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"Be Mine"


Raito set his laptop on his knees as he and his captor settled into their shared bed for the night. It'd been a few weeks since they'd moved to HQ, and things were going fairly smoothly. L was a lot fairer than Raito had ever expected him to be. Instead of the perverse, owl-eyed staring he'd expected 24/7, regardless of time or circumstances…the older man was quite respectful about things like showering, using the bathroom, and changing. He politely turned his back whenever Raito changed, or relieved himself. He was also rather modest, which for some reason he could not quite grasp, Raito found utterly adorable.

He supposed it was because the detective was so straight forward with everything else he did. When L spoke, he sugar coated nothing. He sat however he felt, no matter where or in what company he was. He had terrible eating habits such as playing with his food, forgoing utensils, and chewing like a grazing cow. Even his appearance was completely blunt. Wrinkled clothing and pale skin with a mop of messy, just rolled out of bed, raven locks sitting atop his head; L didn't bother trying to straighten it out. So, the fact that the older man was shy about undressing in front of someone else came as a surprise to Raito.

In all honesty, he'd expected the man to just drop his pants and drag Raito into the shower by the chain like being bare-assed naked in front of someone he barely knew was completely ineffectual. But, that's not how it happened. Their first day at Headquarters passed smoothly until they got to the "getting ready for bed" phase. L lead his teenaged suspect into the bathroom for their shower, and Raito…being the Japanese native he was, used to communal bathing and whatnot, immediately began to shrug his clothing off. The brunette boy found himself smiling softly at the memory.


"Y-Yagami-kun?! What are you doing?!" L's uncharacteristically high pitched squeak sounded. Raito turned around to face the other man with a confused look in his coffee brown eyes.

"Ryuuzaki? What's the matter?" he asked, moving closer to the detective.

L's eyes widened even further, his face flushed a deep scarlet color, and his slender hands came up to block his view of the scantly-clad teenager before him. Raito tilted his head in confusion. Why was L so embarrassed? It's not like Raito had anything that he didn't. Weren't they both guys? Guys shower together all the time, and yet, here L was blushing like a virgin schoolgirl who'd just seen a naked man for the first time. The young Yagami had honestly expected the world's greatest detective to at least be mature enough to handle the situation he'd brought upon them when he'd chained them together.

"Seriously Ryuuzaki…one would think you've never seen another person naked before," Raito teased softly, trying to lighten the mood so they could take their shower and go to bed already. L's hands did not move from his closed eyes.

"I have not, Yagami-kun…I've spent the majority of my life in a hotel room by myself," the detective managed, voice slightly shaky in his embarrassment. Raito just laughed.

"Okay Ryuuzaki, I'll spare your virgin eyes and shower first. Just turn around so I can take my underwear off. I promise I'll leave you some hot water," the teen suggested softly. L did as he said, and Raito couldn't help but snicker at the utter cuteness of the detective's prudishness.

'Who'd have thought Ryuuzaki could be so cute?' he thought silently.

**End Flashback**

Raito chuckled at the memory, casting a glance toward the quiet man next to him. L had his thumb positioned at his mouth, nibbling and sucking at it as his big, brilliant brain worked a million miles a minute. His black eyes were wide and unblinking as he went over whatever information was on the screen of his laptop. Their dark depths held an analytical, intelligent gleam that could be considered quite attractive, even as owlishly giant as the orbs were.

Ever since that first night in the shower, Raito had found himself hard-pressed not to see the detective as adorable. It was in everything he did. From his soft, intelligent monotone…to his hunched, crow-like posture; everything about him was just plain cute. Brown eyes moved from his captor to the screen of his computer. To the bottom right the time and date read, [February 14, 2005. 2:55am.] He sighed…tomorrow was Valentine's Day, er…today was Valentine's Day, and he knew his "girlfriend" would be wanting a date.

At least he'd already asked his father to bring him a dozen roses in the morning, so he could present them to Misa that afternoon during their small window of time together. He did not enjoy his time with Misa. She was loud, annoying, and stupid. It wasn't that he disliked her, per se, he'd just rather not spend an extended amount of time with her. She really was a sweet girl, just completely out of his usual standard for a committed partnership.

