi-" Rosalie said as she stood in front of me. A baby. He has a baby!!

"Language Rosalie." Esme cut her off, scolding.

"What is it, Rose? What's wr-" Emmett asked, coming up behind Rosalie. "No way." Whoa, didn't see that coming.

"Yes, way." Alice said, happily.

"What is goin-" Esme came up to us. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. Good lord.

Jasper and Carlisle came up to us then and stopped short when they saw a baby in my arms. What's going on- A baby. Jasper thought.

Edward. Where in the world did you get a baby? Carlisle asked staring at me. I grinned sheepishly.

"Before you guys say anything else. No, I didn't steal this baby." They exhaled in relief.

"Where did you get her then?" Rose asked, perplexed.

I paused, looking at all of their faces. "This is Bella."

They all gasped.

WHAT?! - Rosalie.

Awesome! A baby Bella! - Emmett.

How in the world did this happen? - Carlisle .

How adorable - Esme.

Oh for the love of God - Jasper - My weakness. Fabulous.

Everyone was grinning, except for Rosalie. She just stared at her, and Bella stared right back. "Edward, can I hold her?" She asked quietly.

"Umm, that's not a good idea." I said, sadly.

"What, why not?'

I sighed. "Fine. Watch." I peeled Bella's fingers from my shirt when she once again starting whimpering. I handed her to Rosalie, and when I was no longer touching her, she starting crying, screaming, making noise, tears running down her face. Rose stared at her in surprise, she handed her back to me quickly.

I rocked her from side to side, again. "Shh, shh. It's ok, I'm here, I'm here." I cooed softly. She stopped crying, and I wiped away her tears. I looked up and everyone was staring at me in awe.

What the hell? - Emmett.

She really likes him. - Jasper.

Aww poor baby, she was scared. - Esme.

She doesn't like me…- Rose.

"Rosalie. It's not that she doesn't like you. She did the same to Alice ." I said, reassuringly, with a small smile. She nodded, sadly. "She'll warm up to you."

"Yea, she only likes Edward. It sounded like someone was killing her when I got her." Alice pouted. Carlisle chuckled.

"Well, my guess is that a vampire did this to her, and made her remember Edward. But I wonder who it was, and why he did it. And Bella can't help us right now, obviously." hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg2/1.m5

I nodded. "I agree, with that theory. I found her in the grocery store with Mrs. Webber. That's where she was." Bella started crying then. I looked down at her but she wasn't tearing just crying, like she wanted something. "Umm, help? I don't know what she wants." I asked.

"I think she's hungry, dear." Esme suggested.

I nodded. "Can someone make the bottle for me? I can't really let her go," I asked, bouncing a little to stop her from crying. It wasn't exactly helping.

"I'll do it." Rosalie volunteered. I smiled at her and she ran to the kitchen with Alice behind her.

I walked to the living room, and sat down on the couch. Bella was still crying and I didn't like it one bit. I started getting nervous and anxious.

"Edward, calm down." Jasper said laughing. I felt a calm wave wash over me. I sighed gratefully.

"Thanks." I said, smiling at him.

No problem.

Just then Rosalie ran into the room and handed me the bottle. "Here you go." I grinned at her and took the bottle from her hand. I put it in Bella's open mouth and she quieted instantly. One of her little hands grabbed onto it while the other still clung to my shirt. I grinned at her, and again wiped away the tears from her small face. Everyone was watching me, smiling.

Jasper came and kneeled in front of me, he lightly rubbed her arm and she turned to him. He smiled warmly and she giggled slightly around the bottle. He chuckled and stood up. Bella snuggled closer to my stomach and rested her head on my arm. She fell asleep quickly, finishing most of her bottle.

I stood up and handed the bottle to Rosalie who had stuck her hand out for it. I grinned. "Thank you." I said and kissed her cheek lightly before running gently upstairs with a sleeping Bella.

When I got to my room I tried to lay her down but her eyelids fluttered and she made a small noise. I chuckled and instead laid down on my back with her on my chest. She fell into a deep sleep there, smiling contently.

As I looked at her baby face I wondered if I would get to feel what it's like to be a dad. Even for only a little while. Because if this is how it'd be, I'm perfectly fine with it, though I did miss my Bella, the one who I could still kiss and talk to. Hopefully, I'll get her back soon, but for now I'm perfectly content with being with baby Bella. My baby Bella…

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