Summary: It's been 3 years since the Labyrinth, and Sarah Williams is trying to live a normal life, and trying to move on. But it seems that Fate has decided against that… or is it simply one certain Goblin King?

A/N: Yeah, I know the summary is pretty vague, but I'll be upfront and tell you that the plot is still rather sketchy. And I don't want to give it away by accidentally saying too much right now.

Disclaimer: Jareth, Sarah, any other familiar characters, and the Labyrinth do not belong to me. I'd be rather shocked to find out otherwise.

Best Laid Plans

- Chapter 1 -

But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft a-gley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain
For promis'd joy.

--Robert Burns, "To a Mouse"--

Sarah Williams had decided to have sex. She was eighteen, she was an adult, she had graduated from high school—she had plenty of reasons. The fact that she wasn't actually in love with her boyfriend, Michael, was just a minor setback. It hardly even upset the overall equation.

They'd been going out for almost six months now; he was sweet, funny and incredibly cute, with his chestnut hair and sea-green eyes. He could make her smile, and that was important. And hopefully after they had done—it—she would grow to love him as he proclaimed to love her.

Oh, okay, so the reasonable, rational part of her was telling her she was a fool to let herself believe that, but reason and ration be damned. Love was nowhere in sight, and she didn't want to end up a thirty-year-old virgin, who spent her weekends babysitting her younger brother and the rest of the time indulging herself in a world of fantasy. True, when she was thirty, Toby would be fifteen and hardly in need of a babysitter… but there was a point here somewhere, even if she seemed to have temporarily forgotten it.

Her father, Karen and Toby had gone to visit Karen's parents and didn't expect to be back until the next day, trusting her to take care of herself. Earlier that week, a couple of days after finding out about their plans, Sarah had casually mentioned their intended trip to Michael. He'd paused a moment before responding. "So you're gonna be all alone in that house for a couple of days?"

"Yeah." She knew what Michael was thinking, and she was already several steps ahead of him. "Listen, you remember that—thing—we were talking about the other day?"

He nodded. Of course he remembered.

Sarah swallowed once before continuing. "I think I'm ready."

Michael leaned forward, his emotions clear in his eyes. That was what had truly drawn her to him: his eyes. They were so clear and expressive, and he never hid his feelings from her, never even tried. "Are you sure?" he asked softly.

Was she? She looked back into those soft eyes, filled with all those wonderful emotions, all directed towards her. How could she ask for more from anyone? "Yes," she replied. She smiled at him, trying to erase all her doubts with that single act, "Yes, I'm sure."

And that was how she found herself in her present condition, lying on her bed in Michael's arms, engaged in a rather drawn-out match of tongue-wrestling. Tongue-wrestling, really, that wasn't very romantic, she mentally chastised herself. She shouldn't be thinking in such terms—after all, there was only one opportunity for first times.

Michael's hands had slipped up to her chest where he'd begun unbuttoning her blouse. When he'd finished, he went to remove it, but it got caught just beneath her shoulders. She arched her back awkwardly, allowing him the access he required, and she slipped it down completely. But they hit a second snag when they realized that he'd forgotten to unbutton her sleeves, and the cuffs were too tight to simply slip over her hands. Sarah sighed mentally. It would have been a lot easier if she had just done it herself. But Michael had wanted to do it, he'd said it would be more romantic this way. She let a small smile come to her face as she watched him work the buttons—he really was a sweet guy.

When he finally had the shirt off, Michael tossed it aside onto the floor. Sarah stared at it regretfully. She had used a whole week's worth of her income from her part-time job at the library to buy it, and saved it especially for today. And this was how it got its christening—she'd have to get it dry-cleaned just to get the wrinkles out.

Her attention was diverted when she felt the bed shift beneath Michael's weight as he raised himself up on his knees, one resting on either side of her own body. He pulled off his sweater and tossed it onto the growing pile on the floor. She looked up and met his gaze with her own, desire burning clear in his, while hers remained clouded with unreadable thoughts. He was amazing, all lean frame and firm muscles—any girl would be lucky to have him. She was not settling.

"You're so beautiful," he murmured before he began trailing kisses along her face. Sarah didn't respond, just absorbed the compliment as if he'd commented on the weather. But Michael didn't seem to notice.

They continued to kiss, while sometimes his mouth would wander along her jaw, or down to her neck. His hands roamed her body until eventually they reached the clasp of her bra and undid it. Well, at least there wasn't any of the embarrassing fumbling from earlier.

Just as he was began slipping the straps down the length of her arms, an angry voice boomed out, "Sarah Williams, what do you think you're doing?"

A loud shriek filled the air, but surprisingly, it didn't come from Sarah.

Michael hit the floor with a dull thud on the far side of the bed, while Sarah grabbed her covers by one corner and rolled across the bed, allowing them to provide her with some decency. Unfortunately, it also meant she couldn't see a thing. But maybe that was a good thing, she thought, reconsidering.

Michael's voice reached her ears, muffled through the layers of blankets that engulfed her head. "Oh shit! Um, Mr. Williams, you're not supposed to be back until tomorrow… I mean, this is not what it looks—hey, you're not Mr. Williams."

At that last part, Sarah opened her eyes, not having realized that she had even closed them. It was rather redundant considering she couldn't see anyway. She took a moment to contemplate whether it might not be best if she just stayed hidden in her little cocoon forever, but finally curiosity got the better of her. Steeling herself against whatever might come her way, she slowly pulled the covers down from her face.

The sight that greeted her was one she had not anticipated at all, causing her eyes to widen in shock until she felt for sure she must look like one of the characters from Toby's cartoon shows.

Three words came to her mind. Oh. My. God.