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A/N: Well, some of you requested a sequel to my July 8 story and I thought I give you what you want. For today I was finally able to write something but I'm stuck with it at the moment so I'll end this sequel with an evil cliffhanger and write a third part.


By kuroima

„Please, just release me," John kept on following Carson around the infirmary who tried to continue his work.


"Oh come on, I'm perfectly fine," Carson stopped and turned around.

"Perfectly fine? Bloody hell you are! You still got that stuff in your system and I'm not releasing you until it's clear and you behave like your old self," John took a step back at the little aggressive reaction of the Scottish doctor.

"But I'm behaving like my old self. I'm begging you to release me sooner than you would do it just as always," Carson crossed his arms in front of him.

"So four hours ago you didn't steal away from the infirmary and tried to break into Elizabeth's quarters and you didn't just told me that I have gorgeous emerald green eyes," John opened and closed his mouth while he thought of a response to what was definitely not a question.

"But-," John tried to protest.

"No buts. I'm now up for almost twenty-four hours, had to deal with you and a long operation this night and I'm not in the mood for a discussion. I am the Chief Medical Officer here and you stay in this infirmary unless I say something else," John felt like sitting in the principal's office and just stared at Carson.

"Good, I'm glad that we agree on this my son," Carson patted his shoulder with a friendly smile on his face and turned to leave but faced John again. "Besides, I have blue eyes."

John followed the orders of the evil Scottish doctor – as he would entitle him from now on - and walked back to his bed and sat down on it. He sighed as he saw his next disaster walk into the infirmary. "Sheppard," Rodney greeted him as he and Ronon approached him. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine," he eyed the visitors suspiciously and sat back in his bed.

"I was explaining Ronon Earth's wedding customs and we wondered who would you choose as your Best Man," Ronon and Rodney grinned.

"Go away," John responded and glared at them.

"You're not going to choose that plant, are you?" Rodney did a shocked face. "We would be deeply hurt."

"I said go away," he sounded a little bit aggressive.

"Did she say yes?" John turned his gaze at Ronon who grinned back.

"No, she said nothing and now go away," he hoped that something or someone would help him out but there was now rescue in sight.

"Then she will probably reject your proposal," now Rodney feigned a sad and caring face and ignored John's last words again.

"She didn't say anything because it's irrelevant to talk about it for obvious reasons. I was not myself at that time and so it wasn't a real proposal," he paused. "Can I now have my privacy?" Ronon and Rodney shared a look.

"But-," before Rodney could continue John throw his pillow at him and then his rescue came.

Chuck's familiar voice sounded through the citywide comm and announced an unscheduled off world activation. He was about to follow Rodney and Ronon to the gate room as he saw Carson's gaze and quickly went back into his bed.

Ten minutes later he wished that Ronon and Rodney still would be bothering him and his rescue wouldn't have happened as a blood covered Elizabeth was rushed past him on a gurney.