Again, Raito flicked his honey eyes over to the dark haired detective. L's eyes were getting droopy…the teen knew he must be tired, he hadn't slept in three days. Raito wondered if he should bother getting the other man something for Valentine's Day. It's not like L even acknowledged the fact that the holiday was coming up, but still…Raito considered him a friend…and a part of him was kind of proud that he'd probably be the first one other than Watari to give the greatest detective in the world a gift for V-day. L liked chocolate…

The teen decided, 'Fuck what L thinks, he's getting a gift and he's gonna like it.' With a quick sweep of his fingers he wrote an email to Watari, and sent it before turning his eyes back onto the obviously exhausted man next to him. The dark haired man was really cute when he was trying to fight off sleep. He saw L's eyes slide shut, his body falling forward slightly before he jerked back into consciousness abruptly.

'That's it…if he's not going to go to sleep on his own, I'm going to force him to,' Raito thought. He shot his hand out so quick that he knew the older man didn't see it. Quickly, he hit the save button, followed by the power button, and finally, closed the screen. The young man could feel the heat of the sleepy glare L had directed at him, and merely sent the look straight back into those big, black orbs.

"Yagami-kun should know his Kira percentage has just risen 0.5 percent for disrupting my work," L said testily. The presence of an actual tone in the detective's usually monotonous voice just proved he was exhausted.

"Yea, yea…I don't care if you raise it 200 percent at this point, as long as you get some sleep when you've finished throwing your hissy fit," the teen said, setting L's laptop on the night table next to his side of the bed so the older man would have trouble reaching it.

"Hn…trying to take my mind off the case, let's add another 0.5 to make it a solid 1.0 percent higher," Raito just laughed, pushing his bedmate down and pulling the comforter up over his small, slender form.

"Whatever Ryuuzaki…just go to sleep. You haven't slept for three days straight; I'll continue working until our usual time. Just relax; I'm your friend, no? Trust me for once," the boy murmured, leaning over the other man to click the lamp off. L's dark eyes narrowed at him skeptically.

"Trusting the main suspect of the Kira case to work on capturing himself while I am asleep and unaware of his actions, would not be a very smart decision on my part," he said. Raito growled softly, positioning his hands on either side of the other man's messy, raven head, as he stared down into that suspicious face angrily.

"I'm not Kira, so shut up. You can check the surveillance footage tomorrow morning if you don't believe me. Go to sleep, or I'm telling Watari you've been throwing away your vegetables during dinner," he threatened. With L's soft gasp came a soft fan of warm, mint scented air against Raito's lips. The teen felt his face heat in the realization of just how close he was to the detective's adorably appalled expression.

"Fine…I will sleep, if only because Raito-kun plays dirty, and has left me with no other choice. He is the master of manipulation," L said, lower lip jutting out as his face set into an angry pout.

Raito felt his body heat up a little. Damn….L looked too cute, and no matter how hard he tried…he couldn't find the strength to move away. His eyes focused on that full, bottom lip…fantasies of sucking it into his mouth flitting across his mind as he determinedly tried to keep control of his rabid teenage hormones. The light from the other lamp was dim, but lit the detective's pale skin with a gentle glow that softened his sharp features. His jet-black hair lay in disarray behind his head, contrasting with the fresh white of the pillow he laid on. L's small, pink tongue darted out to wet the pale, peach colored lips. Raito held himself back.

"But, Raito-kun's percentage of being Kira has risen by another 0.5 percent because of this…he seems to be going for a record tonight," L's taunting voice said, lips curving into a cocky smirk.

And just like that, L went from utterly adorable, to downright sexy. Raito felt the tremor move over his body. His gaze firmly set on those delectable looking lips. The teen, unable to control himself, tilted his head to the side, and drew a moist line over the flesh with his tongue. The other man's lips parted in a loud gasp, eyes going completely wide, and body tensing in shock. Raito couldn't stop himself from swooping down and claiming that sweet mouth under his. It was done; he was already at the point of no return, now all he could do was enjoy it while it lasted. No doubt L would snap out of his shock-induced daze soon enough. The boy wanted to at least have had his full taste of his captor before that happened.

Taking advantage of L's complete stillness, Raito pulled the blankets away from the prone form, and straddled the man's slender hips with his thighs. He rubbed his tongue over the roof of the detective's mouth, sucking at his lips as he fully enjoyed the sweet, sugary taste. His hands wandered down L's clothed torso, the taught muscle and lack of boney protrusions he found came as a pleasant surprise. The teen sighed, moving his hands up to brush over hardening nipples. The detective arched into the touch, breath stuttering slightly from his ravaged lips. The fact that L's body was reacting to his attentions caused an immediate tightening of Raito's pants. With a soft moan, he sucked that luscious bottom lip into his mouth to nip, and play with until the other man's eyes slid closed.

