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Trust No One

A Twilight Fanfic

By sylamesio123 and Bella's Bff

A/N sylamesio123: It's my bday! I'm 12 now! Yay!

Bella Swan

I took the bread Emmett gave me and forced it down my throat to the point that I couldn't taste the stale taste at all. He gave me a small smile and ate his slowly, but waited until I was done with mine to start with his own piece.

We were in an alleyway somewhere in Seattle. We had run away here about three weeks ago. I didn't know exactly, for I didn't bother keeping track of the days. Even though we had no money, no jobs, and no place to live I was happy inside. Here with Emmett in this grimy place was probably the best thing to ever happen to me since my father died. Emmett took care of me now, finding all the food somehow and giving most of it to me.

He scowled when he looked at me again and his eyes scaled down my body. He then looked down at his bread. He had only eaten half so far but instead of lifting it to his own mouth again his hand nudged toward me as he offered me the bread.

My eyebrows lowered and my jaw set as I shook my head. There was no way I was eating the only food my brother had. I crossed my arms and glared at him. I didn't have to say a word for him to know I wasn't going to eat it.

But when I saw the bread crumble in his mouth as he chewed I couldn't help but notice the gnawing feeling in my stomach of hunger. I needed more food and I knew it. We couldn't keep living like this.

Emmett knew it too. I could see it in his expression, hard and cold, when I looked up to meet his eyes with mine.

"I will go out to find a job when I'm done. I want you to stay here. Don't go anywhere. This is a dangerous city." He warned me as he grabbed the backpack that held all of our belongings, the limited clothes and water.

I smiled at him as he exited the alleyway. I heard him mumble something like, "I love you so much." But before I could say anything back he was off down the street.

If only I had not been too lazy to run after him and say it back. Say that I loved him more than anyone, more than I could ever love anyone ever. If only I had kissed him and hugged him tight. If only I had known it would be the last time I saw him.

Emmett Swan

I looked at my sister, her hunger and agony plain on her face. I wondered how she kept the same light in her eye, the same hope in her heart when we both knew that all was lost. We both knew that we wouldn't be able to find our way in the city, deep in our hearts. And if we would, we would have a miserable life, hungry all the time.

She had lost so much weight since dad died. She was sixteen and could have only weighed ninety pounds at the most. I could see her rips through her pale skin, no fat left on her body. She was hungry all the time now, and her hands shook when she didn't realize it. She coughed all the time and was constantly cold and running a fever. She was getting sick, and we both knew it. Yet that same hope held in her heart, the same hope that had left me when I saw the look in her eye when she told me what mom's boyfriends did to her.

I shuddered at the thought of them, and then grew livid. How could they hurt such and innocent and beautiful creature? How could they do that to her? How could they do that do anyone? How could they face themselves everyday?

"I will go out to find a job when I'm done. I want you to stay here. Don't go anywhere. This is a dangerous city." I told her. She nodded and smiled faintly, telling me she understood.

I sighed and grabbed out bag and headed out of the alleyway. Saying that I loved her as I went, leaving my little sister alone.


I smiled at the old man and thanked him once more, "You have no idea how much I need this!" I shook his hand enthusiastically, and he smiled a wise smile.

"Don't thank me, son, it should be me thanking you. Now, I need you to be here by ten AM every day of the week. Though I'll probably let it go if you are a little tardy" A smile again to Mr. Gemingstan, and then I took my leave, excited to get back to my sister to tell her the news. A triumphant smile came upon my face, and I thought of her expression. She'll be so proud of me... And we might finally get her fed better now that I might be able to pay for food and everything-

My smile disappeared when I walked into the dark alleyway. She was gone. Worry took over, and I ran down it, searching through everything... What happened to her? My little sister?

I ran down the sidewalk, dodging people who cussed at me and shouted things that would've normally made me beat the crap out of them... But at the moment, I was preoccupied, unable to hear anything but the rapid beating in my ears.

I'd gone through probably the whole city by the end of the day, and I could still find no trace of the only person that I worried about now. The one person that made this hell bearable.

Bella... Where are you?