foreverisinyoureyes- Bella

mindfreak1901- Edward

shopoholic- Alice

emoelmo- Jasper

sleeplessbeauty- Rosalie

irritablygrizzly- Emmett

londonboy- Carlisle

pickitup- Esme


mindfreak1901 has signed on.


shopoholic has signed on.

shopoholic- Yes, dearest brother?

Mindfreak1901- Ha Ha, the sarcasm is so unlike you.

shopoholic- Thanks!

Mindfreak1901- I was being sarcastic.

shopoholic- fine.

Mindfreak1901- Does Bella have IM.

Shopoholic-I dont know. U tell me, she's your fiancee.

Mindfreak1901-Please tell me.

Shopoholic- No.

Mindfreak1901- If you don't all of your shoes go to teh hobos to use as firewood.

Shopoholic- foreverisinyoureyes!!

Mindfreak1901- Thank you, Alice.

Shopoholic- She'll be on in 15 seconds anyway.

Foreverisinyoureyes has signed on.

Foreverisinyoureyes- Hey Edward.

Mindfreak1901- Hello, my love

Shopoholic- Hey! Get a room!

Foreverisinyoureyes- Techically, seeing as we are not even in the same houses, we have a room. Just not the same one. :D

Shopoholic-gags, retches, hacks up cupcake I was forced to eat by Bella on Emse's new carpet

Pickitup- Which one of you little creatures just regurgitated all over my NEW CARPET!

Mindfreak1901- Alice

Shopoholic- Bella

Foreverisinyoureyes- Alice. Hello Emse, how are you?

Pickitup- Alice, dear. Be prepared. Because you are about to feel the wrath of 7 BOTTLES OF CARPET CLEANER!! I'm great, Bella. And you?

Shopoholic- No, MOM! Please I'll do anything.

Pickitup- Anything?

Foreverisinyoureyes- I'm terrific.

Shopoholic- ANYTHING!!


Shopoholic has signed off.

Pickitup has signed off.

Mindfreak1901- I am so sorry that you had witness that. Besides the fact that we are vampires, and all about 100 years old, we are the normal, average, typical, American family.

Foreverisinyoureyes- You forgot the fact that everyone in your family is also married to their brother or sister. ;D

Mindfreak1901- Except Esme and Carlisle.

Foreverisinyoureyes- Except them. Wanna come over?

Mindfreak1901- Yes please.

Foreverisinyoureyes- See ya in a few.

Mindfreak1901- Bye!

Foreverisinyoureyes- Bye!

Mindfreak1901 has signed off.

Foreverisinyoureyes has signed off.