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Yagami Raito sat staring at his computer monitor trying to link together all of the recent deaths that had begun a few weeks before he was let out of his confinement. He searched the news for leads on criminals that had been punished, but had also found a rather large amount of non-criminals that had died just recently. Instead of criminals, these people were businessmen. In a normal case, they'd have ignored this, because these people weren't Kira's usual targets. Both the First Kira and Second Kira had only killed criminals with the exceptions of some innocent sacrifices in order to attain their goals. This "New Kira", or the next person to have received the power of Kira, at first seemed to have only been killing criminals, therefore they thought it was the original Kira.

However, more recently Raito had started calling this Kira, "New Kira", because he'd found an unusual amount of prominent Japanese businessmen that had died of heart attacks. Of course, after looking over the market, it was still too early to discern which company was benefiting most from these deaths, and though he hated to allow more deaths, there wasn't really anything he could do right now. He just didn't have enough information to make out a clear suspect. Right now, with the small amount that the market had fluctuated, it could be any of them.

"Thank you Watari," he heard Ryuuzaki's smooth tenor murmur from next to him.

The teen was going to go on ignoring the older man as he continued trying to find more evidence that could lead him to a suspect. It seemed, however, that the world's greatest detective was incapable of not interrupting him…not even for one day. A loud slurping sound accompanied by the smacking of lips came from the man crouched in the chair next to him. Raito was immediately broken out of his line of thought, something only L could accomplish with such little effort. He snapped his sepia eyes in the direction of the noise only to widen to the size of saucers at the sight that met them.

L sat in his usual crouched position, curled strangely over the computer he was diligently staring at. That wasn't what bothered Raito. Yea the position was odd, but if that's what helped the great detective think, then so be it. The thing that effectively made Raito spit up his coffee while simultaneously bringing a rosy hue to his nicely defined cheekbones, was the object L was currently eating. Well, not the object as much as the way the detective was devouring it. In Ryuuzaki's hand was a long, white popsicle that would seem innocent to most people. It was in the way that the older man slowly licked from the bottom to the top, then slipped just barely the top of it into his mouth, that made it look like much more than just the enjoyment of a nostalgic children's treat.

Raito watched in fascination as L's lips parted over the cold treat, admitting just the very tip of it past the surprisingly soft looking, rather full pillows of his mouth. He suckled it gently, sliding his mouth off so he could curl his tongue over that same spot. Raito felt his stomach lurch and tighten as he observed silently. Ryuuzaki brought his small, pink tongue down to the very bottom and licked upwards again, tongue swirling over the top, and mouth once again parting over it. This time he let his lips fall even further down on the frozen treat, allowing half of the rather large, suspiciously phallic snack to melt against the back of his throat.

The younger man swallowed thickly, becoming more and more aware of just how turned on he was getting by just watching another man eat a Popsicle. Those lips, full and pouty, were beginning to turn red from the coldness of the treat that was sliding in and out of them in a rather animated manner. Ryuuzaki's mouth came off the treat again with a resounding pop as he trailed his tongue over the underside again, collecting the melting droplets of sugar falling from the popsicle. This time when he slid it back into his mouth he hummed out a soft moan of contentment. Raito's mouth went dry. He became suddenly aware of how the entire Task Force had fallen silent and were watching with rapt amazement as L practically deep throated his after lunch snack.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Ryuuzaki finished his Popsicle and tossed the small stick into the garbage can underneath the desk. He seemed completely unaware of the blushing, shocked faces of the other five wide eyed occupants of the room. He continued to stare at the computer screen as if he hadn't just shown everyone just how talented he was with his mouth. Raito, seemingly in a trance, swiped his eyes over the detective's face, catching a dribble of clear, melted Popsicle coming out of the corner of those puffy, reddened lips.

"Ryuuzaki…" L turned his wide, black pit eyes onto the teen sitting next to him, briefly wondering why Raito looked so….carnivorous.

Raito couldn't stop himself. He leaned over and licked the trail of sweet, slightly dried Popsicle juice of the other's mouth; tongue briefly coming into contact with the corner of those inviting looking lips. He bit back a groan. Since when did Ryuuzaki taste so damn good? Why hadn't he tried this before? 'Because I'm not gay!' he thought, even as he sucked the cold juice off of L's warm lips.

-'Yes you are…''- a voice taunted in the back of his mind.