L's body relaxed beneath him, the older man seemed to be allowing himself to enjoy the hot kiss Raito had ensnared him in. The teen reacted enthusiastically, plunging his tongue back into his captor's mouth and gently coaxing the man into responding. The detective shyly poked back, gently exploring, and hesitantly tangling their two muscles together with a soft groan. Raito moaned in response, his hips jerking against the other man's reflexively. After what seemed like hours, the two had to separate due to lack of oxygen. They pulled back gasping for breath. Raito let his head fall into the crook of the other man's pale neck. A few moments of gasping gave way to complete silence until; of course, L's inquisitive nature forced him to ask,

"Why did you do that?"

Raito was silent for a good amount of time after. He tried desperately to gather his thoughts, to figure out his reason…any reason. But, he couldn't. In all honesty, he'd kissed the older man on a whim, not sure of what the reaction would be, and not really caring about any consequences. It was completely spontaneous, which was so far out of his meticulously calculating character, he was almost ashamed of himself. However, the taste of L on his tongue made his blood boil and his hormones hum contentedly. Any feelings of shame were successfully tuned out.

"I did it because I wanted to, Ryuuzaki…why else does one person kiss another?" he asked, nuzzling the soft flesh of the raven haired man's neck gently. L's skin smelled sweet there…he wanted to taste it, and bite it, and mark it…but refrained so as not to confuse the detective further.

"But…why?" the man asked, as if the idea of someone wanting to kiss him was the most ridiculous notion he'd ever heard in his lifetime. Raito laughed gently, warm breath puffing against the pale man's already sensitive skin, causing him to shiver. He pushed himself up so he could look into L's bemused and startled gaze.

"I don't know. We were so close to each other…and you're just so sexy, I guess I got a little carried away," Raito said with a gentle smile. L seemed to choke a little, his wide eyes staring up at Raito incredulously.


"Yes Ryuuzaki…you are!" the teen laughed, stealing a swift kiss from gaping lips before he could stop himself.

"Oh…." L said, eyes darting away to focus on some random point of the far wall as a dark flush rose to his pale cheeks.

Raito placed his hands on the older man's chest, sitting upright, only to feel something poke him in the rear. His copper eyes widened, russet head twisting around to confirm the ample bulge resting against his pajama clad behind. Raito smirked, turning his eyes back on a slightly panting L who still refused to look at him. The teen slid his hands up to cup L's flushed face, turning it so he could stare into those embarrassed, slightly fearful eyes. The brunette grinned seductively, licking his lips and leaning forward to brush them against the other man's.

"I seem to have gotten you all excited. Would you like me to take care of that for you?" the boy asked in a husky whisper. L shuddered against him, lips trembling as little gasps puffed against Raito's face.

"It's fine…it will go away on its ownmph….." Raito smothered the end of the sentence with a heated kiss.

He swiped his tongue over L's perfectly straight teeth, teased the roof of his mouth, and tasted the softness on the inside of his cheeks. Rocking his hips back, teen pulled his captor's tongue into his own mouth, sucking on it, and nipping at it before pulling away to stare down at the other man. Raito nearly moaned out loud at the sight of L's half-lidded, flushed expression. The detective's lips were bruised crimson, standing out succulently against the pale skin of his face. The young Yagami leaned forward, brushing a tender earlobe with his lips before he spoke.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I've wanted to touch you almost as long as we've been here. Trust me…?" he said, suckling the sensitive spot where L's sharp jaw-line met his slender neck. L shivered, his neck arching involuntarily into Raito's touch. The older man lay silent for a few moments, and Raito's stomach nearly ate itself in his nervousness.

"Raito-kun…I…you…sigh…" Shit! He was about to be rejected. He didn't want that, not now…when he needed L so bad he could nearly taste it.

"Ryuuzaki…I promise I won't hurt you…just let me make you feel good," he said, his tone pleading.

"I don't thin…"

"Please…" Raito begged before the other man could finish his sentence.

Again, L was silent. For an extended, agonizing moment…L was silent. Raito's gut twisted inside of him as his nerves all buzzed in his ears. His heart pounded, fear coursing over him as he awaited rejection. Then slender, gentle fingers carded into his hair and pulled him forward to meet a pair of soft lips. He froze slightly, shocked for a moment by L's apparent acceptance, but swiftly recovered. Pressing back into the kiss, he ground his hips down into the older man's prominent erection. A low growl rumbled in the detective's chest, sexy and feral in a way that had Raito panting. L's mouth opened under his, tongue sliding against his much more confidently, lips smacking wetly as they kissed.

