Edward and I left the house and went out side to meet Carlisle and Alice. We walked around to the side of the house close to the garage. Edward held up the boot for Carlisle to see. Carlisle closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Alice trembled and blanched as fear washed over her face.

"It's ok really, he was fought a lot worse. He will be fine; I still see things in the future for us." I know she was trying to put on a brave face, she is my best friend and I know when she is upset. I walked over and hugged her.

Edward explained what happened to Carlisle and Alice. We decided we needed to search the house; Jacob and Carlisle would search the surrounding area. The others stayed home with Renesmee, Emmett was going out of his mind not knowing where Jasper was, but he understood the necessity to protect Renesmee.

We decided the best way to handle the situation was to break up into two groups, Jacob and Carlisle outside since Jacob is a better tracker. Edward, Alice & I would search the inside. We did not see anyone leave so we are assuming they are still inside somewhere.

Edward, Alice and I went back into the house. We walked from room to room looking for something that would lead us to Jasper. Alice went into our room and noticed the closet door slightly open. When she saw the door she had the vision of a hand reaching from behind Jasper with a rag wet with something being put over Jasper's mouth. Alice let out a gasp. As soon as Edward caught on to what was happening he rushed over to her side. He pushed the door open and saw Jasper sprawled out on the floor. "Oh my god!" Alice knelt down to his side. I flipped open my phone and called Carlisle to let him know we had Jasper and he needed to come right away.

Edward and Alice both looked Jasper over and couldn't find anything wrong with him other than he wasn't conscious. Carlisle came in through the door behind me. He immediately looked Jasper over as well. Since we can not sleep I had never considered the possibility of unconsciousness. Carlisle said he had never run across it in his experience but it was not completely impossible. We began to think maybe it is the result of something he could do mentally, like Jane. Most vampires do not breathe, we do because it does feel too uncomfortable not to. How would he have known that? Edward picked Jasper up, and laid him out on our bed. Carlisle immediately ran to the car to get his medical bag, I sincerely doubted there was anything that would work for vampires in it. I grabbed a backpack out of the closet and quickly grabbed some of our things. As I passed the bathroom I saw the busted pane of glass in the window. He knew we would be here. What else did he know and why us?

Jacob went through the house and tried to pick-up the man's scent. He found nothing; it was almost like he could hide his scent. It was driving Jacob crazy.

"This is insane Bella, I should smell something. I don't get it. I don't smell anything different." His face was screwed up like he was confused and thinking really hard.

"Do you think it is because our scent is stronger than his?" I really didn't know what to think of this. The whole vampire thing was still relatively new to me so I was far from the expert. Carlisle and Edward were both busy attending to Jasper, who was still unconscious.

"I wouldn't think so Bella, if anything I am used to your scents so another's should stand out." He went into the bathroom where the glass in the window was broken out. "Maybe he touched something around the window when he came through it." He went into the bathroom and held the edge of the curtain up to his nose. He shook his head then leaned over to smell the wood sill.

"Nothing. Bella can you excuse me for a moment, I want to try changing and see if that makes a difference."

I stepped back out of the bathroom and pulled the door shut in front of me. I heard the tearing of fabric and I heard a low growl. Edward leaned out into the hall from the bedroom doorway. "Is everything ok Bella?"

"Yes, Jacob needed to change so he could see if he could pick up any scent. He is striking out. How is Jasper?"

Edward, looked down at the floor for a brief second, then answered, "Nothing has changed. Carlisle is baffled as to what has happened. Alice saw the man put a rag with something on it over Jasper's mouth and that was it. Carlisle hasn't figured out what it was or what he did to Jasper to put his body in a state of unconsciousness."

"Is he going to be ok?" I then wondered how could they tell Jasper was going to be ok, we don't breathe and we don't have a heartbeat so if we are unconscious, who could tell? Edward must have caught on to what I was thinking as he cocked an eyebrow.

"Alice still sees him in her future; I know you've been thinking… how could they tell?" I almost fell over, I had heard him imitate Carlisle and Emmett, even Jacob once or twice but never had I ever imagined him mimicking me. "That is how we know." He lifted up his right hand and gently pushed up on my jaw to close my mouth that still hung open in shock.

"I'm sorry Edward, it was just that…" I sighed, "You sounded fantastic as me. Do I really sound like that?" I heard Jacob stifle a howl, literally.

