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I got up and ran to her. I grabbed her and hugged her tightly to my chest. I missed the feeling of her soft warm body in my arms. She hugged me back, but I could tell she was confused.

"What happened? I was at the grocery story-Oh! I saw a vampire!" She exclaimed, looking up at me. A vampire? Strange…

Alice jumped off the couch and got Bella in a hug. "Oh, I'm so happy your back, don't get me wrong, you were still our Bella, but you were hard to care for!"

"What are you guys tal-" Bella started but was cut off when Carlisle rushed in the door.

"I came as soon as Rosalie called me," he said, he looked over at Bella as he set his bag down. "Bella come have a seat." he sat on the couch and patted the spot next to him.

Bella went to sit, but I beat her and sat her on my lap. Alice sat on the floor in front of us. Esme(when had she come in?) sat on Carlisle's other side. Jasper and Rosalie stood behind us, leaning on the back of the couch. Emmett sat next to me.

"Okay, Bella, what id the last thing you remember?" Carlisle asked, in his calm way. Even if his thoughts were going haywire and going faster than I drive.

"I was walking down the bread aisle. I saw a vampire at the end, staring at me. Then my body started to ache and everything went black…then I wake up here." She finished. She honestly didn't remember anything.

"Bella what day was this?" Carlisle asked, leaning toward her slightly.


"And what do you think today is?" he asked, slowly.

"Wednesday? Maybe Thursday?" She said, looking very confused. He nodded pursing his lips and looking away. Bella turned to me. "What's wrong?"

"Bella," Rosalie said, from behind us. Bella turned to her. "It's Monday."

Bella looked very shocked indeed. Her eyes wide as she stared at Rosalie. "What? I was out for six days?!"

"Nope!" Emmett said, loudly, causing her to jump and turn to him. "You were an adorable little baby!"

Bella just stared at each one of us shocked, looking from Emmett to Jasper and Rosalie, than at Alice and continued to Esme and Carlisle before she turned to me. "Seriously?"

"Yes." I responded.

She turned away and stared at the floor. "Wow," she said after a while. "That must have been weird."

"Hell yea," Emmett answered. "You were a handful."

Rosalie slapped his head, then turned to Bella with a grin. "No, Bella, you were super cute and adorable! You didn't really cry, but you had to have Edward in your view or you'd start crying."

"Yeah! At first only Edward could hold you and you'd clutch him like you'd die or something. Like right when we got you back he handed you to me so he could drive and you started screaming bloody murder!" She said, pouting.

"And when you did let someone hold you, you had to be able to see Edward." Jasper pitched in.

"Who did I let carry me first?" Bella asked curious. She turned to Alice.

"Nope." She turned to Emmett.

"Nu uh." Jasper and Rosalie.

"Your getting closer!" Jasper sang. Rose laughed and raised her hand.

Bella smiled and Rose, then leaned into my chest and turned to Carlisle. "So, what else? I was pretyy calm otherwise, right?"

"Oh, hell no." Emmett said. "You poked my eye once. No, twice."

"Because you poked her and called her a bugger." I retorted.

"And the second time, she called you a poopy," Jasper said, chuckling, "and then poked your eye."

"Oooh, that was when she made you catch fire during the storm," Alice pitched in.

"I did what?" Bella gasped, looking at Alice with wide eyes.

Alice laughed. "Okay so there was a storm Saturday and we were putting candles around so you could see (Because we obviously could) And you screamed 'EMY' to Emmett because you cant seen him since the day before; and you made him jump. A magazine was beside the candle he had placed on the table and so it lit on fire going to the floor and setting the pillow that was in front of the table on fire and-"

"She gets it." I interrupted.

She glared at me before turning back to Bella. "But he's okay."

"He has done it before. On accident…and on purpose." Rosalie muttered, her arms crossed.

"Oh," Bella said. Her face lifted as if she remembered something. "Wait, did you say I called him Emy?"

"Yeah, you couldn't really pronounce Emmett. You called Rosalie, Wosie. Esme, Ma. Jasper, Azzy. Edward, you tried Ewar but you decided on Da. You called me Awi.(I thought it was cute.) And Carlisle…" Alice started laughing hysterically, leaning on the floor. I started laughing silently, shaking Bella who was still on my lap. Rose was giggling her hand over mouth, Jasper was unseen behind the couch bent over, the emotions getting the best of him. Emmett was, of course, laughing loudly. Esme had her hands over her face, her shoulders shaking, slightly; Carlisle was smiling.

"What? Was it that bad?" Bella asked, a little frantic. "Oh my god, it was embarrassing, wasn't it?!" We just continued laughing.

"Since you couldn't really pronounce my name and there really is no way to shorten it. You called me Bobo." He said. It wasn't that bad of a nickname…for a baby who cant talk.

Bella's eyes widened before she turned her face into my chest and started laughing. I smoothed her hair and hugged her closer.

After everyone calmed down, Carlisle got back to business. "Ok, so my theory on how this happened was this vampire you saw has a power to make a person, perhaps vampire, into a baby. Bella, do remember at all how this vampire looked like?"

"Umm, he had red eyes-" I tensed, and everybody's thoughts went haywire but Bella continued as if nothing she said was unnormal. "And sandy hair. He was pretty tall…" she trailed off staring at Carlisle as his face brightened, and he smiled, slightly.

"What is it, Carlisle?" Rosalie asked, leaning forward.

I bet it's Garrett always the prankster. This would be just like him. Carlisle thought, fondly.

"I think it was one of my good friends, Garrett. He is a prankster and loves using his power on friends." Carlisle said.

"Fri-" Jasper started, but was cut off by a knock at the door. Carlisle got up and went to the door, grinning.

He opened the door and a voice was heard. "Hello, Carlisle, my friend! How have you been?"

"Fine, fine. Come in. Meet my family." Carlisle said, stepping aside and in stepped a sandy haired man, with ruby eyes. I hugged Bella tighter to my chest.

"I come in peace. I will not harm the girl." Garrett said, smiling full out.

Stand, please. All of you.

I stood up pulling Bella with me. Alice and Emmett both got to their feet and Rosalie and Jasper came around the couch. Esme stood and walked over to Carlisle. He motioned to me.

"This is Edward and Bella. Rosalie and Jasper. Alice and Emmett. And my wife Esme." He introduced us.

"Ahhh, so your name is Bella, little one. I see you've changed back." Garrett said, happily. "Can I ask a question?"

"Um, y…yes." Bella stuttered. I hugged her closer to me.

"Do you remember anything that happened?" He asked, politely.


Hmmm, interesting, different results from humans than vampires…Or maybe it has to do with vegetarian vampires. I should check…

"NO DON-" I said, as he stared at me, seeing his plan in his head. But it was too late. I stared back at him, and then everything started to ache, and I fell limp to the ground everything going black…

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