Who are you?

(are you… are you…)

You stand here before me and tell me I know you.

(i know you… i know you…?)

I look up

(you've always been taller than me… haven't you? i don't know. i don't know you.)

and stare into twin pools of inky darkness.

(and the darkness, always the darkness, reflects in your mind and your heart and your soul. do you have a heart and a soul?)

Aristocratic cheekbones and pale, thin lips.

(those lips are so ready to twist upward, contort to utter knives in the form of words.)

That face, so painfully familiar, causes my heart to wrench.

(that face… that face… do i know that face? it seems the same…)

I once knew a boy who smiled and laughed.

(dark-haired but light-hearted, this boy who chased after his brother to play.)

Where is he?

(is he… is he… he's disappeared, hasn't he? he's gone.)

I knew a boy who lost his family and learned to live on his own.

(on his own… on his own… smart boy… brave boy… all alone on his own…)

And he worked and trained to the best.

(the best… the best… because his brother was the best, and he had to beat him.)

He took the wrong turn somewhere down the road.

(and he disappeared. vanished. where is he? with no one to lead him, he got lost.)

You have the same features as this boy I once knew.

(those dark tendrils of hair and those high, proud cheekbones and that pointed nose.)

But he was a child, full of life and still clinging to that last shred of innocence.

(innocence… innocence… the rest was stolen from him. where is your innocence?)

He knew how precious life is, and he had his precious people.

(precious people… precious people… because where are we without them? we were his precious people.)

You kill without remorse. You take what is not yours.

(perhaps you used to be him. perhaps. but you have taken him and twisted him and now you are not him. where is he?)

No. I do not know you.

(no… no… who are you?)

You are the tormented spirit of a killing machine.

(machine… machine… another word for a tool. you were manipulated. what are you? who controls you?)

I think that once upon a time, you had a conscience.

(that last shred of pride, of humanity, before you became a tool with no mind but your orders.)

I think that once upon a time, you could love.

(love… love… do you know what love is now? no. you don't. i can see it in your eyes. no. what is love?)

I think that – perhaps – once upon a time, you knew how to cry.

(cry… cry… once upon a time you could let your feelings out and show your weakness and – )

Maybe I knew you once upon a time. Maybe you were my friend once upon a time. Maybe I even loved you once upon a time.

(once upon a time… once upon a time… the beginning of all fairytales.)

Perhaps this is merely a fantasy, a fairytale.

(all fairytales end the same way: the end.)

Maybe I knew you once upon a time. But this is no longer once upon a time; this is the end. And I do not know you.

(i do not know you… i do not know you… who are you…? i do not know you.)

Who is this stranger before me with stony, icy eyes and bitter words?

(you know who you are. i do not. leave me alone.)

I do not know you. You are not my friend.

(my friend... my friend... my friend would not have done this to me. you are not my friend.)

I do not love you.

(no love in my heart for you... i cannot love a stranger. i do not know you.)

This is the end; goodbye.

(the end. the end. the end.)


- - -

Aah, angst is so fun to write. Yes, I'm on a writing spree right now. Yesh. By the way, this is Sakura speaking to Sasuke, in case you haven't figured this out. Tell me what you think?