He pulled back, accidentally tugging L's bottom lip with him when he forgot to cut off the suction of his mouth. Raito opened his eyes, not so sure when he'd closed them, to see a frozen, wide eyed(more so than usual), and un-breathing Ryuuzaki staring back at him. The detective's mouth gaped open slightly, his finger tips resting against his lower lip where Raito had sucked it. His usually pallid skin was dyed a soft pink as his heavily bagged eyes stared shocked at the Yagami boy. Raito finally got control over his voice, though the embarrassment hadn't faded yet, and sputtered his explanation.

"You had some popsicle juice…" he trailed off, sepia eyes darting to the ground as his face flushed darkly in embarrassment.

The entire room was silent as the Task Force stared between the two in confusion. L continued to stare at the auburn haired teen in the chair next to him, not exactly sure of how to take what had just happened. Was it some kind of plot to trick him? Was Raito trying to make himself look like an innocent, shy teenager to throw L off? If it were an act, Lawliet would certainly not believe it. But…something in the deep shade of red the boy's cheeks had been stained, or the way his golden-brown eyes stared intently at the floor made the detective know it wasn't an act. He watched with shocked attention as the teen seemed to get a hold of himself, and those big brown eyes turned up at him with an apology swimming in their depths.

"I'm sorry…I don't know what came over me. Let's get back to work," Raito said in as steady a voice as he could manage through his embarrassment. L just stared at him for a few more seconds with those wide, raccoon eyes of his before nodding.

"Hai…I understand," he said, turning back to his computer screen.

The others in the room took a moment to recuperate before following the chained pair's lead and ignoring everything that just happened. Matsuda stared between L and Raito for a while as he sat at his desk. It had been unexpected, but not completely shocking to him that something like that would happen between the two. Of course, with Ryuuzaki's impromptu show, every member of the task force had been on the brink of jumping the odd detective's bones. Even Chief Yagami had a blush staining his cheeks, and he was married. Matsuda didn't, however, expect the first move to come from Raito. That had been a rather big surprise.

He glanced down at the boring paperwork on his desk, worst case scenario, he'd have to take it home and finish it. It was a large list of all the criminals in the jails waiting to be sentenced. It was boring, but the shy glances Raito was shooting at Ryuuzaki when he thought the other wasn't looking definitely weren't. 'I knew Raito-kun was gay. It would certainly explain the way he can completely ignore a woman like Misa-Misa,' Matsuda thought with a small smirk. He decided to finish his work at home in favor of watching the two younger detectives work together after their little mishap.

Contrary to what the rest of the investigative team believed, Matsuda was NOT a dense idiot. He could read people just as good as anyone else. Looking at Ryuuzaki, the young man could see that the sweet-junkie was in deep thought. His thoughts, however, were obviously not about the data on the computer screen in front of him, since those large black eyes were focused blatantly on the brunette youth next to him. Raito seemed to be ignoring the older man with all his might. Matsuda couldn't help but giggle internally at the tension between the two. Honestly, was he the only one who saw it?

'Oh! It looks like Ryuuzaki's come to his conclusion on the whole thing. I can't wait to see what ha….' His thoughts were cut off as his eyes widened impossibly.

L had grabbed Raito by the collar and smashed their lips together so swiftly the teen couldn't have possibly seen it coming. Now that, Matsuda didn't expect. Ryuuzaki was a fairly introverted person, so doing something like that was strangely out of character for him. However, his more childish side hated to lose, and if he'd been made to look like a gaping fool, then he'd certainly just one-upped Raito in the best way. The young Yagami's honey-brown eyes were wide in shock as L continued to move his pale lips against the other. Matsuda heard the Chief mumble something about getting coffee in a gruff and obviously uncomfortable voice as the rest of the team kind of just looked on in awe. Matsuda couldn't help but snicker. 'What will you do now, Raito-kun?' he thought.

L's mouth was hot and moist against his; his lips were as soft as they'd appeared as they slanted against his. Raito was at a loss of what to do. He hadn't expected this at all. Not from L. He froze as the detective's tongue brushed through the small part in his slightly gaping lips. It was warm, and tasted vaguely of coconut, the flavor of the previously eaten icy. Teeth nibbled on his bottom lip, causing a strange, but pleasurable feeling to ripple over his skin.

'This feels kind of nice…' he thought, allowing L to do as he pleased. He moaned… 'No…no I didn't.'

"Mnn…" 'Fuck I just did it again!' he thought. L smirked against his lips, tongue sweeping through his mouth once again in a way that made the younger man shudder.

