Kouta looked back to the gate and saw a shadowy out line on the girl he once knew a Nyuu

Kouta looked back to the gate and saw a shadowy out line on the girl he once knew as Nyuu. He took a few steps closer and the shadow collapsed. Kouta ran to the gate and through it open to see that it was indeed Nyuu lying at his doorstep unconscious.

Kouta quickly picked her up to carry her in the house; when he noticed her horns were now nothing but holes in her head leaking blood. She also had three-bullet holes, one in her side and the other two in her legs. Kouta rushed her into the house and into his bed, then ran to Yuka telling her to get the bandages.

"Kouta what happened? I don't under stand." Yuka asked in confusion. Just a minute ago he was all fine and now he's worried about something. Before Yuka could ask Kouta about what happened he ran back to his room leaving his lunch on the table to get cold.

"What is with him all the sudden? … If he thinks I'm going to warm this up for him he's got another thing coming."

Yuka then went for the first aid kit while Mayu and Nana both as confused as Yuka ran back to Kouta's room to see what all the fuss was about. When Yuka reached Kouta's room she looked around to see what happened and her eyes found Nyuu on his bed. Yuka's jaw dropped and she was left speechless.

"How did Luc… I mean Nyuu get here?" Nana asked.

"I don't know but she is injured, and we must do all we can until she gets better." Kouta informed.

All Yuka could do was watch as Kouta applied the first aid to Nyuu's head. He worked so lovingly and tenderly. Would he ever act this way toward me if I got hurt? Would he even worry about me if I were gone? "Kouta I'm going out for more … umm… things."

"Ok fine see you later."

He didn't even ask where I was going or how long I'll be out. He doesn't care about me. All he cares about is Nyuu. Fine I'll make him worry about me. Yuka thought as she walked out the door.

Over the next few hours Nyuu would regain consciousness only for a few moments before she would return in to the blackness of her sleep. Kouta never left her side; he stayed there holding her hand watching her, waiting for her to wake up.

"Nana… what is the matter?" Mayu asked.

Nana only stared at Kouta's room before Mayu's words reached her. "Oh… it is nothing." Nana tried to lie but did a horrible job of it.

Mayu wasn't convinced so she pressed further. "Come on Nana what's the matter?"

"Well… It's just … that… that's not Nyuu, it's Lucy."

"What do you mean?"

"Ever so often I feel Lucy not Nyuu."

"Nana we should tell Kouta." Nana nodded her head in agreement.

The two girls ran in Kouta's room to find Lucy still asleep.

"What going on you two?" Kouta asked.

"Kouta Nana thinks that, that is not Nyuu." Mayu said pointing down at the sleeping Lucy.

"Nana what do you mean?" Kouta asked

"Well… it's just that I don't feel Nyuu when she awakes up." Nana explained, "It's Lucy who's in there now. I just though you should know" Nana and Mayu then left to see what was for dinner.

Kouta didn't care if it was Lucy or Nyuu. He loved both of them; suddenly Nana rush back in the room. " Hey Kouta, Yuka hasn't come back yet. Do you want me and Mayu to make dinner?"

"That would be very nice Nana thank you."

"Do you want me to make a plate for Lucy too?"

"Yah… She might wake up and be hungry."

Nana then rushed down stairs to help Mayu. An hour later Mayu called to Kouta saying dinner was ready. Kouta, for the first time since Lucy's return left his room. Nana and Mayu had went all out and made a meal big enough to feed a small army, or just Nana.

While Kouta was eating Lucy woke up to feel that she was on something soft. After further inspection she then knew where she was. She tried to get up but was too weak.

"What I'm I doing here? I should be dead, not lying in Kouta's room." Lucy then thought about it and remembered her other personality, they called Nyuu, took her back to Kouta's house. "No I shouldn't be here, I've caused Kouta so much pain, and if I stay here I'll only cause more." Lucy said to her self.

Nana was in the middle of her fifth bowl of stew when she felt Lucy. She froze, and everyone watched her.

"Nana what is it?" Kouta asked.

"Its Lucy… She's awake." With those words Kouta erupted from the table and ran to his room to find Lucy trying to get to her feet.

"What are you doing? You shouldn't be up get. Get back in bed."

Lucy's legs couldn't yet hold her wait and she fell back onto Kouta's bed.

"See I told you." Kouta said while putting the cover back over her. "You need to rest now. If you are hungry I'll bring you something."

"Kouta… I'm sorry … I didn't mean to…" Lucy said weakly but was cut off by Kouta.

"Hey no need to talk about that right now. You just rest." Lucy did as she was told and closed her eyes again.

Yuka walked the streets lost in thought. Have I been gone long enough for Kouta to be worried about me? No… I'll get a hotel and come back tomorrow. I'll make Kouta worry even more.

Kouta on the other hand didn't think of Yuka at all but was back holding Lucy's hand sleeping on the floor next to her. The next morning Kouta inspected her wounds and saw they all weren't bleeding any more but they still had a long way before they were 100.

Lucy woke up and watched Kouta taking care of her. She watched as Kouta changed her bandages it brought tears to hers eyes. "Kouta… why are you doing this?" Lucy weakly asked.

Kouta was cough off guard by this question. "What do you mean?"

"Why are taking care of me when I don't deserve it?"

"Don't talk like that. You have the right to live as much as anyone."

"No… I don't. Kouta I killed your family, I killed so many others. I'm a monster, I don't deserve your love or sympathy."

"Hey you are not a monster. The people that tried to kill, they are the real monsters. I only see you as that lonely little girl who I loved as a kid."

These words made the tears in Lucy's eyes start to run down her cheeks.

"Oh Kouta your blind, not even that best soup in the world could wash the scum from my hands. I am forever stained."

"The first step is to forgive yourself. After you can do that you wont think yourself subhuman. You will see that you are a beautiful, wonderful person."

"And if I cant do that?" Lucy asked, the tears now flooding her face.

"You may not be able to not now, but one day you will."

"Kouta… You make it sound so easy, but a monster like me doesn't deserve you."

"Don't talk like that. All your thinking about is you, what about me? What if I want you?"

Kouta's question took her by surprise.

Yuka walked back to the house. " This should have been plenty enough time for Kouta to worry about me." Yuka said to herself.

"I hate listening to you talk about yourself like your nothing."

"But… Kouta."

Yuka walked to Kouta's room. "I'll surprise him and he'll show the love he showed for Nyuu." Yuka thought to herself.

"Listen I love you… More that anything…and I don't want you to ever leave."

Lucy felt the heat of his body, as his face appeared only inches from hers.

Yuka then opened the door to see Kouta and Lucy kissing. Kouta didn't even look up to see who it was. His only interest was her.

Yuka then walked back to her room with her head down. "How could he have chosen her? Instead of me?" Yuka sat hugging herself as she cried. "He didn't even notice I was gone. I was a fool to think he loved me." She said to herself.

If Kouta wanted her, she would give him everything she had. She owned him so much more than that, but her love was all he wanted. Lucy closed her eyes and hugged Kouta with both her arms and all four vectors; he then returned the embrace.

Lucy then pulled away from their kiss and said, "Kouta… if all you want is me... then I'm all yours." Then Lucy kissed him back and held him for what seemed like an eternity.