Edward hissed, "No, even better." I kissed him quickly and went back to check on Jacob. He finally caught a break and caught a scent on the curtain; it must have brushed against the guy when he either went in or out. Jacob launched himself out the window and followed the trail to the back of the garage. He circled around the outside of the garage a few times then stopped and shook his head. He sat back on his rear haunches and continued to shake his head, I heard him sneeze a few times. He rubbed his snout with his paw. Edward carried Jasper out to the car and laid him in the back seat, Alice slid in next to him. Carlisle got in the driver's seat and took them home. Edward grabbed the bag of clothes I had packed and threw them in the Ferrari. I pulled a black trash bag over the broken window and closed it. We then went out to help Jacob; he had changed back and was sitting in the dirt, buck naked rubbing his eyes. Edward reached his hand up over my eyes.

"Bella, don't look I got something in my eyes and nose and I can't see to grab some clothes."

"Ha! Like I would let Bella see you like that! Quit rubbing whatever it is that you got into your eyes, it will only get worse if you rub. Hold on." Edward was chuckling a bit.

I turned around so my back was to Jacob and I jogged into his place and grabbed a pair of track pants, a t-shirt, and grabbed a pair of shoes for him. Edward walked over to the side of the garage and turned on the hose.

"Bella, bring a towel too please." He began to laugh maniacally as he turned the cold garden hose on Jacob. Jacob yelped in discomfort.

"Hold still Jacob, let me get your face, we need to wash whatever it was out of your eyes." Jake growled at Edward.

"I think he sabotaged his tracks with cayenne powder." Jacob was still sitting in the mud splashing water into his face trying desperately to get his eyes washed out.

"Hey Bells, 'member when we were kids and we used to make mud pies?" He grinned from ear to ear with his eyes all squinty and red, he looked ridiculous.

"Don't go there Jacob." I threw the towel at him.

"Aww, come on Bells, it will be like old times. Besides, mud is supposed to be great for your complexion." Edward knew Jacob was just poking fun at my expense so he laughed. Jacob slung a bit of mud in my direction. I went back into the house to grab a few more things I thought I might need, like my laptop. Edward hosed down Jacob to get all the mud off him. I went in through the back door and checked the front door to make sure it was locked. I grabbed my laptop off the table. I heard a floor board creak and pop. I immediately threw up guard up. I spun around and looked for the source of the noise. I was afraid to call for Edward and Jacob because I didn't want them to walk into danger but I also needed to warn them. I was pretty sure nothing would happen to me as long I maintained my shield. I texted Edward to warn him.

I looked around the room observing everywhere I though someone could hide as I typed in the message to Edward. "Im in the kitchen & I think Im not alone. B careful."

I stood still as I watched I heard Edward and Jake fly through the door. The whites of poor Jacob's eyes were solid red. Tears were still streaming out the corners. His body was shaking very lightly. Edward looked really pissed off; he truly was scary when he crossed that line. I glanced around and then made my way towards them. As I got close enough I let my shield down. I hugged Edward and he kissed my head.

His demeanor relaxed, "What happened Bella?"

"I was getting my laptop and I heard one of the wood floor boards squeak and pop, I got the feeling someone was watching me."

"You didn't see him did you?" Edward was shaken that the strange man had been in our home, while we were there and neither he nor Alice had picked up on it.

"No, but you know that feeling you get when someone is watching you, when the little hairs on the back of your neck stand on end."

"Not really Bella, we are usually the reason someone gets that feeling." Leave it to Edward.

"Oh I understand that feeling; animals usually have patches of fur that stand on end when they feel threatened."

"Let's get out of here Edward, Jacob? Please." I just wanted to get out of here. I didn't the man but I know he was watching me. He really creeped me out. We decided to make a last pass through the silent house looking for anything. We stayed as close as possible so I could protect them as we walked through the house, but it was difficult to navigate the hallway I had to my wall drop. We were all puzzled, no traces. It seemed like he could pop in and out of thin air more so than we could.

We decided to take off. It bothered me we were leaving behind unfinished business as it did Edward and Jacob too. We just didn't really know what to do at this point. We've been lucky he seems more focused on getting to us for whatever reason and really has left everyone else around us alone. We needed to get back to the others so we could think this through.