He froze again when the next thought hit him…he was giving that bastard free reign of the kiss. It was so unlike him…he wasn't submissive….not if the person trying to dominate him didn't deserve him to be. If Ryuuzaki wanted to ravish his mouth, he was going to have to fight for it just like with everything else they did together. Raito wasn't usually so shy. So, why wasn't he reacting? Oh, right, that mortification thing. Oh well, they were already lip locked in front of the entire team, so how much worse could it get. Raito gathered his wits and pushed back finally, with enough force to make the detective wobble on the edge of his chair.

Lawliet wasn't exactly sure what he was doing when he grabbed his younger comrade and kissed him. All he knew was that Raito's tongue had felt good against his skin, and it had felt good having the teen sucking at his lips. On top of that, a flustered Raito was always a funny Raito. In all honesty he'd meant to just smack their lips together and sit back to enjoy the younger male's shocked expression. What L hadn't accounted for was Raito's soft, smooth lips feeling so good against his own. He hadn't expected those warm, full pillows to be so silky and nice. He hadn't anticipated Raito's hot mouth tasting as good as it did. So, in the end, he'd decided "to hell with it", and just angled his head for a better kiss. The fact that Raito wasn't fighting him off was permission enough for him to continue until the teen: (a) regained his senses and punched the detective in the face, or, (b) kissed him back.

As expected, Raito chose option (b). Lawliet knew that the younger male was not one to be outdone. The kid was just way too much like him for him not to know. Raito's mouth pressed back against his hard, bruising their lips and causing tingles of pleasure to course over L's pale skin. The teen sucked the detective's lower lip into his mouth and toyed with it ardently for a few moments. Light nips and gentle sucks quickly gave way to sharp bites and languid licks.

It felt heavenly, but Lawliet wouldn't be beaten at the game he'd begun. He slid a hand into the younger man's soft, chestnut hair and tugged hard enough to get a small gasp. He took full advantage of Raito's brief pause and plundered the boy's mouth with his tongue. Gods Raito had to be the sweetest drug he'd ever tasted. Lawliet wasn't one for young boys, but Raito was in that stage just in between boyhood and adulthood that was just plain sexy. He tasted like candy to L, despite his utter dislike for anything involving sugar. When Raito's tongue massaged against his own in attempt to gain back control of the kiss, Lawliet nipped it and relished in the hitch of breath.

Raito, in the mean time, was trying to keep his head as heat continued to pool in his belly. L's ministrations were like nothing he'd ever experienced in all his years as a playboy. (Grades 8-University Freshman) He was losing and he knew it, but he just couldn't gather himself. Every time he managed to get a little bit of control back, Ryuuzaki did something delicious with that amazing mouth of his. The detective tasted like a satisfying blend of all the sweets he ate, which would usually repulse Raito with its sickeningly sugary tang. However, the most prominent flavor in the older man's warm, wet, and unbelievably talented mouth was strawberry…which Raito had to admit he did find more than acceptable.

Taking a deep breath, the teen swept his tongue over the roof of Ryuuzaki's mouth and suckled at his swollen upper lip. He felt L tense slightly, breathing out slowly, and obviously suppressing a sound. Raito couldn't resist the way his own lips tilted upwards in a victorious grin, but the detective was not so easily thwarted. It took him less than a second to compose himself and attack Raito's smiling lips with renewed vigor. That sugar coated tongue wrapped around his seductively, pulling it into the older man's mouth, where he suckled, nipped, and massaged it ruthlessly. Raito felt his stomach tightening, his pants becoming a little too small as his body started to react more enthusiastically to the fucking hot kiss he was engaged in.

'Since when is Ryuuzaki a good kisser? It looks like he never gets out,' the teen thought angrily. His anger lasted all of five seconds before Ryuuzaki pulled his bottom lip into his mouth and squeezed it between his teeth. Raito moaned, he was losing….he was losing and he was starting to not care. In fact, with every moment the kiss continued, he cared less and less about who was winning or losing. All he could pay attention to was the feeling of L's mouth playing dominantly with his. It felt so good; so fucking good that Raito felt as if he could really do without his suddenly stifling clothing.

"Jesus! The two of you aren't done yet?!" a loud, very uncomfortable sounding voice boomed suddenly.

The boys were torn apart, each being held by the scruffs of their shirts, and dropped unceremoniously to the floor by none other than Yagami Soichiro. Raito let out a small yelp when his butt connected rather painfully with the floor. L just stared up at the older man with his wide, blank eyes. The police Chief rolled his eyes at their flushed, breathless appearances. Honestly, kids these days. Did they not realize they were practically eating each other's mouths out in front of the entire investigation team? He vaguely noted some stifled laughter from behind him. 'Matsuda…' he thought.