"Mnn….Ryuuzaki," Raito moaned, pulling back to grind his ass against the bulge beneath him again.

"Ah…" L breathed, hips jerking upwards to meet his movements.

Clothes were quickly discarded to random corners of their room. Raito continued to trail his way down the other man's slender, but firm and muscular body. L was arching and moaning under the teen's ministrations in the most amazing way. Raito couldn't wait to see the other man come. He drew a wet line down the raven's torso, swirling his tongue in L's rather adorable belly button, and enjoying the little squirm he received. He found that L's legs were pretty hairless, smooth, long, and built like a dancer's legs. He spread them a little bit, kissing his way from the inside of L's knee to his sensitive inner thighs.

"Ahh…Raito-kun…I need…mmnn…" the detective babbled, hips thrusting forward in search of relief from his almost painful hardness.

Raito just nodded. He moved his mouth to the fissure between L's leg and his pelvis…licking the tender skin there and nipping at it lightly. He nuzzled the other man's taught balls through his white briefs, opening his mouth to roll his tongue over the material. Raito moved up, licking at the detective's thick, hard shaft, wetting the fabric of his underwear as he did so. L went crazy under him. His back arched up, hips thrust against the heat of Raito's mouth, and a small whine escaped his bruised lips. He suckled at the head as he hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled down.

Then…L was naked. He was naked and flushed. His back was arched high, and all his muscles were tensed against his flawless, white skin. L was beautiful. The detective was all lean lines, and slender muscles. There was a subtle power in his wiry physique that caused Raito's cock to pulse, reminding him for the first time that he was painfully hard, and needed to come soon. His eyes looked down at the hard, leaking arousal perched elegantly between L's milky thighs. It wasn't overly long, rather normal, but thick and curved into a graceful arc. Raito flicked his cinnamon eyes upwards to lock with smoky slits of onyx.

"Raito-kun…" L panted, thrusting his hips upwards to convey his need. Raito crawled up the other man's body to kiss him deeply on his sweet, cherry lips, and pulled back with a smile.

"Don't worry…I'm going to take care of you," he whispered gently, pressing a series of short, open mouthed kisses against those ever-so addicting pillows of soft flesh.

He straddled the other man again, lining up their hips and thrusting their leaking arousals against one another. They moaned together, both their hips working against each other as the friction between them increased. Raito crept a hand down and circled his fingers around their members to begin pumping them against one another. L cried out a garbled version of the teenager's name, thrusting his hips into the hand holding them together. Raito slicked them both with their leaking fluids, his free hand reaching behind himself to rub against his own entrance. He bent down, sweeping his tongue over the head of L's naked sex as he used his own precum to slick his hole gently.

The brunette bobbed his head down on the detective's hard flesh as he pressed one of his fingers into his body. He was excited. He couldn't wait to have L's hot, hard flesh inside him. He moaned over L's member as he carefully prepared himself, enjoying the startled cry the vibrations of his voice ripped from his soon-to-be lover's mouth. When he felt he was ready, he removed his now three fingers, and pulled his mouth off of L's erection to straddle the man once again. He stilled, waiting for those big, black eyes to open up and lock with his own chocolate ones. The detective seemed confused for a minute. Raito merely shifted so he could kiss the man again.

"There's no going back after this. Is this okay?" he asked, rubbing the broad head of L's cock against his slick, slightly relaxed entrance. The older man's eyes rolled a little, a raspy moan issuing from his bruised mouth.

"Raito….I…mmnnn…" he gasped, thrusting his hips against the boy's taught ass.

"Alright then…try not to come right away," Raito said, pressing a quick kiss to L's parted lips as he steadied himself over the man's weeping arousal.

"Raito…are you sure-ahhhhhhhhhh!!" the man's question trailed into a loud moan as Raito lowered himself onto his straining erection.

"Oh God…you're so big," Raito moaned half in pain and half in arousal.

Of course, he'd never gone this far with anyone before. Raito was a virgin, at least when it came to this particular orifice of his body. His mouth was previously de-virginized when he was sucking L off only a few moments ago. He'd gone all the way with some girl he'd dated in high school, merely because it seemed rather expected for him not to be a virgin…what with how popular he was and whatnot. He usually ignored other people's opinions, but he'd been curious. He was a teenage boy after all. He sighed as he continued to lose his virginity, his insides relaxing slightly and allowing him to take L deeper.

