Trust No One

A Twilight Fanfic

By sylamesio123

Summary: When Bella's father dies when she is only 12 Bella is for the first time really alone. As her mother goes through boyfriends she is abused sexually and physically. At the age of 16 Bella and her brother run away to Seattle where Bella is hired by the owner of a whore house.

Bella Swan

Age 12

5:33 PM

"Ms. Swan, what are you doing out here so late?" I turned to see my principal, Mr. Turner, coming toward me, his eyebrows mashed together in confusion.

I was outside my Forks Middle School, a place that held me prisoner day in and day out. It was a horrid place, but after a while I grew to bear the place. I still missed my best friend, Jenny, who I had left back in phoenix when my parents had forced me to move here, to Forks, because my father had been transferred.

"Oh," I whispered in surprise, "I, er, my mother is just a bit late." I smiled sheepishly at him and then turned again to watch the empty street, a car never coming.

"School ended hours ago, shouldn't your mother be here by now?" He asked, his voice dripping of fake concern.

"Oh, um," I looked down at the concrete, trying to come up with the most convincing lie, "I had a, um, club meeting after school. It ended, er, at around five twenty. She isn't that late." I lied.

I wasn't in any clubs and my mom was most definitely really, really late. She had never been late before. I mean, she had sometimes arrived late, but never like this.

"Well," the man said. He put his hand on my shoulder, almost in a suggestive way. She flinched. She had always hated to be touched by anyone. She wouldn't even let her

family hug her. "If you need any help, with anything at all, I'll be in my office." His voice almost seemed dirty, as if he was suggesting something.

I shuddered and nodded, as if he deserved an answer at all. He turned and walked away, leaving me alone once again.
Though no one was around I felt more secure than ever.

I had never trusted anyone, especially the ones I held close, like my mother and father, and dear brother. Emmett was hard not to trust, and sometimes I let myself slip and trusted him, but then the next moment I would remind myself.

Trust no one.


Finally, a car slid down the road, but I could not see it clearly, for darkness had come with the night.

I squinted and made out that it was a police car. At first I thought it was my father coming to pick me up because my mother had gotten stuck in traffic and hadn't had cell phone coverage and he had come home to an empty house and assumed my mother hadn't picked me up.

But then I looked harder and I saw that it wasn't the police chief's car pulling into the school parking lot, but instead my father's personal friend, Sherriff Kaden.

I scowled and stoop up, taking my backpack with me to the curb where the car stopped.

A sorrowed face appeared out of the car, something I rarely saw on this man's face. Even in the darkness I could see the utter horror in his eyes as her neared me.

"Bella," He croaked, his voice was hoarse, almost as if he had been crying. "I'm sorry, but you father," He took another breath, "but, you father has passed away."

And for once, even though clearly a person was near me, I really did feel completely and utterly alone.


Bella Swan

Age 14

2:49 AM

I could still hear their voices all the way downstairs, booming in my ears, making it impossible to get the sleep I desperately needed. I also thought of waking Emmett, but I knew he needed the sleep more than I did.

I measured the odds of getting my mother's boyfriend's friends to be quieter, and knew that they weren't in my favor. They were most likely drunk, but I thought it was worth giving a try.

I got out of my bed, careful not to make it squeak, and made my way out of the bedroom and down the wooden stairs into the living room.

"Hey, little girl." My mother's current boyfriend almost squealed when he saw me round the corner. I sighed; I couldn't remember his name.

"Um, could you guys keep it down, please? I'm trying to sleep." I asked quietly, not sure of myself. But, of course, it was loud enough for them to hear.

"Did you hear that, she want us to shut up?" One of the men said. His tone was teasing and harsh.

He stood up and came toward me in almost a towering manner. He stood over my five foot two inches. He leaned down until his intoxicated breath burned my eyes.

I crossed my arms in fear, remembering what had happened with all the other boyfriends my mother had had. And what had happened with his friends. I also remembered that it wasn't pleasant, it wasn't pleasant at all.

I gulped and nodded before I closed my eyes, ready for the horrible feeling that was coming next. That horrible sting when someone slapped you. And then that horrible feeling the next morning when you knew that the reason you had been raped so many times was all your mom's fault.


Edward Cullen

Age 13

5:33 PM