We left Forks last month to go off to college. Edward bought us a modest early 1900's bungalow. Edward fell in love with it right away, most of it was original. It was in need of some work, so Edward, Emmett, & Jasper fixed it up. The old wood floor has a few spots that like to creak. The bathroom has a large antique claw foot bathtub that fits us well. There is a small beautiful stained glass window next to the tub and Emmett installed a skylight directly above it. Edward & I have spent many nights in that tub watching the stars. Renesmee had her own personal interior decorators, Alice & Rose. They made her room look like she lives in a forest, complete with a canopy bed covered in silk flowers. Our room is elegant & comfortable. We have a huge oak four poster bed with a thick down comforter, several thick down oversized pillows. There is a leather & oak recliner in the corner close to Edward's Bose and CD's. There is a matching oak armoire that is filled with valuables from my past. Pictures, my books, and my wedding dress. To the left of the bed is a painting that was done from one of our wedding pictures of just Edward & I. Next to it is a painting of Edward, Renesmee and I. They were housewarming gifts from the Cullens. The third bedroom is a guest room & "game room" there is a Wii Emmett & Jasper hover in front of when they are here. Out back we have a detached mother in law suite, Rosalie refers to it as the "Dog House" it is where Jacob lives. He is finishing High School here.

When left Charlie behind in Forks; it was so hard. We left my computer for Charlie and taught him how to use the internet so we could send him pictures and we hooked him up with a decent webcam so he & Renesmee could see each other. When Charlie can take off work we will fly him out to stay. I could almost hear his heart break when we left, but because he has been with the department for so long he had quite a bit of vacation time built up. We are trying to work it out so he can be here at least 1 weekend a month. He & Renesmee "talk" on line every day, Renesmee understands she can't say too much around Charlie just yet.

Tonight I am working on an assignment for school in the kitchen. Edward and Renesmee are on the couch reading "Where the Sidewalk Ends." Her favorite is Hug O'War and I would bet it is because usually Edward grabs her up & hugs her tight, when she starts to try to get away he will start tickling her. I think Renesmee enjoys it more so because Charlie told her that was one of my favorite books when I was little. Tonight she looks as though she is going to pass out any second. She is snuggled up to Edward, his arm is around her and he occasionally glances down to check on her, this last time he looked up to see me taking in the sight and smiled that crooked smirk of his. I can't believe how incredibly sexy he is when they are together like that. I truly am blessed. As I start to focus on the task at hand, he scoops up Renesmee and gently puts her to bed.

"I am going to miss these times, it will be too soon before she is too big to spend the evening that way." He walked up behind me and gently lifted my hair to the side to expose the back of my neck so he could plant baby kisses there. It always sends a fire through my body, I would swear I could feel my pulse quicken and my heart race but it is a phantom feeling.

"She is really amazing. Your good looks…" Edward smiled and interrupted,"Your beautiful eyes and smile..." he hugged me tight to him, "your good looks..." I repeated. "Your compassion;" he finished. He was right, even at her young age you can see the compassion that thrives in her.

Edward kissed me on the top of the head and walked over to the sofa, picked up his iPod, closed his eyes and disappeared into his music world. He looked so at peace, so content. He is amazing. I finished up my assignment and then walked over to join him on the sofa. He was so totally engrossed with his music I was able to lean toward him and gently kiss his lips before he realized it. He reached up with one hand and gently cradled my cheek in his palm. He reciprocated the affection. I love kissing him, his taste, and his softness. I love his smell. He took one of his ear buds out and stuck it in my ear so I too could listen as well. He was standing with one arm around my waist holding me tight and had his other hand caressing the back of my head. We slow danced to Norah Jones on his iPod. He gently nibbled on my neck & earlobe. It took everything I had to keep from melting into a puddle on the floor. I had my arms wrapped tightly around his waist. We danced slow & close until just before daybreak. Not saying a word to each other but enjoying every moment. When dawn broke we were standing at the window watching the sky go from black to medium blue. The sun cracked the horizon and threw rays of reddish purple through the trees. I never get tired of seeing that. It was going to be a beautiful day which means we hang out at home today.

We could not fit a proper piano in the house for Edward so as I gift I bought a really nice Seagull Acoustic Guitar for him to mess with. He naturally took to it very quickly. He plays alot of his own stuff and will play alittle Laurie Berkner for Renesmee upon request. At times she makes Jacob sing along as well. I guess no one escapes Noggin. Renesmee loves to play games and learned very quickly not to play Memory with Alice, she likes playing it with Emmett. Our home holds so much love I am surprised the roof hasn't exploded yet. As morning has come to light, I can hear Renesmee starting to stir and we just heard the low purr of a certain yellow 911 roll up the drive.