"Listen kids…if you two need a break, please take one. You're distracting the rest of the team," Soichiro said sternly, brown eyes falling to his blushing, nervous looking son.

He wasn't too surprised that Raito liked boys….or at least was bi-curious. The kid had the most beautiful girls in his school trailing him like love-sick puppies, and couldn't be any less interested. He was dating a famous Model/actress, who was admittedly one of the cutest girls Soichiro had ever seen, next to Sachiko of course, and hadn't tried to touch her once. At his age, if he'd had a girl like that trailing him, he'd have taken full advantage of that situation. So, no, he didn't care that Raito may be homosexual…he just didn't want to have to see it. Honestly, he could have chosen a worse partner. It would be Raito who finds THE most worthy male on the planet to be with, and catches him with barely an effort.

"Now go up to your room and sort this out. Don't come back until you're ready to work," Soichiro ordered.

Raito's big, amber-brown eyes blinked slowly, confusion evident in their depths as his mouth hung open in a stupid, but rather cute looking gape. 'He's always been a cute kid,' the Chief mused proudly. Ryuuzaki had a calculating look in his eyes when the policeman directed his gaze over to the young detective. He just smiled at the younger man, nodding his head, and turning his eyes back on his adorably confused son.

"T…tou-san?" came the stuttered question.

"What did I just say?" Soichiro said, turning his back on the two boys and looking over the rest of the investigation team. Matsuda seemed on the brink of tears, he was trying so hard to hold back his laughter. The Chief heard a shuffle from behind him, followed by the clinking of a chain, and a quiet "oof" from his son.

"I understand…" Ryuuzaki's calm tone said. The sound of stumbling followed.

"R…Ryuuzaki?! What do you think you're doing?!" Raito's voice sputtered embarrassedly octave higher than usual.

"Come Raito-kun…we need to deal with this situation lest neither of us be able to pay attention for the rest of the day," the detective said smoothly. A choking sound, and labored breathing.

"You're out of your mind if you think I'm just going to do that kind of thi…"

"Don't worry Raito-kun…I'll do you too," L said, cutting the boy off.

Raito's stuttering faded as the two disappeared up the stairs to their room. It was silent for a long time, Soichiro looked over the task force. Aizawa and Mogi seemed completely lost for words and practically frozen in time with wide eyes and dark blushes staining their cheeks. As for Matsuda, he didn't look at all surprised, and was quickly losing control over his composure. He lost it, loud laughter flowing from his mouth in waves. His arms clutched at his gut, his breathing becoming difficult as he went into hysterics. Soichiro took his seat at his desk and quietly started to go over the lists of the criminals who'd been dying recently. Matsuda's laughter seemed to snap the other two out of their shock, both sets of eyes snapping in the direction of the youngest detective in the room.

"Haha…you guys both owe me a hundred bucks!...hahaha…I told you…so…hahahaha!" Matsuda said.

"Wow, I…I can't believe you were right about that," Mogi said, digging in his pocket for the money.

"How did you figure out something like that? They're always fighting, and Raito is always so snippy toward Ryuuzaki," Aizawa muttered, handing over his share. Matsuda curled his fingers around the crisp bills. Ah…to have money in his pocket. It was a great feeling. He turned to them with a finger raised in the air.

"That's because Raito-kun will be the Uke, in the relationship. He is snippy and catty because subconsciously he knows he is really in control. I can't believe you guys didn't figure it out," Soichiro coughed up his coffee at Matsuda's deduction.

"How is the Uke in charge?" Aizawa said with light amusement in his voice.

"Isn't it obvious?" the younger man asked with a raised brow. He got three blank stares in response and sighed.

"Raito-kun will be in control of the sex of course!" three sets of eyes widened.

"Ryuuzaki will be in the palm of his hand, unless of course he is as talented with his hips as he is with his mouth. Then Raito-kun will want it all the time and lose," Matsuda said. Aizawa and Mogi looked at him in wonderment.

"I really didn't need to hear that…" Soichiro muttered, dropping his head into his hands.

"Gomen ne, Chief," Matsuda chirped, returning his gaze to his own paperwork. He was successfully amused now, perhaps he could get some work done after all.




a/n: okay so I am planning a second part to this. You could consider this first installment a two-shot. But keep in mind that the third chapter will probably be completely different.