"Raito…I can't…"

The plea in the detective's voice was enough to make Raito start moving. After all, he didn't want the older man to come before it even began. Pressing his hands against L's firm chest, he raised himself carefully, and slid down. After a few gentle thrusts, he got used to the feeling of the hard shaft moving within him, and picked up the pace. L's hands slid up his thighs to take purchase on Raito's swiveling hips as he thrust up against the teen's downward movements. The blunt head of the man's cock pressed against that sensitive bundle of nerves within the boy, causing Raito to arch and moan in abandon.

Soon the only sounds in the room were the slaps of sweat soaked skin, and harsh panting of their breathing. Raito fucked himself on L's cock, bouncing and grinding his hips down to stimulate that amazing spot deep inside of him. The older man's moans increased in volume as their pace continued to increase. Raito could feel the molten lust twisting in his belly, his whole body tingling as it dangled over the edge of oblivion. He looked down at L. That flushed, ecstasy ridden face causing his slit to leak against the firm, creamy abdomen his member slapped against with each fall of his hips.

"Mnn…Raito…" L moaned prettily, the boy answered with a desperate whimper as he ground himself down against the flesh inside of him.

He was almost there. Just a little push and he would go tumbling into the blissful abyss of orgasm. Then he felt it…that thick, hot shaft pulsed inside of him, and L's entire body arched up underneath his in possibly the most erotic display of complete ecstasy the teen had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Those gorgeous, crimson lips parted as his arms tensed, and hands clenched in the bed sheets. His abdomen rolled, beautiful lines of muscles tensing against the porcelain skin, as his hips thrust up hard, into the body above his. The loud, feral growl rumbled through L's entire body, vibrating through Raito strongly.


It was the hottest thing he'd ever heard. He trembled at the feel of the detective's fingers bruising his hips. In liquid hot spurts, L erupted against Raito's prostate, causing the boy to let go in a chain reaction. The brunette spilled himself over his lover's milky white chest, groaning out his name as white hot pleasure coursed through his veins like lightning. Raito slumped forward against the older man's chest in a heap of post-orgasmic jelly. He panted, trying desperately to catch his breath as he moved himself up to capture L's panting mouth under his in a tender kiss.

"Mmnn…I love your mouth…" Raito slurred against the other man's lips.

He winced a little as he lifted himself off of L's limp member, before grasping hold of the blankets and tugging them up over the two of them. L's breathing leveled out to a more normal tempo. Raito laid his sweat matted, brunette head against the older man's chest to listen contentedly to the strong heart beat. After a little while he started to doze off, vaguely aware of a pair of warm arms coming to rest around his shoulders. The boy's response was to nuzzle his lover's ribcage, and place a gentle kiss against the soft skin there.

"M'sorry I can't work like I said I would, Ryuu…I don't think I can move," Raito murmured, tilting his head back to lock eyes with L's barely open ones. The pale man's reddened lips tilted into a gentle smile, his slender hand combing through Raito's russet hair.

"Let's just sleep now, Raito-kun…" he said. Raito couldn't help but smile back at the other man. He snuggled deeper into his older lover's embrace, kissing the place where L's heart beat rhythmically.

"Happy Valentine's day…Ryuu…"

"Raito-kun is my valentine?" L asked in slight shock.

"Hmm…please?" Raito asked, voice becoming breathier and quieter as he slowly drifted from consciousness.

"Alright…" L answered, feeling his eyes get heavy as he too, drifted off.

The two slept peacefully through the night, unaware of their blushing, but not too surprised witness in the control room downstairs. Watari smiled gently at the scene the two made, they were quite adorable all curled into each other like that. He'd never seen Lawliet so peaceful. With that same smile, he dutifully deleted all video footage of what happened, and turned the monitor off. He grabbed the email that the little Yagami had sent him and looked it over once again.


I know we're not supposed to email you unless it's an emergency. But, I was just thinking that I wanted to get Ryuuzaki something for Valentine's Day. I don't really have the ability to go out and buy him something now, and it's way too late to call my Dad for a favor. I know you are usually awake till around 3:30am. I guess what I'm asking, is for you to make it for me. A heart shaped, chocolate cake, with strawberry icing. Then, in cherry icing, write "Be Mine" across it, and give it to him for breakfast…if you can make it by then. I know this is a weird request, but I don't know how else to get it done. Thank you, and please don't worry…I'll take care of him.


Yagami Raito'


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